Saturday, May 26, 2012

Barack The Magic Dragon

ABC News is not exactly known for being hard on our current President.  While not quite as completely in the pocket of the DNC as NBC, MSNBC, etc, it is very rare that you see any coverage from that organization that puts any kind of negative light on His Highness.

Well, take a look at this piece ....

Who would have known that our Pres was quite the pot smoking innovator? 

I dare anyone in Democrat land to try and defend this guy on this issue.  We've got someone in the White House who habitually abused illegal narcotics in his younger days.

Remember all the grief the left gave George Bush for his drinking during his youth (an activity that was LEGAL)?  Where are those holier-than-thou left wingers now?

I hope a couple of conservative SuperPACs get hold of this and keep it in the public eye until the election.  I know there are a lot of folks who would vote for him again that might change their minds if they realize what a drug head he used to be (at least I guess he USED TO BE) ...

Update - God Bless Alan West!  I will listen to anything this man has to say, but here he nails a heckler to the wall with a good reference to the issue of the current Pres being a drug head in his youth.  Well worth a listen!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Slick Willy Strikes Again

I wonder where Hillary is?  Maybe in a South American bar getting shit-faced drunk again?

Here's a pic of the First Black President posted to Twitter today.  It was taken in Monaco, where Slick was appearing at a 'Nights in Monaco' rich persons gotta be seen at event.  (No word on how much Slick is being paid for his appearance).

Flanking the ex-Pres are, left to right, Jennifer Taule, Tasha Reign, and Brooklyn Lee.  These three lovely young ladies are porn stars.  Decorum prevents me from citing some of their film credits - if interested, just google their names and you'll see some pretty explicit stuff. 

Doesn't he fit right in with them?  Personally, I don't find anything out of character for him doing this.  I just wonder how many of them he tried to get up to his room to play 'Intern' with.  (You will notice that the one on his left is wearing a BLUE dress ...)

Picture credited to Twitter.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

DC Comics Going Gay - Not Needed

So, DC Comics is about to 'out' one of its major superheroes as gay.  According to insiders, sometime in June, one of their crime fighters will come out of the closet, and proudly announce to the world that they like to engage in sword fights. 

This is just piling on, DC trying to capitalize on the current 'celebrate gay' environment.  With Obama being touted as the first gay President, having a comic book character announce it is pretty much backwater news, isn't it?

Internet comic book fiends are all abuzz, wondering who it will be.  The most votes seem to indicate they think it is Batman.  If Batman is, then Robin has to be as well, doesn't he?

Wonderwoman would be a logical choice, precedent has been established with Xena, Warrior Princess.

Aquaman?  Green Lantern (certainly a good choice, given the crappy recent movie).  I think the Flash could be it, the costume certainly looks the part (along with the inordinate amount of homage 'The Big Bang Theory' gives to the character).

In any case, DC is making an unnecessary move with this.  There were gay superheroes outed over 20 years ago ...

Update - Well, Green Lantern it is.  With all the references to Green Lantern used on The Big Bang Theory, I wonder if there is any hidden meaning buried in there?

Monday, May 21, 2012

deadmauSam - Free At Last!

A smart, young, dedicated conservative has just finished her schooling.  Watch out world!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dallas ISD Making Progress - Finally?

The Dallas Independent School District has hired a new Superintendent, Mike Miles.  He comes to the district from Colorado Springs.  His first actions coming into the district have already got people howling in outrage - which is a good thing ...

The Dallas ISD has been a lousy school district for many years.  It is a money pit, with hundreds of millions of dollars being funneled into it with poor results.  Much of the infrastructure is old and failing.  Quality of the education given to the students is sub-standard, and getting worse.

The district is heavily minority, as is the city of Dallas proper.  A large percentage of the school population is made up of illegal aliens, many of who can't speak English. 

The last Superintendent was pretty much a place holder.  He was a minority.  He did a decent job of dealing with some tough budget cuts, but did so by making the smallest number of changes to the district that he could get away with.  There was no fundamental change, no reform undertaken under his rule, nothing done to address the future - just enough to get by.

