Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Breast Cancer Awareness - Too Far?

This ad, featuring Canadian MTV host Aliya-Jasmine Sovani, is making the internet rounds. It is promoting the BoobyBall, a Breast Cancer Awareness/fund raiser event Aliya-Jasmine is hosting on Oct. 2.

I know what the answer is from a male point of view, but ladies ... is this too much?

Update - Sorry folks, the copyright Nazis are trying to pull the video. I'm trying to keep up a valid link, but if it shows as unavailable, don't blame me!

The Sarge Keeps Rolling

Tony Schumacher drove the US Army sponsored Top Fuel dragster to victory at the Texas Motorplex (near Ennis) this past Sunday. In the final round, he beat nemesis Larry Dixon and the Al Anabi sponsored dragster (the car Tony's crew chief and old team defected to after last season).

The victory vaulted Schumacher into first place in the points standings, with 4 races to go in the season. Things are looking good fo rhe US Army to claim another NHRA championship.

10/06 Update - Yesterday's rain delayed NHRA Mid-South nationals, at Memphis, saw The Sarge reach the final round. He lost, but going that far into eliminations extended his point lead considerably. Looking good for that championship!

Attacked by a Terrorist Turd

This is something you'd expect to see on an episode of Southpark ... but it apparently happened last month.

Can you imagine the horror of being killed not only by an A*hole terrorist, but an A*hole terrorist's turd?

Sorry for the Couric ad you'll have to suffer through at the begining. There's something poetic about CBS News reporting on this subject, I think.....

Watch CBS News Videos Online

Why Can't Our Kids Be Taught This?

Why will our government not allow our kids to be taught this? Why must teachers, administrators, Democrats, and liberal activist judges tell our kids that the Pledge of Allegiance is bad, and they don't have to say it? Why is it ruled un-Constitutional to have our kids honor our country?

Why? Because the America hating left has had so much influence in the classroom for decades now. They'd rather teach our kids how evil our country is, not how great it is. It's no wonder we're so F**ked up .....

Monday, September 28, 2009

Crop Circles Spotted Near Lubbock - Signs of Intelligent Life!

A crop circle noticed in a field 1 mile northeast of the Lubbock, TX airport in August. Intelligent Life does exist in the universe after all .....

Friday, September 25, 2009

Obama Worship - Anything for a Buck

In my business travels, I occasionally visit our nation's capitol. I've been there during every presidential term since Reagan's second. In the Washington area airports, and in tourist stores scattered around the capitol, you can find all sorts of political 'junk' for sale. The amount of junk and what it's message is depends entirely upon who's in office.

During the Clinton years, you'd swear he was Jesus Christ himself from all the worship material you'd see in these stores. For years after George W came into office, the only things you would see were pro-Clinton and anti-Bush. Apparently, Democrat worship makes money - their voters are stupid enough to buy that crap!!!!

In one such junk store at one of the airports earlier this week, I got to view the current crop of Obama worship paraphenalia. I cannot believe (or can I?) the amount of crap that has His or His Wife's image on them. I picked up a couple of samples for my vast viewing audience ...

Here we have "Barack Obama Change Has Come" premium milk chocolate bar, priced 2.99 for 2 ounces. Following are "President Obama Presidential Mints", 3.49 for half an ounce. Finally, "Michele Obama, America's First Lady Making History" chocolate bar, 2.99 for 2 ounces. Just a sampling ... aprons, hats, T-Shirts, kids clothes, playing cards, coasters, golf balls ... rack upon rack of stuff (almost all of which is 'Made in China").

The store is named "America!" .... and that is trademarked. How do you trademark the country's name?????

To be absolutely fair, there was a small section of anti-Obama stuff - stickers, magnets, a few TShirts and mugs. But, it was a fraction of the amount in the pro-O section. Here are a couple of gems I picked up, along with a 'Nope' mug I will send over to friend Outlaw13...

I don't dare put either of these on my vehicle - it will be vandalized within 10 minutes if I did so ....

I found the Obama jack-in-the-box quite amusing - it was sitting in the pro-O area, though I don't believe it was intended as a compliment to Him. I didn't see it, but can imagine Obama brand condoms, and maybe Obamaglide personal lubricant ... with a quote from Obama on the label "relax, I'm going to screw you, you may as well enjoy it". Oh well, a little editorial license on my part.

