Tuesday, April 30, 2013

When Does Protected Speech Become Hate Speech?

You've probably all heard about the nitwit girl at Carnegie-Mellon University who has caused quite a stir with her parade getup.  Dressed as the Pope from the waist up, naked from the waist down, a cross shave into her pubic hair, handing out condoms as she flaunted her outrageousness down the parade route. 

What message she was trying to project is pretty clear - she thinks the Catholic Church is backwards in its stance towards contraceptives - and probably abortion as well.  She took the parade as a chance to voice that opinion, as well as shock people - which is what all liberal, far left, koolaid drinking college kids want, isn't it?  To get noticed?  Hell, this is probably the highlight of her life, and the biggest accomplishment of her to be launched career. 

It is outrageous.  Is it free speech, as protected by the First Amendment?  Isn't it against the law in PA to walk around naked?  Is this hate speech directed at an organized religion, which is a crime?

I guarantee that if she had made a similar statement about Islam, Obama and the rest of his Administration would be all over the news condemning it.  Holder and his Brownshirts would be on their way to arrest the young lady for inciting violence with her insensitive, racist, intolerant  exhibition of hatred towards the peace loving peoples of the Islamic faith.

Instead, since it is Christianity she is insulting, it is simply a protected expression of Free Speech, to be admired and applauded - according to the left.   

Disgusting ...

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Obama Coming To Dallas For Cash

His Highness is visiting Dallas this Thursday, April 25th.  The 'official' reasons for this are to attend the opening of the George W. Bush Library at SMU on Thursday morning, along with all the other living Presidents (this is customary for ANY Presidential Library's opening), and to attend a memorial service in West, Texas in the afternoon.  OK, both of those are understandable, and laudable.

However, a third event to be held Thursday evening is the prime attraction, the biggest reason His Highness would lower himself to set foot in the Republic of Texas.

A Democrat fundraiser, held in Obama's honor, will be held at the house of Naomi Aberly and Larry Lebowitz.  Those two are married, though you wouldn't know it by looking at the names.  Aberly is a big time Democrat fundraising 'bundler', responsible for over a million dollars for Obama's two White House runs.  Lebowitz is a very rich hedge fund manager.  Both are sympathetic donors to various Democrat causes, including Planned Parenthood.

The home the dinner will be held at is valued at over 10 million.  It has over 12,000 square feet, 5 full baths, 3 half baths, two fireplaces, and a pool.  It is in the most exclusive area of Dallas, home of the ultra rich.

Sixty lucky donors will be allowed the honor of being under the same roof as the Royal Couple.  Over a million dollars is expected to be raised for Democrat coffers at the event, which is closed to the media.

Now, there's nothing illegal about this under our current system.  Obama can come to Dallas, or go to Hollywood, and walk away with huge bags of cash from the liberal elite.  I don't even consider it immoral ... EXCEPT for the liberal hypocrisy of it.

Here is Obama schmoozing for dollars from the evil, rich, lily white 1% he so publicly despises.  Here are rich liberals, eagerly handing over piles of their own money to this guy who professes to hate them and what they stand for.  Here is a hedge fund manager - the epitomy of evil capitalism that Obama's Administration had pledged to eradicate, turning over gobs of cash to help that Administration. 

A sane person just has to ask 'why'?  Not just conservatives, but liberals as well, ought to be questioning the hypocrisy of this.  The '99%'s' ought to be wondering what the hell is going on, when their Lord and Savior is hobnobbing with the very people he has told them to hate.

Do you think Aberly, Lebowitz, and the other 60 or so fools in attendance give a damn about poor black people?  Do you think they lose sleep over the plight of the poor, innocent, hard working undocumented workers from our south?  Are they concerned over the lack of adequate healthcare for the victims of virtual slavery imprisoned in our inner cities?  Oh, hell no ...

If they were sincere, they would be turning over all of their money and possessions, giving them to either the government, or to charity.  Of course they could keep a little, say $50K each, to help them until they could pick up a job flipping burgers.  But once they are settled in that job, they should be perfectly happy with their circumstance, thrilled that the government is providing them with so much, and internally comfortable knowing that they 'made a difference'.