The Superintendent before him was also minority, and was run out of town after it came to light she was stealing from the district, using district accounts to buy furniture for her house.

I am not blaming their failures on them being minorities.  I am saying that the District's priority in seeking a Superintendent seems to put the largest weight on the color of the candidate's skin, in order to please the parents in the District.  Mr. Miles is a minority.

Unlike his predecessors, however, Mr. Miles seems to be coming in like a lion of reform.  His first edict - 68 current employees, the majority of which are senior executive administrators, will have to re-apply for their positions.  The new structure only has 36 positions.  11 positions currently classified as open will be eliminated.  This means that 79 high level positions are going to be consolidated into 36 - that's cutting out a whole lot of FAT!  If DISD's administration is that overloaded with positions, it explains why the district continues to have millions of dollars of shortfalls each year.

I don't know what these positions make, but being executive level, I will venture a guess an average of $100K each.  Eliminating 33 of them would save about $3,300,000 a year!

The outrage is already happening, and this policy was just announced.  Teachers and principals and union representatives have been calling local radio shows and news outlets - anyone who will lend them an ear, to protest the unfairness of this.  They are all afraid that once the top level review is done, it will move down towards the principals, and then to the teachers themselves.  They are universally opposed to submitting themselves for a performance review.  I actually heard someone claiming to be a current teacher on a local radio program protest that he had been in the district for 12 years, and that he should be guaranteed a position because of that - not because of how well he does his job.

All we hear from Education, all across the nation, is that there is not enough money.  That is out and out BULLSHIT.  We are spending more moeny on Education now than any other time in our history.  More money per student is being sucked out of the taxpayers than ever before.  The problem isn't how much money is being spent, it is how it is being spent and wasted.  The fat in the Education system, especially in administration and support, is horrendous.  We don't hear about it, and we don't see any effort to change it, because those who would be caught by reform are members of unions or other voting blocks that Democrats depend on.

Mr. Miles' approach is refreshing.  I hope he is successful, and I hope he is able to weather the storm of controversy he will endure over trhe coming months.  Will he actually reform the district, or will he fall into the same good old teacher club that has sucked in those who came before him?  The kids deserve the former.

Update, June 6 - The Dallas Morning News today, front page, reports that Miles is paying his top level team a very large amount of money.  His Chief of Staff will make 225K.  His Chief of Ops will make 220K.  His Chief of Talent will make 182K (what the hell is a Chief of Talent?).  His Chief of Communications will make 185K.  This in addition to the 300K+ Miles is making himself.  That's about a million and a half dollars a year for 5 people.

This has sparked outrage in Dallas.  The current Chief of Police expressed dismay when he found out that all five of these people make more money than he does.  The biggest outrage seems to center on Jennifer Sprague, the new Chief of Communications.  This position is basically the DISD's PR person. 

Also buried in the story was this little gem - 38 positiions in the DISD make over $180,000 per year!

I am sure the front line teacher who makes about $40K, pays for kids' supplies out of their own pocket, and has to look over their shoulder constantly wondering if they are going to be laid off due to budget cuts, appreciates the sacrifices made by these administrators.

Friday, May 11, 2012

An American Icon Passes

Carroll Shelby, famed performance car designer, passed away on May 10 at the age of 89.

So much has been written about Mr. Shelby by folks who are a lot more knowledgable than I, that I won't attempt any kind of story about his life here.  Suffice it to say, he was Mr. Performance.  Much of Ford's performance car success is due to Mr. Shelby, and the cars that carry his name.

I was fortunate enough to briefly meet and speak with him on a couple of occasions, at gatherings of the cars that carry the Shelby emblem.  He was always courteous, sharp as a tack mentally, and seemed to be genuinely happy that so many folks were devoted to him and the vehicles he designed.

Godpseed Carroll ...

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Liberals Should Be Outraged

We hear constantly that liberals hate what big money is doing to politics.  All we hear is how Wall St. bigwigs and rich white people buy influence with Republicans.  How special interest groups and lobbyists corrupt the party, and screw the little guys.

