Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Obama's Dirty Little Health Care Secret

You won't hear Obama say anything about this when he takes over ABC on the 24th to present his infomercial on health care reform.

If he gets his way, the government starts providing health care insurance to those who can't get it from their employers or can't afford it on their own. The twist he won't talk about is that if the government does indeed do this, employers will stop providing health insurance as a benefit for their employees. It would be financially stupid for employers not to take advantage of this and reduce their costs. Therefore, many, many people who enjoy good health coverage from their employers will lose it, and be lumped into the 'no choice, get in line, take what we give you' program the government will be running.

Obama will stand up there and tell us that those with current health coverage will continue to have it - they won't be forced to give it up. Bullshit. He's lying through his teeth, and betting that no one will counter him with enough force to stop him.

This country is headed toward socialized medicine. Ask the people in countries who have socialized, one source, government supplied health care how they like it. Countries like England, Canada, New Zealand, Cuba ..... Ask them how they like not having a choice of doctor - how they like not having a choice of treatment - how they like being told that they don't qualify for specific tests or treatment - how they like being told that sorry, you're over the age limit for receiving treatment, it's not cost effective - or how they like paying at least 50% of their income in taxes to pay for it.

The Clintons were shot down in the mid '90s when they tried to implement government run medicine. Obama's plan is much worse than what they tried to do. He's got to be stopped!

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Kath said...

And this really does scare me bec. I work for a small, private company. And they honestly do the best they can on coverage, but it ain't cheap -- for them OR for us.
So, as you're saying, this would be exactly what would happen. Why should our company keep picking up the cost, if they don't have to??

I don't like the way Obama steamrolls to get what he wants -- and always with that patronizing, "but it's for your own good".
And if you don't accept that, then, "it's for the good of the country in these difficult times."
And if you don't accept that -- well, then you're a subversive terrorist!!