Sunday, July 31, 2011

Way to Man Up, Cowgirls!

Rob Ryan, Defensive Coordinator of the Dallas Cowboys, stirred up a controvery this week. In response to the hated Philly Iggles signing some top rated players recently, Ryan (without specifically naming the Iggles) stated to the press that the Cowboys would beat the asses of the 'All Hype' team.

Everyone in the Cowboys organization, from the owner on down, have distanced themselves from that comment. Apparently in this new post lockout NFL, you are not actually allowed to say anything that might possibly be misinterpreted as a slight/insult/inflammatory comment towards any of your competitors.

Rob and his brother Rex (head coach of the Jets) are loud mouthed, opinionated, honest to a fault, in your face competitors. These twins are the sons of ex-coach Buddy Ryan, one of the most hated, reviled competitors the Cowboys ever faced. They are very much their father's sons. The things that make them hated if they are against you are what make you love them if they are on your side.

The Cowgirls need some attitude. They sucked last year, in large part because of a 'who gives a shit' cupcake attitude that started with their head coach. Now they've got someone with a proper 'football attitude', and they're acting as if he is a leper.

I want to see more of this. I want to see more of the attitudes from the glory days, where Cowboys hated Iggles, hated Redskins, hated Gignats. By God, this is supposed to be football, where you are trying to destroy the other team physically, and then score points to win. It is not supposed to be playing tea party, with pink tutus and pinkys extended while sitting across the table from your enemy.

Photo credit AP

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Where Is The Gay Pride Outrage At This?

Check out this clip from yesterday on MSNBC. Some show I've never heard of, with a bunch of left wing goofballs I've never heard of mouthing off. It's a long clip, but the area of interest is around the 3:45 mark - if you want to skip all the unintelligible garbage ...

The subject at that point of the discussion ends up as Grover Norquist, a Republican power broker and an influential member of the Washington establishment. Keep a sharp ear out for how talking head 'Jimmy Williams' describes Norquist and Newt Gingrich.

Butt Buddies????

That is a derogatory slur, intended to equate Norquist and Gingrich as gay lovers. It is disgusting, it is vile, and it is homophobic. And, it comes out of the mouth of a far left wing kook on a far left wing kook network.

Where is the outrage from the Gay and Lesbian communities? Why isn't GLAAD screaming bloody murder for this man's termination and sanctions against MSNBC?

If this had been Karl Rove and another conservative speaking on Bill O'Reilly's show, talking about Harry Reid and David Axelrod, and they had called them 'butt buddies' on air, can you imagine what the fallout would be? It would be headlines, and Obama himself would be out front and center demanding retribution.

Another shining example of main stream media's double standard. Pathetic ...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Republican Hero of the Day

Meet. Rep Mo Brooks(R-AL)

Rep. Brooks delivers the best bitch slap smackdown I've seen in a long time to MSNBC bubblehead know-it-all Contessa Brewer on live TV. Ms. Brewer was attempting, in a snotty smart-assed way, to educate Rep. Brooks on the intracies of our economic situation. She is such an airhead that she doesn't even realize she's been cut off at the knees ...

Rep. Brooks graduated from Duke University in 3 years, with dual degrees in political science and ecomonics (highest available honors in economics). He got his law degree from the University of Alabama.

Ms. Brewer has a broadcast journalism degree from Syracuse University, and something called a Certificate of Contemporary Europe for studying politics at some instutution in Strasbourg, France - according to her official MSNBC bio page.

Take that, Beeotch!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Hey HIllary - Why Don't You Tell Your Boss This?

Visiting Greece, Secretary of State Hillary emphasized the United States' strong support for the Greek government's tough new austerity measures, adopted to try and keep the country from completely falling apart financially.

Clinton said that Greece can rely upon unequivocal US support in its efforts to emerge from a debt crisis that has rattled the world's economy.

"We stand by the people and government of Greece as you put your country back on the path to economic stability and prosperity."

She praised the government for its determination to impose a large number of tough measures meant to curb the country's out of control spending and borrowing.

Wise words. One might ask, why isn't she saying them to her boss?

