Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I Feel So Much Safer ... Don't You?

So, Obama has chosen Susan Rice to be his next National Security Advisor.  Wow ... if this had been any other administration, I would have been surprised by the sheer stupidity of this.  Obama is rewarding this idiot for lying to the American people on live TV about Benghazi.

Susan Rice has been our UN Ambassador.  She has done a few things there that were OK, but for the most part was as spineless as a piece of wet toilet paper when it came to standing up to the UN and our enemies around the world.  Would you expect her to act any differently as His NSA?

She'll fall lockstep in to what He, his Secretary of Defense, his Chief of Homeland Security, his IRS, his DoJ, and his EPA believe - that the only threat to 'their' America is those who disagree with them - Republicans ... Tea Party members ... Conservatives ... Right to Life.

Just one more example of the absolute lunatic that is in control of the White House.