Well, here is another example, and boy, should they be pissed off about it.

Mitt Romney is having a fund raiser for his campaign this weekend.  A well known conservative bigwig is hosting the event at his home.  The price tag to just get in the door is a $40,000 donation to Romney's campaign.  It is estimated that $15,000,000 will be raised for his election effort just during that one evening.  Representatives of dozens of special interest groups will be there, hoping for a little face time with Mitt to forward their agendas.  Cameras and news folks will not be allowed inside, so they can't report on what is said by whom during this outrageous display of monetary gluttony.

Occupy whatevers ought to be camped outside of this home protesting this outrage.  Democrats all across the country should be denouncing this horrible example of Republican/Conservative twisting of our political process.  It is horrible, and they should be doing everything they can to stop it.

Correct?  Am I misrepresenting what their reaction should be?

Well, digest this ...

This event is actually happening this weekend, with just a couple of small details differing from what I stated above.  The event is being held at George Clooney's house in Hollywood, and the guest of honor is Barack Obama.  His campaign will receive that 15 million dollar infusion. 

All that money is coming from rich people, mostly Hollywood liberals, the vast majority of whom are white.  They are in no way shape or form what liberals call the '99 percenters'. 

If anyone on the left is reading this, please ask yourself this question (and you can be honest, no one but you will know your answer).  You would really be pissed off at Mitt Romney if he did this.  Are you just as pissed at Obama, since he is actually doing it?

Mr. Obama, What Is Your Definition Of Marriage?

Now that the Pres has come out and endorsed gay marriage, I have to ask him (and other liberals) - where does it end?  What is your definition of marriage?

Marriage has been defined as the union between a man and a woman - period.  There have been homosexual relationships throughout time, but they have never been recognized as marriage.  The basis of this is both civil and religious.

So, Mr. Obama, according to you and your friends, what is the defnintion of marriage you wish us to use?  Is it the recognized union of two people?  If so, why?

If the legal definition of marraige can be expanded from a man and a woman to a man and a man, or a woman and a woman, why must it be limited to that?

If you do not allow for other unions to be recognized, then you are discriminating, aren't you?

How about polygamists?  Having more than one wife or husband is illegal, and frowned upon by almost everyone in society.  Why?  If a man and a man can be wed, why not a man, a woman, and another woman?  Or three men?  Or six women and a man? 

How about the man who is in love with his Japanese robot girlfriend and wants to marry 'her'?

How about the woman who is in love with her German Shepherd?

How about the man who wants to marry his sweetheart, who died 4 years ago?

How about the Jack-in-the-Box commercial guy who wants to marry some bacon?

How about the car nut who wants to marry his hotrod?

All of these sound silly, yes.  But, to a vast majority of Americans, the idea of two women marrying sounds just as silly.

You may say I'm being silly and sarcastic.  I am not.  If you change the rule to meet the wishes of one group of minorities, then how can you say you won't change that same rule to meet the wishes of other minorities? 

You watch - if somehow same sex marriage becomes the law of the land, someone else (polygamists probably) are going to be the next group to jump up and claim discrimination, demanding the right to exercise their wishes and have it recognized by the government.  The government and society will have no legal or moral grounds to oppose them, given that the time tested definition of marriage has been thrown out the window.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Obama Endorses Same Sex Marriage - Finally

President Obama has finally come out and publicly declared his support for same sex marriage.  We've known all along that this was his position, but he has refused to state it due to the political firestorm that will result.

His far left base has been after him to do this since before his election.  His handlers have refused to let him do so, because gay marriage is a lightening rod social issue.  A lot of Democrats are not in favor of gay marriage, and this has the potential to cost him a lot of votes in November.  It will not gain him any votes, since obviously the vast majority of those in favor of same sex marriage were going to vote for him anyway.

Consider that in the 30 states where gay marriage has come up on the ballot, it has been defeated in every one of them.  North Carolina is the latest, just this past weekend, where it was soundly defeated.

