Sunday, December 15, 2013

Polygamy Legalized - What's Next?

Back in May of last year, I posted the following in response to Obama announcing his endorsement of gay marriage:

Now that the Pres has come out and endorsed gay marriage, I have to ask him (and other liberals) - where does it end?  What is your definition of marriage?

Marriage has been defined as the union between a man and a woman - period.  There have been homosexual relationships throughout time, but they have never been recognized as marriage.  The basis of this is both civil and religious.

So, Mr. Obama, according to you and your friends, what is the definition of marriage you wish us to use?  Is it the recognized union of two people?  If so, why?

If the legal definition of marraige can be expanded from a man and a woman to a man and a man, or a woman and a woman, why must it be limited to that?

If you do not allow for other unions to be recognized, then you are discriminating, aren't you?

How about polygamists?  Having more than one wife or husband is illegal, and frowned upon by almost everyone in society.  Why?  If a man and a man can be wed, why not a man, a woman, and another woman?  Or three men?  Or six women and a man? 

How about the man who is in love with his Japanese robot girlfriend and wants to marry 'her'?

How about the woman who is in love with her German Shepherd?

How about the man who wants to marry his sweetheart, who died 4 years ago?

How about the Jack-in-the-Box commercial guy who wants to marry some bacon?

How about the car nut who wants to marry his hotrod?

All of these sound silly, yes.  But, to a vast majority of Americans, the idea of two women marrying sounds just as silly.

You may say I'm being silly and sarcastic.  I am not.  If you change the rule to meet the wishes of one group of minorities, then how can you say you won't change that same rule to meet the wishes of other minorities? 

You watch - if somehow same sex marriage becomes the law of the land, someone else (polygamists probably) are going to be the next group to jump up and claim discrimination, demanding the right to exercise their wishes and have it recognized by the government.  The government and society will have no legal or moral grounds to oppose them, given that the time tested definition of marriage has been thrown out the window.

In spite of all the grief I received for posting that, folks telling me I was just being sarcastic and un-realistic, I have been proven right.  It has started.

U.S. District Judge Clark Waddoups, based in Utah, on Friday handed down a decision that struck down most of Utah's anti-polygamy laws.  The basis of the ruling was that such laws violated the First Amendment's guarantee of freedom of religion.

Using that as a basis, any kook who wants to marry six women can claim not allowing him to do so violates his religion.  Any woman who wants to marry her horse ... Any couple who want to add a motorcycle gang into their lives through marriage ... there is no end to what can be claimed is part of a 'religion'.  Government has no business deciding what a religion is.  By this court's standards, the government has no business deciding ANYTHING concerning the legal definition of marriage.

It is just starting ...

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Bribing for Jesus

I will preface this by saying I have nothing against (in principle) to spreading the word of my Faith to those who aren't believers.  However, some of the tactics used raise some questions for me.

Radio spots have been appearing in the DFW area (and I'm sure all over the country), primarily on conservative leaning stations, asking for donations.  There are two flavors I've heard.  First, contribute to buy a water filtration system for some small village in who knows where.  Second, buy a water buffalo for a poor family in some unnamed backwater country.  OK ... both of those have merit, and would certainly benefit those who receive the gifts.  I will take the organization at its word that such donations will actually get the indicated items to the intended benefactors.

What I take issue with is the second part of the message.  It states that by providing such a gift, you are creating an avenue to entice the recipient convert to Christianity.

I am all for missionaries and others delivering the message of Christ to non-believers across the world.  If a person listens to the message and truly begins to believe in God, then that is wonderful.  If a person professes to accept the hand offering Jesus Christ while seeing this wonderful gift being dangled by the other hand, then that is wrong.  It is bribery at best, coercion at worst. 

My question to the organization doing this is - if the village or family your representatives approach with the message of Christ chooses not to listen, are you going to deliver the donated gift to them anyway?  Or will your folks pack up and move on to the next potential convert?

I have no reason to believe this organization is anything but legitimate, and truly believes in what it is doing.  However, I cannot agree with this approach.  The Word of Christ is powerful enough to stand on its own.  It doesn't need to be packaged with a bribe.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Force Proves Ford and Castrol Are Stupid Idiots

NHRA Funny Car Champ John Force faces a dilemma.

His primary sponsors, Castrol and Ford, announced that they were pulling their sponsorships of his teams.  Ford is just plain leaving drag racing.  Castrol, who knows what those goobers are thinking?

Force has been the standard bearer for Ford in drag racing for many years.  No one else has had success in the sport while sporting the Blue Oval.  NHRA is ruled by Chevy in the sportsman ranks.  Ford hasn't had a winner in the pro ranks except Force - at least since Bob Glidden retired from Pro Stock two decades ago.

Castrol - a third rank oil company, wouldn't even be on the map if it weren't for Force carrying their colors for almost three decades now.  Very, very few Americans would have even heard the name if it wasn't for their sponsorship.

Force is fastly approaching retirement age. He's eligible to collect SS benefits.  He's the greatest drag racer in history.  His loud, bombastic personality inspires some, infuriates others, but is never boring, and you never forget him.  The best way for this to have ended would have been for Ford and Castrol to work with him to put on a 'farewell tour'.  Everyone would have benefitted, and the very long term relationships would have ended happily.

Instead, both companies bailed on him mid-season.  He's now looking for sponsorship for his car and his daughter's Top Fuel dragster team.  (His other daughter and son-in-law's funny cars have primary sponsorships already.)

So, Force, rather than feel sorry for himself, gets motivated and wins three National Events in a row.  His victory this past weekend in Las Vegas locked up this year's Funny Car Championship.  Never once, at least in public, has he said "screw you Ford, up yours, Castrol".

This is his SIXTEENTH championship.  Compare that to Petty, or Earnhart, who each won a measly 7 Championships and are both considered legends.

John Force, inspiration to us old folks everywhere.  64 years old, reaction times as good as 'the kids', pilots a 10,000 horsepower car down a 1000ft. track in 4 seconds, enduring 4-5Gs each time he hits the throttle - and still wins Championships!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Blatant Racism ... Isn't It? Part Trey

I'm issuing a call to protest arms for Brother Jackson and Brother Sharpton.  I truly do not understand why they aren't in front of the headquarters of this truly evil, racist organization ...


This commercial plays on two typical racist stereotypes - that black folks are thieves, and addicted to fried chicken.  Here you have a black officer stealing fried chicken from the white officer.  The correct portrayal would be the evil white superior officer stealing from the poor, oppressed black minority officer.  How evil, how racist can you be?  What else would you expect from a company whose mascot is a white, southern Colonel, who obviously was a slave owner.

(Of course, I'm being sarcastic here ... but we've seen more idiotic stuff than this out of the left, haven't we?)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

FaceBook - The Rise of the First Galactic Empire

Cue ... menacing Darkside background music from Star Wars ...

Those of you who use FaceBook, I hope you are now aware of this;

Facebook's recent change to its privacy policy is more than that. They are stating, in essence, that anything you post to their site becomes their property, and they will share it with whomever they wish.

As evidence, I tried to share a link to a Fox News story this morning. I have nothing against Fox News, I really do like them. However, a small box appeared stating that Facebook was going to provide the Fox News community with ALL of my account and profile information. I hit the cancel button immediately.

Please presume that anything you post to Facebook is instantly going to become public domain knowledge or property. It doesn't matter that you consider it to be private, or copyrighted, or whatever. You have given it to them by posting it, and you can't un-give it.

For those of you who have been wondering how Facebook makes money, while 'giving' their service away to millions upon millions of people - well here it is. They are selling your private information to whomever will pay for it.


Here are some instructions Steve C forwarded that can cut down a little on what parts of your information are shared ...

Hello to all of you who are on my list of contacts of Facebook. I haven't wanted to do this, but after finding all of my photos located on another site, I would like to ask a favor of you…. You may not know that Facebook has changed its privacy configuration once again. Thanks to the new “Graphic app”, any person on FB anywhere in the world can see our photos, our “likes” and our “comments”. During the next 24 hrs , I am going to keep this message posted and I ask you to do the following and comment “DONE”. Those of my friends who do not maintain my information in private will be eliminated from my list of friends, because I want ...the information I share with you, my friends, to remain among my friends and not be available to the whole world. I want to be able to publish photos of my friends and family without strangers being able to see them, which is what happens now when you choose “like” or “comment”. Unfortunately we cannot change this configuration because FB has made it like this.
1. So, please, place your cursor over my photo that appears in this box (without clicking) and a window will open.
2. Now move the cursor to the word “Friends”, again without clicking and then on “Settings”.
3. UN-check “Life Events” and “Comments and Like”. This way my activity with my family and friends will no longer be made public.
4. Now, copy and paste this text on your own wall (do not “share” it!). Once I see it published on your page, I will UN-check the same.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Victim Of Ironic Timing

Janice Rene Anthony, 20, of Ft. Worth, pleaded guilty to murdering her 3 year old daughter yesterday.  She received a 35 year sentence.  The young girl was repeatedly beaten, spanked, and choked during her brief, torturous life.