I pick up these items and go to the counter, where a pleasant young black lady smiles at me, says hello, and starts ringing up the items. When she reaches the 'Nope' items, the smile turns into a frown, and she doesn't say another word ... no thank you, no nothing.

Now, upon exiting the store, comes the best part. Life sized carboard standups of the A-hole in Chief and the First Witch are located next to the door. Three young asian ladies are taking turns photographing each other with the standups. I can't resist .... I call out to them, in a voice that is slightly louder than it needs to be "cover your purses ladies ... he'll steal them". They look at me, then all three bust out laughing. Nice young black lady clerk yells at me to get out of the store (which I already technically am, about two feet outside). I look at her, wave, and tell her to have a nice day.

I've struck a tremendous blow against the Obama regime, and I am happy ....

FBI Foils Terror Plot In Dallas, In Spite of Obama

Yesterday, the 24th, Hosam Maher Husein Smadi drove an explosives laden SUV into the underground parking garage of a downtown Dallas skyscraper. He left it there, jumped into a car with his accomplises, drove a few blocks, then dialed the number on his cell phone that would detonate the explosives and bring the building crashing down, killing thousands of people who were at work inside of it.

This is not fiction - it did happen.

The only thing ... the accomplises were undercover FBI agents, the explosives were fake, and no detonation occurred.

Smadi, a Jordanian in this country illegally, had been under FBI surveillance for months, after he was identified as a threat because of his militant ramblings on a jihadist web site. The FBI set up a sting operation, and let him go all the way past the point of pushing the trigger. He's now in custody, and will stand before a federal court today.

Hooray for the FBI. Thank God they identified this man and took action - if they had not, he might have linked up with other terrorists and actually carried out the plot. Today, there might be a smoking pile of ruin in downtown Dallas, if it weren't for the FBI's efforts.

Now, after kudos for the FBI, let's see what the political fallout will be - and there will be some. The Obama regime will take credit for this, and point to their new directives and policies as being successful. This is bullshit. The surveillance started many months ago, while Bush doctrine was still in place. I do not know what methods were used specifically to catch this animal, but I think it entirely possible that some of those methods may not be available today to law enforcement after Obama has hogtied them. That's conjecture on my part, but I truly believe it.

Smadi was pulled over for a traffice violation on 9/11/09 (no small irony there!) and ticketed for having no driver's license and no insurance. He was fined $550 and let go. If the local Sheriff's department had been allowed to check his immigration status (as they had a right to, since he produced no government issued identification) - he would have been found to be in the country illegally and detained for deportation. But noooooo ... it's a civil rights violation in the view of the left to ask anyone whether they are in the country illegally - that's discrimination. Just think what the recriminations would have been if this animal had detonated real explosives and this traffic stop came to light ....

Smadi will now be subjected to the US legal system, and have all the rights of a US citizen, including taxpayer provided defense attorneys. If they find a legal hole in the case, this guy will walk away completely free - and Obama's government will probably give him legal status to stay here. Smadi will be treated the same as a shoplifter - not as an enemy of our country who tried to murder thousands of our citizens.

Since it's a federal case, Obama's Attorney General Eric Holder will be in charge - it will be VERY interesting to see how this plays out.......

So, Mr. Obama - there is no War on Terror?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Need a Laugh? Take a Look at This


It's pretty self explanatory ....

Update - From Kate Burke, Omaha World-Herald News Service, comes the story of two folks who surely will end up on the above web page .....
"YORK, Neb. — The bride wore dark lavender, the groom black jeans.
Flowers were everywhere.

The York Walmart Supercenter hosted its first wedding Saturday when Crystal Newsome and Robert “Vick” Vickrey exchanged vows amid hanging baskets and seasonal foliage in the lawn and garden department.

“We had our first kiss at Walmart,” Crystal recalled.

Robert has been with Walmart for 12 years and is the grocery department manager. With five years behind her at the company, Crystal is the deli manager. Friendship blossomed into romance about two years ago.

