Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gratuitous Hockey Violence

You've heard of the Lingerie Football League? How about the Lingerie Hockey League?

Forgive me, but how about a little Dallas Stars' Ice Girls in action? It's OK, this is produced by the Dalls Stars themselves, and is available on their web site - I'm just sharing it here.

Go STARS !!!!!

Care to Feel Your Age?

If you're a member of 'my generation', you grew up with Rock music. How about a gut check? Here are some Rockstars we grew up with, and their current ages ....

Duane Allman 64
Gregg Allman 63
Michael Anthony 54
Pat Benatar 57
Bono 49
David Bowie 63
Lindsey Buckingham 62
David Cassidy 59
Peter Cetera 66
Eric Clapton 65
Roger Daltry 66
Mickey Dolenz 65
John Fogerty 65
Peter Frampton 60
Glenn Frey 62
David Gilmour 63
Sammy Hagar 63
Alex Van Halen 60
Eddie Van Halen 52
Debbie Harry 65
Mick Jagger 67
Elton John 63
Davey Jones 65
Geddy Lee 57
Paul McCartney 68
Stevie Nicks 62
Ted Nugent 62
Jimmy Page 65
Steve Perry 61
David Lee Roth 55
Carlos Santana 63
Bob Seger 65
Gene Simmons 61
Sting 59
Pete Townshend 65
Robin Trower 65
Tina Turner 71
Steven Tyler 62
Joe Walsh 63

Anyone out there of my generation should be able to name the groups all of these rockers were a part of.

It amazes me to see some of these folks still out there on stage - albeit a bit slower, a bit less wild and crazy, but still out there performing. When I was much younger, I thought folks in this age range were all in wheel chairs. Now that I'm approaching this age range, it doesn't seem quite as old as it used to ...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How 'Bout Dem Who Dat 'Aints?

The results of the NFC Championship Game this past Sunday were outstanding. First, a great game, exciting all the way through. Second, a gutsy performance by Favre - even though I don't like him, you have to respect him, his accomplishments, and his age. Third, sending the Vikings home with their heads hanging after they spit in the Cowboys' faces the previous week.

But most of all, the City of New Orleans deserves it. I don't care for the Saints themselves, but the City needs this. Having put up with a trash team for decades, their fans deserve a winner. Still suffering from Katrina, the City needs something big to cheer for. Having seen the horror that was the Superdome in the days after the Hurricane, seeing it in all of its glory this past Sunday was a tribute to the City and the residents who have fought so hard to bring it back.

I've spent a lot of time in Nawlins over the years on business. Although its always been dirty, poor, overrun with corruption, and its main claim to fame is a street where you can get snot faced drunk and show your naught bits to the crowd, it has a charm and a spirit to admire.

During one visit last year, I had a cab driver swear to me that he personally saw Army soldiers planting explosives on one of the dikes during Katrina (and I'm not talking about residents of the northern French Quarter). How can you not love a city where Mayor Nagin comes out and proclaims it is 'chocolate'?

Anyway, I hope the 'Aints win the 'Bowl.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Random NASCAR Thoughts ...

The popularity of the sport has definitely dropped over the past decade, from its highpoint of 1997/1998. There are empty seats at every race, as compared to 1998 when you couldn't find an empty seat anywhere. More evidence:

This past Saturday evening at the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction in Scottsdale, a 1992 Ford Thunderbird driven by the late Davey Allison to victory at the 1992 Daytona 500 race was put up for auction by legendary car owner Robert Yates. Davey was killed in a helicopter crash at Talladega in 1992. He was one of the sport's hot upcoming stars at the time, and his loss devestated NASCAR. The car was completely restored to exactly how it was when it won that race, and was accompanied by Davey's firesuit and helmet from that race. The car came across the blocks during prime time, when the big dogs come out to bid. The car drew only a handful of bids, and sold for a paltry $125,000 - the disappointment on Yates' face was awful to see. If the car had been sold like this a decade ago, it might have brought a million.

The Nationwide Series, NASCAR's AAA farm program of Saturday races, is going to get really interesting. Ford has offered up the Mustang as it's entry in the Series, replacing the 4 door Fusion. Chrysler has offered up the Challenger, replacing the 4 door Charger. GM is the only party pooper, choosing to continue to put forward the 4 door Impala instead of the new Camaro. (What do you expect from a Socialist Obama-owned entity like GM?). Seeing sports cars represented on the track rather than 4 door family busses is cool - just like the old Trans Am racing days when Mustangs, Camaros, Challengers, 'Cudas, Cougars, AMXs, and the like tooled around the tracks back in the late '60s and early '70s.

Beginning a decade ago, NASCAR tried to clean up its image, to get away from the Southern bootlegger background. It was deemed necessary to attract corporate America's sponsorship. It worked, but ended up resulting in lilly white pansies as drivers. Any bad word uttered ends up in controversy and fines, and potentially the loss of season points. 'Bad Boy' racing is severely punished, to the point where drivers are so PC that it is boring. Fans and drivers both have been pissed off about this.