I put forth that it is Anthony herself who is the victim here ... a victim of ironic timing.

You see, if she had murdered her child by aborting it one day before it was born, not only would she not be facing extended prison time, she would be held up as a shining hero by the left.  She would have been a textbook example of perfect womanhood as worshipped by Planned Parenthood and other abortion rights groups.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Blatant Racism ... Isn't It? Part Deaux

Garrick White was convicted of sexual assault and given a 5 year prison sentence.  Mr. White, while 17 years old, coerced a 13 year old girl into giving him oral sex in the back seat of a friend's car, while two other friends watched.  The girl was so young that she didn't really know what oral sex was (according to her testimony), and she did it because they egged her on and said they'd say she was cool to her friends. 

As part of a plea deal that gave him this reduced sentence, White admitted to two other charges of unlawful restraint, where he and his buddies had held girls against their will and had sexual relations with them.

Prosecution introduced evidence that White posted several videos of himself having sex with underage girls, most of whom were incoherent or passed out.  Phone calls recorded while White was awaiting trial showed him bragging that he had gotten three of the girls pregnant.

White's family, friends, and attorney immediately cried racism as soon as they left the courtroom, complaining that the only reason White had been charged was because he is black, and his victim is white.  His mother was quoted as saying "He was railroaded."  White was a member of the local high school football team, and had several scholarships on the table.

Holding this guy accountable for taking advantage of multiple underage girls, kidnap, rape, sexual assault ... yeah, that's got to be racist.

I can just imagine what outrage we'd be hearing from the black community if a white teenage football player had stuck his member into the mouth of a 13 year old black girl, and then we find out he'd been doing it (and worse) repeatedly.  Sharpton and Jackson couldn't get here fast enough, demanding life in prison for such a vicious racist hate crime against their 'sisters'.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

NCAA Football - These Games Shouldn't Count

This past weekend saw 4 of the NCAA Top 25 rated teams run up over 70 points in their games.  This was a record.  Every one of these games was a sham.  Ohio State (ranked 4) beat Florida A&M 76-0.  No. 7 Louisville edged Florida International 72-0.  No. 16 Miami had a hard time getting past Savannah State 77-7.  Baylor, No.20, handled U La-Monroe 70-7.  All of the winning teams were at home.

It is a time honored tradition that powerhouse college teams play a few 'scrub' games early in the season, non-conference games against second or third tier teams that have a very small chance of even scoring, much less being competitive.  These games serve two purposes for the BIG team - first, since the NCAA does not have any pre-season games, these games serve as the pre-season tuneups before the teams start playing their regular foes.  Second, it allow the BIGs to run up horrendous scores against hapless defenses, to help drive up their rankings and gain national attention.

For the SMALL teams, there is but one benefit - money.  The BIG teams pay the SMALL teams to be cannon fodder.  The SMALL college's AD and Administration love to get their hands on the cash.  The players who are thrown out on the field, embarrassed, and sometimes injured are of no consideration.

This crap has been going on for as long as I have watched college football.  Teams I like and dislike both take advantage of the situation.  It sucks.  It is intentional manipulation of the standings, almost cheating I think. 

I propose that any game like this should not count in the standings.  Either give the BIGs a couple of 'pre-season' non-conference games for a tuneup, or make sure that any sham game is of no consideration.  Let's see then how many lamb colleges continue being sent to the slaughterhouse.

A blatant example of this is happening this year.  Baylor is ranked in the Top 20.  In their first three games, they have scored 69 or more points in each, including a school record 70 twice.
In this 3 game stretch, they have barely beaten the mighty Wofford Terriers, 69-3; the invincible U of Louisiana-Monroe 70-7; and the powerhouse Buffalo Bulls 70-13.  I'm sorry - Baylor has a good team, but this Top-20 ranking is based on crap, and the university should be ashamed for paying three small colleges to come to Waco to get slaughtered. 

Update - while I can't exactly claim that ESPN stole my thoughts on this, I did hear an extended discussion of this on their Mike and Mike Radio Show the following day. 

Blatant Racism ... Isn't It?

A web based dating service that is dedicated to getting black singles together.  I see them advertised on TV quite often, particularly during football related broadcasts.

(Curious that the owners didn't chose ''.)

I have absolutely nothing against this business or its message.  I have no reason to believe that there is anything racist about it or what it is doing, and have no reason to believe that the owners or users are racists.  I did notice it is PC, catering to hetero and homo sexual men and women.

What I do wonder, however, is how big an outcry of 'RACISM' we would hear if a web service called '' sprang up, with exactly the same business model and message, except geared for Anglo-Americans.  It wouldn't take 5 minutes for Sharpton, Jackson, et al, to get on their favorite TV channels, expressing made up outrage and demanding a boycott or ransom ...

C'mon ... you know I'm right.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

God Bless Senator Elbert Guillroy

God Bless this man.  Here's hoping that at least some black Americans listen to his message and wake up to what the Democrat Party is doing to them. (And yes, the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King was a REPUBLICAN!)

Honoring The Ft. Hood Heroes Act - How Will Obama React To This?

In the wake of that rat bastard Hasan being sentenced to 15 years behind bars, all bills paid for by us, the taxpayer, before (maybe) facing the needle, a very necessary step is being taken.

The Obama Administration has, since day 1, labeled Hasan's attack as workplace violence.  This was for two reasons.  First, so Obama wouldn't have to recognize that his triumph over terrorism had failed in a big way on US soil.  Second, and I never understood the logic of this (even twisted liberal logic) to deny benefits to the victims and their families that would have been afforded to them if this had been correctly labeled as a terrorist act.

Texas Senator John Cornyn, along with Texas House Representatives John Carter and Roger Williams are introducing the 'Honoring the Ft. Hood Heroes Act' in both houses of Congress when the body returns from vacation.  The Act, in a nutshell, labels Hasan's cowardly attack as terrorism, giving the victims the government assistance they deserve (and desperately need), awards the Purple Heart to the military members who were killed or wounded, and the equivalent DoD award for the civilians involved.  The Act tries, well after the fact, to heal the wounds that Obama has kept open for 4 years.

Previous efforts to enact this type of legislation have gone nowhere, blocked by Harry Reid in the Senate every time it comes up.  He hasn't even allowed the matter to come up for discussion.  Cowardly piece of whale shit, that man ...

It will be interesting to see how Obama's minions react to this.  Will they continue to block it in the Senate?  Will Dems in the House refuse to vote for it?  Will Obama threaten to veto it?  Will Holder threaten to sue because it violates someone's imagined civil rights?

If Dems fight this, this should be a HUGE campaign issue for 2014.  The GOP should keep this front and center in the minds of voters, to keep hammering these cowards with their insult to our military.  If Dems relent and let this go through, the GOP should be asking, very loudly, WHY SO LONG?

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Obama's Keystone Strategy

After hearing about yet another delay by the Obama Administration on a decision concerning the Keystone pipeline, I came to the realization of what his strategy is.

Obama absolutely does NOT want to make any decision concerning Keystone before the 2014 mid-term elections.  He does not want to alienate the far left eco-kooks.  Likewise, he does not want to piss off people who want Keystone, for jobs and for energy independence.  He doesn't give a shit for himself, since he's not going to face re-election (will he?), but he really wants to keep the Senate in Dem hands, and would cream his jeans if he could get back the House.

Canada has publicly, many times, declared that a pipeline is going to be built.  It will either come down to Texas, or go to the Canadian West Coast to fill Chinese super tankers.  Canada is in the position that they will have to make a commitment pretty soon as to who is going to get all that oil - the US, or the ChiComms.

If Obama keeps delaying any decision, he is forcing the Canadians to make the decision for him.  When Canada throws up their hands and declares that China is going to get it because the US is dragging its heels, Obama wins all around.  He gets to claim to the eco-Nazis that he killed Keystone, while claiming to the sane people of the country that it wasn't him - those evil Canadians killed the project. 