How Ecologically Friendly Are Electric Cars?

As I sat in traffic over the weekend, wondering why I wasn't seeing thousands of Obama Motors' Dolts surrounding my evil fossil fuel burning full sized FORD F-150, this thought came wandering by.

What happens to the batteries that will be put in all of these electric cars?

So, a little research;

The Volt (Dolt) carries a 435lb lithium ion battery.

The battery, with a full charge, is projected to be good for 40 miles worth of travel before it must be recharged.

The battery must be recharged at a power station. Unlike a hybrid, the car does not charge itself while in motion.

Publicly accessible power stations are being started for free, to set the hook. Later, they will require a pre-paid card to purchase charging time. I have seen estimates that these charges will be in the neighborhood of $100 a month.

GM projects the life of the battery to be 10 years, IF the vehicle is located in a moderate climate. Extreme heat or cold are very likely to shorten the life.

GM's warranty on the battery is 8 years, or 100,000 miles. (Trust me, with only a 40 mile range on a full charge, 8 years is going to happen a lot sooner than 100K miles!)

GM projects that after 8 years, the battery will only be able to hold 80% of the charge it will hold when new. That means that after 8 years, if everything is working perfectly, the range on the Dolt will be down to 32 miles.

GM has not published a replacement cost for the battery. Industry analysts have estimated it will cost around 10 thousand dollars to buy a new battery.

What happenes to the old batteries? 435 pounds of lithium battery is a lot of hazardous waste! Due to the cheapness of lithium, there is no profitable market for recycling the material. There is only one large scale recycling company for this material in the entire world! Small scale recyling (cell phone batteries, etc.) is subsidized by the government because there is no profit in it. Industry analysts are predicting it will be 30 years before large scale lithium recycling infrastructure will be available to take care of all the dead batteries that will be discarded - and then ONLY if the price of new, raw lithium experiences a large increase. So, where is all that toxic waste going to go?

When you couple all of this with the fact that the taxpayer is subsidizing approximately 10,000 dollars of the cost of every Dolt sold, you really have to ask yourself why this piece of shit is being pushed so hard. The reason - Obama's name is on it.

US Army Team Wins In NASCAR

Ryan Newman sat on the pole for this past Sunday's NASCAR race at Louden, NH. He went on to win the race. The is the first race win for the team with US Army sponsorship, since the Army joined Stewart-Haas racing (the #39 did win another race last year, but it was carrying a different sponsor's scheme that night).

Not only did Newman start first and finish first, his team owner/teammate Tony Stewart started second and finished second in the #14 car. Quite a unique feat.

Congratulations, Rocket Man!

How Economically Friendly Are Electric Cars?

According to Mr. Obama, emerging green technologies are the key to America's economic future. Bazillions of new jobs are going to be created in the green sector. He states it as fact, one that we can bank on.

Green Vehicles, a startup company located in Salinas CA, was touted as one of these wonder companies, due to create 70 jobs and contribute $700,000 in taxes per year to the local economy, while building Obama's perfect vision of an electric car.

Green Vehicles was given $540,000 in startup money by the city.

Green Vehicles shut its doors unexpectedly, with the owner sending out an email to make the announcement. All of the money is apparently gone, in spite of its owners statement over a year ago that they had vehicles ready for sale and delivery.

Wow, isn't that special?

My personal opinion is that any company that buillds something this ugly deserves to go belly up!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Obama Moonlighting for North Korea?

North Korea's women's soccer team participated in the World Cup this year. They were eliminated after the group stage, having not performed very well. The US team beat them in the opening match, 2-0. After the match, the North Korean coach came out with an astonishing statement, saying the reason for the loss was the fact his team had been struck by lightning a month before during training. 5 players had to be hospitalized. The doctors had forbid them from playing, but in the heroic communist way, they went ahead and played. Of course, none of this could be verified by anyone.

It has now come to light that 5 North Korean players tested positive for banned steroids during the competition. North Korean has come out and explained that this was an unexpected result of the treatment the women received for their lightning injuries - treatment that consisted of medicine made from musk deer glands.

