Thursday, December 31, 2009

Oh, the Irony ...

Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE), as referenced below, sold his vote on Obamacare for $100,000,000 in tax exemptions for the state of Nebraska. These exemptions are for that state only, related to Medicare payments, which means that the other 49 states will pay for Medicare coverage for residents of Nebraska.

Sen. Nelson had been holding out against voting for the bill because of the mandate for federally funding all elective abortions. He had loudly stated his objections to this. When he finally caved, however, it was for the money - I have seen no reports that would indicate that he got any meaningful changes to the abortion provisions in the bill.

At last count, Attorneys General from 13 states are planning on filing suit to contest the Constitutionality of Nelson's deal. They will state that is against our Constitution for one state to have a legally mandated advantage over the other 49. They will most probably win, and that provision of the bill will be ruled unConstitutional and thrown out.

Know what? The Democrats couldn't care less.

There is no Democrat, outside of the state of Nebraska, who gives a crap whether Nelson's deal stays or goes. The Democrat leadership certainly doesn't ... in fact they probably are hoping it will get chewed up and spit out in court. That would be one less round of ammunition for Republicans to use against them this coming fall. All they care about is having his vote NOW, while it is needed for Obamacare.

As of a poll taken yesterday, Nelson is currently running 31 points behind his potential Republican challenger for his Senate seat ... the election is in 2012. The people of Nebraska, by and large, are really pissed off at him for taking a moral stand, and then selling out. Nebraska is a pretty conservative state, and Obamacare is not very popular there. The only thing Nelson can state in his own defense is all the money he won for the state in exchange for his vote. If the $100,000,000 exemption doesn't survive, he may as well pack up his shit and move to Cuba. He will have no help from the National Democrat Party for his reelection - once they get the vote they need, he can dangle in the wind for all they care.

'What Goes Around Comes Around' is going to bite Sen. Ben Nelson in the ass very hard.
Update - Sen. Nelson called the Attorney General of South Carolina Henry McMaster on Dec. 31. McMaster is leading the effort by 13 Republican Attorneys General to challenge the Constitutionality of Nelson's deal. Nelson, according to notes taken by McMasters staff during the call, asked him to 'call off the dogs'.
Earth to Sen. Dumbass ... you brought this on yourself by selling your soul, and vote, to the Obamacare Devil. Don't you try and hide, deflect, or otherwise try to shift attention from yourself on this. Don't try to plead your way out of it, or try and pull some Chicago style political bullying against these Attorneys General. It won't work. Your goose is cooked, and no amount of weaseling on your part is going to get you out of it.

Bowl Over-sponsorship ... Good Grief!

This college football season has boiled down to bowl time. It used to be all of the bowls were played on New Years' Day, with a few exceptions of some pretend-bowls that couldn't attract any team with a winning record. If your team made a bowl on New Year's Day, you were something special. The Bowls were named for themselves ... Sugar Bowl, Gator Bowl, Cotton Bowl, Rose Bowl ......

Now, we're into big money for College athletic programs. If you want a college to play in your bowl, you've got to pay them an enormous sum of money. The number of bowls has exploded - 34 bowls on my list, and I'm sure I missed some of the 'more obscure'. That's 68 teams - about a third of the Division I teams play in a bowl somewhere. Any team that has a .500 record or above has a very good chance of being invited to a bowl somewhere in the country. The bowl names are insignificant - it's all about the sponsorship (the sponsors give you the moiney you have to pay the teams to come to your bowl). Pretty ridiculous ...

New Mexico Bowl (no sponsor?)
St. Petersburg Bowl (no sponsor?)
R&L Carriers Bowl
Maaco Bowl
San Diego Credit Union Bowl
Sheraton Bowl
Little Caesars Bowl
Meineke Car Care Bowl
Emerald Nuts Bowl
Gaylord Hotels Bowl
Advocare V100 Bowl
Eaglebank Bowl
Champs Sports Bowl
Roady's Humanitarian Bowl
Pacific Life Bowl
Brut Bowl
Bell Helicopter Bowl
Texas Bowl (no sponsor?)
Insight Bowl
Chick-Fil-A Bowl
Outback Bowl
Capital One Bowl
Konica Minolta Bowl
Citi Bowl
Allstate Bowl
International Bowl
AT&T Bowl Bowl
Autozone Bowl
Valero Bowl
Tostitos Bowl
Fedex Bowl
Citi Bowl (second one)

Now, as a player for one of these teams, I would be incredibly proud to take back to the U a trophy that says "Winner - 2009 San Diego Credit Union Bowl".

If a college football playoff system would get rid of all this crap, I'd be all for it.

Update - Yesteday, Dec. 31, the Irving City Council unanimously approved a deal which will declare Kraft Foods the official sponsor of the demolition of Texas Stadium. Yes ... the destruction of the Home of the Cowboys will be sponsored by boxed macaroni and cheese. To be fair ... Kraft will donate $150,000 in food anc cash to local charities, and will have a $1,000,000 ad campaign this coming year leading up to a contest to see who gets to push 'the button'. The City of Irving doesn't get any money from Kraft. Still ....

Until this, the most ridiculous football sponsorship incident I remember was a Cotton Bowl telecast some years ago. Exxon had the naming rights to the Bowl itself. On TV, the opening kickoff was announced as: "Welcome to the Mobil kickoff here at the Exxon Cotton Bowl". This was before, of course, Exxon and Mobil merged.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I Respect This Man

Meet Stephan Robidas, defenseman for the Dallas Stars.

Robidas originally joined the league with the Montreal Canadiens, his hero team since he grew up in Quebec. His coaches there didn't care for him, telling him he would not make it in the NHL. Dallas picked him up, released him, then picked him up again.

Robidas has fought hard to improve his game, to the point where he is now considered a top tier defenseman, with an All Star game under his belt. He is under consideration for the Canadian Olympic Team, an honor for Canadians just short of winning the Stanley Cup.

Robidas is a stand up guy. I've seen him multiple times greeting fans, and he always has a smile on his face, and jokes with the fans. He never ducks the autograph line, unlike some of the more 'prima-donna' members of the team. I hope he decides to stay int he Dallas area when he retires, he is a credit to the Stars and the community.

Robidas, 32, has been injured multiple times in his career. His nose is flat against his face, from being broken so many time. He plays through pain that would have others lying in hospital beds - and he never brings attention to himself, never complains. He was recenly rewarded with a long, lucrative contract that will keep him a Star for several more years.

Why am I mentioning him here ... Robidas was hit int he face with a puck during Sunday's practice. He noticed something was wrong ...

"I saw a dent there, so I knew something was wrong. My cheek bone caved in a little bit. They had to do an incision on the side of my head and pop the bone back out. It was causing a little bit of pain."
Robidas had surgery Monday morning to move a cheek bone around inside his head.

Robidas was on the ice playing his normal game Tuesday evening when the Stars played the Chicago Blackhawks.

That's pretty tough ... most everyone else would be laid up on pain pills moaning and telling everyone around them how badly they hurt. Not Stephan ... we wouldn't have even known this had happened if sources on the team hadn't pointed it out (and of course the face mask he was required to wear during the game).

Bravo, Mr. Robidas ... we're proud to have you here!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I Hate the Iggles.....

Bring it on Philly!

