Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Right F***ing On!!!!!

I love these guys for standing up and speaking their minds (irregardless of what the political hack sitting in the Joint Chief's head chair says) ...

Obama Will Be Fundraising When Isaac Hits Nawlins

On Wednesday, Aug. 29th, Hurricane Isaac will make landfall over Louisiana.  Manistream media is having a field day touting this as the 7th anniversary of Katrina, the day (actually it was days) on which George W. Bush killed New Orleans.  Liberal media hacks all over TV, radio, and the internet have been slamming Republicans, dredging up the horror of what Bush did, and his racist attack on black voters in Nawlins ...

Some liberal pundits have strongly criticized the GOP for continuiong to have its convention in Tampa in the face of such massive destruction.  They should have cancelled the convention out of deference to the impending thousands of victims ...

Their saviour, His Highness Obama, on the other hand, will be glued to the impending crisis like a hawk, ready to do whatever must be done to save His people.  Obama will be bunkered down, personally directing all local, state, and Federal disaster aid, personally making sure that Nawlins is saved.

Oh ... wait ...

President Obama, instead of being in the White House situation room, closely controlling the disaster response during landfall on Wednesday, will actually be in Charlottesville, VA.  Is this a forward command post, to get him closer to the doom?  Not exactly ...

Obama is campaigining, and hosting a fund raiser for his campaign.

If the levees break, and Nawlins is flooded again, do you think any of the liberal mainstream media is going to complain about what Obama was doing when it happened?  Not a chance in hell.  What they will blame is George W. Bush - guaranteed!

Update - It's now Thursday, Isaac is moving its way up into the valley, and New Orleans is still there - thank goodness.  Louisiana was hit hard by flooding, and about half the state is without power, so the situation is still serious - despite the lack of dead, floating bodies the mainstream media was hoping for. 

Barack Obama has been strangely quiet.  Not a hint of him in Louisiana, not even a flyover of the flooded areas.  For the sake of the people of Louisiana, that's a good thing, but the Bush vs. Obama hypocrisy is staggering.

Update II - Mitt Romney left the GOP convention and went directly to New Orleans to view the problems being encountered firsthand.  Barack Obama is scheduled to visit New Orleans next Monday, a rearrangement of his campaign/fund raiser schedule made only after his handlers found out that Romney was going.

You watch - manistream media, what little they will report of it, will ridicule Romney's visit as a political stunt.  They will applaud Obama for showing compassion with his visit.  The fact that the President will have waited 5 days to visit, while a candidate broke his schedule to get there in only 2 days, will be ignored.  I seriously doubt Chris Matthews will utter one word questioning Obama's absence.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Obama's Chances Looking Pretty Good

With all the bad things lined up against Obama for his re-election, and all the grand proclamations by Republicans about how they will win in November, the reality is Obama's chances are much better than Romney's. This is due to three things, primarily.

First, the Electoral College chooses our President, not the voters. Almost all of the studies of the electoral map I have seen so far show Obama with a huge lead, very close to the votes he needs to secure reelection. Romney is far behind. The election will come down to 7 toss up states. If Romney wins all 7, he wins the election. If he wins 6 of the 7 he may win the election, depending upon how many electoral votes the lost state has. If Obama wins 1 or 2 of those states, he wins. Romney pretty much has to run the table on states that are in play, while Obama just has to win a small percentage of them.

Second, there is a Libertarian candidate running, Johnson. Libertarian candidates for the most part take Republican votes away from the Republican candidate. If this moron pulls in just 3 percent of the overall vote, that is a 3 point swing in favor of Obama. By submitting 'protest votes' indicating their displeasure with the Republican ticket, Libertarians may very likely return the greatest enemy they've ever had to the White House to continue his path of destruction. Illogical, stupid, but a reality. (If you discount this as a factor, remember 1992. Ross Perot gave us 8 years of Clinton rule)

Third, wishy washy Republicans. I can't tell you how many Republicans I've heard on the radio or seen in print complaining that Romeny isn't conservative enough for them, isn't pro-life enough for them, isn't this, or isn't that enough for them. They're just going to sit home and not vote as a protest statement to the Republican Party. To those folks, I ask - ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR F**KING MINDS?

Every person who takes this path and stays home is, in effect, voting for Obama. Every vote not cast for Romney is one cast for Obama. Period. No one gives a shit about your protest, except for Democrats who are thrilled at your stupidity. By sitting at home because your candidate is not perfect, you are dooming the country to four more years of destruction. ARE YOU INSANE?

I think we are looking at a very real possibility that Obama will be reelected while losing the popular vote by a considerable margin.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dishonorable Disclosures

Traitors in the White House, leaking national security information for political gain.  Disgusting.  Those who are guilty of this should be in jail.