Instead, they sit behind armies of lawyers and accountants, pulling every trick legal and illegal, to skirt the tax system in order to keep as much of their money as possible.  They look down their noses at the very people they profess to idolize.

It's not about social justice - its about control and power.  These fundraisers are all about buying influence, and the time old tradition of trying to be seen with the 'in crowd'.  Hypocrites ...

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Suppose Cancer Is Cured ... What Then?

I was listening to Rush's show on Friday.  He was doing his annual fundraising show for blood cancer research.  23 years he's been doing it.  An incredible amount of money has been raised just during his shows, generous donations from his listening base - all directed towards research to come up with treatments and a cure for blood cancers.

As a nation, we are very generous in our giving to causes like this.  Defeating illness and disease is something we can all get behind.  Billions of dollars are raised and spent each year trying to defeat these heinous diseases, and thereby lengthen our lives.

What will happen, one day, when cancer is defeated?  Yes, there will be celebration.  It will be a great accomplishment for mankind.  But ... what are the ramifications?

If you take the 'humanity' out of the equation, the defeat of cancer (as an example), will change our lives, change our economy, and have a direct impact upon thousands (if not millions) of lives - beyond those who are afflicted with the disease.  Consider ...

What happens to the charitable organizations whose sole purpose is raising money to defeat the diseases?  The hundreds of employees who work for those organizations?

What happens to the drug companies, and other research organizations who are staffed and funded to attack and defeat cancer - or even a certain type of cancer?  If cancer is beaten, what happens to the folks who defeat it? 

What happens to the medical facilities who exist to fight cancer?  If a vaccine is developed, or a simple, easy to use treatment comes to light, what about all the cancer centers around the country?  All the cancer treatment departments in hospitals all over the country? 

What happens to all the healthcare workers, doctors, researchers, and everyone else associated with the fight against cancer - when they are suddenly not needed?

What happens to the financial stability of the companies who are in the center of the fight against cancer, when it is defeated and the drugs to be used become cheap generics? 

What happens to our retirement system?  How will the country afford to keep issuing Social Security checks to seniors, when the primary cause of death suddenly goes away and the nominal length of life increases by 10 years or so?

Please, don't get me wrong.  These diseases are bad news, and we need to defeat them.  I lost my parents prematurely because of them.  However, the result of such a defeat isn't going to be a celebration for everyone!

I am not the first person to ask this question. However, it is not being asked very loudly.  There are a few voices out there who theorize that the search for cures to these diseases is not being pursued as strongly as we might believe.  The search for treatments for the disease goes on at full speed.  Why would some folks believe this?  Because of the money involved.  The fight against cancer is BIG BUSINESS.  Find the cure, solve the problem, and you end the money flow.  Come up with expensive treatments that extend life without getting rid of the disease, and you guarantee continual profits.  I am NOT one who believes this, but if you think about it and have any belief at all in black helicopters, you can see why some folks could believe it.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

National Gun Registry - It's On Its Way

As I've been telling you here for some time, one of the biggest things Democrats are trying to push through under the guise of gun control is a National Gun Registry.  This is pure, unadulterated, liberalism out of control.

Well, according to Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT), language in the bi-partisan 'background check' compromise bill that Dems and Repubs are so proud of will allow Eric Holder and his boss to create such a registry.  They can do it without Congressional approval, without Congressional oversight, without any vote by Congress or the people, and with whatever rules and regulations they wish.

Republicans - don't get fooled by Democrats complaining that they are giving up too much in this 'compromise' bill.  It is a ruse.  The biggest thing they want is buried in there.  Contact your Representatives and Senators and demand language in any bill that will specifically forbid the establishment of any kind of registry for gun owners anywhere in this country!   (And then watch the Democrats howl bloody murder!)

Update - Even more is coming to the surface about what's buried in this bill.  Doctors will be authorized to declare someone a mental health threat unilaterally - no hearings, no independent verification.  If they do so, the doctor will be required to report such a person to the government as mentally ill.  At that point, such a person is blacklisted for many things, not only gun ownership.  There is no limit as to how far such information would spread. 

What if the doctor is mistaken?  What if the doctor is having a bad day and makes a rash judgement?  What happens if the doctor doesn't like the patient, or is having an affair with a patient's spouse? 