I can't think of a better way to end the regular season than for the Philly Iggles to come here to get their butts whipped for the NFC East crown. Not only will the 'Boys beat them this Sunday, they'll beat them again a week later in the first round of the playoffs. Oh, how nice it will be to skin some bird three ties in the same season!

Oh, and if the 'Boys don't happen to win this Sunday, count on this post being deleted!

My apologies for the few bad words in the video.....

Update - This post will continue to live! BBQ'd bird tastes pretty good today ....

Sunday, December 27, 2009

2009 Texan of the Year

The Dallas Morning News has awarded a Texan of the Year title for what its readers nominate as the most important person/group/entity that can be considered 'Texan' for the previous year.

This year's winner, as announced in today's edition; 'The Heroes of Ft. Hood'.

In addition to honoring those who fell during November's terror attack on the base, it recognizes the thousands of soldiers, civilians, and family members who call the central Texas base home.

A very nice tribute. Especially so, since Outlaw13, native born Texan and long time Ft. Hood family member, is among those honored.

Here's some more info, well worth the read:

Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Prayer is in Order This Christmas

As we all take a break from work for the Christmas Holiday, those of you who believe - please say a prayer for our people who are overseas in harm's way. Many of us have problems, many of us are distraught over what is happening to our country. Just remember that there are thousands of Americans risking their lives every day for us. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Merry Christmas to you all (even you heathen Democrats ....)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Few Tidbits ....

"The kind of government that is strong enough to give you everything you need is also strong enough to take away everything you have".
-President Ronald Reagan

"A liberal is a man who is willing to spend somebody else's money".
- Sen. Carter Glass (D-VA, 1920-1946)

"A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul."
- George Bernard Shaw, playwright

"Republicans believe every day is the Fourth Of July, but Democrats believe every day is April 15". - President Ronald Reagan

"The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries".
- Prime Minister Winston Churchill

"Blessed are the young, for they shall inherit the national debt".
- President Herbert Hoover

"Government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases; if it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. If it stops moving, subsidize it".
- President Ronald Reagan

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Thieves Are Lining Up

Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE) had been holding out as a key Democrat vote against Obamacare in the Senate. Sen. Nelson sold his vote to Obama/Reid for a concession for Nebraska. The concession is this - Medicaid taxes are going to skyrocket under Obamacare. All of the states are going to have to increase the amount they tax their citizens, and then turn around and send it to Washington - except Nebraska. Nelson got Nebraska an exemption from making such payments, which means that tax payers in all 49 other states will pay for Nebraskans' medicaid. No dollar figure is attached to this, but the estimates I've seen indicate this will amount to about $100,000,000 over the next decade.

Remember that Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) sold her vote for $300,000,000 in medicaid aid for her state.

Sen. Nelson, responding to criticism of his blatant dropping of his morals in order to cash in using his vote as collateral, responded by stating that three other Democrat Senators approached him on the Senate floor after announcement of the deal, telling him that now that they knew what they could get away with, they would go back to Reid and demand concessions.

Nebraska, Louisiana, Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Massachussettes have all received sweetheart deals in the Obamacare bill in order to secure their Senators' votes.

So, like I stated before - our representatives in Congress selling their votes has been time honored thievery. However, it has been kept in the backroom, low key, and usually pretty minor. Leave it to the far left in this country to bring it out into the open, crow about their cleverness in using it, and reveling in all the taxpayer cash they are stealing from us.

It just makes you want to tar and feather every single one of them. Gitmo is too good to house these bastards!

"I think that's just incredibly inappropriate. ... That is the worst in politics. I don't believe most senators believe this is OK. ... I think it stinks. I think it's sleazy." - Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-SC)

Update - The stampede is well underway. Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT) got a $100,000,000 pile of pork added to Obamacare to cement his vote. The money is to go to a new hospital project in his home state, where he is fighting a very tough re-election campaign.

A Hero in Congress

Meet. Rep. Parker Griffith. He is a freshman representative in Congress, from the 5th district of Alabama.

Rep. Griffith is switching from the Democrat party to the Republican party. Whether he is doing this out of principles, or he sees the writing on the wall for his re-election chances in a moderate area of Alabama, who cares. One more seat, one more vote against Obama's agenda is a great thing. Think it's not big? Remember that Obamacare passed the House by 5 votes, and one of those was a turncoat Republican.

Way to go, Rep. Griffith - welcome to the home of sanity.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Voodoo Warrior's Holiday Flight Time Travel Tips

Now, say that 3 times really fast, and make sure you pronounce it TIPS - not something else ....

I write this as I sit in yet another airport waiting on yet another plane on yet another business trip. While on my first flight of the day, I happened to think of what a valuable service I could provide by pointing out things you should and should not do if you are planning on flying this holiday season - or anytime in the future for that matter - if you don't want to piss your fellow passengers off.

First and Foremost - Be Cognizant of Smell

1) Please refrain from eating large portions of garlic the day before you fly. Trust me, Everyone within 20 feet of you in the airport and on the airplane will know what you ate. Garlic oozes from the pores the day after ingestion - it is very noticable.

2) No matter how much perfume/cologne you use, you cannot hide the fact that you do not use deodorant.

3) When it comes to perfume and cologne in general, less is better. No one wants to sit next to someone who has doused themselves with enough stink water to choke a skunk.

4) If you smoke, IT IS NOT ok to smoke 20 cigarrettes just before you enter the airport. Your clothes retain about 50% of the smoke your lungs expel - and all of those around you will pay for it.

Air Expands at Altitude (Related to Smell, above)

1) As you increase altitude, the air pressure outside your body decreases. This means the air inside your body gains volume. You know that bloated feeling you get during a flight? That's all the gas in your innards expanding and telling you its time for it to get out. If you are prone to being gassy on the ground, you will be much more gassy at altitude. I suggest taking a Gas-X or Beano about 30 minutes prior to flight time to avoid this discomfort, and the ugly stares you receive when you let the expanding gasses out into the cabin.

2) Related to 1) above, do not drink sodas or other carbonated drinks before you get on the airplane. It just compounds the gas quantity problem.

3) No matter how cheeky you think you are when shifting in the seat to cover an expulsion of gas, those around you know the truth. About 15 seconds after your shift, it will be abundantly clear to them ....

4) Try not to eat foods that produce large volumes of gas, or do nasty things to your insides, the day before and day of flight. Those around you will appreciate not being overcome by the after affects of a large bowl of chili with beans.

The Crew is not there to service you. The cockpit crew and flight attendants are there to (in order of importance):

1) The safety of the aircraft

2) The safety of the passengers (why is this second - if #1 is skipped, #2 is irrelevant)

99) Providing service to the passengers

Infants and Toddlers are not cute little miracles when they belong to someone else on a plane.

1) If your kid doesn't know about equalizing ear pressure as the plane climbs and descends, it is imperative that you, as parent, provide something for the kid to chew on. If gum is age appropriate, that's fine. If a pacifier is more applicable to their age, or a bottle, go for it. If they are younger than that, mom's natural pacifier is certainly doable. In any case, give them something to get their ears to pop, to relieve their agony, and our agony at having to listen to them.

2) If your kid is sick, especially of a stomach or intestinal variety, DO NOT get on the airplane. Sitting next to a kid who's just vomited all over you at the beginning of a 3 hour flight is enough to drive one insane (this actually happened to me - the mother didn't even apologize).

3) If you have to change a diaper, for God's sake go to the bathroom. It is not acceptable to do it in the seat next to another passenger.

