Wednesday, February 29, 2012

48 Haters Rejoice!

All of you Jimmy Johnson/Chad Knaus/Lowe's/#48 haters out there rejoice! Daytona has put a big bitch slap on the Hendrick team.

Getting busted for rules violations before the car even made it onto the track started things.

A 42nd place finish after a Lap 2 crash in the 500 itself (thank you Elliott Sadler for your sacrifice for the anti-Johnson movement!) was sweet.

A 6 race suspension and a $100,000 fine for Knaus announced by NASCAR today for illegal C pillars on the car is icing on the cake. The 48 Team and Johnson were docked 25 points for the infraction, which combined with his 42nd place finish means he has to finish 20th or better at Phoenix this week just to get back to ZERO points!

Most Excellent!

BTW - a FORD WON the race!!!!!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Obama Getting Ready To Shaft Military, Retirees

Part of the Pentagon's current $487 billion budget slash includes a push by the Obama Administration to radically increase what members of our military and military retirees pay for medical coverage.

Retirees are to be hit by massive increases in what they pay for what is called TriCare coverage. A 'means' scale is to be implemented, so that higher ranking retirees will see a larger increase than lower ranks will. An example I saw showed a retired Colonel, currently paying about $460 per year for TriCare health coverage for his family, will end up paying over $2000 for a lower level of coverage. Folks still serving in the military will see their benefits cut, resulting in much more out of pociet to cover health expenses. Increases of up to 345% can be expected for certain retirees.

This is if the budget cuts are held to the current $487 billion. If the stalled work of the Super Committee indeed fails in the end, and the military cuts jump to over a trillion, it is hard to imagine what will happen to our military as a whole - much less just the benefits and cutbacks we are seeing planned for now.

Publicly, this is supposed to be part of the budget cutting process. Privately, Obama Administration thugs have told people in the Pentagon that this move is intended to force military retirees out of Tri-Care and into government supplied Obamacare.

Implementation of this is not supposed to start until 2013, after Obama's recoronation - designed to hide the effects from as many people as possible until after the election - like the majority of Obamacare's insidious details.

Cuts like this have to be legislated, they cannot be mandated by His Highness himself. Congress must produce the legislation and pass it, then send it to Him for signature. One more reason it is imperative to maintain control of the House and take the Senate away from Reid's grubby hands in November.

Curiously, civilian defense employees and retirees, all Federal union members, are not to be affected by these increases. Being members of a Union, and expected to be Obama voters, they are protected.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

More Federal Fiscal Insanity - Obama's Re-Election Air Force

The United States Air Force has established two new aircraft squadrons to support Obama and his administration's travel needs during the campaign season.

Yes, you read that right.

The 305th and 306th Expeditionary Airlift Squadrons were activated as subordinate units of the 89th Airlift Wing on December 1.

The 305th will operate out of New Castle, DE, with 5 C-130H medium lift transport aircraft. 8 full sets of aircrew, 60 maintenance personnel, and 12 operations personnel are assigned.

The 306th will operate out of Andrews AFB, with 4 C-17 heavy lift transports. 7 sets of aircrew, 60 maintenance personnel, and 10 operations personnel will be assigned.

Operations for the two squadrons are to commence in April, and will run through the election. The aircraft and personnel will be released back to their original units after Nov. 2.

These aircraft and personnel are being made available to the President and his administration IN ADDITION to the normal access to all of the 89th's executive transports and the VC-25 jumbo jets usually used as Air Force One.

I have a question - WTF are these 9 aircraft and over 200 personnel going to be used for? Any place the President goes, the VC-25s already go with him. I'll tell you what I suspect - these additional aircraft will be used to rapidly move all his shit, hangers-on, and campaign contributors from campaign stop to campaign stop.

The aircraft are not available for use by the President's opposition or their party officials.

The people of the United States should be demanding a 'to the penny' accounting of the use of these aircraft and personnel. It is ridiculous in these times of budget cuts and military slashing to waste this incredible amount of money supporting partisan politics.

Full disclosure - this practice is not new. It was done in support of George W during his 2004 Presidential bid. Doesn't make it any more palatable. All of that money is being spent, as well as tying up USAF aircraft and personnel, for partisan political purposes - which is supposed to be illegal. Government expenditures made for a candidate's re-election bid are supposed to be re-imbursed to the government by the candidate or the party.

Update - I have received some nasty feedback about this post, from left wingers who are accusing me of making it up in order to raise false charges against their Dear Leader. Well, for you naysayers out there, here is a link to the official 89AW press release about the formation of these two squadrons. Take that and smoke it in your bong!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

All I've Got To Say About Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston. All I hear from the media is how tragic her loss is. The trash media outlets who slammed her for years for her drug use are now crying over how terrible a loss it is. The A and B list celebs who continued partying in her hotel even after it was known she had been found dead there - because it's the Grammys, and we've got to party. Hypocrits.

