Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Obama's Libyan Legacy?

Details emerged this week about something that has happened in the chaos that has been Libya over the past few months.

20,000 brand new, Russian made and supplied, man portable anti-aircraft missiles are missing from warehouses in Libya. Uncle Mohammar had bought these lethal things over the past several years from our good friends in Moscow. Now, they have been stolen from unguarded locations by persons (at least publicly) unknown.

Speculation is either Iran or Al Qaeda got them, or maybe both. Either case is very bad news.

Man portable heat seeking missiles are terrorists' holy grail. A single person can operate it, and the weapon is capable of downing a jetliner from several miles away. The targeted aircraft won't know a thing until they are hit. Western governments all over the world have fought tooth and nail to prevent even a single weapon of this class from falling into terrorist hands. Now, we have the potential for 20,000 of them to be out there?

This should have been known about and dealt with. Western intelligence services had to know about the missiles' existence - you simply cannot hide a delivery of that many weapons. The locations where these weapons were stored should have been an A list target for US and NATO airstrikes early in the campaign.

IF the Obama Administration knew about these weapons prior to them being stolen, and they took no action to destroy them before they were stolen, that is stupidty and negligence of the highest order. If the Obama Administration didn't know about them, then there were some serious failures in the intelligence services - failures that need to be corrected, though it is far too late to stop this horse from escaping the barn.

The world just became a whole lot more dangerous.

10/24 Update - Ghaddaffi is dead, hunted down, captured, and executed. He certainly deserved it. But is Libya in a better situation now, at least as far as the rest of the world? The newly emerged leader of the rebels is a hard line Islamist, who has declared that Sharia law will rule the country. Any law currently on the books that conflicts with his interpretation of Sharia will be nullified. One of the first changes was to allow Libyan men up to four wives each. I'm sure Libyan women, who had just as much at stake in the rebellion as the men did, aren't feeling real good about this turn of events.

Couple this with what happened in Egypt, where a pro-Western government was overthrown and replaced with chaos run by the Muslim Brotherhood (also dedicated to a Sharia ruled state) and you've got the majority of North Africa now run by hard line Islamists. They join Iran and Pakistan. Turkey is moving that way. Syria teeters on falling, with Iran running the opposition. Iraq is shaky, and we're about to adandon it. Afghanistan is worse than shaky, and our current leadership shows no commitment to shoring it up.

Southwest Asia and the Middle East are well on their way to becoming a solid block of hard line anti-Western, very anti-US regimes, hell bent on making the world a radical Muslim paradise. How long will the Saudi peninsula be able to hold out against this wave? When will these radicals feel themselves powerful enough to try and push Isreal into the sea?

Oh, and by the way ... those missiles are still missing.

10/25 Update - The 'leaders' of pro-Islamic groups fighting to ascend to rule over Egypt have declared their intention of implementing Sharia law. The leader of one faction has gone as far as declaring himself 'The Enemy of Democracy" in a media interview. These groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood, are calling for violence against Isreal, and are believed to be behind several recent terrorist attacks in the area.

The Obama Administration's embracing of the Arab Spring, cheering it on without taking any action to help form the future is leading directly to the rise of radical Islam in multiple countries that were once allies of the United States, or at least under control.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hey, Iran ... Take Them Back, Please!

Those two American hikers that were jailed in Iran for over 2 years have been released. Landing in Oman, the two gave a news conference, thanking the government of Oman for getting them released. No mention of the US, or the role our government played in securing their release.

Well, maybe there was a mention ...

"Two years in prison is too long, and we sincerely hope for the freedom of other political prisoners and other unjustly imprisoned people in America and Iran," said Shane Bauer, one ot the two morons.

Yeah, that's right. The first thing this a*hole did when he got loose and in front of a camera was bash his own country. Yeah, like the United States forced you three moronic idiots to take a hike on the Iraq/Iran border - essentially a war zone. Yeah, like the United States imprisoned you for over two years for your display of stupidity. Yeah, like the United States didn't spend a ton of time and money trying to get your stupid asses out of jail.

To the leadership of Iran - can we pay you to take them back?

My Father's Wingman

I can imagine my father flying around Heaven now with a wingman. His brother, my uncle, passed away this past weekend.