Robert has three grown children and four grandchildren. Crystal has four children. Her oldest son, 6-year-old Keagan, walked her down the “aisle,” a white runner. The entire blended family was part of the wedding while Walmart employees gathered with more friends to hear Crystal and Robert exchange their vows.

“We put an invitation up near the time clock for a while,” Crystal said.

She laughed at her co-workers' reactions: “Are you kidding? Why would you want to be here on your day off?”

“We both work here, we met here, it all started here, why not?” Robert said of his Walmart wedding.

They make no secret about why they wanted to become one.

“He's fun,” Crystal said, a touch of laughter in her voice as she talked about Robert. “His personality is wonderful. He can make me laugh when I'm not in the mood to laugh.”

Robert's voice softens when he talks of Crystal.

“I love everything about her. She is an absolutely wonderful woman. She makes me smile. She's put the joy of life back in me.”

I just don't have any comment that can top that .....

I Hate the Toyota Prius

Toyota's Prius and I don't see eye to eye ....

This little hybrid car is one of the ugliest vehicles ever made. I have driven a couple of them on rentals, and I must say that I am impressed with the technology. 47mpg, and pretty peppy. If Toyota had spent a fraction of their time trying to design something that actually looked good to use the technology, they'd have a winner. If someone wants to buy one to get the mileage, I have no problem with that - if they can stand the ugliness ....

My problem is the damned irritating commercials Toyota is running for them. I hated the song when it first came out in the '70s - it is abrasive, and gets under your skin like fingernails across a chalkboard. The ad agency that came up with this has to be based in San Francisco ....

Note to Toyota - sell your car on its merits. People who want to buy it for the mileage will buy it. Trying to sell it as the answer to Obama/Algore's Global Warming Farce is demeaning, and frankly disgusting. (Apparently trying to sell it that way isn't working very well - sales figures for the Prius this year are pretty dismal, from what I've seen.)

Fall's Here, With a Roar

Fall arrived in North Texas today with a roar. High '80s yesterday afternoon, then a squal line moved through from the northwest. 70 mph straight line winds, hail, heavy rain for a short time, lots of lightning and thunder. It's in the mid '60s right now, with a nice northern breeze. Most Excellent!

The same front dropped temps to freezing up to the northwest of us, with snow in the higher elevations. I don't expect that Obama will make reference to that in his big Global Warming speech at the UN today .....

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Official Condemnation of Kanye West

We all know that Obama called Kanye West a 'jackass' for his dismal antics at VMA the other night. Well, he isn't the only head of state to voice outrage at the 'jackass' ....

Sorry folks, I know this is in bad taste, but it's pretty funny ....

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Student Loans - Only From the US Government!

How many of you with kids in college or approaching college age know this?

There is a bill going through the US House of Representatives right now that will outlaw all student loans except those approved by and issued by the US Government .....

So, if you need financial assistance in the form of a loan to go to school, the only place you will be able to get it is from the federal government. A government agency will control who qualifies for a loan, who gets a loan, how much the loan is for, and what interest rate the loan will be charged.

For those of you who have gone through the time consuming process to get this form of financial assistance to date, can you imagine how long and frustrating it is going to be after the government takes over?

Support for this bill in the House is high, and it is certain to pass. It takes effect 6 months after it passes, so it will be in place for the fall semester next year.

Update - Financial industry experts are estimating that over 30,000 people will lose their jobs with financial institutions because of this takeover by the government. Government itself, will of course, expand. So much for Obama's promise to protect and create jobs ....

You know what this is a part of? Obama and the far left want government to control finance and the economy completely. Capitalism, free markets, business - they are all evil ....

Conservative Heroes of the Day

Meet James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles. These two young conservatives are responsible for the videos that have surfaced that show paid ACORN staff members dispensing information to help break multiple laws.

To those of you who haven't seen these videos, or haven't heard of this, the two went undercover, posing as a pimp and a whore, and visited ACORN offices in multiple cities. They asked for, and received advice from ACORN reps in those offices on how to circumvent tax law, file fraudulent claims for housing assistance, and how to illegally bring underaged prostitutes into the country. Five videos have been shown so far, with more reportedly waiting to be shown.