Finally, NASCAR gets it. They are supposedly pulling back this year, telling drivers to let it hang out, to let their emotions go, to race hard and do whatever they need to do to win. Fans have been waiting for this for years ... it remains to be seen how much NASCAR will turn them loose. How far will they let the drivers go before pulling them back?

Ford Drivers/Teams should have a designated attack car for each race. The purpose of this car is to head directly towards Jimmy Johnson's Chevy and take it out at the first of each race. This driver, admittedly very good, has won the Championship for 4 years running - and it stinks - it is boring. He is good - his team is good (though they've been caught cheating multiple times over the years) - his equipment is good - his owner is good. I am tired of seeing him in Victory Lane, and the vast majority of NASCAR fans agree with me.

I really want to see a Ford team win the Championship, both in Cup and Nationwide Series this year. Besides being a Ford man, it would be so sweet to see the one major car company that didn't take government handouts come out on top!

With the economic situation we face, sponsorship is a real problem in both the Cup and Nationwide Series'. Start-and-park cars (poorly sponsored, or not at all sponsored cars that qualify for a race, then start the race and complete only a few laps before quitting - in order to collect winnings) used to be almost non-existant. Now, they are at almost every race, sometimes up to 4-5 of them. NASCAR allows and encourages this practice, because they want to fill the 43 car fields for each race.

There are quite a few serious teams/drivers that are out of the sport now, at least for the time being, because there are no sponsors wanting to foot the bill to field their cars. Most of the teams in Cup now have multiple primary sponsors, with each sponsor getting to show their paint scheme for a negotiated number of races during the season. Some of the lower teams, and quite a few Nationwide teams, fight hard for race to race sponsorship deals, not knowing if they'll have money to run the next race or not.

Racing at this level is not for the financially faint of heart. Tires, for instance ... $1600.00 for a set of 4 Goodyear Eagles, tires that are expected to last less than 100 miles in the best of conditions. It is not uncommon for a Cup team to go through 10 sets on a race weekend.

I hope that this season pulls the sport out of its funk. There are so many problems in NASCAR, but it is still the most popular motorsport in America. It is still the most competitive motorsport in the world. The most boring NASCAR race I've ever seen is still far more entertaining than the stuck up Europeans and their Formula 1 crap.

Here's to a new season ... my predictions (or hopes) ....

Carl Edwards wins the Sprint Cup Championship.

Dale Jr. wins the most popular driver award again, though he will not win a single race (again).

Under new rules, I think it is a tossup as to who beats the crap out of Brad Keselowski first.

Jimmy Johnson's crew chief will once again get caught cheating and be suspended.

A Mustang, driven by Carl Edwards for Roush Racing, will win the Nationwide Series, giving NASCAR its first dual champion.

Fox Sports will continue to use the damned gopher graphics on their telecasts, which are otherwise very good.

Danica Patrick will crash out of her first several attempts at Nationwide racing, and will immediately blame all of her competitors.

Obama will attempt to levy a 'redneck racing' tax, charging race attendees a 40% surcharge on their ticket price, in order to fund free healthcare for illegal immigrants.

Nancy Pelosi, trying to energize her California voter base, will ask to wave the green flag at one of the California Speedway's races this year. NASCAR will politely decline her self-invitation.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Outlaw13 Back to the Sandbox

Good Friend Outlaw13 was recently back home for a few days of R&R here in the Republic of Texas. It was good to see him, and sad to see him off to return to his 'desert hideaway'.

As I sat at the aeroporto waiting to see him off, I looked around at the large group of soldiers getting ready to board the plane for the return trip, after their R&R sessions were complete. Most of them had flown in from other parts of the country to catch the big bird with the flag on the tail, so there were few family members or friends there to see them off. The local USO was taking good care of them, as they always do. The airport police were on hand, with sub-machine guns loaded and ready to defend them from any a*hole who might want to take a chance for 72 virgins ....

The return flights are different than initial deployment - there is a very mixed bag of soldiers, from many different specialties and units. I was struck by the mix - many young enlisted people in active duty units - not so many, but still numerous were Army Guard and Reservists, some of whom looked to be my age - a smattering of officers ...

With so many of them being young, it got me to thinking (dangerous ...). Outlaw, if you're reading this, you might want to skip the rest of this post, it might be a bit depressing.

When he finishes this tour, Outlaw will have spent about 1/16th of his life deployed to the sandbox defending the United States. For younger soldiers, that figure could be as high as 1/10th, if they are on their third tour (as so many of them are). For far too many, they have given all of their life ...

We as a nation owe more than ever can be repaid to these folks and their families - they have given so much, asked for so little in return, been so mistreated by a few in our society, and yet they willingly go back. I am in awe of the 'common soldier', for there is absolutely nothing common about them.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Olbermann's Reaction to Brown Victory

MSNBC News God Keith Olbermann, titular head of the Democrat Party, captured on camera as he learns that Scott Brown defeated Martha Coakley in Mass yesterday ....