I have a different take. What is tragic is how she took a great God given talent and threw it away for the sake of getting and staying high. The waste is tragic - the death just pathetic.

Appeaser-in-Chief Strikes Again

A little reported gem popped out today in the background, as Leon Panetta tried to convince a very doubtful Congress that Obama's Pentagon budget cuts were appropriate and necessary.

Obama has directed the Pentagon to come up with a plan to cut American's nuclear arsenal by 80%. Yes, 80%.

This is not a cut from Cold War era level stockpiles, but from the current level (which has already been slashed by 40% of the inventory when Obama took office).

There is no deal with Russia or China for corresponding cuts. This is unilateral disarmament. This is Obama throwing our weapons away in the hopes of looking good to his kook fringe base, and our enemies around the world.

The man should be charged with treason.

Update - actual numbers have come out. Under the current nuclear arms treaty with the Soviet Union (according to Putin's wishes) allows us to have 1550 active inventory nuclear weapons. That includes nukes of all shapes and sizes and delivery methods.

Obama's announced target is to get us as low as 300.

A level that low has not been seen since the mid-50s, when we were just figuring out how to build the things in quantity.

There is absolutely no requirement under treaty for China, the Soviet Union, or anyone else to reduce their inventories by even 1.

Unhinged Lunatic Is One Of Obama's Good Buddies

This guy is a freaking Nazi (and I don't use that term lightly at all). Meet David Brock.

Mr. Brock runs Media Matters, an internet website that promotes iself as a media watchdog group. In reality, it is the front for a group of far left wing kooks who use the internet to spread hatred, personal attacks, and lies about anyone who doesn't agree with their view of the path to a Socialist utopia.

Mr. Brock has regular contact with the White House, face to face meetings and weekly conference calls to coordinate strategy. Media Matters is frequently used as a 'source' to validate 'news' reports for the mainstream media. Recently, an employee of MSNBC admitted publicly that almost all of their material for their prime time 'news' and opinion shows is provided by Media Matters.

Mr. Brock is such a looney tune that he employs armed bodyguards to protect him from what he describes as 'right wing sniper squads'. The man is completely off his rocker. His closeness to the Obama Administration and his mush-brained liberal internet followers make him a danger.

The Daily Caller has done a series of investigative reports on this lunatic, his ties to the White House, and blatant personal attacks on anyone who he disagrees with. I suggest a visit to their site to take a look at who Obama considers a valued ally in his fight for Sociaism.

Update - Fox News has obtained legal documents laying out a paymend Mr. Brock made to his former gay live in partner totalling $850,000. The money, according to court documents Brock filed at the time, was a blackmail payment. His 'friend' claimed to have information concerning Media Matters donors, payments, and tax dodging - all information Brock did not want in the hands of the IRS. The fact Brock paid out such a sum of money to keep the information away from the IRS would seem to indicate he's probably guilty of something serious.

No big deal for members of the kook left - just corrupt business as usual.

Monday, February 13, 2012

So, Samuel L. Jackson Is A Racist

Actor Samuel L. Jackson came out and admitted he voted for Obama in 2008 because he was (and remains) black.

Voting for or against someone simply because of their skin color is nothing but racism, isn't it? We've heard constant complaints for the past 3 years about how anyone who voted against Obama, or opposes his policies has to be a racist. It's a tired staple of the Democrat Party - anyone who stands in His way is racist.

So, Mr. Jackson comes out and says he did what thousands, if not millions, of other people did in 2008 - voted FOR Obama because of his skin color. That means they voted AGAINST McCain because he is white, right?

I don't hear the NAACP, or LULAC, or, or Obama Administration officials condemning Mr. Jackson for his racist comment. You don't hear much about it at all, do you?

Let me ask this ... if someone says they voted for McCain because he is white, they'd be branded an evil racist, wouldn't they? Of course, they would. If someone says they voted against Obama because he is black, they would be branded the worst kind of racist, equal to the old KKK members who burned crosses, wouldn't they? No question.

Mr. Jackson told the truth, which he should be commended for. He should be condemmed for the racist action itself. The fact he isn't being crucified in the mainstream media for this is completely expected, completely biased, and completely dispicable.

If you are a liberal minority, you can say anything you damn well please, no matter how racist or offensive it is.

Full disclosure - I respect Mr. Jackson for his craft, he is one of my favorite actors (no matter what color he is).