The firestorm that has arisen over these videos has caused 20 states to announce the launch of investigations into ACORN operations. ACORN itself has fired some of its workers, those shown on some of the tapes. The Senate has passed legislation pulling federal funding of ACORN operations. The House may do the same, through an amendment offered by Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) to a Federal Student Loan bill currently under consideration. The White House offered a tepid slap on the wrist through spokesman Robert Gibbs yesterday, though we've heard nothing from Obama himself.

ACORN is the biggest voter fraud machine in the country, and all of the fraud is for the benefit of the Democrat Party. Obama himself trained ACORN members in the '90s (though there is no proof that he advocated illegal activities). ACORN was a key part of Obama's campaign, with multiple accusations of voter fraud all over the US. ACORN was promised a key part in forming Obama's agenda after he was elected, by Obama himself at one of their meetings. ACORN is a shell corporation, operated out of an empty building in New Orleans, with its leadership hidden behind layers of B.S. ACORN receives millions of dollars every year in federal funds.

ACORN has been known for voter fraud and money misuse for years. Any efforts to reign them in or investigate them have been small and at a local level. It was only after these two intrepid young people went out and exposed them to the light like a bunch of cockroaches that the powers that be are being forced into addressing the situation. For that, we all owe them a debt of gratitude.

As a by-line, don't be surprised if Obama's DoJ squashes these investigations. They will claim jurisdiction because of the national nature of ACORN, order the local investigations to cease, and then they will kill their own investigation by citing lack of evidence or some other B.S. There is no way Obama will allow some of his closest supporters to be investigated.

Here is a link to a page with O'Keefe's background, and several of the videos in question:

photo credits - biggovernment.com and foxnews.com

Update - Both the House and Senatehave passed resolutions stripping government funding from ACORN. The outrage here is that there were actually 75 Democrats in the House who voted no on the measure, trying to keep funding in place for ACORN. Unbelivable arrogance .... It will be interesting to see if Obama signs the legislation now that it has passed through Congress.

Obama Bends Over for the Russians

In another display of lunacy, Obama has announced that he intends to scrap plans for European deployment of a missile defense shield. In doing so, Obama is turning his back on our European allies in order to appease Russia.

The missile defense shield, which would have consisted of interceptor missiles based in Poland and radar installations in the Czech Republic, was publicly intended as a defense against long range missiles under development by Iran. The less public intention was to defend Europe against all missile threats, including those from Russia. Russia has really been pissed off about this, and has made no secret that the shield's impact upon Russia's vast nuclear aresenal was not appreciated. Russia doesn't want Europe to have any defense against her missiles - to help keep the European countries in line.

The shield has no offensive capability at all - it is entirely defensive in nature and capability.

So, Obama caves in to Russia, bending over and spreading them for Putin and Medvedev. He turns his back on our friends. A perfect example of Obama's foreign policy in action.
Update - as if the his decision to pull interceptors out of Poland wasn't bad enough, Obama had Hillary Clinton call the Polish Prime Minister the night before the announcement to inform him of the decision. The PM refused to take Clinton's call, rightfully so. Protocol dictates such conversations take place between heads of state - Obama's use of Clinton instead of placing the call himself is an insult to the PM and to Poland.

Monday, September 14, 2009

All is Well in the DFW Sports World

This is a wonderful time for pro sports in the DFW area.

The Rangers are still fighting for a playoff spot (so rare that folks around here don't know what to think).

The Cowboys are done with pre-season, and thumped the Bucs yesterday in the season opener. There is already talk of Super Bowl.

Mavericks training camp is around the corner.

But the most important thing in DFW sports this week -


The Dallas Stars have started training camp. Joy to the World! Everything is Good! Obama Sucks!

The New York Times Wants You(r Money)

I received an invitation from the New York Times in the mail today. An invitation to subscribe to their newspaper for home delivery. They must really be hurting if they're canvasing folks in Texas to subscribe.

Now, I really hate the NYT. It is nothing but a printed mouthpiece for liberal causes of all kinds, and has become the unofficial newspaper of the Obama Regime - Obama wants it written, the NYT is happy to oblige.

Having traveled internationally a bunch, I have been exposed to the overseas editions of the NYT, typically given out to air travelers, many times as the only English printed material available. Many folks overseas get their US news from this rag, and if you think the US edition is liberal, you ain't seen nothing until you've read the US hating trash printed in the international version. The copies printed in Europe make the NYT US version look like the Limbaugh Letter.