(Okay, it's in bad taste, but it is pretty funny... besides, if it's on YouTube, it has to be true - right???)

Un-F***ing Believable

Republican Scott Brown's victory in the Mass Senate race yesterday is one of those cornerstone moments in politics. I'm not going to try and analyze it, but I do have some thoughts ...

Obama, Reid, and Pelosi can't hide from this one. They shrugged off losses in New Jersey and Virginia as just local issue elections. This was not. Both sides made this a referendum on Obama's policies, and Obamacare in particular. This was a vote, by the most liberal state in the Union, against those policies.

"The People's Seat" will become one of those historic political quotes that everyone remembers, kind of like "The Buck Stops Here".

The Democrat candidate, Martha Coakley, was blaming Bush yesterday. When asked about her falling poll numbers and whether they were caused by voter anger, she responded by stating that the voters are very angry about the previous administration.

I channel surfed a bit after the polls closed, curious as to how this was being reported by the major 'news' organizations:

MSNBC - I started with the Olbermann show. This guy is a brain scrambled psychopath. His hatred of conservatives and anyone in the Bush Administration is comical to watch. People really get upset that he is on the air - I love it. He is a poster child for modern Democrat Party. I tuned in later for some woman I had never heard of, and it was just anti-Republican, anti-Bush drool. It is no wonder this network has the lowest (by far) ratings of any of these type of channels.

CNN - Blitzer actually sounded coherent, but his 'most respected panel in politics' was laughable. These five goofs were so shocked that they couldn't form a coherent thought, and kept trying to talk over each other so much that you couldn't understand anything they said. Pathetic.

BBC America - normally to the left of CNN, and they held fast last night. Their anchors simply could not comprehend how anyone who is against Obama could win an election.

FoxNews - Typical pro-right stance, but at least they could be understood. Since I agree with their viewpoints, it was much more watchable - at least to me.

The finger pointing by state and Washington based Democrats is hilarious. Seeing the scathing comments flying back and forth about what caused this result is further evidence of the hatred that its the basis of the modern Democrat Party.

I am surprised by the lack of voter fraud issues being reported. This is due to two things, I think: First, this election was a slam dunk for Democrats, and the Democrat vote manufacturing machine didn't think they would be needed. ACORN and the rest of them simply weren't deployed in time to make any difference. Second, the 100,000 plus vote difference would have required voter fraud on an unprecedented level for a local election. I am very glad that the margin was so large that there is no question of Democrats contesting it.

If Democrats in Congress are smart, they will take hard notice of this, and curb their headlong race towards Socialism. They've got to realize that if they continue, the American voters are going to bounce them out on their asses in the mid-term elections. For Republican's sake, we ought to hope that they don't recognize it - the angrier the voter base is with them, the more of them will be out of a job in a few months.

While the winning of the Governor seats in New Jersey and Virginia were cause for hope for Republicans, this election is cause for unbridled celebration - it changes so many things and gives us a real chance at derailing the Obama agenda. It also allows those Democrats in the Senate who are against what Obama is doing the cover they need to vote against him - since the don't have 60 votes, no particular Democrat vote is critical to passage. One wonders if Ben Nelson (D-NE) would have committed political suicide like he did if he had known the results of this election ahead of time.

Rasmussen polling showed that 22% of Democrats in Mass who voted for Obama voted against him in this election. Unheard of, and indicative of the buyer's remorse many, many Democrats and Independents are feeling about putting this man in office.

Yesterday was a great day for America.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bored? Do a Little Blog Exploring

If you've got some time with nothing to do (yeah, right ....) and have never done it, you might want to do some blog exploring. See the tab at the top of the page that says 'Next Blog'? Click it (after you've spent a signigicant amount of time here ;) ) and see what random blog you are sent to. There is some funny stuff out there, some stupid stuff, some motivating, some that will make you go 'WTF?'. Don't like where you're taken, hit the button again and see what's next up.

Some things I've learned in surfing in this manner - there are a lot of people out there who are pissed off about politics - there are a lot of people out there who think the general public really wants to know what crap is floating around in their brains (not that I would at all fall into that category!!!!!).

Monday, January 18, 2010

PoW's Updated - Go Take A Look continues to update their site with photos of incredible Americans seen in Walmarts located across the country. Unfortunately, a high percentage of the photos seem to come from stores located in the south. If you haven't been by lately, go take a look .....

Also, they've created a second site, This has photos of some incredible super cars, ones you would find profiled in Road and Track. Definintely worth a look ....

Most excellent entertainment ....

Liberalism on Parade

The Mass Senate race, where Republican Scott Brown is seriously challenging Democrat Martha Oakley for "Ted Kennedy's" Senate seat, is bringing out the best in liberals nationwide. By best, I mean the qualities that liberals think are admirable.