Coward ...

Thursday, August 15, 2013

How Far Has Obama's Election Set Back Race Relations?

I've been thinking of writing this for a while, but something set me off today that caused me to put pen to keyboard.  This morning I heard a self proclaimed black woman in her '50s, a grandmother, on a radio talk show espousing to the white conservative host how she KNOWS for a fact that she is victimized by racism each and every day (Of course, she couldn't or wouldn't provide any specific examples.)  This lady didn't sound like some wild eyed Black Panther, or some race baiting kook like Sharpton.  She sounded like she was the type of person you could sit down and have a meal with and become friends with very easily - if she didn't start laying out her thoughts on race.

The election of Obama was supposed to heal race relations in this country, wasn't it?  Wasn't that, in fact, part of his election strategy - that he was the Great Uniter, the one who would bring all people of all races together in one big happy Socialist Commune?

I submit that race relations in this country are worse right now than they have been since the mid-60s.  It is not because America rejected the notion of a Black President.  It is not because everyone who opposes Obama's policies are racist.  It is because the Civil Rights Movement long ago stopped being a movement and became a way of life.  Many people of all races on the left, and many people in the black community have latched onto the Civil Rights Movement and do whatever they must to perpetuate it - for that movement provides their wealth, power, and ego satisfaction.  Any movement by America towards racial healing is a direct threat to those people and their way of life.

Obama has directly contributed to this.  You hear him in flowery speeches deriding racism, and putting forth the notion that we need racial healing.  He then turns around and makes other statements that directly inflame racial hatred.  "If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon'.  The President of the United States said that before the facts about that kid's death were known, whipping up black hatred.  He could have called for calm and reason ... instead he threw gasoline onto the fire, as he has done on multiple other occasions.  When have you EVER heard him call for calm and reason in relation to an issue based on race?

The first black President could have done what he said he would during his campaign.  Race relations in this country could have been (and should have been) at the finest point in the history of our country.  In spite of his policies, his leadership on race could have moved us forward - to the point where having a black President would be no big deal.  He could have broken down that door and taken race out of the equation.  Instead, he has used his stature and captive audience to return us to a state where black vs. white dominates the news.

The tired old fallback of left wingers is that anyone who disagrees with Obama does so simply because he's black.  That makes them racists.  While I admit there are a few white people in the country who don't like him because he is black, and they ARE racists, the number of those idiots is small - much smaller than it would have been years ago.  What those same left wingers completely ignore is all the people who voted for Obama because he is black.  Vote for someone because of his skin color, vote against that same person because of his skin color - equally racist, isn't it?

In the eyes of many black folk, and many left wing white folk, I am a racist because I am a white conservative.  Because I am a registered Republican, I must be a racist.  I am guilty of racism each and every day in these folks minds, simply because of the color of my skin and my politics.  They don't know me, they don't know a thing about what I think.  Yet, there it is.  You don't even have to hear it from a black person directly.  Left wing media outlets, like CNN and MSNBC force feed that belief every single day.  Why?  Because it benefits the left politically.  Whip up minority hatred towards Republicans and you secure votes.  Doesn't matter if it is true or not. 

To the black person who thinks I am a racist because I am white and conservative - you are a closed minded bigot who is much more guilty of racism then I ever have been.

To the left wing a*hole who portrays me as a racist for those same reasons - you are a racist and a liar, someone who treats the black person as a simpleminded tool to be manipulated and used for your own political advantage. 

I hate Obama because of his policies, not the color of his skin.  His skin could be purple or green - it doesn't matter.  What does matter is what he is doing to our country.  I would have been perfectly happy with Condi Rice, or even Colin Powell as the first black President.  I am a big fan of Dr. Ben Carson.  (Of course, since they aren't left wingers, they aren't 'authentically black' for the race baiters.)  I could even have stomached Obama a little better if he had helped racial relations in this country, in spite of his policies, instead of capitalizing on his position to feed the fires.

How far has He set us back?  Decades?  Who knows.  One thing is certain - He is very happy with the success of his efforts.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Death Of The Printed Page

This has been coming for some time, and will continue to its inevitable end, but I was fighting the good fight.

I don't do E-books.  When I read, I want it to be a printed page - be it a book, magazine, or newspaper.  Reading, to me, does not involve looking at an electronic screen that has somehow transposed millions of electrons into something the human eye can recognize.  (Funny I should say that, you say ... after all, what am I writing on now????)

My wife and I subscribed to the local newspaper for about 30 years.  We finally gave it up after its latest price increase, which put it at about $1.50 per day.  On top of the price, the content has steadily decreased, and the newspaper itself seems bent on getting rid of itself by advertising its web presence.  Now, we just pick up the Sunday edition from a local store.  I do miss my paper when having my morning coffee, but the missing decreases the longer it is gone.

What brought this up?

This past weekend I picked up the latest Dale Brown novel.  It is one of his works that bypassed hardcover and went straight to paperback.  Its list price was $9.99.  TEN BUCKS for a paperback novel.  Its as if they are begging you not to buy it.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Helen Thomas - Dead at 92

Former White House Reporter Helen Thomas has died at the age of 92 after a lengthy illness.

You will undoubtedly hear all kinds of Washington types, media and politicians, singing her praises over the next few days for being a groundbreaking reporter.  She covered 10 Presidents.

Thomas was a far left lunatic.  There was never any attempt by her to try and cover things in an impartial manner.  Her open hatred of all things Republic and Conservative was widely known and acknowledged.  She was an open, unabashed, and unapologetic anti-Semite, using her status and forum to constantly attack Israel.

Normally, I hesitate to speak ill of the departed, but in this case I find no moral dilemma.  Thomas was an evil old hag who misused her position for decades to forward a radical left wing agenda - all the while posing as a 'reporter'.  Our country is far better off without her.

Now, if the entire staff at MSNBC would just manage to go away  ....

Friday, July 19, 2013

Michael Moore's Divorce Exposes His Hypocrisy

Michael Moore's and his wife are getting a divorce.  Good for her, shows some indication of intelligence to get as far away from this lunatic as possible.  (Doesn't say very much about her that she married him in the first place however.)

I personally don't care, but found a bit of amusing information in the announcement.

Michael Moore, scruffy, grungy, dirty, moronic looking idiot has carefully crafted his image, both physical and behaviorally, to put forth his mantra of being 'down with the struggle'.  He's the epitome of the blue collar working stiff, the poor every day schmuck that The Man (as represented by the Republican Party) takes advantage of.  It's part of his schtick, part of what sells his brand and makes him a living.

Michael Moore's divorce papers indicate that he's worth over $50 million dollars.

Does that sound like a 99%er?  Does that sound like a hero of the working man?  Does that sound like an un-apologetic fan of Socialism?

I'd sure like to know how much money they have given to charity per year, and how much they overpay in taxes every year, just to help his big government buddies out. 

C'mon, Michael.  Clue us in.  Tell us exactly how you've been walking the talk over these years.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Zimmerman Acquitted ... Race Hucksters Rejoice

The verdict in the Zimmerman case was celebrated by a class of folks in this country that may surprise the ordinary citizen.  Race Hucksters.

The last thing these people wanted was for Zimmerman to go to jail.  That would have ruined their payday, both monetarily and politically.

These are people who make a living out of bitching about how racist America is.  They are out front and center in front of any camera or microphone they can find, spouting out imagined outrages and fermenting racial discord and anger.  They live for these moments, for they make themselves relevant ... and rich.

You know the names - Jesse Jackson ... Al Sharpton ... Barack Obama ... Eric Holder ... Cynthia McKinney ... Sheila Jackson Lee ... and hundreds of other douchebags that insult our intelligence and our country with their vile crap. 

They don't want an end to racism.  That would end their rein as supreme leaders of the race war.  That would end their time on the throne as leaders of 'their people' (in the words of Eric Holder).

This is not a new issue.  People have been doing this for a long time, exploiting fear and anger in minorities for their own gain. 

A famous person once said;

"There is a class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs. There is a certain class of race-problem solvers who don't want the patient to get well."

This was not a KKK member (who would have been a Democrat in those days).  This was not a vile Republican.  It wasn't Rush Limbaugh.

This quotation was made by Booker T. Washington in 1911 - a black man of some note in our country's history.

Update - Sanford, FL police officials have confirmed that last Wednesday, Zimmerman helped rescue 4 members of a family who were trapped in their overturned SUV.  After his heroic actions, he spoke with the officers on scene, and then left to go about his business.  He didn't call reporters, didn't hold a news conference, didn't in any way try to bring attention to what he had done.

