Monday, June 22, 2009

Why is Our Government Not Doing Something About This?

This nice looking young lady is Neda Soltan, a 26 year old Iranian woman. Neda was participating in one of the protests in Iran this past Saturday, when she was murdered by government forces. Her picture, and graphic pictures of her demise, are flooding the internet. I will not show them here - they are too graphic and disturbing. Suffice it to say she was shot in the left eye at close range, and died immediately.

What is happening in Iran right now is incredible. The vast majority of the people want to be out from under the rule of the religious fanatics and their puppets. They are fighting for their freedom. It is a wonderful chance to have this radical theocracy dethroned, and their threat to the world (in particular the US and Isreal) vanquished. Our country, the leader of the free world, ought to be doing something to help.

Instead, we have Obama and his left wing goofs. They can't figure out what to do. It took them days to release a simple statement calling for the violence to end. Wow, I bet that really rattled Ahmadinejad's cage. He and Hillary just won't come out and do anything to help these people.

Obama has put himself in a corner, with his stupid 'reach out to Muslims' speech in Egypt. He doesn't want to take any stance in the uprising, because he doesn't want to anger his new 'friends' in the Iranian government. He wants to be the neutral diplomat, and make nicey nice with whomever wins.

The Iraqis rose up against Hussein after the First Gulf War. Bush 41 and Clinton screwed up by not helping them - letting Hussein murder them and put down the uprising. Look at what happened, and where we are now because of it. We're about to make the same mistake with Iran. What will be the consequences, what will Iran look like 10 years from now if we don't help?

Rest in Peace, Neda. The thoughts and prayers of many Americans are with you and your cause, even if our government isn't.

Update - Yesterday, June 23, Obama held a news conference to make a statement to address the situation. He used some tough diplomatic words, and promised consequences. Fine. That should have been your first statement on the subject days ago. By waiting until now, it appears correctly so, that you're just saying it to blunt the torrents of criticism you've gotten from your lack of action.

When pressed by the press corps to define 'consequences', Obama got visibly upset with the reporter, cutting him off, stating he had answered the question. He then made his most telling statement to date ... "We don't know yet how this thing is going to play out" ... a window into his soul. He's going to wait until a victor emerges before he commits himself to anything. Sit on the sideline and then play nicey nice with whoever wins.

Obama's primary concern with what is going on in Iran is that it makes him look bad. In His mind, the overtures of 'friendship' he has made to the radical Islamists should be enough to make them throw down their arms and dance around the campfire with him. The fact that one of the primary targets of his overtures is doing this (Iran) after he tried to embrace them really pisses him off.

Mark Davis, conservative rado talk show host in the DFW area, has an excellent Op Ed in the Dallas Morning News this morning on the situation ... well worth the read if you have the time ...


Kath said...

I think it would be nice to say that there is some diplomacy that must take places behind the scenes, that we may never know about such efforts that are being made.

That's what it would be nice to say. Sorry, I don't have enough faith to believe that that is happening right now.

I think you're right, seems the position is "not saying anything means you also don't say the wrong thing and hurt somebody's feelings", but silence can be just as bad. And just as hurtful.

67Cougar said...

I wouldn't be surprised if there are covert efforts underway to help the freedom movement, efforts that predate Obama's coronation. We may never know for sure, and the public certainly doesn't need to know about them while they are ongoing (if they are ongoing).

The problem isn't just Obama - it's the whole freaking world, except for Isreal. Isreal's government is the only one I've heard actually come out and say something meaningful. No one is saying anything about this. Where is the UN (well, we know the answer to that).

The whole world fights amongst themselves to be the first upon the 'hate America, Gitmo sucks' bandwagon, but here you have a revolution in the making, one that would get rid of one of the most hated, most feared bunch of radicals in the world, and NO ONE is doing anything about it.