Thursday, September 30, 2010

Seriously Bad Ass Racing

You know, its got to be something in our genetic makeup. If there is a machine that moves, man will find a way to race each other with it. Sometimes it is spectacular, like NASCAR or NHRA. Sometimes you look at it and go WTF?

Lawn Mower racing. Yes, for those of you not redneck enough to already know about this 'sport' ... lawn mower racing takes place all over the US. There are even competing professional organizations, and season long points championships. It has spread north of the border, and overseas, where England has a pro series.

Snowmobile racing, and not just on snow! Drag racing on pavement, drag racing on grass, drag racing on snow, and circle track racing on snow. What's a Canadian redneck - a hoser? Well, this is a hoser 'sport' all the way. Except ... I saw TV coverage of drag racing runs at the Texas Motorplex near Dallas - the same strip where Tony Schumacher won the NHRA event last weekend (see below).

JetSprint Boat Racing. This actually looks like it would be fun. Makes the wildest rollercoaster you've ever seen look tame!

How about competitive chain saw cutting, with a Chevy V-8 powered saw?

Swamp Buggy Racing ...

ATV Mud Racing ... (I'm not sure this is an actual sport, more likely just a bunch of drunk hicks trying to show off)

It's amazing more folks don't kill themselves doing stupid stuff like this!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Those of you who hit 50 will get flooded by AARP applications in the mail. The AARP has some access to government databases that have our personal information in them. You call them and tell them to stop sending stuff, it keeps coming - an average of an envelope per month. Join, give us your money, gain benefits .... over and over and over.

AARP's leadership is in bed with Democrat politicians and has a vested interest in Obamacare. That is why they endorsed it against the majority of their membership. AARP and its officers make a ton of money from the government, and stand to see that amount of money multiply geometrically when Obamacare is fully implemented. The rank and file membership of AARP does not understand what this means to them. The effects of Obamacare on the elderly has been documented over and over - yet AARP's leadership fought to get Obamacare passed. Why? Follow the money and the truth will always come out ...

I take the postage paid envelopes AARP sends with each application, and write them a nice note stating my name and that they will not get any money from me as long as their leadership embraces liberal policies that directly hurt its own membership. Serves three purposes - first, lets me vent a bit of anger. Second, delivers a message to them, and costs them money to get it. Third, gives a bit of business to the US Post Office, who can use every bit of business it can get. I encourage all of you who fall into the 50+ category to do the same.

There are alternatives to AARP out there. Other organizations exist who support more conservative stances, and actually work to help their members.

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Sarge Takes Big D

The Sarge, Top Fuel dragster driven by Tony Schumacher, won the NHRA event in Dallas this past weekend. The win pulled Schumacher closer to the evil enemy Al-Anabi dragster in the championship chase, which has 3 more races to go. The road to an eighth Championship for Tony is a tough one, but at least now he is within realistic striking distance.

Outlaw13 and I attended one of the qualifying sessions, and spent a lot of time in the US Army hospitality tent. It was impressive to see the effort the Army and Schumacher's team went to to make their visitors and Army personnel attending the race welcome. Tony himself spent time speaking with new recruits and others - a talk he has to make hundreds of times during the season. He did it with enthusiasm, and took the time to say hello or sign an autograph for anyone who wanted one.

For those of you who have never been to an NHRA event, you ought to go just to experience it. There may not be any other sport where fans can get so close to the action, so close to the bigwigs of the sport. I mean, here we were visiting in the US Army hospitality tent, which was adjacent to Tony's pit area - the dragster was being serviced not 10 feet from the fans. On the other side, Schumacher's teammate Cory Mac's dragster was being serviced in his pit. Across the alley, John Force, Ashley Force, and Robert Hight's Funny Cars were right there, not 25 feet from us. Way cool. You also owe it to yourself to sit in the stands and watch/hear/feel these 8000hp monsters launch down the track. A typical Top Fuel car will go from 0 to 100mph in .8 of a second - yes, 8/10ths of a second! 320mph in 1000ft. Incredible!

Rush 2112 (2010)

I got the opportunity to see the World's Greatest Rock Band this past Sunday evening.

Rush played Dallas.

Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, and Neil Peart have been around for over 3 decades. The Canadian power trio is working on its 20th album now. This was the first time I had the priviledge of seeing them in person. A vibrant 3 hour set left ears ringing. The seat I paid way too much for was very rarely used. No backup singers, no session musicians sitting in the wings filling out the sound, and no stupid dancers or choreographed routines - just music, and a lot of it.

Besides the incredible music, Rush is an 'everyman's' band. They don't take themselves too seriously. In fact, they go out of their way to poke fun at themselves. Now I don't expect a non-Rushie to understand the following clip, but this is a cell phone capture (not by me) of the opening piece shown on the video screen during an earlier date on this tour.

Long Live the Gefilter!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Signs Of The Times

1) Former President Jimmy Cartger was hospitalized after coming down with airsickness while on a flight to attend a book signing. Hospitalized ... for airsickness? What the hell is Obamacare going to say about that? Oh, wait ... all of Carter's health costs are paid for by us, the taxpayers. Now, if Carter was a conservative Republican, he would have taken a Tums like the rest of us and saved us several tens of thousands of dollars. But since he is part of the ruling liberal elite, he believes he is entitled to waste as much of the taxpayer's money as he wants to.