This is so ludicrous, it is comical. What is even funnier is that FIFA, the sport's governing body, has announced that it has accepted that explanation. It really doesn't matter - any penalty imposed by FIFA wouldn't amount to anything, and the players involved (maybe the whole team?) are likely going to vanish in a forced labor camp for losing in the first place.

When I saw the bit about the steroids, the first thought I had was what speech writer from Obama's regime wrote that excuse for their good buddy Kim? The willing suspension of disbelief we are being asked to undertake in listening to that statement is exactly what we are asked to do when Obama's crew tries to explain how his economic policies are helping the country.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Facebook Addicts - Pathetic

Wife and Daughter units are going to hate me for this one ...

Facebook is an evil left wing plot to brainwash and control the entire world's population. I really don't see any other reason for it.

How bad is Facebook Addiction?

There are tons of services who offer to sell you Facebook buddies or friends. Yes - you can buy instant, manufactured popularity. Some of them even guarantee those 'people' will be real.

The internet firm Usocial, for instance, will sell you 5000 Facebook buddies for $654. For fans of Facebook Fans, you can buy 10,000 of those for $1167. This is really pathetic - not that there are services doing this, but that there are enough pathetic examples of humanity out there who feel a need for the services to make them profitable.

The flipside of this is companies who buy facebook contacts in order to target marketing efforts to those unfortunate people. Think your information on Facebook belongs to you? Not a chance, you naieve dunce. Once you enter your information into those pages, it is property of the INTERNET.

Southpark has an episode from last year, I believe, that is perfect for this. If you haven't seen the Facebook/Tron episode, take a look - it's a hilarious spoof on this pitiful problem.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Serves Congress Right!

Everyone's heard about Roger Clemons, Steroids, and Congress.

The judge presiding over Clemon's perjury trial declared a mistrial on Day 2. The prosecution ignored the judge's order, and presented evidence to the jury that had been ruled inadmissable. This was either gross incompletence on the prosecutor's part, or they did it on purpose to end this sham of a trial. I don't know which ... we'll see when the government decides whether to retry the Rocket.

I don't know if Clemons did steroids or not. Probably so, given what we've heard. I don't care. It's up to MLB to deal with this, if they care to. It's up to the appropriate law enforcement agencies to file charges against Clemons if he is accused of anything specifically illegal involving steroids.

My question is why the hell was Congress involved?

The answer is the Spanish Inquisition mentality that Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA) took with his precious committee chairmanship, given to him by Nancy Pelosi after Dems took control of Congress in 2006. Waxman went through a laundry list of people and organizations he wanted to attack, and he used his position and committee to do it with.

His tactic was to drag people in to testify on a given subject, and then try to trap the poor suckers into saying something wrong. First thing you know, the 'criminal' is being hauled up on perjury charges for lying to Congress. Didn't matter if the subject was actually accused of committing a crime, Waxman worked them around into a position where he could charge them.

All Waxman did was cause a lot of people trouble, and waste a lot of Congress' time and taxpayer's money carrying out his personal vendettas. It was a gross abuse of power, and a textbook example of official oppression. He ought to be hauled in front of a judge and jury, and found guilty of stealing from the American public.

How many millions of our dollars have been wasted on this? Three years of investigations, 100 law enforcement officers involved, ruining a man's finances and reputation ... and for what? So the Waxman Inquisition can hang a skin on his wall?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

This Man Has No Shame

Barack Obama rolled out the tried and true Democrat scare tactic today in reference to the debt ceiling debate. During an interview, he suggested that Social Security checks won't go out if a deal is not reached.

The Federal Government will not be 'broke' and unable to write checks if a deal is not reached.

The Federal Government will collect over $220 billion in revenue in August to operate with.

Obama and Tim Geithner have control over what gets paid, in what order, if there is a 'shortfall'. The only way the US would default on debt is if these two decide to spend money on other things first.