I can't wait to see the hucksters come out of the woodwork, claiming he set the whole thing up!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Numbers That Should Shock You, Numbers That Should Piss You Off

I've heard some numbers recently, numbers that the normal person should find very disturbing:

The percentage of jobs held by adult Americans that are considered 'Full Time', or career positions.

The percentage of jobs that will be 'Full Time' after Obamacare is fully implemented.

110 Million
The number of adult Americans who are receiving some form of financial assistance from the Federal Government.

The number of workers who are paying Social Security taxes needed to furnish SS benefits to a single retiree drawing SS benefits.

100 Million plus
The cost, in dollars, of Obama's recent African vacation.  It was called a state visit, but in reality it was just another stop on the Obama world vacation tour.

The amount of premium increase a healthy adult American will see their privately purchased health insurance policy increase as a result of Obamacare's implementation.

46 Million
The number of Americans (and non-Americans) drawing Food Stamp benefits (an all time high, up from about 27 million at the end of the Bush Administration).

The percentage of children in America who are projected to receive food stamp benefits at some point in their childhood.

The percentage of black children in America who are projected to receive food stamp benefits at some point in their childhood.

The number of rounds of golf Obama has played during his 4.5 years in office.  This equates to taking off every fifth day, with pay, and charging all the costs to the taxpayer.

1 Million plus
The number of abortions Planned Parenthood has performed over the past three years.

The number of mammograms Planned Parenthood performed during that same three year period - despite the group's claims that it provides important women's 'health services'.

542.4 Million
The number of taxpayer dollars Planned Parenthood was given by the Federal Government in 2011 and 2012.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Why Aren't There Calls To Boycott 'The Lone Ranger'?

Okay ...

Every sports team in America that has some form of Native American reference in their name is under political correctness assault.  The 'outrage' over the Washington Redskins, for example.  The race baiters smell blood in the water.  Even the race hucksters in Congress are trying to get into the act, calling for government action against their home team unless it changes its name.  What a load of crap.

Well, why aren't these people walking the picket line against 'The Lone Ranger'?  Why aren't they all over the news and talk TV demanding blood?  Why isn't Fauxcahontas up in Mass crying on the Capital's steps at the outrage?

I'm talking about the casting of Johnny Depp as Tonto.

Johnny Depp, as white as a hotel sheet. 

Isn't that bit of casting clearly racism?  Shouldn't the studio have found a real Native American to play a Native American on screen?

(We know the answer - the studio paid Depp, a boxoffice draw, to play in a shitty movie to increase their payday.)

(We also know why there won't be any protest - Depp is a far left wing kook, a Hollywood darling.  If Depp was a well known conservative, I would bet pretty much anything that there WOULD be protests.)

Why Isn't Racial Definition Regulated By The Government?

I've been watching the coverage of the Zimmerman trial, and was struck by something.  Every mainstream media outlet either ignores his race (while showing his picture) or refers to him as white.  Every race baiter who is out there protesting the horrible injustice perpetrated upon poor departed Saint Trayvon refer to Zimmerman as white, and that this is a example of white against black racism. 

I have a question.  Zimmerman is mixed blood, half white and half Hispanic.  Why is he almost never referred to as Hispanic in the reporting?  He designates himself as Hispanic on all government forms.  Why is that ignored?  (Well, we know why - race baiters don't make as much money fueling black vs. Hispanic racism, do they?).

If Zimmerman had been reported as Hispanic when this whole thing began, does anyone in their right mind believe it would be as big a deal as it is?  Would Obama have stuck his nose into it?  Would Holder and his DoJ Brownshirts be overseeing all of it?  Would charges have even been leveled against Zimmerman at all?

Contrast this with our Dear Leader, Mr. Obama.  He is half black and half white.  Indeed, he was raised by his white mother and white grandparents - his black father had almost nothing to do with him.  His black relatives over in Africa don't mean a damn thing to Obama, if his treatment of them is any indication.  So, why does Obama refer to himself as black?  Why does the mainstream media, and pretty much everyone in the world, refer to him as the first black President (Bill Clinton not withstanding)?

Why does Obama choose to identify himself as black, when he by all rights should refer to himself as white?  Obviously, because being black 'works' for him.  Does anyone actually think he'd have been elected to anything, much less President, if he called himself white?

Why is there no standard for this?  Hell, the government wants to control everything, why doesn't it impose some rules on this?  Either say the father's race is the defining one, or the mother's. 

(Well, that doesn't work in today's new reality, does it?  Stupid me.  There could be two mothers, or two fathers, or a father and three goats, two mothers and a horse ....)

Update - Four times in the past few days I have CNN refer to Zimmerman as a 'White Hispanic'.  Why the hell don't they refer to Obama as a 'White African American'?

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I Feel So Much Safer ... Don't You?

So, Obama has chosen Susan Rice to be his next National Security Advisor.  Wow ... if this had been any other administration, I would have been surprised by the sheer stupidity of this.  Obama is rewarding this idiot for lying to the American people on live TV about Benghazi.

Susan Rice has been our UN Ambassador.  She has done a few things there that were OK, but for the most part was as spineless as a piece of wet toilet paper when it came to standing up to the UN and our enemies around the world.  Would you expect her to act any differently as His NSA?

She'll fall lockstep in to what He, his Secretary of Defense, his Chief of Homeland Security, his IRS, his DoJ, and his EPA believe - that the only threat to 'their' America is those who disagree with them - Republicans ... Tea Party members ... Conservatives ... Right to Life.

Just one more example of the absolute lunatic that is in control of the White House.

Friday, May 31, 2013

The Genius That Is Rush

I still say they're the greatest band in the world ...

For you non-Rushies ... the trio was finally elected into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year, after years of being snubbed.  The band, which has been together for over 30 years and is now more popular than ever, has been passed over in the past for such notables as ... Donovan ... The Beastie Boys ... Dr. John ... ABBA ... The Stooges ... The Ventures ... The Ronettes ... Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five ... Patti Smith ... The Dells ... Prince ... Elvis Costello ... The Clash ... The Flamingos ... The Moonglows ... Jelly Roll Morton ... and many more.  What B.S.

Well, Rolling Stone finally gave in and let the guys in this year.  Here is an excerpt from their acceptance speech.  Neil and Geddy gave their remarks first, then Alex stepped up and gave a wonderful rendition of the years it has taken for them to be recognized by the HoF.  Without saying a word, he said it all - and everyone familiar with the story knew exactly what he meant.

For those who didn't get it, well ... they just aren't down with Gershon's Haus of Sausages, are they?

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

These People Just Have No Shame ...

The tornado that ripped through Moore, OK yesterday had been off the ground barely an hour before Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) took to the floor of the US Senate to blame Global Warming for the disaster.  She was not alone.  Left wing moonbats all over the place were spouting out to anyone who would listen that this was caused by man made global climate change.

Sen. Boxer, in particular, was despicable.  She used her time in front of the Senate chamber to push for passage of her Carbon Tax Bill:

"This is climate change.  This is climate change. We were warned about extreme weather: Not just hot weather, but extreme weather. When I had my hearings, when I had the gavel years ago — it’s been a while — the scientists all agreed that what we’d start to see was extreme weather.”

“Carbon could cost us the planet.  The least we could do is put a little charge on it so people move to clean energy.”

Her legislation, co-sponsored by Sen. Bernie Sander (Idiot-VT), penalizes with a 'tax' companies and individuals that actually use coal and oil.  The tax is designed to do nothing but hurt citizens and put money into the government's pocket. 

Senator Boxer, may I ask you a question?

First - Moore, OK has been hit 3 times by F4 tornados.  1999, 2003, and yesterday.  If your incredibly important hearings were correct, and we would begin seeing terrible storms after the hearings, then the 1999 and 2003 events didn't actually happen and must be figments of a far right wing conspiracy, right?

Additionally, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) made a complete fool of himself  on the Senate floor by blaming the lack of belief in global warming by the people of Oklahoma for bringing the disaster down upon themselves.

These people are United States Senators. Even though they are far left wing moonbats, you would think that they'd at least wait until the bodies of the victims cool before spouting their stupid, ignorant, partisan bullshit.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Lesson On Racism

It seems like forever that I've heard the term 'Jim Crow', or 'Jim Crow Laws'.  It is almost always used (these days) to describe Republicans and/or Conservatives, and is meant as a demeaning attack - essentially calling Republicans racist.