Here is MSNBC on-air personality (I can't call him anything to do with news) Ed Schultz, recorded on his own radio program this past Saturday. Here, he expresses the mantra of the Democrat Party - if you don't have enough votes, manufacture them ....

And these a*holes think they have a moral superiority to Conservatives?????

Friday, January 15, 2010

Way To Go, Cous ....

If you've been watching any football games since a bit before Jan.1, you've probably seen this Bud Light Too Light/Too Heavy commercial ...

That's my cousin in the lead roll, standing on top of the monster truck. Looking good, Alex ......

Obama's Socialism ... Historical Perspective

I ran across this quote, and wanted to share it. The difficulties we face as Obama's agenda seeks to force us into Socialism have been seen and recognized before ....

"Democracy and Socialism have nothing in common but one word, equality. But notice the difference: while Democracy seeks equality in liberty, Socialism seeks equality in restraint and servitude."
- Alexis de Tocqueville, French Philosopher 1805-1859

Secretary of the Unions

Apparently, the Obama Administration has created a new Cabinet position, one that has not been announced in public - The Secretary of the Unions.

Union leadership, particularly the Teamsters, Auto Workers, Service Employees, and Teachers', are integral parts of the Obama team as it formulates legislation and rules to impose upon us. Nothing is done without their participation and approval. Their power amongst Obama and the far left is so pervasive and arrogant that they don't even try to hide it.

Remember the firestorm of criticism levied at the Bush Administration, and Dick Cheney in particular, over Cheney's closed door meeting with oil and gas executives? Remember the outrage expressed by Democrat politicians? Remember it being used as a 2008 campaign issue? Remember left wing groups trying to file lawsuits to get transcripts of what was said in that ONE meeting?

Union participation in Obama's Administration is always behind closed doors, and it happens on a daily basis. Yet ... I don't hear any outrage being expressed by the left. I don't hear any of those Democrat politicians yelling about their outrage. I haven't seen notice of any lawsuits being filed.

Unions are special interest groups. They are not government entities. They have a larger hand in forming government policy now than any other special interest group in history. They have an open seat, kept warm, for them at any Obama policy discussion they wish to participate in. They may as well be in the Cabinet, indeed, their position is much stronger than most 'official' members of the Cabinet.

Where's the outrage? Why isn't the question being asked - "Why are a bunch of Jimmy Hoffa wannabes deciding our country's future?".

Update - Need some evidence of this? It was announced today that the unions will be exempted from the Cadillac Tax on high end health care insurance plans. Most union contracts have health benefits that clearly fall into Obama's definition of Cadillac Plans. However, the unions have made sure that those benefits, and their providers, are not subjected to the 40% (YES - 40%) surtax that will be levied against everyone else's Cadillac Plan.

The way this works is that the employer, or insurance company in the case of self insured, who provides 'Cadillac' health benefits to their employees (policy holders) will be taxed 40% of the value of those benefits, per year. Those taxes will be either be passed on to the employee/policy holder, or in the case of the employers, jobs may be terminated to avoid the taxes.

The unions have spoken, and Obama obeys - they will not be taxed. Non-union people will have to subsidize them.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Questionable Priorities?

Yesterday I saw Obama on TV at his newsconference announcing his prayers and support for the people of Haiti. It was well spoken, and I thought wow, this guy is actually acting like the President. Then, in a casual small blurb at the end of the NBC news story reporting his comments, this came out ...

Obama spent almost all of yesterday in an 8 hour meeting with Congressional Democrat leaders, behind closed doors in the White House, strategizing on how best to ram through Obamacare. His newsconference, and his short updates from staff on the situation in Haiti, apparently occurred when the group took breaks from their plotting.

So here, we have the President spending almost the entire day buried in partisan politics rather than responding to a huge disaster affecting hundreds of thousands of people. This same President wants us to believe he is dedicated to the relief of Haiti - that his top priority is their relief from suffering.

Remember all the flack that Bush's administration got for not responding to Katrina quickly enough? Remember all the flack he got personally from the left for not being on scene immediately? Where are those same people today, when Obama decides his legacy of Obamacare is more worth his time than the people of Haiti?

One more note in reference to Haiti ...

We all know the incredible charity of the American people, and that our country will take the lead in relief and rebuilding efforts.

Where are all the socialist/communist worker's paradise countries in the effort? I don't recall seeing rescue teams or supplies being readied for shipment to Haiti from Cuba ... Venezuela ... Libya ... China ... Russia ... Vietnam ... North Korea ... not even from the peace loving people of Iran. Come to think of it, where have these Shangri-Las of the left been for any natural disaster? If you take the stance of the left in this country, that our evil capitalist society is greedy and will not help anyone else - the comrades of the Socialist world share everything equally and help their brothers whereever they are and whatever their need - then surely those aren't our military aircraft and ships that are speeding to Haiti with personnel and supplies - those aren't our billions of tax dollars that will be funneled to Haiti to rebuild it over the coming years. Must be Cuban ...