The only way Social Security or other entitlement payments will not go out is if Obama and Geithner specifically decide to not send them. If seniors do indeed not receive their checks at the end of August, it is no one but Obama's fault. I would not put it past him - he could decide to pay his union 'dues', pet projects, payoffs, and payments to ACORN and Planned Parenthood first, and then claim he doesn't have money for Social Security (and then try to blame Republicans).

There is more than enough money to operate the Federal Government if a deal is not reached. It would require cutting back on some spending that shouldn't be happening anyway, but that is not a bad thing.

It is an amazing thing when the President of the United States looks into the camera and tells a bold faced lie to the American People, for the express purpose of scoring political points. I guess we should be used to it with Obama by now. I've gotten to the point that if he said the sky was blue, I would question my own eyes if they agreed with him.

You would think that seniors would wise up and realize this tactic for what it is. Democrats have been lying through their teeth for decades about Republican plans to have seniors dying in the streets. You would think that organizations like AARP would call them on the lies, expose the tactic for what it is. Unfortunately, AARP's leadership is in bed with Democrats, and are actively helping them in continuing this scam.

Democrats, Obama, Pelosi, and Reid in particular, have no shame when it comes to lying to the public to get what they want. People in the middle and on the left need to wake up and look at them objectively. They need to wake up and see what sorry excuses for oxygen thieves they have leading them.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

For All You Soccer Haters Out There

Hope Solo, US Goalkeeper, diving to block away a Brazilian PK at the end of the game. This block delivered the US victory. Solo had major reconstructive surgery on her right shoulder 9 months ago, and has difficulty raising that arm abouve shoulder level. However, she fought through the pain, hampered by several hard hits on that shoulder during the game, to make several outstanding plays, including this clincher.

The US Women's National Team beat Brazil in the quarterfinals of the Women's World Cup today. It was one of the most dramatic games, of any sport, in history.

The game went full time (90 minutes), then through full overtime (30 minutes), and into penalty kicks before it was decided. The US played the last 55 minutes of the game with only 10 players, due to a questionable officiating decision. The US was prevented from winning in regulation due to another questionable officiating decision. The US went down 2-1 in overtime, again due to a questionable officiating decision. The US tied the game on an Abby Wambach header in the second minute of stoppage time after the second overtime period, after full time. The official stats will show the goal scored in the 122nd minute, making it the latest goal ever scored in World Cup competition. If you add up all the stoppage times, the goal actually took place in the 130th minute (but that is not the 'official' time).

Abby Wambach (20) heading in the ball in the 122nd minute. The crossing pass came from Megan Rapinoe - a 40 yard kick hit on the dead run, off her left foot (she's a right footed player), that would have not connected had it been 12 inches off in any direction when it reached Abby. And they call a US football kicker accurate if he can get it between goal posts from 40 yards!

The US took the match in a penalty kick shootout, 5 goals to 3.

Brazil is the #2 ranked team in the world. The US is ranked #1

The game should be an embarrassment to FIFA. The officiating was horrendous. Bad calls went against both teams, but were more detrimental to the US side. To have that kind of performance from an officiating crew at this level of competition was pathetic.

The only thing that keeps this from being the greatest game in women's soccer history is that it took place in the quarterfinals. The US team's penalty kick victory over China in 1999 to win the World Cup that year still ranks as the best, simply because it was for the title. BTW - that 1999 game was played 12 years ago to the day.

I am a fan of women's soccer, courtesy of my daughter's involvement in the sport - so my perspective is not totally neutral. That being said, this was an incredible game! I have not been as excited about a sporting event as it happened since that 1999 World Cup final - any sporting event!

This game will be remembered by fans of women's soccer in the same breath as that 1999 victory. However, it will not be treated as highly as it should by others. If a gutsy, dramatic, long, exhausting, thrilling, decided in the last second game had happened in baseball, or pro football, or college football, it would be immortalized in sports lore as one of the greatest events in sports history.

These women really should be recognized for their accomplishment, and for the outstanding way they represent our country in international competition.

A postscript - These women wrap themselves in our flag when they play as our team. They train year round. They play dozens of games as preparation for the Olympics and the World Cup, where they represent us. Most of them play professional soccer, albeit for very small salaries when compared with other pro sports. Very few of them get endorsement deals. Very few of them have careers that last more than a few years. They leave their blood, sweat, tears, torn knee joints, broken ankles, torn groins, and ripped muscles out there on the field for nothing more than the honor of representing the United States.