Anyway, I am sure a lot of you will receive this invitation from them to give up your money. Rather than throw it away, may I make a suggestion? Take the postage paid envelope enclosed with the invitation and drop it in the mail. You don't have to subscribe - dropping the envelope into the mail charges the postage to NYT. If you want to drop a small note into the envelope telling their subscription department what you think of the left wing America hating crap they print, I won't try to talk you out of it.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

She Should Have Thought This Out ...

How about just a little bit of laughter ... things have been much too serious lately .....

Here's proof that American Idol, America's Got Talent, and all those wannabies are turning America's minds to mush .... I bet you can figure out what is going to happen by the 7th second of the video!

NEA Pushes Artists to Further Obama Agenda

The National Endowment for the Arts' Communications Director Yosi Sargent, is out of a job. This former Obama campaign worker hosted a conference call last month, where he represented the NEA and pushed artists to produce work that supports Obama's agenda. He was pushing the creation of a coalition between the NEA, the White House, and artists.

The NEA is supposed to be apolitical. By using it to try and further their own political agenda, the Obama regime is breaking one of the NEA's founding principles - that art is supposed to be a free expression by the artist. It is not supposed to be a tool of the government arm of the left wing kook fringe.

It is not clear if Sargent was speaking on his own, or at direction of the White House. Frankly, it doesn't matter - he is an official of the Obama Administration.

Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) sent a strongly worded letter to Obama on Sep. 8 asking for clarification on this issue:


I have seen no indication that he has received a reply - he won't, the Obama regime just ignores what it doesn't want to address.

Update - (9/22) - It has come out in the past few days that an employee of the White House Office of Engagement, Buffy Wicks, actually coordinated and ran the August 10 phone call in question. She directed the call and its content, and actively lobbied the artist representatives participating to use their craft to push forward Obama's social agenda - naming specific programs they could help with. Biggovernment.com has audio and transcripts of the phone calls. Disgusting ... Obama trying to use the NEA to spit out propaganda to help push his agenda on us. Illegal? Probably ...

Danica Heading to NASCAR

Following up on my earlier post speculating on Danica Patrick's move to NASCAR ... it's a lot closer to happening now than it was then.

Danica has had ongoing discussions with several NASCAR teams about moving over. The strongest links have her hooking up with Tony Stewart and his Stewart-Haas Racing Team. Tony has acknowledged the ongoing discussions, and has pretty much confirmed that financial issues are the center of the discussions now.

Her path to NASCAR, if you can believe the folks who are leaking out the information, will keep her in a full IndyCar schedule for at least 2010. She will also run select NASCAR Nationwide and Truck series races when the IndyCar schedule will allow, to break her into the world of stock cars. This should allow her to get in a good 12-15 races in the heavy stock cars, given that the IndyCar schedule only has 19 races on it.

This approach, if it is true, is smart. It allows her to get a dose of this type of car - either she gets valuable experience on her way to the upper level of NASCAR, or she turns up her nose at it and goes back to open wheel racing exclusively. How long she would remain at the lower levels remains to be seen (she is not known for patience), but other open wheelers who have made the transition successfully have spent 2-3 years down in the minors.

This whole thing is about money and fame. She has maxed out both in IndyCar, although she still only has one victory. To expand her 'brand' and marketing machine, she needs a larger stage, and NASCAR is it. I would not be surprised if she doesn't make it, but I am pulling for her. She would be good for the sport. I can just imagine her and Kyle Busch butting heads and fenders out on the track! Besides, she would then become the most overrated driver in NASCAR, taking that title from Dale Jr. (sorry Junior Nation fans ...).

Photo credit Sports Illustrated

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

More Thoughts on Ted Kennedy

Actually, on the Democrat response to his passing ....

Kennedy's death has put the Democrats in Congress in a tizzy. Not because of his leadership, or his stature, or his legend ... but because if he's not there they have one less vote to pass Obamacare with!