Update - OK, I have to apologize and amend my above statement. I heard on the news that Chinese relief assets were on their way by air to Haiti. My apologies to the PRC ....

Update II - Its now 72 hours since the earthquake. News reports from the capital city show widespread death and destruction, but no relief. News reports show aircraft landing constantly at the main airport, disgorging tons of relief supplies. A heart-wrenching report from an impromtu refugee camp 2 miles form the airport showed that absolutely no relief supplies were being delivered, in spite of its closeness of the mountain of them sitting at that airport. The problem is the logistics of distributing the supplies locally to where they are needed. Trucks, helicopters, people, heavy equipment ... all of this has to be in place before the aid can get to those who need it. Haiti is so poor that these needs cannot be provided locally - it all has to be brought it, and it takes time. Then you have the problem of security of those supplies and rescuers as they are distributed - there are already reports of gangs of armed young men roaming the streets - stealing, and looting whatever they feel they need to survive.

The Bush Administration was savaged after Katrina for the lack of relief to those who needed it for those first 72 hours after the levees broke. Granted, it was here in the US, but the basic logistical problems were there, and valid. There has been no comdemnation of the Obama Administration for its inability to get relief supplies into the hands of those who need it, 72 hours post-quake. Indeed, his response to the disaster is being praised as evidence of how much he cares.

I don't really have a problem with Obama's response to the disaster. The problems of responding quickly are huge. It's just a fact that in the first 2-3 days after a natural disaster, relief has to come from local sources. It takes time to mobilize, move people and equipment, and organize relief efforts.

My problem is how Democrats savaged Bush for exactly the same thing they are praising Obama for.

Update III - A semi-apology to Cuba. It seems they are allowing their airspace to be used for overflights by relief aircraft traveling to Haiti. Not much, but a lot more than I would have expected from them.

Update IV - The White House announced today that Obama will go to Mass. on Monday to campaign for Martha Oakley, who is in danger of losing 'Ted Kennedy's' Senate seat to her Republican challenger. Obamacare is more important to Obama than the people of Haiti.

OK, OK ... so by Monday there is not a lot he could do personally about Haiti that isn't already in motion by them. But imagine if you will, what would the press and the Democrats have done to Bush if he had taken a break in the middle of Katrina recovery efforts to do some partisan political campaigning?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


In his own words, Obama states a promise over and over that he and his Congressional leaders have blatantly broken. This man is a liar. They have to sneak around in shadows and back rooms to create Obamacare ... Every time the American public gets a glimpse of what they are doing, his pole numbers and the chances of Obamacare passing drop signicantly.

Most, if not all of you, have heard about this, but here are the clips ...


The flap over Harry Reid's 'racist' description of Obama during the 2008 campaign needs little explanation or comment from me. Do I believe he is a racist because of what he said?


The US Senate has a well known Democrat racist (Roberty Byrd D-Va, former KKK member) - what's one more? Has Byrd ever been called on the carpet? Was he ever censured for his Wh*te N***er comment during a TV interview. Nope .... what makes any of us think Democrats will do anything to Reid over this?

I have enough reason to despise Harry Reid without this episode. There is nothing this man can say or do that will make me think any less of him. This man is an incompetent fool - a far left wing kook running the US Senate, and running it very badly. His assistance to Obama in trashing our country is inexcusable, and he will pay for it with his job at the next election.

His statement about Obama enrages me not only for its 'racist' conotations, but because of the blatant two-faced double standard Democrats are using to address his comments. I could write for an hour about this, but suffice it to say that if Reid was a Republican and said exactly the same thing in the same context, he'd have been forced to resign the day it became public knowledge.

I personally think that African-Americans should be much more offended by the comments Bill Clinton made during the campaign (as reported in the same book). Those comments cannot be considered anything but 'racist'.

I also have a problem with those on the right who think we ought to take the high road, and let it be. They want us to show Americans how good we are by not complaining about Reid. Well, B.S.!!!! Someone would have to be brain dead to think that Democrats and independents will think of us in any higher way if we pretend Reid didn't get caught. Letting the comments pass will only tell America that we don't find them offensive. I can see it now ... "Republicans didn't complain about his comments, so they must think the same way he does". Only a fool would think that Democrats won't attack like a pack of pit bulls the next time a Republican steps in it - no matter what is said about Reid.

Republican Hero of the Day - "It's The People's Seat"

Republican Scott Brown is running to fill the Senate seat left vacant by Ted Kennedy's passing. Conventional wisdom would say that he has no chance of winning in Mass - a liberal, Democrat state since the world was created .... However, the race between him and his Democrat opponent Martha Coakley is much closer than anyone expected.

The race is being cast as a referendum on Obamacare. It's much more than that to the people of that state, I'm sure, but that is the biggest ramification for the rest of us. If Mr. Brown wins, it breaks the Democrat's 60 vote super-majority in the Senate.