More full disclosure - I voted against Obama in 2008 because he is the closest thing to a Socialist ever to run for the office, and it was apparent even back then. I knew what was going to happen to our country, and wanted to prevent it. I'd have done so whether the man was black, white, brown, yellow, red, blue, green, pink, or purple with yellow polka-dots. His race doesn't matter, his politics and beliefs do!

Force Scores One For Us Old Farts

John Force won the Funny Car class at NHRA's season opening race in Pomona this past weekend. The 62 year old driver scored his 134th event victory by defeating his teammate, Mike Neff, in the final race.

The race also saw the first Funny Car event for his youngest daughter, Courtney, age 23. She won her first round race, before falling in the second round. Team Force had 4 Mustangs in the 16 car field.

For fans of the US Army, Tony Schumacher took The Sarge into the semi-finals. Not a bad start following last year's disappointing winless season.

NHRA has some interesting changes surfacing for this year. The biggest may be that the Top Fuel team of Al-Anabi Racing fired both of its drivers from last year, Del Worsham and Larry Dixon, both of whom were championship competitors. In their place are two newcomers - very puzzling. Worsham took a position as crew chief on a Funny Car, while Dixon is without a ride.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Want To Get Rid Of Obamacare?

Then here is what has to happen in this coming November's electtion:

Republicans MUST retain control of the House of Representatives. Expansion of their majority would be very helpful.

Republicans MUST take control of the Senate. If Democrats retain control, they can block any attempt by House Republicans to repeal Obamacare, or to even chip away at it.

The Republican candidate MUST win the White House. If Obama stays in office, he will veto any and all attempts to repeal or limit Obamacare, no matter what is decided in the House and Senate. Republicans will not have the majority necessarty to override his veto.

Even if Republicans take control of the triad, they MUST push through a repeal in the first year of the new administration. The longer Obamacare is allowed to be in place and grow, the more difficult it will be to get rid of.

If Republicans think they can sit around and wait to win the White House in 2016, then all hope of getting rid of Obamacare is lost. Any government program, no matter how hated, corrupt, or heinous it is, can't be gotten rid of once its beaurocracy weaves its tentacles through our government and our society. Obama and the Dems know this, and know all they have to do is fight a delaying action to make sure their crowning achievement in moving our country towards Socialsim will become permanent.

So, if Obamacare isn't gotten rid of by the end of 2013 or so, we are going to be stuck with it for the rest of our lives ... and our children's lives ... and their children's lives.

Jobless Number Shell Game - Updated

January's unemployment numbers are out, and Obama is claiming credit for an incredible decrease of the unemployment rate to 8.3%

According to Obama's Labor Department, about 225,000 jobs were added in January.

Also, slightly less than 800,000 NEW unemployment claims were filed during the month.

People who lost their jobs outnumbered people who found a job by almost 4 to 1 in January.

Yet, the unemployment rate dropped from 8.5 to 8.3. WTF?

WTF is just more lying by Obama. The unemployment rate is going down because he keeps redefining what 'unemployed' means.

According to Obama's numbers, there were 2.5 million fewer people defined as being in the work force in January than there were in December. That's how you get a decrease in the unemployment rate while job loss is still far outpacing job creation. Who are those 2.5 million people, and why are they suddenly not part of the labor force?

If you use the unemployment rate calculation that was in place when Obama took office and applied it to today's statistics, you would have an unemployment rate of well over 10%.

Obama and his cronies are just flat assed lying to us. It will continue. Their target is to get unemployment to 7.8% or lower before September - just in time to create big pre-election headlines. It doesn't matter what they have to do to make it happen. It doesn't matter what the reality of the situation is. They control the numbers, they feed the headlines to their mainstream media supporters (who refuse to question the numbers), and the American public is fed a shit sandwich of lies and deceit for the one and only purpose of getting reelected.


The Stupidity of the Komen Uproar

The amount of bullshit flying in relation to the Komen Foundation stopping further funding of Planned Parenthood is an instructive lesson in liberal-think.

The Komen Foundation is all about fighting breast cancer in women, isn't it? Everyone who wears a little pink ribbon thinks they are battling this disease. Everyone and every entity that donates to Komen thinks their dollars are going towards defeating this killer. Right?

How many of those folks and corporations have been surprised to find that a good deal of the money they have been giving has been diverted for other purposes? Specifically, a large amount has been given away to Planned Parenthood, a controversial organization that supports 'women's health matters'. Planned Parenthood, currently under Congressional investigation for misuse of taxpayer funds.

Planned Parenthood, deserved or not, is the face of abortion in this country. Its primary purpose is to provide no questions asked abortions to any woman or child who wants one, for any reason. It does so under the guise of 'reproductive health', or 'reproductive rights'. They apparently provide some other health services, but those are overshadowed by their hard liberal stance on abortion.