I honestly didn't know who Jim Crow was until recently.  When I heard a sound bite of a black, Democrat Congressman  ranting about how Republicans wanted to return us to the days of 'Jim Crow', my curiosity got to me.

It's easy to find out - a Google search, or Wikipedia, and its right there.  There was no person named 'Jim Crow'.  Jim Crow wasn't some racist Republican Senator or Congressman who passed despicable laws meant to keep the black man down.

The term 'Jim Crow' was originated to describe the song and dance caricature of black folk by a white actor, Thomas D. Rice, who performed mockery of President Andrew Jackson's policies during the 1830s.  Don't ask me why, but that's what the history books say.

'Jim Crow' morphed over the years to generally refer to any law passed that led to or enforced segregation policies. It was a particularly popular phrase during Reconstruction (1865-1877, a period some historians refer to as the Second Civil War).  It was during the 1870s when Southern Democrats, thrown from power immediately after their defeat in the Civil War, regained power in every Southern state - either by lawful voting, voter intimidation, fraud, or violence.  Southern Democrats formed the KKK during the early 1870s, where it functioned as the paramilitary arm of the Democrat Party, and openly fought Federal troops and murdered thousands of blacks and Republican whites.  It was also popular in the early 1900s, to describe the efforts of President Woodrow Wilson, a Democrat, to pass far reaching segregation enforcement laws.

'Jim Crow' is thrown around a lot these days.  I will bet that almost every one who uses it has no idea where it comes from.  I heard a national TV interview with a black Democrat Congresswoman about a year ago, where she wondered aloud who was going to be the Republican's next Jim Crow - clearly she believed that Mr. Crow was some hateful, racist Republican from past years.

The term describes something that is disgusting.  I wish that those who were using it would take the time to learn where it came from, who was responsible for its origin, and who was responsible for the heinous laws and policies it is used to describe during our country's history (DEMOCRATS).

The period of Reconstruction, the 12 years after the Civil War, was anything but reconstructive.  It was a time of massive violence - essentially the Southern Democrat Party and its army, the KKK, continued the Civil War.  There were thousands of people killed, with pitched battles between Federal troops and the KKK - it really was a continuation of the war.  It is a fascinating period of our country's history, one that is sorely ignored in the history books and classes.  No wonder - do you think liberal academia is going to teach our young about the horrific origins of their precious Democrat Party?

Monday, May 13, 2013

Thanks Google ...

I doubt anyone has noticed, but I've deleted the 'reaction' footer to my postings.  Although I found this feature informative, in recent months there have been problems with it.  On multiple occasions, I found that the 'agree' numbers would be reset to zero, particularly on posts that were critical of the Obama Administration.

Whether this was on purpose by Google, or a bug in their widget, I do not know.  However, it is a known fact that the folks who run Google are big Obama fans and Democratic campaign donors.  I'll leave you to make your own determination.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Washington Redskins Suck ... but ...

Being a Cowboys fan, I have nothing positive to say about the Washington Redskins.  The hated Redskins.  Hate their players, hate their coaches, REALLY HATE their owner.

However, I have to give kudos and a well done to Daniel Snyder, the owner, for this comment delivered to USA Sports yesterday;

"We'll never change the name.  It's simple.  NEVER."

This in response to an inquiry about the liberal pressure building to change the team's name and mascot. 

Mr. Snyder, I still hate you and your team (except RGIII), but I have a good deal of respect for you for delivering that shot against PC run amok.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Obama's DHS Hoarding Even MORE Bullets!

Our Department of Homeland Security has communicated to ammunition manufacturers, querying which ones can provide an order of 2 million rounds of ammunition in a short turnover situation (30-60 days after placement of order).  No explanation has been provided for the reason for the short turnaround, and no explanation why DHS needs 2 million additional rounds of ammo on top of the millions they've been stockpiling recently.

There are only two valid explanations.

First, DHS wants to book manufacturing capability, to make sure that those bullets are not available for sale to the general public.

Second, DHS is continuing its buildup of firepower for possible use against the citizens of this country.

Remember - DHS has no interests, tasks, or obligations outside of our borders.  They will play no part in armed dealings with another country unless that country invades the United States.  ALL other armed dealings with other countries are handled by the US military.

What in the hell are Obama and Napalitano preparing for?  Are they seriously worried that they are pushing us so far that it will result in armed revolt?

(The GAO has just begun an investigation into why DHS is buying so much ammo.  One hopes for an impartial effort, and one that is not delayed for years by Obama, DHS, and DoJ stonewalling.)

Update - Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) agrees.  In an interview with Aaron Klein/WABC Radio over the weekend, he stated the following:

“Let’s make sure that your audience out there is aware, Aaron, that our president, Obama, has been doing everything he could to stop the private ownership of guns in America,” Inhofe said. “You know that, everyone knows that. And yet he’s been voted down in a big way by a large majority. And so my feeling is that he’s doing this to buy up [ammunition] so that we can’t buy.  Honest, law-abiding citizens here in the United States, like my son, can’t even buy ammunition because government is purchasing so much.”

Sen. Inhofe went on to explain how he is trying to combat this outrage, through his introduction of the "Ammunition Management for More Obtainability" bill.  The crux of this proposed legislation is to restrict the Obama Administration to buying no more ammunition for non-defense purposes to levels maintained prior to His Highness taking power.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

When Does Protected Speech Become Hate Speech?

You've probably all heard about the nitwit girl at Carnegie-Mellon University who has caused quite a stir with her parade getup.  Dressed as the Pope from the waist up, naked from the waist down, a cross shave into her pubic hair, handing out condoms as she flaunted her outrageousness down the parade route. 

What message she was trying to project is pretty clear - she thinks the Catholic Church is backwards in its stance towards contraceptives - and probably abortion as well.  She took the parade as a chance to voice that opinion, as well as shock people - which is what all liberal, far left, koolaid drinking college kids want, isn't it?  To get noticed?  Hell, this is probably the highlight of her life, and the biggest accomplishment of her to be launched career. 

It is outrageous.  Is it free speech, as protected by the First Amendment?  Isn't it against the law in PA to walk around naked?  Is this hate speech directed at an organized religion, which is a crime?

I guarantee that if she had made a similar statement about Islam, Obama and the rest of his Administration would be all over the news condemning it.  Holder and his Brownshirts would be on their way to arrest the young lady for inciting violence with her insensitive, racist, intolerant  exhibition of hatred towards the peace loving peoples of the Islamic faith.

Instead, since it is Christianity she is insulting, it is simply a protected expression of Free Speech, to be admired and applauded - according to the left.   

Disgusting ...

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Obama Coming To Dallas For Cash

His Highness is visiting Dallas this Thursday, April 25th.  The 'official' reasons for this are to attend the opening of the George W. Bush Library at SMU on Thursday morning, along with all the other living Presidents (this is customary for ANY Presidential Library's opening), and to attend a memorial service in West, Texas in the afternoon.  OK, both of those are understandable, and laudable.

However, a third event to be held Thursday evening is the prime attraction, the biggest reason His Highness would lower himself to set foot in the Republic of Texas.

A Democrat fundraiser, held in Obama's honor, will be held at the house of Naomi Aberly and Larry Lebowitz.  Those two are married, though you wouldn't know it by looking at the names.  Aberly is a big time Democrat fundraising 'bundler', responsible for over a million dollars for Obama's two White House runs.  Lebowitz is a very rich hedge fund manager.  Both are sympathetic donors to various Democrat causes, including Planned Parenthood.

The home the dinner will be held at is valued at over 10 million.  It has over 12,000 square feet, 5 full baths, 3 half baths, two fireplaces, and a pool.  It is in the most exclusive area of Dallas, home of the ultra rich.

Sixty lucky donors will be allowed the honor of being under the same roof as the Royal Couple.  Over a million dollars is expected to be raised for Democrat coffers at the event, which is closed to the media.

Now, there's nothing illegal about this under our current system.  Obama can come to Dallas, or go to Hollywood, and walk away with huge bags of cash from the liberal elite.  I don't even consider it immoral ... EXCEPT for the liberal hypocrisy of it.

Here is Obama schmoozing for dollars from the evil, rich, lily white 1% he so publicly despises.  Here are rich liberals, eagerly handing over piles of their own money to this guy who professes to hate them and what they stand for.  Here is a hedge fund manager - the epitomy of evil capitalism that Obama's Administration had pledged to eradicate, turning over gobs of cash to help that Administration. 