During a debate between the two, Mr. Brown reminded the obviously liberally biased moderator and his opponent that it is actually the people who own the Senate seat he is running for. Absolutely stunning bitch slap he delivers.

I don't think that Mr. Brown will win. Obama and all of his subjects are flocking to the state to rescue what they think is their Senate seat. However, his strong showing in a race that he shouldn't have even appeared on the radar screen should hearten Republicans across the country, and scare the pants of Democrats preparing for the 2010 mid-term elections.

Update - As of yesterday, Jan.14, Brown has pulled ahead of Coakley in the latest polling. This incredible change has been in spite of (or maybe because of) Obama and other Dems making an all out push on behalf of Oakley. Obama has made a TV commercial that bluntly states the future of Obamacare rests with the election of Coakley - that was stupid, and could very well hand the election to Brown.

The poll numbers are still within the range of error - but this is an incredible development - a Republican actually leading the race to fill a Senate seat that has had a Kennedy in it since 1963, in a state that is as far left liberal as they come.

Update II - The polls are scaring the Democrats to death. Obama is going to Mass. on Monday to campaign for Oakley. Barney Frank has publicly stated that if 'Ted Kennedy's' seat is lost, Obamacare is dead. Get ready for an all out assault by Democrats, who until a couple of days ago thought this election was in the bag. Expect to hear of rampant voter fraud, and dirty tricks by the mainstream liberal Boston press. Don't be surprised by some 'bombshell' going off Sunday or Monday, published by The Boston Globe, exposing something about Brown that ends up being false, but not proven until after the Tuesday election (a proven Democrat tactic).

Monday, January 11, 2010

Pigs Lining Up at the Trough

Remember my post a few weeks ago about the Eco-Scam being perpetrated at the Copenhagen meetings? My question about wanting to know how much Pelosi and her bunch of thieves were going to spend of our money while over there? Well, some details have come to light, in spite of Pelosi's demanded blackout of news coverage on the subject....

The list of official US House of Representative attendees:

Nancy Peliso (D-CA)
Charlie Rangel (D-NY)
Steney Hoyer (D-MD )
Henry Waxman (D-CA)
Candace Miller (D-MI)
Ed Markey (D-MA)
Bart Gordon (D-TN)
Sander Levin (D-MI)
Earl Blumenauer (D-OR)
Diana DeGette (D-CO)
Jay Inslee (D-WA)
Tim Ryan (D-OH)
GK Butterfield (D-NC)
Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO)
Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ)
Joe Barton (R-TX)
Fred Upton (R-MI)
Shelly Moore Capito (R-WV)
John Sullivan (R-OK)
Marsha Blackburn (R-TN)

The House delegation was so large it required two C-40s (737s) and a C-37 (Gulfstream G-5) to carry all 64 of them. I'll give you one guess as to who commandeered the C-37 for herself. 75% of the Representatives were Democrat, the majority from far left liberal districts.

Add US Senators (most of whom flew first class commercial at about $2000.00 each ticket), and a total of 101 people were counted as members of the official US Congressional delegation to the meeting. This does not count Obama or anyone from the executive branch, who were too numerous to count on their two VC-25s (747s).

321 rooms were booked at the five star Copenhagen Marriott for these people, all billed to the US taxpayer. How many meals, cocktails, parties, shopping jaunts, lap dances, limos, hookers, etc., were all expensed is unknown as of this time, and will probably never be known publicly. Who pays for it is painfully obvious - you and me!

Update 1/16/10 - According to just filed Congressional expense reports, Pelosi's delegation to Copenhagen cost us $1,100,000. This does not include Obama's group. When CBS News tried to ask her about the expenses, she refused their request for an interview.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

This Ain't Figure Skating, Folks ....

Mike Ribeiro, forward for the Dallas Stars, was injured in last night's game against the New York Rangers. He was hit in the throat, inadvertently, by an opponent's stick. Although it did not look at first to be anything serious, it quickly became clear that he was in a lot of distress. He was helped off the ice and immediately taken to a local hospital.

Ribeiro was operated on to fix the damage, including a tracheotomy needed to allow him to breathe. The Stars have placed him on injured reserve, and don't anticipate him returning to the lineup for 4-6 weeks.

Razor sharp skates ... a vulcanized rubber puck traveling at up to 100mph ... sticks (now almost all composite) that can be used as weapons, intentionally or unintentionally ... large men flying around the ice at speeds that are hard to comprehend ... rules of the game that make physical hits legal, indeed encouraged ... a game where fighting is expected ...

It is a violent game that takes a lot of talent to play, and a lot of luck to keep from getting seriously hurt.

Here is Mr. Ribeiro in some more pleasant times ....

Another Assault on Our Way of Life

On this, the Earth shaking occasion of my 300th post for this blog, I have chosen a subject that affects almost all Americans ... indeed many people outside of the United States are also under attack by this insidious Vast Left Wing Conspiracy plot against our way of life.