Carryon Food is not always acceptable. You can't get anything to eat on flights anymore, unless you want to overpay for some dried out crap in a paper sack. If you wish to buy some food to consume on the flight, consider these points:

1) Smell (related to smell, above). Don't buy anything that has strong odors. Ceasar salads, seafood, anything with large amounts of garlic or Italian dressing. Your seat neighbors will thank you for not turning their stomachs over.

2) Size - don't buy anything that requires you to spread out over 3 seats to eat. Large sized pizzas, for instance, are a no-no.

3) Quantity - You don't have to have a four course meal on a 2 hour flight. Eat something in the airport before you get on the plane, or wait until you land.

Don't be a Chatty Cathy;

1) It is OK to say hello to those around you on the plane when you sit down. It is OK to be polite to them. It is generally NOT OK to give them your life's history.

2) Very few people want to have conversations with their neighbors from wheels up to touch down. If you are prone to talking a lot, and all you get form your neighbors are one word answers, take the hint and leave them alone.

3) If you are in a group, do not use the flight as a head start on your visiting - especially if alcohol has been consumed. Few things are more annoying than having people spread over several aisles yelling at each other about how much fun they are going to have when they get to wherever they are going.

4) If it is an early or late flight, please keep your mouth shut. It's bad enough trying to catch a nap in a narrow chair that is as comfortable as a wooden bench, without having to try and ignore someone's useless conversation a couple of aisles away.

Everything listed above has been seen by myself in person. The arrogance and ignorance of the flying public when it comes to common sense manners is unbelievable. If you're going to fly, please have pity on your fellow passengers - once the door closes, they can't get away from you! The life you save may be your own!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

WBAP Honors a Soldier

WBAP Radio (AM 820) is a talk radio station in the DFW area. It has long been a right leaning organization, and is home to Mark Davis, Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh in this market.

WBAP has long done things to honor our service personnel. Today, on the live morning show, they made one former soldier and his family very happy.

Sgt. Johnny Wilson (USA-Ret.) was wounded once while serving in Iraq. Rather than take a medical and sit the rest of the war out, he rehabbed and returned to his unit, where he subsequently lost his lower left leg to an IED.

Recently his wife was incapacitated due to a stroke. They, and their 3 kids, moved in with their in-laws, after which the father-in-law was laid off. The whole family is in dire straights. WBAP learned of Sgt. Wilson on an earlier program, where they spoke with him on the phone and learned of his difficulties.

Today, Sgt. Wilson and his family were invited to a Walmart by WBAP, where they were doing a live morning show. Sgt. Wilson believed that they were going to get a few toys for the kids. Instead, they received something that will hopefully change their lives for the better from now on ....

Kudos to WBAP and its on air personalities, staff members, and listerners for arranging for this. This is the proper way to honor our war wounded, it is a shame that it isn't being done for more of them.

Copenhagen - One Huge Eco-Scam

I'm sure everyone has heard of the ongoing eco-summit in Copenhagen, where all the world is supposed to declare pollution dead, and Obama comes to sign the final treaty. Well, the delegates have been there for about a week, doing the preliminary meetings before the big shots show up to smile for the cameras.

A couple of days ago, the block of undeveloped countries walked out of the meetings, stating that the developed countries weren't doing enough to commit to cutting emissions.

India stated before the meetings even began that they would not sign any agreement that bound them to doing anything.

China, yesterday, stated that they too would not sign any agreement.

A few hundred protestors have been clashing with local Police. I've seen the TV reports - there are as many media people carrying cameras as there are protestors. Look at the protestors - they're the same bunch of wannabe-anarchists that show up for every global meeting, trying to get their stupid asses on TV. They don't care what the meeting is about - they just want to raise hell, break things, and get attention.

Nancy Pelosi has lead a Congressional delegation of 20 (14 Dems, 6 Reps). What exactly they are to accomplish, who knows? (Actually, it's another one of those Congressional junkets where they take their wives or mistresses (and a donkey in Pelosi's case) at taxpayer expense. - I'd love to see Pelosi's schedule - what she does, where she goes, how much time she spends shopping and wining and dining on our dime.) She has already told the Republican contingent that they will not be allowed to stand with her during newsconferences.

Copenhagen, and northern Europe in general, is experiencing record low temperatures and high snowfall levels during the meetings! Denmark very rarely gets snow - the last white Christmas was 14 years ago. I have not heard Algore explain how global warming has caused this.

Algore has been strangely quiet during the meetings. What were supposed to be his Days of Glory were dashed by the release of the Climate-gate emails. He has refused to answer any question on the subject.

Obama is going to attend the meetings, staged to show up in the last hours to place His historic signature on the historic agreement that will cripple US business. Doesn't look like there is going to be an agreement, so why is he still going?

Hillary Clinton was dispatched with cash in hand to try and salvage an agreement for Obama to sign. She has pledged that the US will coordinate the donation of $100,000,000,000 PER YEAR that will come from developed nations and be given to emerging nations to help them reduce their own emissions. C'mon ... even the libs can't believe this -

1) Since the US is coordinating the money, you can guarantee that means it will be 99%, if not all, funded by us, the taxpayers. No other country is going to contribute anything to this - they'd be stupid if they did.

2) 100 BILLION PER YEAR to underdeveloped countries, most of which are run by dictators or crooked regimes. Who in their right mind believes any of this money will be used for emission reduction? It will be siphoned off by the dictators and crooks, used to line their Swiss bank accounts and buy their palaces. Consider this - if all the money the US had donated to African causes over the years had actually made it to where it was supposed to go, there would be no poverty, no starvation in Africa. All of our money has been stolen ... and this will be the biggest theft yet.

Prostitutes in Copenhagen (where prostitution is legal) have offered their services to credentialed delegates for free. I imagine an awful lot of the delegates have passed on the breakout sessions for sessions of a more personal nature.

1400 Limos are said to be booked for the meeting. Only 5 are actually electric/hybrid. You can bet that all of them are going to be idling, waiting for their passengers, burning tons of gasoline and diesel, and dumping out tons of carbon emissions. No public transportation for the delgates - they're much too important for that.

Over 150 private jets are bringing in delegates and paparazzi seeking celebrities. This is THE place to be seen if you're in Hollywood, or a pretender. So many jets, they are having to drop their passengers and fly to neighboring Sweden to park. Do you think any of them care what the carbon fottprint of their travels is making - no, it's irrelevant - they've just got to be there to be seen.

In preparation for the meeting, the Danish bought their first water cannon - in case they have to welcome some of the more unruly protestors. They also showed off a new temporary detainment facility (jail) that can hold 4000 in 360 cages located in an abandoned brewery. Hopefully, some of the old stock will be laying around to keep them entertained!

Folks, like I said before, if you want to know what's behind the Global Warming Scam, follow the money. The trail is plain as day at this meeting - countries who are not as wealthy or prosperous as the US are demanding we give them billions of dollars. All this will result in is us being farther and farther in national debt. Not a single one of those dollars will be used for the thinly veiled excuse of emissions reductions. You can count on a lot of it ending up in the hands of our friends in Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, etc.....

Think we don't need to pay attention to what is going on over there? We need to - it's coming out of our pockets!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

DWD - Busted!