Uncle OG had a long career in the USAF. Where my dad was a pilot, OG was a maintainer, commanding maintenance squadrons all over the globe. Two tours at DaNang, exchange tour with the RAAF, command of C-5 and C-141 maintenance at Travis, spook ops in Europe in RB-50s - he had a varied career. After leaving the service, he worked for Bell Helicopter.

I have a lot of respect for my uncle. I will miss him.

Godpseed, Unc ...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

This is Why Obama Wants To Raise Our Taxes

He's got to have mo' money so he can keep giving free sh*t to his homeys ...

Update - You'll notice that one of these links is now broken, and the message Youtube presents instead. Notice further down the blog, where they removed a link to a video that was damning to the Black Caucus. Youtube has developed a habit of deleting videos or other content that it or Democrats deem harmful to liberals and their causes. If you think that Youtube, or Google, or any other of these internet giants are completely independent when it comes to liberal vs. conservative, think again ...

Thursday, September 15, 2011

You Really Need To Watch These ...

Without a doubt, the two best 'Cocker Spaniels Eating Corn on the Cob' videos currently on Youtube. These ought to be headlining Tosh.O.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fruit Salad, Anyone?

I'm not sure why this bothers me, but it really does ...

I recently saw photos of the new president of a national organization at a convention taking the reins of his new position. The pretty photos of him and his wife showed him in a black tuxedo, with 3 full rows of decorations on his left breast. This seemed kind of odd to me ... former militarty folks usually wear their decorations on retirement versions of their uniforms, not on civilian attire. I looked closer at the rows of medals, and found that I could not identify a single one. I don't know them all, but I am familiar enough with the military to know what they should be - at least those on the top row.

As I looked through the magazine that had his infomation in it, I noticed photos of other, lesser in stature members of this organization, sporting various levels of these medals on their civilian suits. There were also a few ex-military members in the photos - their military decorations were easily identifiable.

Curious, I emailed this new president. To his credit, he emailed back very quickly. He stated that he had served in the military for a number of years, was proud of his service, but the decorations he wore in the photos and to all public events were from the organization itself.


So, this prestigious organization makes up its own medals and decorations for its members, who walk around displaying them in military fashion. There are very impressive looking awards for years of membership - local, state, and national leadership positions - community service - even very sharp looking ones that merely denote one's membership in a state chapter of the organization. Said president has three rows, with what looks like a total of 25 different medals (it's hard to tell exactly, there are so many of them).

I'm sorry, but I think this is an insult to the members of our military.

Knowing what this organization is and what it stands for, I really don't believe they intend any slight against members of our military. Quite the opposite. However, I don't care. It is insulting to those who have and are serving, folks who have earned their decorations and awards defending our country while in uniform.

I recently attended the retirement ceremony of good friend Outlaw13. The decorations on his chest, including the Legion of Merit awarded to him at that ceremony, are recognition of his outstanding service to his country in the US Army over a quarter of a century. The six other military members honored at that retirement had their own sets of 'fruit salad', telling the tales of their travels and service - and in some cases, heroism.

Having seen that ceremony, and then seeing these photos of civilians waltzing around self decorated with a bunch of stuff they bought out of the organization's catalog was, honestly, upsetting. I don't find it as revolting as cases of stolen valor, where someone intentionally tries to profit in some form from misrepresenting their military service (or lack of) by wearing actual military decorations they are not entitled to, but upsetting nonetheless.

The photo is of the Legion of Merit, as awarded to Outlaw13 on August 26 - a real award recognizing years of outstanding and exceptional service to the US Army and our country.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

This Isn't a Surprise ...

A Federal Appeals Court ruled today that Virginia has no standing to challenge Obamacare, throwing out the State's two lawsuits. This was completely expected.

Those on the left will crow about this decision, saying it vindicates Obamacare. Those on the right will cry foul, and rightfully so.

The three judge panel that gave the ruling was comprised of two Obama appointees, with the other one a Clinton appointee. They may as well have been blow up dolls with rubber stamps in their hands - anyone who expected a ruling different than this from this panel was smoking something a whole lot stronger than crack.

Right leaning judges and courts are going to rule against Obamacare. Left leaning judges and courts are going to support it. That's just a simple fact - politics trump the law at every stage of our legal system.

