Monday, August 30, 2010

I Told You ...

Wife and daughter units poopooh'd me earlier this year, when I predicted that HBO's True Blood would introduce space aliens into their Vampire plot lines before the end of the year. I told all of you as well. Yeah, right, he's just being sarcastic ....

Well, it has come to pass. Space Aliens have officially been introduced into True Blood, and this was witnessed by said wife and daughter units. The main heroine, Sookie, has turned out to be a space alien herself! Don't believe me? Check out one of the half dozen replays of the episode on the various HBO channels this week.

Respect My Authoritah!

Yeah, that's right ... this here is a Cajun Space Alien. I can't wait for Fox Mulder and Dana Scully to come running around the corner in the next episode!!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Left Lane Losers

The Great Republic of Texas has thousands of miles of highways in it. In the course of business and otherwise, I find myself on a lot of those miles. I am truly amazed at the number of complete idiots I encounter behind the wheel. I'm going to vent here about one particularly insidious type of idiot - the Left Lane Loser.

In Texas, the left lane of the highway is for passing. Indeed, if you are riding in the left lane and impeding traffic, you are breaking the law and can receive a citation, no matter what speed you are driving. In spite of this, there are people who insist on misusing the left lane. There are several subtypes of the Left Lane Loser:

1) Ma and Pa Kettle. Elderly folks who can barely see over the steering wheel, who insist on driving in the left lane. I don't know whether they are trying to relive their race driver past, or if they think they are safer in the left lane, but there they are - plodding along at 5mph below the speed limit, completely oblivious to their surroundings.

2) Eco-Nazi. Jerks in econo-boxes who drive right at the speed limit in the left lane, deliberately trying to force those around them to drive at the same speed. Whether they are trying to be a civilian traffic enforcer, or trying to make us all save gas by going slow, I don't know. I don't care.

3) The Baiter. This A*hole rides in the left lane at the speed limit, clogging up things. If you try to pass him on the right, he immediately speeds up just enough to keep you from passing him - then he slows back down. He will do his best to run you into other cars in the right lane, forcing you to slow and fall in behind him again. There is a special place in hell reserved for this guy.

4) The Cop. The police officer who rides in the left lane at the speed limit, creating a huge traffic jam behind him as all lanes try to slow down to keep from passking him. He's just sitting there, either screwing with the public, or trying to bait someone into moving ahead and earning themselves a ticket. There's a special jerk amongst these, the one who gradually slows down to 5-10mph under the speed limit, just to f*** with the civilian drivers.

5) Little Miss Cell Phone. Teenage girls, in the left lane, dialing their phones or texting their peeps, speeding up and slowing down, swerving all over the road as their attention is primarily on the tiny screen in their hand.

6) The Clunker. A vehicle that should be in a junkyard instead of on the street, putt putting along, belching blue smoke from the tail pipe and from the multiple cigarettes being smoked by the trailer trash inside. These folks apparently just want to be a pain in the ass to everyone else.

7) The Trucker. Truckers drive long hours, and they get bored. A favorite type of entertainment for them is to play a game where two trucks line up side by side doing the speed limit, backing up traffic in both lanes, mile after mile. Eventually they will tire, and the one in the left lane will speed up by 1/2mph, completing his pass of his buddy in about 5 miles.

and 8) The Jock. While technically an All Lane Loser, they are equally worth contempt. These are young men, typically black, driving high dollar cars, typically BMWs, typically painted black. They've got the front seats laid all the way back, cell phones glued to their ears, weaving in and out of all the lanes and both shoulders at 90-100mph no matter what the traffic conditions are. Why 'Jock'? Because there are usually fraternity or university license plate brackets on the cars. All evidence points to this being a college football player - a star who's been given the keys to this car by a booster or the coaching staff as a perk. You see a lot of these around the Austin area, for some reason .....

You know, I am not the fastest driver on the road, although I confess that my highway speeds are usually a bit over the limit. However, people that fall into the above categories are oxygen thieves. They should be forbidden from driving anything. I confess that I do take pleasure in causing these idiots some discomfort occasionally as they interfere with my drive.

Left Lane Losers ... Left Wing Losers ... some synergy there ....

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Obama's Brownshirts - Eric Holder and the DoJ

Remember how the Democrats screamed bloody murder over Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez, President Bush, and the firings of those 9 DoJ lawyers (which was completely legal and precedented, by the way)? Remember the Democrat battle cry - that the Department of Justice can not become a political arm of the White House ... the DoJ has to remain independent of politics ... how using the DoJ for a political agenda is a criminal offense?

Judge Royce Lamberth, of the US District Court for theDistrict of Columbia, issued a temporary injunction against federal funding for embryonic stem cell research. The injunction was granted to halt distribution of federal funding for this research until a lawsuit has been settled. The suit was brought by researchers who use adult stem cells for their research, saying that Federal funding for embryonic research only hurts their business and ability to conduct research. The injunction is not based on, nor does it comment on, the ethical arguments involved in embryonic stem cell research.

Obama's DoJ immediately jumped up and stated it was filing suit to block the injunction.