Did you know that police can pull you over and give you a ticket if you appear to be distracted while you are driving? It's called Driving While Distracted (DWD). The reason for the distraction is irrelevant - could be a cell phone, could be putting on makeup, could be eating, could be reading, could be getting amorous attention from a passenger ....

Know who the most frequent violators of DWD are? Your friendly police officers ....

As an example, back to our mythical city of Arlan, where I observed a young, Caucasion, male police office in his cruiser yesterday. He was driving at about 40mph on a four lane divided road, in a very heavy traffic area. His eyes were glued to the laptop computer mounted to his dash. His right hand was busy typing on said computer. His left hand held a cell phone to his left ear. His left knee steered the car. I presume his right knee was busy helping press on the gas pedal.

While driving beside him, I observe him hit a curb, and almost side swipe me as he tried to regain control. Undaunted, he proceeds at a rate slightly above the speed limit - the near miss doesn't faze him in the least. Highly dedicated, he is ....

Can you make a citizen's arrest for DWD? Amost all police cars are now equipped with full laptop computers, placed so that they are visible and accessible by the driver as the vehicle is in motion. All cops have their personal cell phones, in addition to the radios in the car and on their hips. How can these folks be safe drivers while monitoring all this crap?

NOTE - the photo above is NOT an Arlan police officer, and NOT the one I wrote about above - it is for illustrative purposes only....

In a semi-related note, I observed an Hispanic gentleman driving a PT Cruiser earlier. He was driving slow, about 10mph under the speed limit, and had me pinched in - couldn't get around him. Looking throught he glass, I see he is having a very animated conversation. He turns to the folks in the back seat, shakes his finger at them, and delivers some very not nice words, if my lip reading is any good. He then blasts his front seat passenger verbally. This goes on for a fairly long time - he's really letting them have it. The road finally widens, and I can get around. As I pass, it becomes clear that he is alone in the PT Cruiser. This dude is having a long, very loud conversation with at least three people that don't exist. DWD ... Driving While Delusional ...

Another Democrat Slimeball

Meet Texas State Rep. Terri Hodge. She represents Texas House District 100, a heavily minority populated area of Dallas.

Ms. Hodge was indicted on Federal corruption charges as one of 14 defendants in a recent FBI investigation of corruption in Dallas' City Hall. Several of her co-conspirators, including the main ones, have recently been convicted and sentenced to jail. Ms. Hodge is accused of 8 counts of bribery, 5 counts of fraud, and one count of conspiracy to commit bribery.

Ms. Hodge's trial is scheduled for this coming March, even though the others charged in the case will have come to trial long before that. Why the delay?

Her trial date is six days after the next Democrat primary election for her House seat. Coincidence? Not a chance....

She faces a strong opponent for the Democrat ticket, a fellow named Eric Johnson. Eric is a devout Democrat, an unabashed Obama fan, born and raised in Dallas, a lawyer by trade, and has a strong education background. By all reports, he is the first serious contender for her since she was first elected in 1996. His campaign is so strong that her campaign has called out all of the race baiters and left wing loons it can find to attend a fund raiser for her this coming Thursday night. US Rep Eddie Bernice Johnson, Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price, Dallas Sheriff Lupe Valdez, and every minority member of the Dallas City Council will attend. These idiots would rather support a crooked woman about to face jail time than a man with a clean backround, who has the qualifications to hold the office.

These idiots are constantly crying crocodile tears about the Republican Culture of Corruption, and how whiteys in North Dallas (quoted from John Wiley Price) want to keep the black man down. Here is a chance for them to jump aboard the bandwagon of a clean record newcomer, one who is strictly Democrat, giving them the chance to put some meat behind those tears. Instead, they flock to the side of existing corruption. Kind of a microcosm of what happens in Washington since Obama's election .....

Imagine the repurcussions of this ... she stands a good chance of winning her primary. She could very well be a convicted felon when she faces a Republican candidate in the 2010 general election. A Republican has 0.0000000001% chance of winning in District 100. Being a felon, she couldn't legally run. What a hilarious mess this could turn out to be for the Democrat Party in Dallas!

Oh, and in case anyone thinks this mess is just about race, both Ms. Hodge and Mr. Johnson are African-American. It's about Democrat corruption, continuing it, and covering it up.

Update 2/3/10 - Ms. Hodge pleaded guilty to tax evasion in connection with the ongoing investigation, in a plea deal that will apparently keep the other charges from being brought. The case against her must have been airtight for her to do this. By pleading guilty, she becomes a convicted felon, and unable to serve in office - so her political career is over.

All of this occurred less than a week after prominent Democrats in the city and state governments once again endorsed her over her primary opponent.

Update 2/4/10 - More details came to light today. Ms. Hodge pleaded guilty to not paying taxes on about $32K work of income she received from bribes and money she stole from her campaign funds. However, she did not admit to having taken any bribes or stealing any money.


By taking the plea deal, she faces a maximum of 3 years in jail. If she had been convicted of all the charges facing her, she could have faced up to 100 years. In explaining the plea deal, prosecutors stated that their goal of removing her from office had been accomplished.

In a curious note, her name will remain on the Democrat primary ballot. Every big name African-American in local politics, save one, is continuing to voice their support of her even after yesterday. US Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX) still supports her, and refuses to endorse her opponent. There is a good chance that Ms. Hodge will win the primary, even though she cannot run for the seat again (being a convicted felon). There is no Republican running for the seat. So, the quandry I pointed out originally could very well come to pass - there will be no one actually elected to Texas House District 100's seat.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Relationship Advice From This Woman?

Ashley Dupre, the high priced hooker that serviced former NY Governor Eliot Spitzer and then got caught up in the scandal that booted him from office, has a new gig.

She is writing a weekly sex and relationship advice column for the NY Post.

Now, she's a nice looking young lady. Beyond that, I have no idea what qualifies her to write an advice column for a major newspaper. I'm pretty certain that the paper could care less what she writes, they're just looking for her name recognition to help sell a few more papers. I am surprised the Post did this, and not the NY Times. Or maybe Playgirl would be more appropriate .... or HBO ...

Not sure what she's going to write (and don't really care), but it won't be Dear Abby stuff ... I doubt it will be a long term position.

Remember Our Heroes This Christmas

These two pictures were taken at Arlington National Cemetary. Merril Worchester, who runs the Worchester Wreath Co. in Harrington ME, has donated 5000 wreaths each year since 1992 to the cemetary. He pays for all transporation expenses, and also arranges for Maine school children to make seasonal visits to Arlington and Washington to help out placing them. God Bless you, Mr. Worchester, this is a beautiful tribute to the Heroes who rest there.

Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks hosted over 1000 soldiers and family members at a Mavericks game last night (Dec. 12) in their sixth annual Seats For Soldiers. 500 of the soldiers were from Ft. Hood. All of the courtside season ticket holders donated their seats to the effort, and many injured warriors made the trip up from the Brooks Medical Center in San Antonio (courtesy of American Ailines) to sit right up next to the action. Snowball Express IV, an effort that helps out families of service personnel lost on duty since 9/11 brought many family members to the event for a respite from their grief. These folks are in Dallas for 4 days to see the sights, and attend a bunch of events for their enjoyment.

I watched the game on TV, and saw at least three standing ovations recognizing these great folks. The Mavs did their part to entertain them, winning an exciting one point victory in overtime, on a Dirk Nowitzki shot with 1 second left. The players went back out onto the court to visit with the military members after the game was over.

