Thursday, June 18, 2009

O-TV - All Obama, All The Time, Part Deaux

On June 24, ABCNews will whore itself out to Obama the Immaculate. World News Tonight will be aired from the East Room in the White House. Following that, ABC will turn the network over to Obama for an hour long 'town hall' meeting, where he will present his plan to overhaul the health care system of the United States. The ads on ABC for this promise 'Obama will answer all the tough questions ...'. What a load of crap.

Obama will use this to lie to the American people about his health care initiative. He will spew propoganda, and answer a few seeded questions, selected and approved by his handlers. There will be one or two softball questions about 'socialized medicine', phrased in such a way so that he can make the subject look ridiculous.

The really dispicable thing about this is that ABC will not provide air time for any opposing views or proposals. No time for Republicans or any others with differing points of view will be provided. Private organizations opposed to his plans have tried to BUY commercial time during this 'event' to put forth their ideas, and ABC has refused them.

ABC has swooned at the feet of Obama, and given control over to him. All major news outlets except for Fox are in the tank for him, but this is the first network to actually turn over the keys to the building to him. Shame on these people. I have no idea how their news 'journalists' can look at themselves in the mirror.

State run media ... one more step towards socialism ....

Update - Obama's ABC infomercial drew very few viewers, placing dead last in ratings for its time slot of all network programming. Fox News Channel's programming for the same hour drew 10 times as many viewers.


Kath said...

Instead of ABC it will be GTV, government TV, just like government motors. So now Obama will definitely have his own network, check that off the list.

Let's see, he's messed with banking and the auto industry, now television broadcasting and health care -- hmm, I'm sorry what is the next thing on the list? Free speech? Regulations on the internet?????

Kath said...

And not only that -- now I see they're trying to mess with my Cheerios!!! Damn it!

I don't know if Cheerios makes me any healthier or not, I eat it bec. it's not loaded up with sugar and it's basically cheaper than most of the junk on the cereal aisle.