Obama ... Pelosi ... Reid ... Osama ... NO!

I'm talking about the invention of 'The Bag'.

We've all seen them, and many of us have used them. Paper bags to distribute presents in. Mostly for Christmas, often for birthdays, sometimes for weddings, etc. , etc., etc.

Folks like the convenience of shoving a present inside a bag, stuffing a bit of tissue paper on top, and then dropping it off under the tree, or whatever. Yes, it is convenient, and I plead guilty to having used them.

What does it say about our society when we can't take the time to wrap a present for someone we supposedly care about? What does it tell the gift's recipient about how you feel about them when they get a bag full of paper from you?

Bag use should be limited to presents for people you are not close to, or people you really don't care for but have to give a present to. That way, people who get a wrapped present from you know that you really do care...

Even more insidious is 're-bagging'....

This is the practice of reusing a bag someone has given to you for a present you will give to someone else. Please be aware that after 2 or 3 uses, the bags really do show wear, and the recipient knows for certain that not only are they only worth a bag, they are only worth a used bag. Isn't that special?

One last point - if you are going to use a bag, please try to remove the price tag from it. Knowing that you spent $1.29 on the wonderful foil encrusted paper bag really helps make the gift extra-special, wouldn't you agree?

How about a couple of New Years' resolutions, both critical to the survival of our country? First, defeat Obama ... Second, take the time to wrap presents for those you care for ...

Just another Public Service Announcement from Voodoo Warrior ........

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2010- Expect the Onslaught to Continue

The mid-term elections of 2010, just 11 months away, are likely to shake up the current political landscape. Obama and the far left's assault on our country is producing a backlash of public anger the likes of which the country, perhaps, has never seen.

Quite a few Democrats in the House, Senate, and state offices nationwide are announcing their 'retirements' already. They see the writing on the wall - either they are too 'conservative' to continue to go along with Obama's agenda, or they know that the constituents who vote will be kicking them out of office - and they want to save themselves the disgrace of being a defeated incumbent. Sen. Christoper Dodd (D-CT), one of the architects of the financial meltdown knows he has no chance of re-election, and today announced he will not seek reelection. Joining him, just today, are Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-ND), and Colorado Governor Bill Ritter.

Is this concerning Obama, Reid, or Pelosi? Not a chance. They knew it would happen. That is one of the strongest reasons they are ramming through as much of their agenda as they can, as quickly as they can. They have to strike while they have so many seats that Republicans cannot do anything to stop them - because in November, that is going to change.

We have been bombarded by so many legislative assaults on our country in 2009 that it would seem impossible for it to continue. How are they going to keep finding things to wreck? Trust me ... the list is already (and has been for a long time) prepared. You are going to start hearing about voter registration legislation shortly - something else they will try to ram through quickly and without public discourse. The purpose of this legislation is nothing short of registering millions of illegal voters in such a manner that their IDs cannot be checked or in any way verified. Voter fraud on an unprecedented scale, all authorized by the US Congress.

You are also going to see repeated attempts to make their legislation permanent - Obamacare even has a provision in it that makes it illegal to try and rescind part of the legislation. Those attempts will fail - even though they may pass into law, they will be struck down as unConsitutional - but only after someone files suit and goes through the lengthy process of the legal system. They know that when Republicans sweep back into power, many of the legislative attacks they have made will be rolled back - and they are putting up as many roadblocks to that as possible.

Republicans won't win back the House in November - but they should cut the Democrat majority in half, if not more. Republicans won't win back the Senate either - mainly because only 10 Senate seats are up in 2010. They should win enough, however, to break the 60 vote blockade.

Until that happens, however, be prepared - the attacks on our country, our way of life, aren't going to stop.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Security, Obama Style

Observing our national Joke in Chief respond to recent events in conjuction with his long held stances on national security issues has been an exercise in frustrated disbelief. Seeing this man and his cronies dismantle our country through social attack is one thing - to see them knowingly risk the safety of our soldiers and citizens in the GWOT (and no matter what these idiots say, there IS a Global War on Terror) because of their liberal view of the world is just sickening.

The ongoing issue about air safety is a very difficult nut to attack - I understand that. There is not going to be a way to completely make airline travel safe - no matter the security measures taken here in the US, there will always be a hole somewhere in an airport that is not as secure as ours. There will always be a method of getting a weapon or explosive onto an aircraft - so the shoe bomb and the underwear bomb fizzled (literally) ... next time it might be a tampon grenade. (Yeah, laugh all you want ... remember my post about the terrorist a*hole who blew himself and his targets up with explosives stuck up his ass?) To completely lock down the skies, security-wise, would make our air travel system unusable. THAT is our enemy's goal - not the 200 or so lives they would take by downing a jet, but the resulting chaos that would grip our society for years.