Under this bill, you can be declared mentally ill, have it reported to the government, and not even know it! 

Monday, April 8, 2013

Your Children Belong To The State

Melissa Harris-Perry, MSNBC talking head and far left whacko, has appeared in a spot for MSNBC, touting the network's 'Lean Forward' campaign.  I didn't believe this when I heard about it, but then listened to it.   I am stunned.  I knew there were socialists out there in our country who believed this.  I know MSNBC is a left wing mouth for the Obama Administration.  However, I didn't think they'd go this far.

The message - they are not 'our' children ... they are the 'collective's' children.

Listen to this.  Realize that this is the vision of the far left when it comes to education in our country.  These people have to be stopped!

You know who else has uttered these words in the past?  Joseph Stalin ... Mao Tse Tung ... Fidel Castro ... Ho Chi Minh ... Adolph Hitler ...

An Apology To Josh Hamilton

I know Josh Hamilton will never see this, but I'm going to say it anyway.

I want to apologize for the behavior of some of my fellow Texans during your weekend visit to Arlington (Rangers vs. Angels).

I am not apologizing for the booing.  You richly deserve that, and it should be no surprise to you that it will happen every time you step onto the field in Rangers Ballpark. 

I AM apologizing for some of the hateful language that was hurled in your direction.  Booing is one thing, but some of the things that I saw reported in the news that came out of the mouths of 'fans' were awful, and completely uncalled for. 

I AM apologizing for the verbal abuse that was reportedly directed against your wife and daughters in the stands.  Family is completely out of bounds for any such crap.  The fact that they still live in this area, and by all accounts are very nice folks make it even more heinous.

The a*holes who were responsible for this mistreatment of you and your family are not, I think, representative of the vast majority of baseball fans here in North Texas.   Even though I was not present at any of the games in the series, I am ashamed because such a thing happened here.  I'd expect it in New York ... or Philly ... or Boston ...   BUT NOT IN TEXAS!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Are You Ready For Your Navigator?

Obama's regime announced that beginning in October, they will be hiring tens of thousands of 'Obamacare Navigators'.  These will be union workers, community activists, and healthcare workers who will assist people in filling out all the paperwork necessary to register under Obamacare.

These people will be paid in the range of $20-$48 an hour.  They will not only be on call to answer  questions via phone, but will be out going door to door offering assistance in geographic areas.  Free translators will be provided for any language other than English.  Who choses the areas to be worked, and the demographics of those areas were not discussd - but you can make a pretty educated guess that its not going to include pre-dominantly white or conservative areas.

The number of 'navigators' needed has not been disclosed, though it is known that California has asked for 21,000 just for that state alone. 

Republicans in Congress are already alarmed by the possibility these people will be used as a massive Democrat voter registration effort - since voter registration is included as a part of Obamacare, and given the description of what kind of workers will be pursued to fill the positions.

All of this is going to be paid for by our taxes.

How much - an estimate for you.  Assume a 40 hour work week.  Assume a median salary of $35 an hour.  Assume 200,000 'navigators' are hired (which is a conservative estimate, given California's request).  That's a cost of $280,000,000 PER WEEK.

None of this was ever disclosed or figured into the Obamacare budget  estimates provided by Democrats while they were trying to shove this down our throats.

What If Dear Reader Actually Does It?

Kim Jung Un is turning out to be a real chip off the old block.  He's getting more like his dad every day.

People all over the world are trying to figure out his end game, the reason for the latest madness out of the People's Worker's Paradise.  North Korea rescinding the armistice with South Korea, in effect declaring war?  North Korea's army supposedly being freed to fire off a nuke missile at the US?  This moron is up to his dad's old tricks - rattle the sabre in hopes of gaining concessions, money, and food from the US.  Its worked before - the Clintons bent over for them and gave them food AND the technology to make the very bombs they are threatening us with now (Nice move, Billary!).  I wonder what the current Dufus-in-Chief will give them?  Missile Defense?

Well, what if Dear Reader goes off the deep end and actually lets a missile loose in our direction?  What will our response be?

