Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Obama's Honeymoon is Over

Obama's honeymoon with America is over. How do I know this?

Did I see it in one of the seemingly hundreds of National Polls that bombard us every week?

Did I hear if from a right wing pundit? A left wing pundit?

Did I see it on Fox News? Did I see it on any network except Fox News?

Did I read about it on someone else's blog?

Did I hear it in my daily dose of Rush?

No, to all of the above .....

I went to my local grocery store this morning. In the checkout line, for the first time in well over a year, not a single magazine or gossip rag had an Obama on the cover.

'Nuff said ....
Update - I have spoken a bit too soon, maybe. In same grocery store last night, noticed latest issue of The Globe (gossip rag) - Michelle is on the cover, along with big headlines "Michelle's Hit List". A story about her (real or imagined) list of political enemies she is using her husband to attack. Now that's not exactly the hero worship they were heaping on the Obamas a month ago.
And no, Kath - I don't read these things, you just can't avoid seeing them if you go to a grocery store ....


Margot said...

If you are correct (and I really hope you are), it is about time!

I also thought the tone of the questions for Obama from the press today had shifted a little. It wasn't quite as warm and fuzzy.

Scary thing is a ball has been set in motion and is rolling along - not sure it can be stopped - Obama's arrogance shines through.

Kath said...

Well, once we get done with the over-dose of Jon and Kate, I'm sure he will be back on the covers -- or at least Michelle will be.

(It's a shame that J&K are getting a divorce, but PLEASE go away.)