Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Like Thieves in the Night ...

The Cap and Trade bill has over 1200 pages in it. Waxman/Pelosi kept it hidden until the last possible moment before the vote last Friday, to prevent the public and members of the House from knowing what was in it. They tried to prevent anyone from speaking about it on the floor before the vote. Waxman even delivered a 300+ page amendment to it to the House 'inbox' at 3:00am Friday morning, and then didn't tell anyone it was there. This was all done on purpose, to make sure no one knew what was in the bill before the vote.

Details are starting to come out. Two gems that surfaced today:

Once the bill is passed into law, IMMEDIATELY California building standards will become nationwide standards. Every new home constructed will have to meet CA building codes, especially in regards to energy consumption/efficiency. This will add 20-25% to the cost of every new house built after passage of the bill. Even if individual states do not hold to those codes, the Federal government will have the right to come in and fine any builder and any new owner that does not comply. The same ridicuous environmental rules written by California's eco-Nazis, the rules that have bankrupted that state, will be placed on top of all of us.

Sales of existing homes will be affected by environmental rules as well. Before you can sell an existing home, you will have to have a federally licensed inspector come out and give it an energy 'rating'. This will encompass insulation, age of HVAC units, windows, doors, capacity of water tank - everything that could possibly be classified as effecting the environment will be assessed. Your house will be given a rating based upon what the inspector determines. The rating, along with all the inspection documentation MUST be provided to any potential buyer. So, if you have a house that is older than 2-3 years, you're going to take a major hit on your property's value.

There are 1200 pages of crap like this buried in this bill. The American public won't stand for it. The majority of Congress won't vote for it, Dems included. This is why these slimy bastards hid it from view until it had to be voted on.

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Margot said...

Only good news so far this week was the victory for the fireman and the Supreme Court - the rest just seems to get worse. Someone said Washington is either full of idiots or very dangerous people - I think it is the latter. Nothing coming out of Washington "feels right" to steal a line from Glenn Beck.