I think a lot will depend upon what happens to the effort.  If it goes sizzle and plops into the ocean after 20 miles or so, what does Obama do?  What do the South Koreans do?  What does Japan do?  We know the UN will actually applaud the effort - anyone who threatens the US is a hero to the idiots in that den of thieves.

If the missile makes it half way here, what then?  What if, God forbid, it actually hits Austin?  Would we turn the North Korean capital into a sheet of glass?  Would we turn the whole country into a burning cinder?  Would we use a surgical, conventional, strike to try and take out their nuke capabilities?  Would we petition the UN for more sanctions? 

Given who is running the country, I really don't know what our response would be.  That, my friends, is a sad statement about our leadership, don't you think? 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Have You Had Your Taxes Done Yet?

Did you have them done by a Professional this year?  Did they take the time to show you the Obamacare requirements for your next tax filing, in 2014?  If so, how'd that make you feel?  If not, you need to educate yourself, and quick.

You will be asked to provide proof of a Federal Government approved Health Insurance plan - if you are single.  If you are married, you both have to be covered by plans.  If you have kids, they ALL must be covered by plans.  You will have to produce proof - though what that proof will be wasn't known.

If you cannot provide proof for any member of your family, you will be fined - the fine will be automatically figured into your tax return.  If the IRS determines you must pay a fine (according to the Obamacare rules), then the fine is automatic - there will be no refusing to pay it or ignoring it, unless you choose not to file a tax return.

The fine is tiered to your income level.  The more you make, the higher the fine.

My family is definitely middle class - we're not rich 1%ers (which is a completely bullshit term).  Our fine for next year would be over $1100.  Our fine for the year after that is twice that amount.  And, it keeps going up after that.

All you airheaded Obama koolaid drinkers out there - what do you think about that?  Are you prepared to send more of your money to His Highness?

As a sidebar ... what I don't know is if you have to prove you have insurance for the entire year, or only a certain date (like Dec. 31).  If only on a date, then I see a whole new industry cropping up almost immediately.  Cheap as Dirt Health Insurance, by the month.  You know the type of company that sells absolute minimum car insurance to let people just barely meet the minimum for state required auto insurance?  I see them selling health insurance, to the same standard, by the month.  Folks go get their policy for the month of December, and that's it.  The rest of the year, they are not insured.  I don't know if there is anything in Obamacare to combat that, but I doubt it.  As strong as the Cheap as Dirt Insurance political lobby is, it wouldn't surprise me if they've been in on this and are fully prepared with a full suite of crap offerings to skirt the law's intent.

Democrat Bait and Switch On Immigration

I tried to watch Chuck Schumer (D-NY) this past weekend on the Sunday talking head programs, discussing his participation in the 'Gang of Eight' Senate effort to come up with an Immigration Reform Bill.  I couldn't stand it, and turned the channel - I don't like some snake oil salesman lying through his teeth.

To listen to Schumer, and other Democrats, all they are doing is common sense things that no one should oppose, because they are common sense and have overwhelming bi-partisan support of the American People.  Notice the key buzz words ...

They are not common sense, bi-partisan, harmless, or supported by the vast majority of Americans.  No way ...

In a nutshell, the Democrat plan is to issue blanket amnesty to all illegal immigrants, phrasing it 'probationary'.  Then, the Feds will consider border enforcement, using new 'metrics' to measure how secure the borders are.  (Interestingly enough, he specifically refused to discuss what those metrics are.)  Once the Feds declare the borders secure, then a path to citizenship will be established for all those on probation.

Three parts, to be done in a very specific order.  Why?

First, 'probationary'.  There was no definition offered of what probationary means, other than 'the poor victims will not have to be constantly be watching over their shoulders'.  No offer of what could revoke such probation.  No explanation of what rights and benefits those under probation would receive.  (We already know that HHS has determined that Obamacare will cover illegal immigrants - what other Federal, State, and local benefits will they receive?  Will they be allowed to vote, even though they aren't citizens?  None of this was disclosed.)

Second, Border Security 'metrics'.  Schumer specifically mentioned 'metrics' several times.  This is code - all it means is that the bill will establish a method (or methods) for measuring border security.  There is nothing in the bill that will actually have any effect on border security.  You may have noticed in the past couple of months that whenever Napalitano or any other Administration official is in front of Congress (or a camera), they are quick to tout that the border is more secure now that at any time in the past.  That is no accident.  They are laying the groundwork for those 'metrics'.  All Obama and his minions will have to say is 'look, border security meets the metrics, we are secure'.  No action, no procedural change, no tightening of the borders at all.