Actor Gary Sinise and his Lt. Dan Band were at the game, and will perform for the Snowball group. (More on that gentleman later ....)
Mark Cuban is seen by many as an arrogant flake. His political views are off the wall. However, he has never wavered in support of our troops and their families. For that, he deserves our respect.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Gene Barry - RIP

Gene Barry passed away on Dec. 9 in California. He was 90 years old.

Gene was an actor, featured in TV shows Bat Masterson, Burke's Law, and The Name of the Game, among others. He had many film and stage credits in the 50s, 60s, and early 70s.

The role for which he will ever be remembered (at least by me) was in the 1953 original War of the Worlds movie. I rated it as #3 on the all time greatest Sci-Fi movies in a previous post. I believe this was the only Sci-Fi movie he did, but it certainly was a memorable one.

Rest in Peace, Mr. Barry.

Another Democrat Slimeball Surfaces

Meet Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT). Senator Baucus is the senior Senator from Montana, first being elected in 1978. He is the chairman of the extremely powerful Senate Finance Committee. This committee controls the Senate side of Congress' ability to raise and spend money. As such, he is a key figure in Obamacare, and is the 'author' of the Senate version of the bill.

Max has been busted. He has admitted to having an affair with a staff member, Ms. Melodee Hanes.

Not only was she employed as a staff member, Max nominated her for a US Attorney's slot in Montana. As a staff member, she was paid by taxpayer funds, and was presented with a $14,000 raise last year (I guess she performed her assigned duties under the desk with distinction). She was included on his overseas trips to Southeast Asia and the Middle East, at taxpayer expense, even though she has absolutely no foreign policy duties or experience. She also consulted with Max's divorce attorney, helping arrange the divorce even before Ms. Baucus was even aware it was taking place.

Hanes is now employed by Obama's DoJ in Washington, and she is living with Baucus.

Now, why is this important?

Democrat hypocrisy is exposed once again. Remember South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, and his bizarre affair with an Argentine woman? Remember the outrage expressed over yet again another example of the Republican Culture of Corruption? Remember the outrage over Sanford using taxpayer money to take a plane to visit her? Remember that Democrats pushed for his impeachment, an effort which had mysteriously been retracted early this week (not coincidently just before this Baucus story broke)? Democrats were screaming for Sanford's head over just his affair while being in office. Yet, they are mysteriously quiet on Baucus, which involves not only an affair while in office, but misuse of public funds, inappropriate hiring, and lying to the public. If Sanford should have been impeached, Baucus should be thrown in jail.

Baucus is a key figure in Obamacare. The Finance Committee, which he runs, is the one key component of the effort to pass this legislation in the Senate. We have a crook, a liar, and a thief controlling a 2300 page piece of legistation that will define how 1/6 of our country's economy is controlled. He should be removed from his position on the committee immediately, and prohibited from participating until an ethics investigation has been convened and run its course (yeah, like Reid is going to allow that to happen ...).

Thursday, December 10, 2009

10 Tips - What Timing

Golf Digest (The #1 Golf Publication, according to themselves), has just shipped its Jan. 2010 issue. The lead story and cover photo are titled "10 Tips Obama Can Take From Tiger". Talk about the worst timing for a lead story in the history of magazine publishing .....

There are two articles inside - tips from Tiger to Obama, and tips from Obama to Tiger. These are like a top 10 list, put together by writers and other golf related pros (Tiger and Obama had no part in the writing of the stories). Obviously, this was written before Tiger's current difficulties came to light.

Here are the very boring lists (after all, it is a golf magazine):

Tiger to Obama

1) The Quick Recovery
2) The Cold Ferocity
3) How to Step on Their Necks
4) The Trouble With Compromise
5) The Value of a Few 'Majors'
6) Controlling the Message - and Spending
7) The Swing Change
8) Clothes the Deal
9) You've Got to Deliver
10) The Danger of Looking Ridiculous

Obama to Tiger
1) Lighten Up
2) The Art of Grace
3) Crush Your Foes, Not Your Fans
4) Save Some for the Losers
5) Dial it Back a Little
6) Less Robot, More Warmth
7) At Least Look Like You're Having Fun
8) Sharing a Personal Moment
9) A Trio of Essential Moves
10) Keep Your Day Job

Now some of those titles ... I could write paragraph upon paragraph to explain what these SHOULD mean, but what the magazine prints is pretty bland.....

The current situation with Tiger, combined with this incredibly ill-timed cover, just begs for parody. I would bet that every late night comedian is going to put out their own '10' lists to capitalize on this. I would imagine that Leno's will be the best, you might want to Tevo it tonight.

I challenge my many millions of readers out there ....

Send me some entries for your top ten lists - Obama to Tiger, Tiger to Obama. I don't care how racy or ludicrous they are. I will publish the results here, and the two I deem to be the best will forever be honored in the VoodooWarrior Blog Hall of Fame.

It might even qualify you for a Nobel Peace Prize - God knows you will have done more to earn it than Obama did ....

More Pelosi Porkulus Exposed

Rep. Mark Kirk (R-IL) and Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) have listed 11 pork projects paid for by the $787 billion porkulus bill as examples of how our tax dollars are being flushed down the toilet by this Democrat controlled Congress. These examples are in addition to the ones I listed in an earlier post:

- 1.9 million for water taxis in Pleasure Beach, CT. Congress approved the money after a fire destroyed the bridge to Pleasure Beach, but the area already is accessible by foot and rowboats.

- 3.8 million for an urban art trail in Rochester, NY.

- 3.1 million for upgrades to a boat owned by the NY State Museum. The boat dates back to 1921 and was originally used in canals.

- 3 million for bicycle racks in Georgetown -- the Washington, DC, neighborhood that is one of the wealthiest areas in the country.

- 1.5 million to improve the streetscape in the six blocks surrounding a downtown Detroit casino.

- 578,000 for fighting homelessness in Union, NY. According to a local news report, the town never asked for the stimulus money and did not even have a program through which to administer the money. The town supervisor said he wasn't aware of a homelessness problem in the town.

- 550,000 for a skateboard park in Pawtucket, RI.

- 500,000 for fish food in Missouri, to help defray the costs for state fish farmers.

- 400,000 for renovations to a vacant building in Jal, NM.

- 380,350 to encourage landowners in West Virginia to grow shiitake mushrooms and ginseng.

- 90,000 for a communal kitchen in Watsonville, CA. The shared kitchen is meant to help food service entrepreneurs.

So that's about 16.5 million of our dollars pissed away on things that are certainly not needed, and in most cases not wanted.

Now, if you think that's bad, just wait until Obamacare is passed ... it will take page after page of single spaced typing to list all the pork that will be contained in the final bill.

Just to be fair, this isn't just a Democrat problem - abuse of pork is truly one of the few things that is bi-partisan in Washington. Rep. Kirk, who is running for the Senate seat vacated by Obama, was guilty of landing more than 30,000,000 for 19 pork projects in his home district, including a planetarium and a religious outreach program.

Slamming Obama, Reid, and Pelosi for the wasteful use of our tax dollars as a basis for the 2010 mid-term elections is fair game. They ought to be called out for what they are doing. But ... (and it hurts me to say this) ... Republicans doing the call outs really shouldn't be the ones who are just as guilty.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Another Flight in Paradise

Happiness is getting onto your flight early, and getting the window seat just where you want.

Sadness is hearing that the plane will be entirely full.