All they ask in return is a little fan support, a little recognition.

Update - well, it didn't end the way we wanted it to. The US beat France to get to the final game, to face Japan. Japan won in a penalty kick shootout. Japan, who no one thought would make it to the playoffs of the tournament, much less the final. Japan, who had never defeated the US in women's soccer before.

Before the game, pundits were crowning the US, and hoping Japan at least put up a good game. After the game, pundits were declaring Japan the team of destiny, the team that fate watched over, the team who needed to win to give their country a lift post-tsunami. Maybe ...

My take is that the US lost because of poor accuracy (missing the goal on 12 scoring opportunities in the first half), poor defensive lapses that let Japan come from behind twice to tie the game, and very poor PK performance. (Note to US penalty kickers - kicking the ball 10 feet above the crossbar and lobbing hospital ball passes to the goalkeeper's midsection isn't going to score much.)

In the eyes of Japan and much of the rest of the world, this now becomes the most exciting game in World Cup history. You get to do that when you win. It relegates the US performance against Brazil to a footnote ... and that is a shame.

FIFA and neutral observers will be proud of the game, as they should. It was dramatic, exciting, fair, well played, and very well officiated. It was refreshing to watch a game that didn't feature players diving, playing dirty, and officials screwing up.

It hurts to be a US fan right now, but thank you ladies. It was a heck of a trip you took us on.
Photos courtesy Getty Images.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Justice Served, Texas Style

Texas executed Humberto Leal yesterday evening. He was pronounced dead at 6:21pm.

Leal was convicted of the brutal rape and murder of Adria Sauceda, a 16 year old San Antonio girl, in 1995. After raping the girl, he assaulted her sexually with a stick that had a long screw taped to the end of it. After he was done, he smashed her head in with a 30 pound piece of asphalt.

When he was arrested, he confessed to the crime. He has been on Death Row for 16 years. He has filed appeals and motions almost constantly during that time, citing every possible excuse - all of which have been denied.

His lawyers tried a last minute tactic to try and get not only a stay of execution, but attempting to get a pardon from Texas Governor Rick Perry. The Obama Administration jumped in, stating that the President had the right to interfere under international agreements. The UN stuck its nose into it. The Mexican Government tried to interfere.

Leal was an illegal immigrant. His parents entered the country illegally when he was 2 years old. As far as anyone knows, he had never returned to Mexico. When he was arrested, he reportedly produced a Texas driver's license as ID.

The 'outrage' over this execution was the fact that Leal was not told by the arresting officers that he should contact the Mexican Embassy after his arrest, for legal assistance and advice.

First - Why would the arresting officers presume that Leal was a foreign national? What reason would they have to - a Latino, in San Antonio, with a Texas ID? Indeed, if a Hispanic was asked his immigration status under Obama's Administration, there would be cries of horrendous persecution, discrimination, and racial profiling. So, the Obama gang's stance was that officers erred in 1995 for doing exactly what Obama demands they do today.

Second - the Mexican Government spits in the wind when they complain. They cared absolutely nothing about Leal, or any other illegal immigrants. This is simply a mechanism for them to act like they actually matter.

Third - the UN - an organization that has countries like Libya, Syria, and Iran sitting on human rights committees. Yeah, like they really give a crap about anything except living it up in New York on our money.

Where is the sympathy for the young girl and her family? Where is the acknowledgement that this man was found guilty, and had confessed to the crime. Where is the acknowledgement that he received proper legal council during and after his trial?

By the way ...

Leal's parting statements as the drugs were flowing included admitting to what he did (again), acknowledging the pain he has caused, and saying he was sorry for it all. His final words were "Viva Mexico". If he loved Mexico so much, why didn't he go back before he took the life of that young girl? Too bad he didn't ...

Good riddance, asshole.

Thank you Rick Perry, for ignoring the pressure from Obama and allowing justice to run its course.