5 years ago, MA had a Republican governor. One of MA's congressional seats came open due to the early departure of its holder. MA law at the time allowed the governor to name an interim representative to Congress, to serve until the next election. Democrats in MA didn't like this, for the Republican governor would have selected a Republican to fill the vacant seat. So, Democrats in MA changed the law, stripping the governor of that power, and mandating that any such vacancies stay vacant until a special election could be held to fill the seat (about 6 months time). Ted Kennedy was one of the driving forces behind this change to the law.

Fast forward to now. Kennedy's seat is vacant. The Democrat governor of MA cannot name someone to his empty seat, because of law forced through by Kennedy. The Democrats now want to change back the law to what it was, giving the governor the power to fill the seat. Kennedy himself was the driving force behind this change back to the way it was, before he passed.

The reason for this? Very simple ... Democrat leaders in the Senate don't want to be short of that one vote until the MA special election can be held. They are counting on having that vote, which will surely be cast for Obamacare.

Democrats, especially the far left kook fringe that controls the party these days, don't care about the rules, or about the law. If they don't like it, and they have the power, they just change it. If they don't have the power, they just ignore it. From the Constitution down to the simplest of traffic laws, rules and laws that do not jive with their goals are simply obstructions that are to be ignored or gone around - their ends justify any means, in their minds - and they don't see anything wrong with that.

As far as I can tell, there is nothing the GOP can do on a state or federal level to keep MA's ruling party from doing this.

Update - The White House has gotten involved. David Axelrod, Obama's Senior Advisor, called the President of the MA Senate to push for the law change, to allow the seat to be filled by an appointee chosen by the governor. With public support for Obamacare dropping every day, Obama's team is flat scared they won't have enough votes to pass it through the Senate - that one vote could be the key. So, Obama feels free to step in and try to strongarm state level politics to further his agenda.

Update II (9/22) - the MA Senate just voted to change the law to allow the governor to appoint an interim person to Kennedy's seat, ensuring that vote will be in line for Obamacare. F**king Democrats - do whatever they please, no matter how blatant and abusive it is.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Walmart Sucks... Really ....

Most folks have an opinion of Walmart, and its usually not a good one. The place has its uses - generally a few cents cheaper than other places, and a larger assortment of cheap stuff (especially stuff geared to the Hispanic population in my area). But, it's not the poster child for good customer service or efficiency.

I'm standing in line at the Customer Service counter, to return a couple of items. Two clerks, although there are six other Wally World employees standing around laughing with each other. Seven people in line. My turn comes up, and the clerk I step up to abruptly turns her back on me, states 'I'm closed' and walks away.

Now, there is no one in back of me, I'm the last person in line. Dumbstruck, I move over into the other line. The two ladies now in front of me go quickly, so I'm not really out much time. When I get up to this next clerk, I remark about my surprise about the other girl walking away. "Oh, she told me she was going to lunch", as if that was a valid excuse.

This girl, a Walmart employee with 'Customer Service' on her name tag, turned her back on a customer and walked away, rather than spend 30 seconds to take care of the customer. I'm sure her sandwich really needed her right that second - or more likely she had to go take a cell phone break to tell Tawakanieshia about how she had broken one of her 4 inch fingernails.

I don't blame her as much as I blame her management - if someone working for me had done this, they would have been fired on the spot. At Walmart, however, it's just normal customer relations.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Tony Stewart's Prelude to the Dream

NASCAR Driver Tony Stewart is quite the philanthropist. Most folks know him as one of NASCAR's bad boys, a talented driver with a hot head, but he has a very soft side that many folks don't know about. Through his foundation, he has raised over 4 million dollars for charities.

Tony owns a dirt racing track, the Eldora Speedway. He has hosted an annual race for charity at this track, called 'Prelude to the Dream'. This event brings big stars from NASCAR and other types of motorsports, puts them in late model dirt race cars, and they get out there, have fun, beat the heck out of each other, and raise a lot of money for charity. The previous four races have raised over 2 million for charity.

This year's race is this coming Wednesday evening, Sep.9, and is on pay per view provided by HBO. Proceeds from the pay per view fees become part of the charity pot.

This year, Tony has chosen four charities benefiting military members and their families:

Wounded Warrior Project
Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund
Operation Homefront
Fisher House

Very cool, and it will be much appreciated by the folks helped by those charities!