Now, the Department of Justice is there to investigate and prosecute violations of the law - right?

What the hell business does the DoJ have filing suit against a court ruling that has absolutely nothing to do with the law, or breaking of the law? The answer is NONE - it has no business and no reason to be involved in this, much less filing a lawsuit and spending taxpayer dollars pursuing it. This has nothing to do with the merits of the injunction or the lawsuit that triggered it - it has to do with whether the DoJ has way overstepped its bounds.

This is a blatant use of the DoJ to push a political agenda. Embryonic stem cell research and its federal funding is a favorite cause of the political left. There is no legal issue for the DoJ to be involved in here. No legitimate reason at all for them to be involved. They are operating as Obama's political police force - being used to force political agendas upon us.

So far, I have seen no comment from anyone at DoJ explaining why they are involved in this.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Quick Primer On Solving The Current Recession

I found an excellent article in the Op-Ed section of the local paper today. Guy Sorman, author of "Economics Does Not Lie", lays out in a few paragraphs what the underlying causes of the recession are, how the time tested method of getting out of a recession is being ignored by the current Administration, and how the Obama Administration is making the recession much worse through their policies.

Worth the read, if you are interested in the subject ...

The Financial Crisis Seen Through Free-Market Eyes

Friday, August 13, 2010

Impeach This Man - Right Now!

OK, Obama has done damn near everything he can to destroy this country, but this is the last straw.
On Friday evening Obama, without equivocation, announced his support for the building of the Ground Zero mosque.

The announcement was made to guests at a White House dinner celebrating the beginning of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

I am stunned ...

Update - Obama was in full damage control today, as he has realized what a goof he made in making those comments. He's trying to clarify the comments, his spokesman trying to frame his words into what they weren't. It ain't gonna work ...

I've seen all kinds of lame bullshit out there on the right of the Muslims to build on that place. Here is an analogy.

In 1950, would President Truman have supported the building of a Japanese shrine dedicated to their Emperor directly across the harbor from the wreckage of the USS Arizona?

Update 8/17 - Obama and his spokesmen have been scrambling since Saturday to try and put into place some damage control. The public outcry abut his comments has been loud, and overwhelmingly negative. He knows he stepped in it, and is trying to lie his way back out.

Harry Reid came out with a written statement, declaring that while he was a supporter of religious freedom, the mosque should be built elsewhere. This is exactly what Obama should have said Friday. It is instructive that Reid's statement was a written press release, rather than live comments from him. His statement was no doubt written by one of his speech writers, and cleared through his staff to make sure it made him look good. I don't know if Reid truly believes his own statement - but I admit that it is exactly the right statement for anyone to have made on the subject. I will grudgingly admit that Sen. Reid did good on this one.

It has come out that a Greek Orthodox Chruch, destroyed in the 9/11 attack, has been denied permission to rebuild by the same NY commission that approved the mosque being built. This is truly outrageous. Here's the story:

How many of you have heard that the mosque complex is to be called 'Cordoba House'? Folks, do a google search on Cordoba, Muslim, and Spain, and see what you get. The name Cordoba has very significant meaning in the Muslim world. It is a symbol of Islam's victory over Christianity in old Europe. I'm not going to give you a history lesson here, but if you want to know ...

The selection of Cordoba for the name is by no accident. It does not represent the bringing together of Islam and other faiths. It represents the victory of Islam over other faiths. Putting that name on the Ground Zero Mosque should tell everyone all they need to know about what it's actual purpose is.

Update 8/18 - I am in awe of the gall of the far left in this country. All of the Democrat talking heads are framing this to be about Republican intolerance of religion. Imagine that - the far left, who hate Christianity, who hate Judaism, who hate Mormons (and who seem to hate every organized religion except Islam) are trying to lecture the Right on religious intolerance. Amazing ...

They are missing, on purpose, the fundamental issue ... very few people in this country dispute the right of this mosque to be built. Very few people want to prevent a mosque from being built. The vast majority of people just want it to be built somewhere else.

The Democrats are desperately trying to shift the focus off Obama sticking both of his feet in his mouth on this. They can't afford this to be a campaign issue in November - so they are lying and misprepresenting anythying they can to try and shift the public's focus away from the truth.

As iterrated in the comments, Nancy Pelosi has stated she wishes to start Congressional investigations into who is behind the 'organized resistance' to the mosque. Apparently in her world, no one is allowed to voice an opinion that is contrary to her own. No word on whether she will target Harry Reid as part of the investigation. Her twisted, sick mind is convinced that it has to be a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy - hatched and run from the EIB offices at George Bush's direction ...

As a curious side note ... anyone notice how neither of the Clintons have been heard from on this? Some things just make you want to go ... hmmmmmmmm ....

8/22 Update - this just won't go away ....

Have heard that several union labor leaders in NYC have come out and stated that they will not work on the Ground Zero mosque, if it is built in that locaiton. Good for them!

The far left is still trying to frame this as a religious freedom issue. Even though it is a ridiculous claim, for some reason they just have to take a stance that is contrary to what the majority of Americans feel. I wonder if Obama and Pelosi realize just how stupid they appear when they try to fall back on that argument?