Happiness is seeing the plane loaded, and the middle seat next to yours is one of two empties left on the plane.

Sadness is seeing two women rush onto the plane just as the door is about to close. One of the women is nice looking and petite, the other looks like a hillbilly and measures five foot x five foot x five foot.

Happiness is seeing the bowling ball shaped lady take the empty seat 6 rows in front of you.

Happiness is seeing the nice looking petite lady take the empty middle seat next to you.

Sadness is about 5 minutes later, when you realize the nice looking petite lady now sitting next to you apparently doesn't believe in bathing.

Sadness is being stuck next to her for a 3 hour flight.

Oh, the joys of business travel.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Damn ... This Man Should be in the White House

Meet Allen West. This retired US Army Lt. Colonel is running for US Congress, the 22nd District of Florida (Broward county, the coast from Ft. Lauderdale north to Palm Beach Gardens). If this speech doesn't fire you up, then in Outlaw13's wise words, you're not alive.

Global Warming Cripples Houston

Flash! - Just as Algore predicted, global warming has crippled Houston today. Thank God for Algore and his scientific concensus that has told us that we'll all die due to manmade global warming. Undisputable proof that the globe is warming at an alarming rate happened today when it snowed in Houston ....

Houston, Texas ..... snow ..... global warming ..... it all makes perfect sense, in a liberal state of mind!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

That Wacky Dean ....

Howard Dean ... this train wreck of a man, this fellow bordering on insanity, is THE poster child for the modern Democrat Party. What makes him so outrageous is not what he says, but that what he says are the beliefs and goals of the far left kook fringe that controls the Democrat Party these days.

Here he is, speaking to a group in Paris in April of this year, extolling how capitalism is gone, how it has to be merged with socialism, and how Obama is leading the efforts in this and to make America 'more European'. Is it just me, or are the audience members falling asleep?

You can listen to this as crazy ramblings of someone who is not all there, mentally. Or you can listen to it as it actually is - a statement of policy for the Democrats.

Disgusting, and scary ....

video courtesy of

What Drives This Man?

An observation, if I may ...

Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and George W. Bush were all driven to do what they did in office by their convictions and their beliefs. They did what they thought was right for the country and its citizens. Sometimes the majority of folks in the country agreed with them, sometimes they did not.

Bill Clinton didn't do anything of substance in office without having the input of multiple polls, focus groups, and surveys. His was the very definition of a government run to apease the people and his own approval polls.

Barack Obama ... well, this guy is cut from a different mold. We have never had a President who has been as radical in his views as Obama. He came into office with a far left wing agenda hell bent on changing America into His vision. He is driven to do what he does by His vision, what He wants to do to the country.

Where Reagan and the Bushes were open with what they did, and told us they were doing what they felt was right, Obama is playing the most two-faced game I have ever seen come out of Washington. He continues with the moderate, above it all, logical, well spoken facade, intended to placate moderate Democrats and Independents. This facade is nothing but an empty suit - it speaks well, but says nothing. At the same time, he pleads with the far left kook fringe - his base, his home - for patience, to allow him to continue his Socialist takeover of our country. He is trying his best to give both sides what they want to see and hear. Purpose - to keep his power structure intact, and give him the middle of the road support that is essential to his dismantling of our society.

In short, Obama has an agenda, one that has been formulated by the far left for years. This agenda, and nothing else, is driving His Presidency. The only reason He cares at all what anyone thinks of him and what he is doing, is so that He can keep them in the dark long enough to get all of His agenda implemented.

Poor Tiger ......

Folks, we're witnessing the unraveling of a modern day legend ....

Tiger Woods getting clubbed (literally) over the head by his wife and subsequently crashing his SUV ... well, you know there just had to be more to it.

Now that his affairs over the years are coming to light, the shine is sure to tarnish the god-like aura that has surrounded the man since he broke onto the golf scene. We are just starting to hear about women who have played host to his driver - there will probably be many more come to light. Previously, the only negative to his persona was his loud and frequent use of profanity in public during his game.

Tiger has been on a pedestal that few people ever attain ... I can only think of Michael Jordan as a peer for him. This will certainly trim a few inches off that pedestal!

Now, I am not passing judgement on him or his behavior - I have no right nor desire to do so. What does interest me is how the public and media will react to this, and how those who have bowed at the Tiger Altar for so long will now view their exalted hero.

Will this destroy him ... no chance. Look at Kobe Bryant ... accused of rape, admitted affair ... I am sure he was damaged personally, but he's still got his endorsements and salary and thousands upon thousands of black kids who want to be the next big NBA thing - just like him. Tiger's bigger than Kobe. He'll probably lose his wife, half of his mega bucks, and face some embarrassing interviews - but he will survive.....
Update - He will survive, but a lot less rich ... His 'wife' is demanding a redo of their pre-nup, apparently wanting a ton of money to put up the 'good wife' front. He's been linked to at least 10 different women - he'd fly one of them into certain cities for a little fun during select tournaments. Some lady, as yet unidentified, was rushed to a hospital last night from his house at 2:30am. Some sources say his 'wife' has moved out of the house.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ode to Jo

I lost one of my best buddies yesterday. Jodie, a black and tan Cocker Spaniel, had been one of our family members for 9 years. A blood disorder took her from us suddenly and unexpectedly.

Those of you who have pets, particularly dogs, know how they become members of the family - they are not just pets. We love them, perhaps because they love us back unconditionally. We love them too much - their relatively short life span means that we are setting ourselves up for pain when we lose them. I think the pain is worth it - although I am very sad now at her loss, I can't imagine having gone through the past 9 years without my Jo.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Hey Rich Folks, Bend Over

The sur-tax being levied against 'rich' people to fund Obamacare, as defined in the Senate version of the bill, is just the first attack on people who have a decent amount of money. Get ready, all you 'rich' people ... Democrats think you are a never ending supply of money for their efforts to destroy this country.

The latest example - Democrats are floating the idea of taxing 'rich' people to fund the Afghanistan War. Yes, another 5% or your income taken away from you to supposedly fund our efforts in Afghanistan. Apparently, Democrat leadership in Congress has determined that it can't find the $40 billion needed per year to support our troops there - and are now calling for either the 'rich' tax, or withdrawl of our troops - because we can't afford the war.

This is in addition to the 5% of your income that will be confiscated to pay for Obamacare. Think of that - the 'rich' tax bracket will be right at 50% if both of these measures are passed. What is even more sinister is that the Democrats have a sliding scale when it comes to defining 'rich'. You folks earning $75K per year, don't be surprised if you find yourself declared 'rich' next year.

Hypocritical bastards ....

They can burn through billions in social programs, programs that are not needed and designed to do nothing but increase the size and control of government, but they can't find a very small (to them) amount of money to fund the war? $40 billion is chump change to Democrats, not worthy of even mentioning, if it is spent on their social programs ... but an incredibly large sum that will bankrupt the country if it is being spent on our troops.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

What's the Going Rate for a Senator's Vote?

$300,000,000, according to Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA). Sen. Landrieu had been one of three Democrat Senators who were waffling on whether to support Harry Reid's version of ObamaCare. Those three votes, if cast against the measure, would have killed the bill in the Senate. Not going to allow that, says Reid .....