The Sarge Wins the Big Go

The US Army sponsored Top Fuel dragster, driven by Tony Schumacher, won the NHRA's US Nationals today at Indianapolis. This is the NHRA's biggest race of the season, their equivalent to the Indy 500, or the Daytona 500.

Schumacher, piloting "The Sarge", beat his former crew chief's Al Anabi Racing dragster, driven by Larry Dixon, in the final.

The victory gave Schumacher 8 Top Fuel wins in the US Nationals race, tying him with the legendary 'Big Daddy' Don Garlits with that number. An incredible accomplishment, unlikely to be bettered.
Army Strong!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Too Many Police (Agencies)

I am amazed at the number of law enforcement agencies that have jurisdiction over where I live. It's sometimes difficult to find out exactly what they all do. With apologies to Mike Judge, I'm going to use 'Arlan, TX' from his King of the Hill series to illustrate my point.

City of Arlan Police Department - OK, this is a no brainer. Your normal Police Department with normal functions. Ticket revenue goes to the city.

Allas County Sheriff's Department - County wide jurisdiction, main purpose is to serve as the police department for unincorporated areas. However, they have jurisdiction within city limits for anything they want to get involved with. Ticket revenue goes tot he sheriff's department.

Allas County Constables - Allas County has a series of Constables, who are elected officials that run their own private police departments. They are supposed to be involved with County Courts, serving warrants etc., but also have their own traffic enforcement division, which has jurisdiction anywhere in the County. Ticket revenue goes to the individual Constable offices.

City of Arlan City Marshals - a small force of officers who serve the City Courts, serving warrants, etc. I don't think they do any traffic enforcement.

Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS, Highway Patrol). Statewide jurisdiction for man law enforcement tasks, most notably traffic enforcement on highways. They have jurisdiction on any highways located in the city/county. Ticket revenue goes to the local Justice of the Peace court.

All of these folks running around in uniforms, marked (and unmarked) squad cars, all of them armed. With all the uniformed presence, we ought to be the safest community on earth. There are so many, that one Arlan police officer told me they had races with the Constables to see who could stake out the best speed trap spots first each day.

Now, this doesn't take into consideration other statewide and federal enforcement agencies.

I can only imagine how well protected we would be if these competing jurisdictions were combined, eliminating the duplicate overhead and management structure - not to mention how much taxpayer money would be saved. There is no reason for a seperate marshal's office - should be part of the city police. No reason at all for constables, they should be part of the sheriff's department.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Obama, This is TOO FAR!!!!!!!

OK, there is almost nothing Obama the Immaculate has done since being elected that I like. However, this item, surfacing today, takes top spot on the list.

Obama will address public school students (K-12) next Tuesday in a speech piped directly into the classroom. What he says is irrelevant, both to the purpose of the speech, and its intended effect.

This is a blatant attempt to indoctinate our kids into the realm of Obama. It makes no difference what is said - their impression will be that Obama talks to us ... Obama cares about us ... Obama must be good because our teachers are showing us this ... Obama is good ... Obama is good ... Obama is good ...

This is evil ... Obama is circumventing parents, and using teachers and schools to help brainwash our kids into being little Obama-ite followers. What's next? Obama telling our kids to report us if we speak bad about him? (Laugh all you want to - he's already asked citizens to report other citizens who disagree with him ...)

This is not the action of a President of the United States. This is the action of someone who sees himself as a messiah - the chosen one - a cult of personality that will transform this country into his own vision.

Just how far is this jerk going to go?

Deep Fried What????

In celebration of this, my 200th posting, I have chosen an Earth shattering topic .....

The State Fair of Texas is approaching. This yearly event runs for about a month in Dallas during the fall, and is well known for hosting the annual Texas-OU football game.

The fair is renowned for its food/cooking contests. Among the prizes is the 'Big Tex Choice Award' for the best 'new food'. In recent years, folks have been trying to make a splash in the contest by deep frying just about anything remotely edible. Now, you folks not in Texas may find this gross, but trust me - it's a Texas thang ...

Some of the more imaginative offerings from past years include the Deep Fried Twinkie - Deep Fried Coke - and last year's Deep Fried Bacon. This year's headline item - Deep Fried Butter. Yep ... A lump of whipped butter, battered and deep fried. Heart attack on a stick.

Yum ......