Thanks to Outlaw13 for the heads up on this.

MLB's ASG MVP - Dirty Boy

Major League Baseball announced today that Melky Cabrera, outfielder for the San Francisco Giants, has been suspended and banned from the league for 50 games after testing positive for performance enhancing drugs.  Cabrera was named the MVP at the All Star Game, and is batting .346 with 11 home runs and 60 RBIs.  He is a big reason the Giants are in the position they are in, first place in their division with the Dodgers right behind them.

Though the suspension hits this dirt bag hard, and it hurts the Giants for the rest of the season, it's not enough.  Here you have one of the key components producing the current level of Giants' success has been found out to have been 'juiced' while playing.  The Giants should forfiet all games he played in between the time of the drug test and his suspension today, with the other teams gaining the victories. 

The results of the All Star Game should be reversed - not the score, for who cares about that?  The all important home field advantage for the World Series should now be awarded to the American League team.

Photo Credit AP.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Half Brained, That's All She Ever Was ...

So, I hear that Cher's planning a comeback concert tour.  Yawn ...

The 67ish year old monument to plastic surgery apparently needs some money.  Or, maybe those around her need some money?

I predict that a full 1/3rd of each performance will be devoted to a rambling monologue about how it is all Bush's fault, Republicans want to enslave women, Republicans want to kill all minorities, and how much she admires Obama's schlong ...

I'd like to put Cher up for a test on the hypocrite-meter:

Cher, how much are the concert tickets going to cost your fans?  Are they going to be $2, so everyone can afford them?  Or will they be $150, so that only the rich, 1%er Democrats can come see you?

Cher, will you be donating all of your earnings from this tour to charitable causes?  (Please note, Cher, that Obama and the DNC do not qualify as charitable causes!)

Cher, will you be volunteering to pay that rich 1%er income tax level your Lord Highness is insisting on?

Cher, you won't be putting any of that money into tax sheltered (oh, the horrors) investments, in order to avoid paying your 'fair share', will you?

Yeah ... Hypocrite First Class.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

CODE PINK - Just Pathetic

Code Pink is just another rallying point for a bunch of bat shit crazy liberals, who just happen to be women.  You know, if far left liberal 'groups' wanted to be taken seriously, they wouldn't be putting on these faces in public:

If you act like an idiot, dress like an idiot, and your message is idiotic, guess what?  You are an idiot!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Obama's Message To Michael Phelps

Intercepted private tweet from Obama to Michael Phelps after the swimmer won his final Gold medal:

You Didn't Win That!

Someone Else Won That For You!

Oh, and by the way Michael. 
You owe me a bunch of money for each of those medals I allowed you to win.

Well, not really ... but you can certainly imagine it happening.  However, His Highness wouldn't dare say it to the American basketball teams ... no way he would downplay the accomplishments of his fellow street ballers ...

Harry Reid Needs To Go

Harry Reid (D-NV), leader of the US Senate, is a corrupt, incompetent, partisan political hack.  He needs to be returned to private life, or at least taken out of power.  (If the Republicans had fielded a decent candidate against him in 2010, he wouldn't be there now.)

Reid's latest controversy is his statements to the press that he's 'heard' that Mitt Romney hadn't paid any taxes in 10 years.  This was a DNC talking point released a couple of weeks ago, for lower ranking Dem hacks to drop into the news.  There is no proof of any such thing.  There doesn't have to be for the low lifes running Obama's campaign to run with it.  They know that the mainstream media will give it coverage, and a bunch of gullible voters might actually believe it.

Reid stated in an impromtu news conference held outside Senate chambers last week that he had 'heard' that Romney hadn't paid taxes.  He then went into the Senate, and during session repeated the accusation.  How low can you go?  To spit out DNC talking points (that he knows are false) into the Congressional Record, while the Senate is in session, is a travesty. 

Reid is a walking foot in mouth gaffe machine, almost (but not quite as bad) as our esteemed VP, Sheriff Joe Biden.  He is also dirty, having been under investigation by the Senate Ethics Committee more than once, and currently under fire for assisting a Chinese solar panel manufacturer in getting federal money - a Chinese company his son is representing.

The most frightening thing about Reid - he's pretty much a typical Democrat. 

This guy needs to go.  Republicans must take control of the Senate in November, and relegate this moron to the sidelines.

Opus - Where For Art Thou?

On this day in 1989, 'Bloom County's' last strip was published.

'Bloom County' was a comic strip full of political and social satire, authored by Berke Breathed.  It graced the daily and Sunday newspapers for about 5 years.  It was by far my favorite comic strip.

Some of the 'Bloom County' characters returned for a short spell in Breathed's 'Outland', but it was so wierd that it didn't have as long life - thank goodness.

Sure do miss you, Opus!