Landrieu was promised $300,000,000 in healthcare aid for the state of Louisiana if she agreed to support the bill. Rather than being embarrassed about selling her vote, or trying to hide what she had done, she proudly stepped to the Senate floor and announced that she had gotten not the reported $100,000,000 for her state, but $300,000,000. Landrieu, facing a tough election next year, now gets to go home and tell all the poor people in Louisiana how much money she stole for them.

It used to be that deals like this were made in the back room, out of sight of the public. It says a lot about the arrogance of the left that they are not only doing this out in the open, but they're bragging about it.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What Would the Press Say if Cheney Had Done This?

Joe Biden, the best Vice President this country has ever known (just ask him, he'll be happy to tell you so) played a round of golf at the exclusive private The Golf Club at Lake Las Vegas over this past weekend.

This club is a very exclusive private club. Biden's staff called the club at 7:00am this past Sunday, telling them that the Veep wanted to play the course that morning. The reply was that he couldn't, since he wasn't a member. Two more calls were then placed to the Club's manager. I don't know what was said during those calls, but suddenly Biden was on the course at 11:00am flailing away at little white balls. He was unable to complete his round before having to leave to participate in a political fund raiser for Rep. Dina Titus (D-NV).

Now, I really don't have a problem with this. What is repulsive is seeing the total lack of coverage of this by the mainstream media. If Vice President Cheney had done this, we'd be blasted with story after story about how he pushed around the locals, abused his power, played golf while ignoring XXX problem ( insert any problem you want), how the club is racist/discriminatory, how he shouldn't be wasting tax payer money on a fundraising trip, etc, etc, etc ...

The Mexican-American Invasion of 2009

I read an article in the local paper a couple of days ago, where the new head of the Mexican Consulate in Dallas stated he was going to clean up all of the corruption that was exposed in his office. He made a statement during the interview, stating why his Consulate was the third largest in the US, and why the Consulate's presence was so important.

His statement was that since 10% of all Mexican citizens resided inside the US, his presence was critical to supporting those persons.

10% ????????

He's telling us that the Mexican government believes 10% of all of its citizens are living in the United States, legally and illegally (we know which category has the highest percentage, don't we ....). The published population of Mexico for the last census in 2008 was 106,350,434. 10% of that is 10,635,000 people.

Now, this does not include other legal and illegal immigrants from other countries in Central and South America. I've seen estimates that indicate that there are at least as many immigrants from those countries combined as there are from Mexico itself. So, a total of 21,000,000 immigrants from south of our border currently residing in the US is a reasonable figure.

This far exceeds the estimates I've seen from the Democrat party, which puts the figure at about 12,000,000 total. Is it any wonder that Democrats do not want these folks identified, don't want them thrown out, and don't want any form of voter fraud reform? Any wonder that Democrats are so much in favor of anything that promotes or rewards illegal immigration? That's a very large number of Democrat voters that the party wants to keep.

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Sarge - Champ Again!

How 'bout a little good news ....

Tony Schumacher won the NHRA Top Fuel Championship yesterday at the season ending event in Pomona. Tony, driving the US Army sponsored 'The Sarge' dragster, won the season long championship by 2 points - yes, just 2 points.

The closest championship in Top Fuel history was won over the Al-Anabi Racing entry driven by Larry Dixon. Those of you who follow the NHRA will recognize the Al-Anabi car as the one Schumacher's crew chief and whole team defected to after last season. To say the victory was sweet for Schumacher is an understatement - though there does not seem to be any bad blood, at least publicly.

Schumacher and Dixon seemed destined to meet in the final round for the championship, but it was not to be - both lost in the semi-finals, giving the title to The Sarge. The title was Schumacher's seventh, sixth in a row, both records for the NHRA.

Tony teared up in his winning interview, and stated that the gold trophy would be presented to Ft. Hood as a tribute to those who fell there.

In related news, the US Army announced last week that it is renewing sponsorship for both Schumacher's dragster and the #39 NASCAR Chevy driven by Ryan Newman for next year. A wise choice, these two teams represent the US Army very well.

Army Strong!

The Whole Eco-Green Movement is a Scam

The lunacy of the eco-nazi movement is not just ludicrous - it is dangerous and it will cost all of us a tremendous amount of money - as well as impacting our way of life.

Why is the eco-nazi movement being pushed so much? There have been kook left wing eco-nazis around since the early '60s - why is the effort getting so much steam behind it now? Follow the money and the answer is there for all to see ...

1) Algore, the world's most knowledgable climate expert, according to himself. Algore, who puts forth such incredible, knowledgable, infallible, scientifically proven work such as his docudrama "An Inconvenient Pile of Bullshit". Algore, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize for his work to save our planet. Algore - who makes millions upon millions of dollars in speaking fees and royalties while spitting his vile climate crap. Algore, who makes tens of millions of dollars investing in companies who make technology to address his false climate emergency. Algore, who without the climate emergency, would be just another lunatic Washington has-been with no income source .....

2) George Soros, bankroller of the left wing kook movement in this country. George Soros, who pulls the Obama Administration's strings, because he footed the bill for their ascension to power. George Soros, who announced his investment of over a billion dollars into 'green' technology - counting on making a ton of money out of the climate emergency.
3) T. Boone Pickins, who spent millions of his own money putting up TV ads touting green energy sources, such as wind and natural gas. T. Boone, who made and lost and made fortune on oil - has suddenly gotten green on us? No - he's invested millions, and stands to make billions on wind farms and natural gas production in and around Texas.

4) Power Companies. Yes, power companies. Passing on all kinds of fees, taxes, and surcharges to us, their customers. They aren't providing anything to us in return, merely milking every dollar they legally can out of us.

Example 1 - Oncor, who has convinced the Texas Public Utilities Commision to let them charge customers for not one, but two electric smart meters, which will cost the average Texas consumer about $300 over the next three years, without providing any increase in function, energy savings, or savings to the consumer.

Example 2 - Cleveland's power co-op, which will deliver new smart lightbulbs to each residential consumer, without asking if they are wanted. These lightbulbs, which cost the co-op about 1.85 each, made in China, will be added to the consumer's bill at over $21.00 each - and there is no opt-out for the consumer.

Example 3 - that same Cleveland co-op. You would think that using eco-friendly light bulbs will cut electricity usage for the consumer, resulting in lower bills, right? Wrong ... the co-op will add fees to each bill to offset any electricity usage savings seen by the consumer, so the bills will not go down. The power company gets paid for electricity that is not used!

5) Fourth World Countries. International agreements that are being pushed now are geared towards one thing, and it's not saving the environment. It is all about transferring money from rich countries (namely the United States), and giving it to poorer countries (which is pretty much everyone else). If you look closely at any of the cap-and-trade proposals, including Kyoto, that is the underlying function - wealth redistribution, regulated by those who would receive the wealth.

6) China, Russia, and our other so called friends (ex-enemies?), who see international eco agreements as a method to weaken the United States as a global power. Every dollar drained out of our country, either by investments based on falsities or confiscated for transfer to other countries, is a bullet shot into the gut of America. Do you think that these countries, along with India (the biggest polluters on the planet) will ever agree to anything that punishes themselves for eco issues? Not a chance.

Being a good steward to the planet is a noble cause. Protecting our environment is a good thing. However, destroying our country and our way of life for false reasons just to line the pockets of rich left wing kooks and our enemies is criminal.