A sane person just has to ask 'why'?  Not just conservatives, but liberals as well, ought to be questioning the hypocrisy of this.  The '99%'s' ought to be wondering what the hell is going on, when their Lord and Savior is hobnobbing with the very people he has told them to hate.

Do you think Aberly, Lebowitz, and the other 60 or so fools in attendance give a damn about poor black people?  Do you think they lose sleep over the plight of the poor, innocent, hard working undocumented workers from our south?  Are they concerned over the lack of adequate healthcare for the victims of virtual slavery imprisoned in our inner cities?  Oh, hell no ...

If they were sincere, they would be turning over all of their money and possessions, giving them to either the government, or to charity.  Of course they could keep a little, say $50K each, to help them until they could pick up a job flipping burgers.  But once they are settled in that job, they should be perfectly happy with their circumstance, thrilled that the government is providing them with so much, and internally comfortable knowing that they 'made a difference'.

Instead, they sit behind armies of lawyers and accountants, pulling every trick legal and illegal, to skirt the tax system in order to keep as much of their money as possible.  They look down their noses at the very people they profess to idolize.

It's not about social justice - its about control and power.  These fundraisers are all about buying influence, and the time old tradition of trying to be seen with the 'in crowd'.  Hypocrites ...

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Suppose Cancer Is Cured ... What Then?

I was listening to Rush's show on Friday.  He was doing his annual fundraising show for blood cancer research.  23 years he's been doing it.  An incredible amount of money has been raised just during his shows, generous donations from his listening base - all directed towards research to come up with treatments and a cure for blood cancers.

As a nation, we are very generous in our giving to causes like this.  Defeating illness and disease is something we can all get behind.  Billions of dollars are raised and spent each year trying to defeat these heinous diseases, and thereby lengthen our lives.

What will happen, one day, when cancer is defeated?  Yes, there will be celebration.  It will be a great accomplishment for mankind.  But ... what are the ramifications?

If you take the 'humanity' out of the equation, the defeat of cancer (as an example), will change our lives, change our economy, and have a direct impact upon thousands (if not millions) of lives - beyond those who are afflicted with the disease.  Consider ...

What happens to the charitable organizations whose sole purpose is raising money to defeat the diseases?  The hundreds of employees who work for those organizations?

What happens to the drug companies, and other research organizations who are staffed and funded to attack and defeat cancer - or even a certain type of cancer?  If cancer is beaten, what happens to the folks who defeat it? 

What happens to the medical facilities who exist to fight cancer?  If a vaccine is developed, or a simple, easy to use treatment comes to light, what about all the cancer centers around the country?  All the cancer treatment departments in hospitals all over the country? 

What happens to all the healthcare workers, doctors, researchers, and everyone else associated with the fight against cancer - when they are suddenly not needed?

What happens to the financial stability of the companies who are in the center of the fight against cancer, when it is defeated and the drugs to be used become cheap generics? 

What happens to our retirement system?  How will the country afford to keep issuing Social Security checks to seniors, when the primary cause of death suddenly goes away and the nominal length of life increases by 10 years or so?

Please, don't get me wrong.  These diseases are bad news, and we need to defeat them.  I lost my parents prematurely because of them.  However, the result of such a defeat isn't going to be a celebration for everyone!

I am not the first person to ask this question. However, it is not being asked very loudly.  There are a few voices out there who theorize that the search for cures to these diseases is not being pursued as strongly as we might believe.  The search for treatments for the disease goes on at full speed.  Why would some folks believe this?  Because of the money involved.  The fight against cancer is BIG BUSINESS.  Find the cure, solve the problem, and you end the money flow.  Come up with expensive treatments that extend life without getting rid of the disease, and you guarantee continual profits.  I am NOT one who believes this, but if you think about it and have any belief at all in black helicopters, you can see why some folks could believe it.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

National Gun Registry - It's On Its Way

As I've been telling you here for some time, one of the biggest things Democrats are trying to push through under the guise of gun control is a National Gun Registry.  This is pure, unadulterated, liberalism out of control.

Well, according to Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT), language in the bi-partisan 'background check' compromise bill that Dems and Repubs are so proud of will allow Eric Holder and his boss to create such a registry.  They can do it without Congressional approval, without Congressional oversight, without any vote by Congress or the people, and with whatever rules and regulations they wish.

Republicans - don't get fooled by Democrats complaining that they are giving up too much in this 'compromise' bill.  It is a ruse.  The biggest thing they want is buried in there.  Contact your Representatives and Senators and demand language in any bill that will specifically forbid the establishment of any kind of registry for gun owners anywhere in this country!   (And then watch the Democrats howl bloody murder!)

Update - Even more is coming to the surface about what's buried in this bill.  Doctors will be authorized to declare someone a mental health threat unilaterally - no hearings, no independent verification.  If they do so, the doctor will be required to report such a person to the government as mentally ill.  At that point, such a person is blacklisted for many things, not only gun ownership.  There is no limit as to how far such information would spread. 

What if the doctor is mistaken?  What if the doctor is having a bad day and makes a rash judgement?  What happens if the doctor doesn't like the patient, or is having an affair with a patient's spouse? 

Under this bill, you can be declared mentally ill, have it reported to the government, and not even know it! 

Monday, April 8, 2013

Your Children Belong To The State

Melissa Harris-Perry, MSNBC talking head and far left whacko, has appeared in a spot for MSNBC, touting the network's 'Lean Forward' campaign.  I didn't believe this when I heard about it, but then listened to it.   I am stunned.  I knew there were socialists out there in our country who believed this.  I know MSNBC is a left wing mouth for the Obama Administration.  However, I didn't think they'd go this far.

The message - they are not 'our' children ... they are the 'collective's' children.

Listen to this.  Realize that this is the vision of the far left when it comes to education in our country.  These people have to be stopped!

You know who else has uttered these words in the past?  Joseph Stalin ... Mao Tse Tung ... Fidel Castro ... Ho Chi Minh ... Adolph Hitler ...

An Apology To Josh Hamilton

I know Josh Hamilton will never see this, but I'm going to say it anyway.

I want to apologize for the behavior of some of my fellow Texans during your weekend visit to Arlington (Rangers vs. Angels).

I am not apologizing for the booing.  You richly deserve that, and it should be no surprise to you that it will happen every time you step onto the field in Rangers Ballpark. 

I AM apologizing for some of the hateful language that was hurled in your direction.  Booing is one thing, but some of the things that I saw reported in the news that came out of the mouths of 'fans' were awful, and completely uncalled for. 

I AM apologizing for the verbal abuse that was reportedly directed against your wife and daughters in the stands.  Family is completely out of bounds for any such crap.  The fact that they still live in this area, and by all accounts are very nice folks make it even more heinous.

The a*holes who were responsible for this mistreatment of you and your family are not, I think, representative of the vast majority of baseball fans here in North Texas.   Even though I was not present at any of the games in the series, I am ashamed because such a thing happened here.  I'd expect it in New York ... or Philly ... or Boston ...   BUT NOT IN TEXAS!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Are You Ready For Your Navigator?

Obama's regime announced that beginning in October, they will be hiring tens of thousands of 'Obamacare Navigators'.  These will be union workers, community activists, and healthcare workers who will assist people in filling out all the paperwork necessary to register under Obamacare.

These people will be paid in the range of $20-$48 an hour.  They will not only be on call to answer  questions via phone, but will be out going door to door offering assistance in geographic areas.  Free translators will be provided for any language other than English.  Who choses the areas to be worked, and the demographics of those areas were not discussd - but you can make a pretty educated guess that its not going to include pre-dominantly white or conservative areas.

The number of 'navigators' needed has not been disclosed, though it is known that California has asked for 21,000 just for that state alone. 

Republicans in Congress are already alarmed by the possibility these people will be used as a massive Democrat voter registration effort - since voter registration is included as a part of Obamacare, and given the description of what kind of workers will be pursued to fill the positions.

All of this is going to be paid for by our taxes.

How much - an estimate for you.  Assume a 40 hour work week.  Assume a median salary of $35 an hour.  Assume 200,000 'navigators' are hired (which is a conservative estimate, given California's request).  That's a cost of $280,000,000 PER WEEK.

None of this was ever disclosed or figured into the Obamacare budget  estimates provided by Democrats while they were trying to shove this down our throats.

What If Dear Reader Actually Does It?

Kim Jung Un is turning out to be a real chip off the old block.  He's getting more like his dad every day.