This will not be decided until the Supreme Court hears it and rules. Once there, this issue is going to be decided by one man, a judge who waffles around between liberal and conservative stances. No one can realistically predict how this man is going to interpret the issue. 4 conversatives, 4 liberals, and this middleman ...

It is amazing that this incredibly large issue, one that has an effect on every single American and the future of our country, is going to be decided by the whimsy of one man. I kind of doubt that this is what our Founders had in mind ...

9/13 Update - A Pennsylvania based Federal Judge, Christopher Connor, ruled that forcing Americans to buy health insurance or pay a penalty is unConstitutional, invalidating a key part of Obamacare. In addition, any provision of Obamacare that is tied to the individual mandate is also unConstitutional. Judge Connor is a Bush appointee.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Random NASCAR Musings

A few random thoughts about NASCAR to bore you on Labor Day weekend ...

Jimmy Johnson, 2010 Champ, and the other 11 drivers who made the Chase last year, were invited to meet with Obama this week at the White House. 4 drivers declined the invitation, citing scheduling issues. While that may very well be, one would think that meeting the President would trump any small sponsorship commitments. UNLESS ... they don't particularly want to meet with the current President. Kudos to Tony Stewart, Carl Edwards, Kevin Harvick, and Greg Biffle for honoring their 'schedule conflicts'.

While reporting on TV about this situation, ESPN reporter Marty Smith referred to the drivers not 'meeting with Obama'. Not The President, not President Obama ... just Obama. I'm sure he was just trying to shorten his report by a half second.

Brad Keselowski. I've disliked with high prejudice this young man since he forced his way into NASCAR a few years ago. He was arrogant, had a tendency to wreck his competitors in order to improve his position and win races, and then whining and crying whenever someone treated him the same way. His father, an ex-racer with pretty much the same attitude, cried on national TV how the other drivers were trying to kill his boy - while ignoring the fact they were just trying to give his boy back a little bit of what he was dishing out.

Brad was involved in a testing crash about 4 weeks ago. He suffered a broken left ankle, sprained right ankle, and badly sprained lower back. He raced and won the NASCAR event at Pocono 4 days later. He finished 2nd the next week - third the week after that, and won last weekend's event at Bristol. He never publicly complained about being hurt. Public reports indicate he refulsed to let his crew do anything to his cars for his comfort that might have a negative affect on performence.

Brad's performance allowed him to win a DirectTV promotion, earning his charity of choice Paralyzed Veterans of America a donation of $200K.

I still don't like the man, but I sure have a lot more respect for him now.

Dale Jr. signed an extension with Hendrick Motorsports, keeping him in the 88 car through the end of 2017. This in spite of the disappointing record he's had with that team, and the fact he's a middle of the pack driver who has almost no chance of winning each weekend. Jr. won some races at his previous team, but has clearly lost his spark. So, why did Rick Hendrick spend millions to resign him?

Money. Junior Nation spends huge amounts of money each year on stuff with Dale's face on it. Companies compete to sponsor him, or get his endorsement. Hendrick stands to recover many times what he spent on Dale. It's about the money, and the fan base - not wins or performance.

No one is criticizing this signing. A few pundits publicly question his performance, but no one questions the deal.

Danica Patrick signed a deal to drive a car for Dale Jr. in the Nationwide Series full time next year. Included in the deal is a handful of races in a car for Tony Stewart's team in Cup. This in preparation for her going to Cup full time in 2013.

Patrick has one a single race in Indy cars, and that was a rain shortened event she was lucky enough to be in the right place when the rain came. She has never challenged for a championship, and very rarely is seen running in the Top Ten in any of the races. She has top level equipment, driving for Michael Andretti.

Patrick's deal has stirred a lot of negative comments form the pundits, almost all of whom (rightfully so) say she is not ready for NASCAR, that she has done nothing to prove herself, and has done nothing to warrant this deal or the attention.

So why did Dale Jr. spend a ton of money to bring her over?

Money. Patrick brings her enthusiastic sponsor,, with her. The guy who runs that has some pretty deep pockets. He seems to be a guy who loves to be in the spotlight.

So, Dale and Danica sign big deals, for pretty much the same reasons, with pretty much the same recent past. Why does one of them receive congratulations, while the other is cut down?

One is named Earnhardt.