Update - The University of East Anglia is a well known and 'well respected' center for global climate research, and whose research is frequently quoted by eco-nazis. Algore has been a big supporter of theirs, and vice-versa. This past week, hackers broke into the University Climate Research Unit's computers, and downloaded a wealth of emails and documents that show a pattern of deception, lies, fabrications, and coverups that the Unit has been guilty of. The documents show clear patterns of falsified data, and discussions between staff about how to present the falsified data to further their political agenda. The Unit's Director, Phil Jones, is quoted in one email telling his collegues how to 'trick' data in a temperature graph to hide the fact that global temperatures have actually gone down since 1960. Jones denied it, claiming his comments were taken out of context.

Typical left wing behavior - the goal justifies any means in their minds, including flat out lying to the world.

Update II - As we approach the start of the Copenhagen Global Warming Summit, India, one of the world's two greatest polluters (China being the other), has publicly stated that it will not accept or sign any agreement that legally binds it to reducing emissions of any type. Now, that should tell the whole world what this summit is all about. Instead, the international press concentrates on Obama, and how he is going to commit the US to binding agreements that will punish the country and result in wholesale transfer of money from the US to Fourth World countries.

If the greatest polluters on the planet will not sign any binding agreement, why should we?

Update III - Sen. Barbar Boxer, one of the Democrat Party's biggest eco-Nazis, chairman of the Senate's Environment and Public Works Committee, has come out publicly on the hacking and subsequent release of the emails. Typically, rather than be outraged at the content of the emails, she is outraged and demanding criminal prosecution of those who leaked them!

"You call it 'Climategate'; I call it 'E-mail-theft-gate. Whatever it is, the main issue is, are we facing global warming or are we not? I'm looking at these e-mails, that, even though they were stolen, are now out in the public.

We may well have a hearing on this, we may not. We may have a briefing for senators, we may not. Part of our looking at this will be looking at a criminal activity which could have well been coordinated. This is a crime." - Sen. Barbar Boxer, during her committee meetings

S0, the libs are freaked out that the emails outing the falsifying of ecological data have been leaked, not about the subject of the emails. She wants the leakers prosecuted. She will not allow her committee to pursue inquiries into the contents of the emails.

You know, if this had happened in the Bush Administration, on another subject, and information that harmed the Administration or one of its causes came to light, Democrats would be crowing at the top of their voices to reward the leakers and pursue the subject of the leak. Liberals love leakers, hackers, and tattle-tales - IF their efforts result in information the liberals like. Two-faced bastards ....


I've seen where Obama The Immaculate has been pushing the Chinese government to loosen their restrictions on political free speech - to stop censoring those who disagree with the Socialist/Communist government in charge. Apparently, this is a high priority for him to address during his current 8 day Asian trip.

Am I the only one who sees the incredible hypocrisy in this? Obama and his lap dogs, who have done more to stiffle political free speech than any other administration - who have openly attacked a news network because it dares question His Highness - who have openly tried to censor internet and radio based opposition to His policies - dare to criticize another government for doing the same thing He does?

You know, it would be nice to have a day - just one day - without hearing about another incredible outrage from these assholes ....

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Facebook Addiction ... When Is It Too Much?

Too all of those folks who spend far too much time on Facebook, there is a time when enough is enough .....

And no, I am not talking about my wife and daughter ... I wouldn't dare .....

Is He Stupid, Or Doing It On Purpose?

Once again, Obama The Immaculate subjugates himself and the United States of America before a foreign head of state. I can't wait to see how his keepers explain that this one isn't an actual bow .....

I can't figure out if this guy is just ignorant of how heads of state are supposed to behave, or if he is bending over on purpose to show how unworthy the USA is. In either case, it is an embarrassment - the international community is laughing at him, and us .... (anyway, someone needs to teach him how to bow - you don't lose eye contact with the one you are bending over for - it is a sign of disrespect to the bowee, and you don't shake hands with someone you are bowing to ...)

Update - I would be remiss if I didn't mention this. Earlier this year, during an interview about the situation in Afghanistan, Obama stated he didn't want 'victory' in that war. He cited the humiliation poured upon Emperor Hirohito at the end of World War II, when he was marched across the deck of the USS MIssouri to sign the surrender papers. He didn't want to force Taliban commanders or anyone else to feel that humiliation. Trouble is, that never happened...

The Emperor never set foot on the Missouri. In fact, he was not made to be part of any of the surrender protocols. Underlings in the Japanese government and military performed those duties.

Obama is a dunce when it comes to history and international protocol. He makes us, as a country, a laughingstock world wide when he repeatedly commits these gaffes.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Obama's DoJ Sucks Up to Terrorists

Eric Holder, Obama's Attorney General, announced that Khalid Sheik Mohammed and four other 9/11 conspirators will be transferred from Gitmo to a civilian court in New York for trial. This lunacy has several reasons, and all of them are bad for our country.

Mohammed and his terrorist buddies admitted last year to what they did, and asked to be executed - they wanted to become martyrs, and we should have accomodated them.

Instead, Obama is going to give them a platform to attack the United States - exactly what Obama and the far left want to happen.

Consider these items ....

Holder will judge shop, finding the most liberal, anti-Bush jurist they can get to sit on the bench.

So many socialist, anti-US ACLU lawyers will be lining up trying to get the defense assignment that the ACLU will probably have to hold a lottery to see who 'wins'. Can you imagine the joy one of these asshole attorneys will feel, given the fame and platform to attack what they hate so much? They're not going to care about the defendants - their goal will be to prosecute the goverment, specifically the military, CIA, and everyone in the Bush Administration.

The trial won't start for years. Instead of sitting in Gitmo, where they have been successfully incarcerated for years, they will be in a Federal Prison in New York, costing us a ton of money and creating a large security risk.

The trial is likely to last for a year or more - all of which will be paid for by us.

The defense laywers will use every mechanism allowed by the liberal sitting judge to attack the government's case. You can bet they will file motion after motion for dismissal due to legal technicalities. They will drag this out, try to expose every bit of US intelligence gathering assetts, and use every possible chance to 'put on trial' Bush Administration officials. You can bet they will try to call Bush and Cheney both to the stand. You can bet they will do everything they can to expose classified information and methods. You can bet they will do everything to portray the defendants as victims, whose strike against us was justified.

This will be a landmark event, defining perhaps forever how combatants captured on the battlefield while fighting our military are treated, if they aren't flying a specific country's flag. Despite the fact they were armed combatants, Democrat insistance on treating them as petty criminals will create a lot of confusion as to what rules are to be applied. Troops don't stop and read Miranda rights to people shooting at them before they shoot back or capture them. Count on the defense trying to get acquittals based on them not having been read their rights immediately after being captured.

The defendants will use the trial as an opportunity to spit their vile hatred of our country out in public. They've been muzzled while at Gitmo - now they will be free to shout out to the world how evil we are.

This trial will establish legally that people who take up arms against our country have protected Constitutional rights. Think of that - people who are fighting our country, killing and wounding our soldiers, will have the same legal rights as our citizens. Think of what it will do to our military, if they are attacked by our own government for fighting for our country.

Make no mistake folks ... This is not about justice. It is not about trying these bastards. It is all about attacking the United States and what it stands for. It is about putting the Bush Administration on trial for its efforts to defend us after 9/11. It is about Obama's reach out to the world, trying to snuggle up to our enemies. It is a key component of Obama's left wing koolaid drinker's attempt to change our country forever.