People all over the world are trying to figure out his end game, the reason for the latest madness out of the People's Worker's Paradise.  North Korea rescinding the armistice with South Korea, in effect declaring war?  North Korea's army supposedly being freed to fire off a nuke missile at the US?  This moron is up to his dad's old tricks - rattle the sabre in hopes of gaining concessions, money, and food from the US.  Its worked before - the Clintons bent over for them and gave them food AND the technology to make the very bombs they are threatening us with now (Nice move, Billary!).  I wonder what the current Dufus-in-Chief will give them?  Missile Defense?

Well, what if Dear Reader goes off the deep end and actually lets a missile loose in our direction?  What will our response be?

I think a lot will depend upon what happens to the effort.  If it goes sizzle and plops into the ocean after 20 miles or so, what does Obama do?  What do the South Koreans do?  What does Japan do?  We know the UN will actually applaud the effort - anyone who threatens the US is a hero to the idiots in that den of thieves.

If the missile makes it half way here, what then?  What if, God forbid, it actually hits Austin?  Would we turn the North Korean capital into a sheet of glass?  Would we turn the whole country into a burning cinder?  Would we use a surgical, conventional, strike to try and take out their nuke capabilities?  Would we petition the UN for more sanctions? 

Given who is running the country, I really don't know what our response would be.  That, my friends, is a sad statement about our leadership, don't you think? 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Have You Had Your Taxes Done Yet?

Did you have them done by a Professional this year?  Did they take the time to show you the Obamacare requirements for your next tax filing, in 2014?  If so, how'd that make you feel?  If not, you need to educate yourself, and quick.

You will be asked to provide proof of a Federal Government approved Health Insurance plan - if you are single.  If you are married, you both have to be covered by plans.  If you have kids, they ALL must be covered by plans.  You will have to produce proof - though what that proof will be wasn't known.

If you cannot provide proof for any member of your family, you will be fined - the fine will be automatically figured into your tax return.  If the IRS determines you must pay a fine (according to the Obamacare rules), then the fine is automatic - there will be no refusing to pay it or ignoring it, unless you choose not to file a tax return.

The fine is tiered to your income level.  The more you make, the higher the fine.

My family is definitely middle class - we're not rich 1%ers (which is a completely bullshit term).  Our fine for next year would be over $1100.  Our fine for the year after that is twice that amount.  And, it keeps going up after that.

All you airheaded Obama koolaid drinkers out there - what do you think about that?  Are you prepared to send more of your money to His Highness?

As a sidebar ... what I don't know is if you have to prove you have insurance for the entire year, or only a certain date (like Dec. 31).  If only on a date, then I see a whole new industry cropping up almost immediately.  Cheap as Dirt Health Insurance, by the month.  You know the type of company that sells absolute minimum car insurance to let people just barely meet the minimum for state required auto insurance?  I see them selling health insurance, to the same standard, by the month.  Folks go get their policy for the month of December, and that's it.  The rest of the year, they are not insured.  I don't know if there is anything in Obamacare to combat that, but I doubt it.  As strong as the Cheap as Dirt Insurance political lobby is, it wouldn't surprise me if they've been in on this and are fully prepared with a full suite of crap offerings to skirt the law's intent.

Democrat Bait and Switch On Immigration

I tried to watch Chuck Schumer (D-NY) this past weekend on the Sunday talking head programs, discussing his participation in the 'Gang of Eight' Senate effort to come up with an Immigration Reform Bill.  I couldn't stand it, and turned the channel - I don't like some snake oil salesman lying through his teeth.

To listen to Schumer, and other Democrats, all they are doing is common sense things that no one should oppose, because they are common sense and have overwhelming bi-partisan support of the American People.  Notice the key buzz words ...

They are not common sense, bi-partisan, harmless, or supported by the vast majority of Americans.  No way ...

In a nutshell, the Democrat plan is to issue blanket amnesty to all illegal immigrants, phrasing it 'probationary'.  Then, the Feds will consider border enforcement, using new 'metrics' to measure how secure the borders are.  (Interestingly enough, he specifically refused to discuss what those metrics are.)  Once the Feds declare the borders secure, then a path to citizenship will be established for all those on probation.

Three parts, to be done in a very specific order.  Why?

First, 'probationary'.  There was no definition offered of what probationary means, other than 'the poor victims will not have to be constantly be watching over their shoulders'.  No offer of what could revoke such probation.  No explanation of what rights and benefits those under probation would receive.  (We already know that HHS has determined that Obamacare will cover illegal immigrants - what other Federal, State, and local benefits will they receive?  Will they be allowed to vote, even though they aren't citizens?  None of this was disclosed.)

Second, Border Security 'metrics'.  Schumer specifically mentioned 'metrics' several times.  This is code - all it means is that the bill will establish a method (or methods) for measuring border security.  There is nothing in the bill that will actually have any effect on border security.  You may have noticed in the past couple of months that whenever Napalitano or any other Administration official is in front of Congress (or a camera), they are quick to tout that the border is more secure now that at any time in the past.  That is no accident.  They are laying the groundwork for those 'metrics'.  All Obama and his minions will have to say is 'look, border security meets the metrics, we are secure'.  No action, no procedural change, no tightening of the borders at all.

Third, a Path to Citizenship.  Anyone who passes their probationary period (which will be all of them) will be given a quick path to become full citizens, with all the benefits and rights that accompany that status.

There is a very specific reason that Democrats are pushing for the 3 steps in this order.  They must confer status on the illegals BEFORE the sham of their metrics becomes common knowledge.  When the general public finds out what they are trying to pull, the outrage is going to be overwhelming.  Remember 2007, when they tried to ram something like this down our throats?  Remember how it got shut down almost immediately due to the flood of public outcry?  They know that could happen again - and that is the reason that Dems will not allow Border Security to be addressed first.

Democrats do not want the borders secured.  They see illegals as a free flowing spigot of manufactured voters - and there is no way they want to see that windfall dry up.  Once they pass their version (if it passes), they very much hope that masses of fools from south of our border will flock here to get their free citizenship and free shit from the government.  Every one will be indoctrinated into becoming a Democrat voter - for Dems are their saviors.

For those who would argue that point, I cite 1986 as precedent.  President Reagan allowed 3,000,000 illegals to become citizens/residents, based upon a promise from Democrats in Congress that Border Security would be fixed in exchange.  It never was - there was never an effort to fix it.  Shame on Republicans for not pressing that issue when they had control of Congress - they were fools to ignore the issue when they could have done something about it.  Fast forward to 2013 - Dems stand to gain anywhere from 11 to 20 million new voters if they can shove this through.  Why would they allow anything to be passed that would dry up that source of future votes?  Pass amnesty, block any tightening of the borders, and a few years down the road reap another sizable catch of votes.

The three steps are probably a given.  We're going to end up with 11 to 20 million new Democrats, that's almost certain.  The only thing that is really in play is the order of the first two steps.  Will Republicans fight for Border Security first, to turn off the faucet.  Or, will they cave in, hoping somehow that their timidity will con a bunch of Hispanics into voting for them?  It's a loss either way.  The only question is whether they stand up and stop the bleeding now, or just bend over and continue to take it.

Oh, and as a side bar - none of this will have any effect on those law abiding immigrants who are going through the full, legal path to becoming American Citizens.  They will not be offered probation, or a fast path.  What Bullshit!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Opening Night ... With a Thud ...

Last night's opening night MLB game, on ESPN, featured my local team, the Rangers. It also featured a semi-local team, the Astros.  Why these two teams for opening night, a national broadcast, the very first game of the season?  I read that an ESPN executive state that they didn't need a Yankees-Red Sox matchup on opening night to generate the required ratings, that they'd save their 'preferred' matchup for later (which is tonight, on Monday Night Baseball).  I truly believe that national TV executives, all based in the Northeast, would be content with eliminating all baseball teams except the Yankees and Red Sox, have them play 162 games against each other, have a playoff against each other, and then have a World Series against each other - all on national prime time TV.

Anyway, almost all the pre-game talk (at least the pre-game talk that actually was about THIS game and not the Yankees/Red Sox/Angels) was about the Rangers, and how would they do this year with all the negatives that happened to them in the off season.  The only real mention of the Astros was whether they'd actually be worse this year than the past couple of years (each of which saw them lose over 100 games per season).  The Astros have such a small payroll that there are 23 individual players in MLB who outearn the entire Astros team by themselves.

Anyway, the Rangers come out and lay an egg.  Poor pitching, no hitting, and sloppy defense.  Couple that with Astros hitting and good pitching, and you come up with a 8-2 thumping.