Folks who donate to Komen have a right to have their money go towards Komen's stated purpose - fighting breast cancer. From news reports, it has been a shock to many folks to find their Komen donations have been diverted to an organization they believe engages in wholesale killing of unborn children. Private donations to Komen have soared since this news broke, donations from people who are very happy that their dollars are no longer going to be, in their opinion, used for purposes they are fundamentally opposed to.

I have read that Komen's grants to Planned Parenthood were to cover breast examinations for poor women. I am under no illusions that Komen's money was limited to that purpose. More than likely it was dropped into PP's general operating funds, and used to support all of PPs activities - not just breast screenings. I have no evidence of that, except it is what PP is under investigation by Congress for, and multiple news investigations that found evidence of it.

Bottom line for me is this. No matter what your thoughts on abortion are, if you are giving to Komen you are entitled to KNOW that your money is going to fight breast cancer - and nothing else. If you want to support Planned Parenthood, either to support their overall services or specifically their abortion services, you are free to give them as much money as you want.

The liberal-think lesson in this is that liberals or liberal organizations, such as Planned Parenthood, think they are absolutely right. No opinion other than their own is allowed. And, even folks who disagree with them have to provide the funds they need to further their own agendas. Folks who disagree with them are villified.

Update - Before I could even post this, the cowards at Komen have caved. Their Board of Directors has reveresed itself, saying that they will continue to funnel their contributor's money to the Planned Parenthood abortion factories. They caved in to liberal outrage. They will continue to allow funds contributed to fight breast cancer to be used to provide abortions.

OK. They can do that. However, this is now out in the open. Komen contributors now know what's being done with their money. I venture the opinion that a good number of those donors aren't going to send Komen anymore contributions, because they don't want their money to be used to kill unborn children. Those contributors have that right.

Liberals are going to be howling in the streets over their victory for 'women's rights'. A very worthy charitable cause, Komen's fight against breast cancer, will take a huge hit, because of their stupid decision to give money to PP in the first place, and then caving in to the political pressure and reversing themselves.

Update II - PP President Cecile Richards stated that she is happy the flap with Komen is behind them. "The good news - the wonderful ending to this story - is that Komen and Planned Parenthood are here working together again," she stated at a PP awards luncheon in Dallas.

She is also happy at what she says is an outpouring of financial donations to PP from the general public since the flap occurred.

What she has refused to say, and what Komen officials have refused to say, is how future Komen donations to PP will be used. We keep seeing statements that Komen's donations allow free breast screenings for PP customers. If that is what the money is for, then I have no problem. If the money gets dumped into PP's general operating funds, where a portion of it will be directed towards providing abortion services, then I've got a real problem with that.

People and companies that donate to Komen have a right to know that their funds will be used for Komen's stated purpose - to fight breast cancer. If that money is being used for any other purpose then Komen and PP should publicly state that to its donors.

If the money was being strictly used for breast screenings, you can be sure that both PP and Komen would be loudly and publickly stating that. Since they are silent, and refuse to make that statement, Komen donors can reasonably infer that a portion of their money will be used by PP for other purposes, including providing abortions.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

On This Day ... Forwarded

From good friend Outlaw13, over at Threedonia, I'd like to share this:

"Feb. 2, 2007, I lost two friends and the nation lost two outstanding leaders and warriors. Rest in Peace, Keith and Jason, we'll never forget! Garyowen! See you at Fiddler's Green."

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sheriff Joe Biden Stops By For A Quick Robbery

Sheriff Joe stopped by the DFW area yesterday. He appeared at a Democrat fundraiser at the Ft. Worth downtown Hilton, where he pulled in a reported $150,000 for Democrat campaign coffers. And then he was off ...

According to news reports, this was the ONLY thing he did on his stop in this area.

Since he did nothing 'official' in his capacity as VP, nothing at all to do with discharing the duties of the office, he (or Democrat officials) are responsible for reimbursing the governments involved for the entire cost of his visit.

The cost of the aircraft that brought him. The cost of his attending staff. The cost of the security details, both Secret Service and local escorts. All of this, according to Federal law, should be reimbursed, because this was a partisan political event that had nothing to do with his duties as VP.

Normally such visits are combined with some stupid little official appearance, like at a school, so that the VP's party can avoid the reimbursement. In fact, it has become so commonplace to do that that I doubt anyone has been tagged with a reimbursement bill for many years. However, in this case Joe couldn't be bothered.

Sheriff Joe or the DNC ought to get a bill for this visit. They won't. The taxpayers will pay several hundred thousand dollars for his visit, which netted the DNC $150K. This is nothing but theft.