Obama, this week, is convening a meeting on how to adjust air safety to meet the ongoing and upcoming threats. Unfortunately, all the meeting attendees are Obama cronies - and past performance has shown that this pack of idiots can't think their way out of a paper bag. I expect that he'll address them for a few minutes, and then send them off for breakout sessions to come up with ideas written on large paper tablets. The first blurb I've heard coming out of the meeting - we're actually going to enforce the no fly lists that we already have. Absolutely useless....

How about addressing the issue by killing these bastards before they try to get on the plane? To be fair, there is some of this going on, and I am sure there is much more that we don't know about. However, given this administration's reluctance to use electronic intercepts to ID terrorists, I am pretty sure we are not doing all we could.

How about dumping the complete idiot who is in charge of the Department of Homeland Security, a completely brain dead liberal woman who declared to the world that the system had worked because a Dutch civilian had the balls to jump over rows of seats and stop the underwear bomber from succeeding in blowing up that plane? Yeah, the system worked - the a*hole was known, had been reported as a security risk, and was still allowed to board the plane.

How about addressing Yemen seriously? This arm-pit of a country is the new terrorist paradise. The government there is trying to supress the a*holes, but is far too weak to make meaningful progress. Chatter indicated a threat to a western embassy, so what do we do? Do we increase our security? Do we aggressively move to intercept and defeat the threat? No ... we pack up our toys and run away, giving the terrorists a victory without even trying. This teaches the bad guys that all they have to do is get on the internet and make a threat, and they disrupt our country - the threat doesn't have to be real. One pissant terrorist wannabe with an internet connection can cause chaos.

How about not releasing terrorists that we've already captured, giving them a first class plane ticket back to their 'home' country where they will pick up arms once again against us? How about not opening the doors on these murderers just so you can say you're closing the evil Gitmo?

How about not treating terrorists caught on the battlefield as common criminals, giving them the same Constitutional rights as US citizens? How about not spending millions of our tax dollars moving these bastards to another prison inside the US (strategically located to create a few jobs in Illinois, to help the very much in trouble incumbent Democrat Senator), when they are currently housed in the best facility in existance, created specifically for the purpose? How about not spending millions of dollars on civilian trials and all the paraphenalia that goes with it, when military tribunals, already set up for the purpose can do so without risking bringing these a*holes onto the US mainland?

How about some serious border control? I read a local story recently about a Mexican national who had been caught 9 times in this country illegally and deported. Obama's DoJ didn't want him charged with any crime, and admitted they had no idea what to do about him. How about some kind of control over the 12-20 million illegals in this country already (numbers vary depending upon who 'counts'). Our country has the most lax immigration and enforcement policies in the world. If someone wants in illegally, there isn't much to stop them. If they want to stay, there is very little chance of them being found - and even if they are, many liberal locations in the country refuse to do anything to them, and other places will just attempt to deport them.

How about not castrating our military with useless edicts and massive cuts? How about not unilaterally cutting our defensive capabilities to appease our 'former' enemies around the world?

How about the left in this country waking up and realizing we're at war, and it's not a conventional war. The enemy isn't behind a border. The enemy isn't defined by a flag. The enemy doesn't respect non-combatives. The enemy doesn't respect us for withdrawing our troops, curtailing our efforts, trying to make nice, trying to appease, unilaterly disarming, or having Obama as Immaculate in Chief. The enemy doesn't want anything defined as a conventional victory - all they want to do is kill us all and establish a fundamantalist Islamic state to run the world.

I guess it is unreasonable to expect a far left administration to treat issues such as defense and security seriously. Hell, they can't even keep uninvited guests out of the White House.....

Sorry if this was rambling a bit ... it is a large, unpleasant subject, one that gives us nothing but bad news on an every day basis.

Update - I've got to be fair about this. After his meetings, Obama came out and stated that the system failed - information we had was not used. He was clearly unhappy about it, and in reports of the meeting itself, he made his unhappiness known to his cronies in very clear terms.

OK - I give him credit for stating the obvious. Let's see if anything comes from it. I kind of doubt it - the DHS Secretary should have been fired the day it happened.

Tostitos Bowl - A Winner

Last night's Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, pitting TCU against Boise St., was a winner. The game itself was pretty boring, with Boise St. winning 17-10 - two high flying offenses that were supposed to light up the scoreboard fizzled. Sorry Horny Toads, was really hoping you'd win this one.

What made the game a winner:

Michael McDonald (Doobie Brothers) sang the National Anthem

During the anthem, the field was completely covered with a US flag

During the anthem, a bald eagle was flying over the flag

At halftime, coverage was given to a USO sponsored flag football game that took place earlier over in Iraq between former college football players/coaches and active duty military personnel

At halftime, Tostitos presented the USO with a donation of $200,000

My cousin, Alex, was on national TV. You know the Bud Light Too Light/Too Heavy commercials? You know the one where the guy drives a monster truck into the backyard party? Alex is the guy who stands on top of the monster truck "I brought potato salad" ... Way to go cous ...