Third, a Path to Citizenship.  Anyone who passes their probationary period (which will be all of them) will be given a quick path to become full citizens, with all the benefits and rights that accompany that status.

There is a very specific reason that Democrats are pushing for the 3 steps in this order.  They must confer status on the illegals BEFORE the sham of their metrics becomes common knowledge.  When the general public finds out what they are trying to pull, the outrage is going to be overwhelming.  Remember 2007, when they tried to ram something like this down our throats?  Remember how it got shut down almost immediately due to the flood of public outcry?  They know that could happen again - and that is the reason that Dems will not allow Border Security to be addressed first.

Democrats do not want the borders secured.  They see illegals as a free flowing spigot of manufactured voters - and there is no way they want to see that windfall dry up.  Once they pass their version (if it passes), they very much hope that masses of fools from south of our border will flock here to get their free citizenship and free shit from the government.  Every one will be indoctrinated into becoming a Democrat voter - for Dems are their saviors.

For those who would argue that point, I cite 1986 as precedent.  President Reagan allowed 3,000,000 illegals to become citizens/residents, based upon a promise from Democrats in Congress that Border Security would be fixed in exchange.  It never was - there was never an effort to fix it.  Shame on Republicans for not pressing that issue when they had control of Congress - they were fools to ignore the issue when they could have done something about it.  Fast forward to 2013 - Dems stand to gain anywhere from 11 to 20 million new voters if they can shove this through.  Why would they allow anything to be passed that would dry up that source of future votes?  Pass amnesty, block any tightening of the borders, and a few years down the road reap another sizable catch of votes.

The three steps are probably a given.  We're going to end up with 11 to 20 million new Democrats, that's almost certain.  The only thing that is really in play is the order of the first two steps.  Will Republicans fight for Border Security first, to turn off the faucet.  Or, will they cave in, hoping somehow that their timidity will con a bunch of Hispanics into voting for them?  It's a loss either way.  The only question is whether they stand up and stop the bleeding now, or just bend over and continue to take it.

Oh, and as a side bar - none of this will have any effect on those law abiding immigrants who are going through the full, legal path to becoming American Citizens.  They will not be offered probation, or a fast path.  What Bullshit!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Opening Night ... With a Thud ...

Last night's opening night MLB game, on ESPN, featured my local team, the Rangers. It also featured a semi-local team, the Astros.  Why these two teams for opening night, a national broadcast, the very first game of the season?  I read that an ESPN executive state that they didn't need a Yankees-Red Sox matchup on opening night to generate the required ratings, that they'd save their 'preferred' matchup for later (which is tonight, on Monday Night Baseball).  I truly believe that national TV executives, all based in the Northeast, would be content with eliminating all baseball teams except the Yankees and Red Sox, have them play 162 games against each other, have a playoff against each other, and then have a World Series against each other - all on national prime time TV.

Anyway, almost all the pre-game talk (at least the pre-game talk that actually was about THIS game and not the Yankees/Red Sox/Angels) was about the Rangers, and how would they do this year with all the negatives that happened to them in the off season.  The only real mention of the Astros was whether they'd actually be worse this year than the past couple of years (each of which saw them lose over 100 games per season).  The Astros have such a small payroll that there are 23 individual players in MLB who outearn the entire Astros team by themselves.

Anyway, the Rangers come out and lay an egg.  Poor pitching, no hitting, and sloppy defense.  Couple that with Astros hitting and good pitching, and you come up with a 8-2 thumping.

This was the Astros first game as members of the American League.  They probably will suck over the length of the season, but for one day they are all alone in first place, with the best record in all of baseball.

The Rangers ... well, last night just doesn't surprise me ..

UPDATE - The old saying is true, especially in baseball.  Gotta take one game at a time, any given team can win in any given game ...

Yu Darvish throws a perfect game for 8 2/3 innings in the Rangers' second game, coming within one out of hurling a perfect game.  14 strikeouts.  Wow ...