Carl Edwards ended months of intrigue when he resigned with Roush Racing. Joe Gibbs Racing was trying very hard to get him to sign with them to drive the #20 Home Depot car. The offer was VERY lucrative, said to be in the $18 million dollar range for the first year. Carl kept Jack Roush and the rest of NASCAR on pins and needles for several months while he was courted - where he signed would have a great impact upon where several other high profile drivers would end up for 2012.

Carl chose to stay with Roush only after Ford Motor Co. stepped up and sweetened the deal. I don't know what they gave Carl to keep him in a Ford (money, stock, etc.) but it was enough to keep him a Ford man.

I've been a big Cousin Carl fan since he started with Roush, back in the Truck series. however, I was ready to spit on his name if he had deserted Roush, the man who gave him the shot and support he needed to break into the sport and become one of its superstars. However, he's still in a Ford, and I'm still a big fan.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Ford Being Targeted by Obama's Union Thugs

The UAW has voted overwhelmingly (98% for) to authorize its leadership to strike Ford Motor Company in 12 days.

The UAW's contract with the Big Three auto makers expires at that time. However, part of the bailout agreement for Chrysler and GM prohibit strikes against the Union - which is ironic, since the Union owns most of those companies and would be striking against itself. Instead of strikes, those two companies will go to Federal mediation with the Union. Let's see ... Union vs. company owned by the same Union, mediated by government bought and paid for by the same Union. Wonder how that will turn out ...

Anyway, Ford didn't take any federal bailout. It is the only one of the three to post profits. It is am embarrassment to the Union and the Obama Administration. Therefore, it is a target. The Union goal is to shut the company down, to punish it for its success after shunning their Saviour. There will be no attempt by the Union to reach an agreement with Ford, until the automaker has suffered significant financial hardship. This isn't about a new contract, it is about teaching Ford who the real boss is.

This is what the left in this country thinks of free enterprise. A successful company that doesn't rely upon the government is evil - a target to be punished, if not destroyed.

In related news, the head of the AFL-CIO has announced the formation of the largest political Super PAC in history, specifically to support Obama's reelection bid. Super PACs are sort of legal ways for corporations and unions to funnel huge amounts of money to political candidates while bypassing the campaign finance laws. (Full disclosure - Repulbicans use Super PACs as well. However, none of them will come anywhere close to the size and amount of money as the AFL-CIO's will.) It should come as no surprise that that same head of the AFL-CIO has been a frequent White House guest, having been logged in for official visits more than 60 times since Obama took office. We have no idea how many 'unofficial' meetings took place off the books.

Good Grief. Between the AFL-CIO, UAW, and George Soros' money, how can there be any question as to who owns Obama and the White House?

Update - Whipping up a crowd of union workers before an Obama speech in Detroit on Labor Day, Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa had this to say:

"President Obama, this is your army. We are ready to march. Let's take these son of bitches out and give America back to an America where we belong."

Hoffa was referring to the Tea Party.

Besides the horrible use of English, this is an out in the open threat of violence against Americans. What Jimmy Hoffa is this? 2011? Or back in the 1950s?

By the way - Obama said he was proud of Hoffa after he heard the incindiary remarks.

Update II - Not to be left behind, Sheriff Joe Biden was out trying to whip up the union troops over the Labor Day weekend. In front of an AFL-CIO crowd, he told them that they were the only non-Government entity 'keeping the barbarians from the gate'. Using the word war several times, he did his best to whip up a frenzy.

It is clear that this is a planned, concerted effort, orchestrated by the Obama Administration, the DNC, and union leaders. Its purpose is to incite union membership and get them to vote Democrat next year. They realize that the only chance Obama has to keep his throne is to enlist unions to do the dirty work.

Democrat bigwigs are ducking anyone who asks them for comment on these comments.

This isn't about workers. It isn't about benefits. It isn't about jobs. Well ... it is about one job - Obama's.

Update - Some more union magic happened yesterday in Washington State. About 500 members of a union stormed a harbor facility there, taking security guards hostage, threatening police with baseball bats and driving them off, and then destroying private property. After they were done with their rampage, they left and went back to their union hall, daring anyone to do something about it. No one has been arrested.

The International Longshore and Warehouse Union believed it had the sole right to work at the facility, and was protesting that workers from a rival union were being hired. Not 'scabs' - a different union!

Obama's modern Big Labor at its finest ...

