Friday, June 26, 2009

Something New

Hi to my wonderful, incredibly large reading audience out there (all 3 of you!). If you'll notice off to the right a new link, Voodoo Warrior's Military Page.

I have a lot to say about the military, but don't want to clog up this page with what will be lengthy posts - no need to bore those of you who have no interest in it. If you are interested, hit the link, and get swept away to another world .....


Margot said...

It is the quality of your audience, not the quantity. Like the new link - some of it is over my head, but I am looking forward to being educated.

Kath said...

Margot, that's what I think, too. We can be a quality audience, right?

My first question would be, Child, how do find the time to do all this, to write all this??? But I'm glad you do. I will go and look at new link now.