This was the Astros first game as members of the American League.  They probably will suck over the length of the season, but for one day they are all alone in first place, with the best record in all of baseball.

The Rangers ... well, last night just doesn't surprise me ..

UPDATE - The old saying is true, especially in baseball.  Gotta take one game at a time, any given team can win in any given game ...

Yu Darvish throws a perfect game for 8 2/3 innings in the Rangers' second game, coming within one out of hurling a perfect game.  14 strikeouts.  Wow ...

Monday, March 25, 2013

WTF Is Going On With Gas Prices?

Gas goes up, gas goes down (albeit a lot more slowly).  Lately there have been wild variations, due to nothing in the world market, no environmental issues, no shortages, no wars, no refineries closed ... nothing to account for the rapid increase in prices. 

To date, I have attributed rapid spikes like this to speculators - evil a*holes who manipulate the price of oil so they can make a buck - usually without ever actually owning anything to do with oil production.

I saw something over the weekend that gives me pause on that, at least as far as it being the single biggest reason.

In the DFW area, average prices are about 3.68 or 3.69 a gallon.  You will find stations here and there that are about 10 cents a gallon cheaper - saw an example this morning where two stations a block away from each other were 11 cents different in price (comparable brands).

However, over the weekend, I saw something that put that to shame.  Traveling east of here on a major highway, I saw these averages remain steady for about 50 miles.  Then, in the space of a 20 mile stretch between two moderately sized towns, the price dropped 32 cents a gallon.

Same brand of gas.  Same location (next to the highway).  One station had 3.69.  Next station, 20 miles away, 3.37.

This was not a fluke, for all the stations I then passed heading east were in the 3.37 to 3.39 range. 

What the F***?

I'm sorry, but this looks like plain and simple profiteering.  I apparently crossed some kind of distribution boundary - the guys who have the big city racket figure they can milk a whole lot more out of their captive customer base, I guess.

Is There Anything Obama Says That Isn't A Lie?

No, I really don't think so.  If he stood up there and said the sun will rise tomorrow, I'm going to go out and party like its the end of the world tonight!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Our Suspicions Have Been Confirmed ...

Obama Using Selective Pain To Train The Masses

Obama and his minions have become masters at the use of selective pain to shape the behaviour and opinions of those stupid enough to fall for it.  How successful has it been?  Very ...

Obama's Administration has gone out of its way (and continues to) to make the sequester budget cuts as painful to Americans as possible.  There are many, many areas where that small amount of money could have been cut from the yearly increase in spending our government takes (there was no cut in spending, merely a cut in the rate of growth!).  Many of those areas would have had little or no effect at all on our citizens.  Instead, they've gone out of their way to make the cuts hurt, and make them very visible.

The slashing of our military.  Ships tied up at the docks, idled.  Navy Air Wings mothballed, possibly never to fly again.  Aircraft carriers stuck in port, with some possibly slated to go to mothballs.  Air Force squadrons cut.  Aircraft by the hundreds retired prematurely.  Thousands of civilian DoD employees fired, or have their pay cut.  Thousands of soldiers/sailors/airmen told they're no longer needed.  AIRSHOWS CANCELLED!!!!!

The latest silliness ... the US Department of Agriculture will furlough a significant number of meat inspectors, because it can't afford to pay them.  The same US Department of Agriculture will continue spending millions of dollars on a program to promote the use of Food Stamps to illegal immigrants in Mexico.  What sane person would make that kind of priority decision?  The answer is no one - there is no sanity in this purpose, merely the infliction of pain.  Cutting meat inspectors BAD - cutting a stupid program to tell foreigners how to steal Food Stamps, well that would actually be GOOD, so we can't have that, can we?  The pain tells us budget cuts are bad, and to be avoided no matter what the cost.  So, whenever Republicans call for more cuts, public opinion is NO!  They hurt too much.

(By the way - Senate Republicans tried to shut down the Mexico Food Stamp ripoff - and were thwarted by Democrats, who blocked their attempt.  Apparently, DoA officials who regularly travel to Mexico to 'meet with officials' on the program enjoy their 'south of the border' vacation romps too much!)

Do you think this is preposterous, and you aren't dumb enough to fall for it?  Consider this - how joyful were you when gas prices dropped to the 3.50 a gallon range not too long ago?  You would be jumping up and down and praising His Highness is prices dropped down to 2 bucks a gallon - at least most people would.  Given the glut of supply and shortening of demand over the years, gasoline ought to be in the 1.75 a gallon range - and it should stay there for a LONG time.  There is no gas shortage.  Why are we so compliant about the outrageous prices?  Because they were forced on us, and we got used to them.  Just as Obama and his Energy Secretary and EPA have publicly stated they wanted.  We're paying twice as much as we should be, and we're happy to do so - because we've been trained by the pain.

Update - Another example brought up by Rep. Ted Poe (R-TX) ... Obama is still planning on giving Pakistan millions of dollars in aid for education, while curtailing the Armed Forces tuition assistance program.  So, our tax dollars will line the pockets of corrupt Pakistanis instead of assisting out military men and women gain their education.  That is totally F**ked Up!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hate To Say I Told You So ...

Back on Jan. 28, I told you in a post here that Obama's EPA was going to try to get into the picture on gun control, by ruling that lead based ammunition was a pollutant, and therefore subject to EPA regulations.

The first step in that process has been made.

Rep. Anthony Rendon (D-Lakewood) has introduced a bill into the California legislature that would outlaw the use of lead ammunition anywhere in California.  It is being done under the guise of lead being a pollutant.

Look for the EPA to get involved.  Their foot in the door is that lead ammo endangers endangered species. 

Supporters of the bill plainly state that their plan is to pass it in California, where Dems have solid majorities in the Socialist commune of Sacramento, to set the stage for a National effort. 

If the EPA gets involved with this, as Obama has directed them to do, then they will certainly try to impose their will on the entire nation. 

This isn't about pollution.  It is about a bunch of immoral liberals trying to impose their will upon the rest of us, by any means necessary.

Monday, March 4, 2013

MRAPs for DHS - Why?

Our illustrious Department of Homeland Security, spurred on by its incredibly effective leader Janet Napalitano, has purchased 2717 MRAP vehicles.

MRAP is a Mine Resistant assault vehicle, developed for use by the US Army in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Quite a few were delivered to the Marines as well.  Thousands were hurriedly built and delivered to those wars, when it became evident that the HUMVEEs the Army was using for troop transportation were deathtraps when targeted by IEDs.  The design of the vehicle is specifically to protect the occupants in the event of an IED or mine explosion underneath or nearby.  I have not seen any statistics, but what I've heard here and there says that the vehicle does this function well.

For some unknown reason, DHS has procured 2717 of these vehicles for use within our borders.  The report I saw indicated that these were Army vehicles, made surplus by the drawdown in the wars.  Each vehicle was refurbished and reequipped for domestic use - at an unreported cost per vehicle (probably in the 6 figure range per vehicle). 

(It is possible that these were new build units, purchased from the manufacturer, but the reports I've seen hint that they are ex-Army refurbs.  The reports don't come out and state this as fact, however.)

Why does civilian law enforcement INSIDE the United States need 2717 of these vehicles?  Why did we need to blow millions (maybe billions?) of our tax dollars on 'refurbing' these?  Why are we going to spend millions more operating and maintaining them? 

What are they going to be used for?

There are a few light armored vehicles assigned to large law enforcement agencies around the country currently.  In a few occasions, they are used in violent situations to protect or rescue officers or civilians.  For the most part, however, they collect dust, cost a bunch of money, and are used for props to show how badass the local Sheriff is. 

These MRAP vehicles will never be used outside of our borders against our enemies.  They will never be used to defend our borders - no one is shooting anti-tank rockets across the border at our agents, and no one (yet) is planting mines on our side of the border trying to blow up agents. 

So, who is the enemy these will be used against?  What threat is DHS addressing by spending our money on these?

Maybe the same enemy DHS is addressing by stocking up on over 1.5 billion pistol rounds?  The same enemy DHS is confronting by attempting to buy up every assault rifle that is being produced and will be produced for years?  The same enemy DHS is cowering by buying hundreds of millions of rounds of .223 rifle ammunition?  Could they be preparing for the civil unrest that IS going to result eventually if Obama's rape of our country doesn't stop?

Great ... Obama's DHS is using our money to arm itself against US!

Oh ... and for the eco-kooks out there - this vehicle gets an awesome 7mpg.  It's empty weight is 19 tons.  How's that for Obama's commitment to green?