David Patterson, NY's Democrat Governor, has tried to step in and meet with the mosque representatives to talk about moving their chosen site. So far, they have refused to meet with him. However, reports are surfacing that such meetings may indeed take place this coming week - whether they will involve the Governor or not, I don't know.

Angry demonstrations took place today in NYC near Ground Zero, between folks who don't want it built there, and a bunch of other folks. I wonder if those 'others' have any idea what they are really protesting - or are they just typical far left liberals who need a 'cause of the week' to go out and make asses of themselves for.

Mark Davis, local conservative talk show dude here in the DFW area, has a great Op-Ed in today's Dallas Morning News about all of this. It's worth the read ....

If the people behind the mosque really want to heal wounds, as they say, they will graciously back off and select another location. If they don't that should be a clear sign to everyone what their true intentions are.

Cat In The Hat ... Back At The Track

Jack Roush, NASCAR team owner, was present at the Michigan International Speedway today, to watch his 4 Ford teams qualify for Sunday's race. It was the first time at the track since his July 28 accident. He suffered a hard landing while flying his jet into Oshkosh for the annual EAA airshow. He suffered what were termed severe facial injuries. Video clips showing him being led out of the aircraft's wreckage showed the left side of his face a bloody mess.

Information that surfaced today indicates that Mr. Roush lost his left eye in the accident.

Jack Roush is a legend in motorsports, and God on Wheels for Ford fans. He is an avid aviation buff as well as a genuine gearhead. He owns a P-51D Mustang, and builds the famous Roush aftermarket conversion Mustangs.

Best wishes to Jack ...

Monday, August 9, 2010

Have A Tissue Handy ...

Courtesy of the US Army, via Jawa Report, via Outlaw13 ...

Friday, August 6, 2010

War Movies That Don't Suck - Cheap!

20th Century Fox is releasing 4 movie DVD sets as part of its 75th Anniversary. Two sets caught my eye, and were purchased ...

One set has 'The Blue Max", "The Desert Fox", "Immortal Sergeant", and "Sink the Bismark". The other set has "The Desert Rats", "Twelve O'Clock High", "Von Ryan's Express", and "The Young Lions". The sets were only $10 each - I found these at my local Target.

A real cheap way to get hold of some really good war movies ....

Finally .... A Vampire Movie That Doesn't Suck


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ground Zero Mosque

I've held my words on the Ground Zero Mosque debate ... until now.

I find it amazing that some Americans are stupid/naive/oblivious to what this mosque means. To hear the mayor of New York stand up and fight for this mosque to be built is absolutely amazing. This attitude of 'if we love them, they'll love us back' is the same stupid head-in-the-sand mentality that allowed 9/11 to happen in the first place.

For anyone stupid enough to believe that the purpose of this mosque is peace and harmony between Muslims and the City of New York, here's a dose of reality ...

The mosque, to be built two blocks away from Ground Zero, is a blatant statement from the radical Muslim community that 'we won'. The Imam who is to run it has made multiple anti-American statements in the past, refuses to denounce Islamic terrorists, and refuses to disclose where the financing for this multi-hundred million dollar building is to come from. A thirteen story golden domed building in this location sends a message to the world 'look what we did'.

This mosque will instantly become a rallying point for radical Islam all across the world. How many of you remember drawings of the twin towers crashing down drawn by Muslim school children in celebration of the attack? How many millions of kids were taught about the supremacy of Islam, and death to the Infidel using the Twin Towers as THE example? How many thousands of terrorists worldwide have been emboldened by the images of the Towers falling?

Now, they will have a photo of the Towers falling on their wall, and right next to it will be a photo of this very impressive looking mosque being built on the site of radical Islam's greatest victory.

This mosque isn't about healing the wounds of 9/11. I don't care what anyone says trying to put forth that garbage. Either they are stupid, or they are lying. The mosque is to give radical Islam a touchable, undeniable symbol of victory against the infidel.

This mosque could be built anywhere. From what I have heard, there are over 100 mosques inside NYC - there are no shortages of places for Muslims to worship. Even if there were shortages, there are hundreds of locations around NYC that this could be built. 'Moderate' Muslims have fallen for the premise that this is an outreach to America.

The thing that pisses me off more than the mosque and the attitude of the mayor of NY is the reaction of the White House. Self proclaimed Greatest Presidential Spokesman in History Robert Gibbs responding today to the question of how the President felt about the mosque, said (with a straight face) that it was beneath the White House to get involved in a local issue. In other words, the President is scared to death to make any kind of statement. He can't be in favor of the mosque, or he loses more credibility with the American people. He can't come out against it, for he is supposed to be the 'great friend' of Muslims worldwide - and can't offend them. So, he shows his yellow streak and hides from the issue.

This issue pisses me off to a level that not much can. As an everyday American, I am offended. I can't imagine how infuriated the victims and families of the those murdered on 9/11 feel about it. How badly does this hurt the thousands of our military who have fought over the past decade to keep us safe from this threat? How hurtful is it to the families of those military members who have sacrificed their lives in the fight?

It is unbelievable that this building is even being considered.