10/5 Update - Well, time to eat crow a little bit. Ford signed a new contract with the UAW. The only things I've heard about it publicly is that Ford promises to update/upgrade some of its plants, and create about 6000 new jobs. I haven't seen any nastiness (at least in public), no coverage of workers on picket lines, no rallies with Union thugs shouting 'Death to Ford'. Could this actually be an example of labor working in a reasonable way to iron out a new contract with management? If so, could it show how reasonable management can be when the Unions act in a civilized manner? I really hope so - it would be quite a change, and a welcome one at that.

Now Ford and OM have their deals, Chrysler is left to go.

Update - Well, I admit to eating some crow on this one. The UAW got deals with all 3 automakers, and not much was said publicly. I didn't see anything about Union members walking the picket line or behaving badly. I think the reason for this is the UAW leadership actually showed some common sense and realized that hitting the companies would have hurt their membership far worse than whatever concessions they might have had to give up for new contracts. No matter what the reason(s), this is a very good result for the US automakers and their employees, and the economy as a whole.

Smells Kind of Like OJ to Me

The San Diego Caunty Sheriff has ruled that the death of Rebecca Zahau was a suicide.

Really?? Seriously????

Rebecca was found dead at her boyfriend's mansion. Jonah Shacknai owns the 27 room, 12.5 million dollar waterfront property. He makes his millions in pharmaceuticals (legal drugs).

Rebecca died two days after Shaknai's disabled son was injured in a fall at the same mansion. He subsequently died in the hospital a few days later. That death was declared an accident. Rebecca was looking after the boy at the time of that accident.

Rebecca was found hanging, completely naked, from the mansion's balcony. Her feet and wrists had been tied. Somehow, the authorities have deduced that the 32 year old woman stripped, tied her own feet together, placed a noose around her own neck, tied her own hands together, tied a shirt around her neck and stuffed part of it in her mouth, then somehow worked her way over the railing to fall and hang herself.

No suicide note was found. Rebecca had made detailed plans with friends for the next day to visit the son in the hospital and take him some things. No one since interviewed has said she gave any inkling that she was planning to end her own life.

I don't know. I wasn't there. However, it seems to me that there are far easier ways to end it all than what the Sheriff is trying to convince us that Rebecca did. If she killed herself out of grief over the boy's accident, surely a note would have been found. Could it be that the wealth and status of the boyfriend/father/property owner might have been a consideration?

Update - A forensic pathologist is questioning the ruling of suicide, noting that the autopsy showed injuries to the top of the woman's head - injuries that would have happened if she had been hit on top of the head. Nothing about the method of 'suicide' would account for those injuries.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Obama's Investment in Green Jobs - Really Paying Off

Fremont, CA based Solyndra, a manufacturer of solar panels, was touted by President Obama last year as a prime example of how investment in green technology was going to generate untold gazillions of jobs. Obama and other politicos visited the company for photo ops and speeches.

Solyndra closed its doors yesterday, filing for Chapter 11. 1100 people will lose their jobs. The 1000 additional jobs that Obama had announced that the company was going to add never materialized. A half billion dollars of Federal money, our tax dollars, was loaned to the company by the Obama Administration. That money was spent by the company, and is gone - completely wasted.

Solyndra follows two other solar panel manufacturers into bankruptcy in the past month. Spectrawatt, of NY, filed for Chapter 11 on Aug. 19. Evergreen, of MA, filed 4 days earlier.

All three companies cited as reasons for failure being their inability to compete with Chinese companies producing the same products for 40% cheaper.

Renewable energy products and companies will become important in our society when the technology becomes effificient enough and inexpensive enough for mass deployment - and when they can produce enough energy to justify the expense. The Federal Government cannot speed this up through artificial regulation or by pouring billions of our tax dollars into companies that are doomed to failure. Free enterprise will be the answer.

Update - the FBI raided Solyndra's HQ on 9/8, executing mulitple search warrants. What they were looking for wasn't released. I wouldn't be surprised if we find out that the owners made off with a bunch of our money.

There is also discussion about relationships between Obama campaign operatives and company executives, and over 20 visits by those company executives to the White House.

Never fear, Obamaites ... Your henchman Holder will ride to the rescue and squash any real investigation.

Update II - Emails and other evidence has come to light indicating that Obama Administration officials knew of financial problems at the company prior to issuing the half billion dollar loan.