Obama risks alienating a lot of Blacks, Hispanics, and middle of the road white Democrats with this proclamation.  It will be interesting to see how he tapdances around it, trying to limit the damage.

I applaud Obama for coming out and publicly stating this - not because I agree or disagree with him on the issue, but because for this one time at least, he appears to be honest about an issue no matter what the political focus groups are telling him.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Walmart Craps on Texas

I really don't have negative feelings towards Walmart.  The store serves its purpose.

However ...

A recent trip to the local Wally World showed evidence of a communist, socialist, Obama led plot against the Republic of Texas.  (there's just no other explanation for it ...)

A mid-aisle display had just been put out.  You know, one of those shipping pallets that doubles as a display unit.  On it were multiple cardboard boxes containing airconditioning filters.  The boxes are decorated so as to look like a Texas state flag, and had red/white/blue outlines of longhorn heads on them.  Boldly in white on the boxes was printed 'Buy Local, Made In Texas'.

The purpose is obvious - convince folks to buy these filters because they are made by Texans, in Texas.

Problem is, it ain't so ...

Curiosity got the best of me, so I looked closely at the packaging.  According to their own labeling, the filters were made and distributed by CTM Enterprises, a company in Las Vegas, NV.  (at least it wasn't China, or Mexico).  The filters in these boxes had been produced more than five years ago.

Both Walmart and CTM Enterprises appear to have been in on the scam - Walmart's logo is printed on the boxes, as is CTM Enterprises (stating they are based in Houston).   I can find no evidence on the internet that indicates that these filters were made anywhere in Texas, or any evidence that CTM Enterprises has a facility in Texas other than a distribution office.

(Full disclosure - internet research seems to indicate that CTM Enterprise's products are high quality, and are indeed made in the US.)

Now, if anyone at Walmart or CTM Enterprises would care to provide me with proof that these filters were indeed produced in the State of Texas, I will happily print a correction right here for all to see.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Local Media News

These little bits won't be of interest outside the DFW area, but I thought they were worth mentioning.

Mark Davis, longtime conservative radio talk show host in the Dallas area, has left his home at WBAP radio.  His voice had been heard their for 18 years, taking the prime morning time spot leading into the Rush Limbaugh show.  Well thought of, Mark was voice to conservative causes, a varotie of Republican, and some Democrat, politicians for his fairness and willingness to give voice to all sides (if they are reasonable).  A big supporter of our military and veterans causes.  A print columnist, and sometimes guest host for Rush.  Mark's contract with WBAP ran out, and the new owners of the station chose not to extend him a reasonable contract offer.  To the credit of all parties involved, their disagreement has pretty well been held out of the news, so I don't know any details.  However, Mark's tenure at WBAP is officially over.  The station has brought in someone I've never heard of from out of town to take his time slot - with the same conservative talk format.  Time will tell if that succeeds or not.  I, however, will not be listening to him - no offense to him, but I will follow Mark, if he ends up in an accessible format.

A longtime local TV news anchor was busted for DWI this past weekend.  This person was my favorite local newscaster, and has probably been with the current station for 20 years or so.  News reports indicate the person refused a breathalyzer, so indications are that they were probably guilty.  It will be very interesting to see what the reaction to this is, form the public, and from the TV station.  My own thoughts are mixed - the part of me famiiliar with this person's work wants to say 'so what, let it go'.  The part of me that abhors drunk driving would want the book thrown at them if they were a faceless nobody.  Recognizing I have a double standard is disturbing ...

Update - Well, Mark has found a new home for his broadcast in the DFW area.  AM660 is now hosting his morning show.  His first show was this past Monday, where he hosted about a dozen bigwig Republican politicians for on air interviews - all folks who have spent time with him on air in the past, welcoming him back to the airwaves.

One question I do have is about Rush's show.  Mark has done quite a bit of guest hosting for Rush in the past.  I wonder if he will be allowed to continue doing that, given Rush's show is broadcast on the station (WBAP820) that let Mark go. 

In addition to his local morning show, Mark will be doing Bill Bennett's national radio show on Friday mornings.