2) A recent trip to the local Barnes&Noble was a bit of a shock. The Bestsellers section was dominated by Bill O'Reilly's and David Limbaugh's latest efforts - both slams of Obama. Not a pro-Obama book to be seen in that section. In fact, the only pro-Obama books on display were in the bargain book section, marked down to a fraction of their original cost. Looking at the large piles of them sitting there, there weren't many takers even at bargain prices.

Barnes&Noble, like most mainstream bookstores, is a liberal biased outlet. Ever since I started shopping there, the liberal political books being offered outnumbered the consvervative ones by a wide margin. With the ascendancy of Obama, you couldn't get away from Obama material in that store - whole sections devoted to him, his family, his father, his dog ... Now, not so much. Even though they are liberal, they do have to make a profit - and their isn't much profit in hawking Obama crap these days.

3) The San Francisco Chronicle, long time bastion of far left wing politics, has decided to not endorse anyone for this November's Senate race in California. Barbara Boxer, current holder of the seat, has been the automatic choice for all left wing rags on the Left Coast for many years now. She and Dianne Feinstein have had a guaranteed lock on those two Senate seats. Now, maybe not. Boxer is in a dead heat with Republican Carly Fiorina. The San Fran paper's decision to not endorse Boxer was made because she had not held up far left liberal policies enough for them. I don't care ... anything that helps kick those two out of Washington has to be seen as a good sign ....

4) Chet Edwards (D-TX) has represented the Central Texas area in Congress for a long time. Although a Democrat, he's masqueraded as a conservative, and actually has championed quite a few military and veterans issues over the years. His district includes Ft. Hood, which makes his repeated election to Congress as a Democrat puzzling.

This year, he is running against a strong Republican candidate, Bill Flores. What really makes Edwards a sitting duck is the fact that when Pelosi took over the Speaker's chair, Chet sucked up to her like a calf sucking up to an old cow. Edwards has voted over 96% of the time in favor of any and all legislation brought up by Pelosi/Obama. He was a key in the Obamacare vote, and has become a Pelosi lapdog. Edwards realizes what this means. None of his campaign material or ads identify him as a Democrat. His attack ads against Flores have been looked into and certified false by liberal Austin newspapers.

5) Obama's rats are deserting his sinking ship. His White House staff and advisors can't get away fro him fast enough. Now, I admit that some staff turnover is normal, but this is ridiculous. For his Chief of Staff to leave in order to run for Mayor of Chicago says a lot - Ramh is definitely a power junkie, which position should have more power? Chief of Staff for the President of the United States, or Mayor of one of the most corrupt cities in the United States? (Actually, they're probably pretty much equal ...)

6) Smart Democrats running for relection this November are doing everything they can to distance themselves from Obama, to the point of leaving their area if Obama is visiting. Texas Democrat candidate for Governor Bill White fled during Obama's last visit to the state, to make certain he was not photographed with Obama. Dems in the northeast have brought in Bill Clinton to stump for them - imagine that, they want a former President campaigning for them, but not their chosen current President.

Obama Death Panel By Any Other Name ...

... is still a Death Panel.

Avastin is a FDA approved drug used to fight several types of cancer, including colon, lung, and breast cancers. The FDA approved the drug for use in February of 2004. From what little I know of the drug itself, it works in some cases, providing doctors with another tool with which to fight this terrible disease.

Avastin is expensive. It costs $7700 wholesale per dose. Patients and insurance companies typically pay about $8000 per dose. Having a family member involved with cancer treatments, I can vouch for how expensive it is - no matter what medicines are used. Outrageously expensive? Sure seems so if you're paying for it. Sure doesn't if you are selling it.

Drug companies spend millions upon millions of dollars developing new drugs. Only a fraction of those drugs turn out to be effective and are approved for market by the FDA. In the case of cancer drugs, there is a limited number of doses that can be sold (because, thank God, the market is limited). So, if you are a drug company who has to make a profit to remain in business, you have expensive development, high overhead, and a small number of sales - you have to charge out the wazoo to recover expenses and make a profit.

The FDA has announced that it is delaying a decision on the drug 90 days, until after the mid-term election. This drug, which has been in use in cancer treatment centers for 6 years, is subject to rationing or out and out withdrawl from the market, depending upon the FDA's ruling. What's the issue, you ask?

Obama's FDA has determined that the drug costs too much for it to be made available to cancer patients.

That's right ...

Obama's cronies are going to decide whether or not people are worthy of spending money on for treatment of this disease. If the FDA rules completely against the drug, it is pulled from the market, and no patient can benefit from it. If it is rationed, a government agency is going to decide who amongst us are worthy of receiving the potentially life saving drug.

Why did the FDA postpone the decision? Pure politics ... they don't want to rule against the drug and have it become a campaign issue, where outraged voters would have one more reason to kick these slimeballs out of Washington. They'll wait until after the election, so no matter what they decide, the voters will have no recourse.

This is going to be very interesting to watch play out. If the FDA does what it intends to do, it will set a precedent that is a key to Obamacare - the government's right to decide who gets healthcare.

Death Panels ... a reality under Obamacare, already starting to happen.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Reid Stopped Cold

Harry Reid's attempt to hijack a $726,000,000,000 defense spending bill was narrowly blocked today as all Republicans in the Senate were joined by 2 Democrats in opposing him. The vote was 56-43, leaving Democrats 4 short of the magic '60' number. What disgusts me is that he did this, that Obama helped him do this, and more Democrats didn't rise up against it.

Reid tacked on an amendment, called DREAM, that is designed to grant easy citizenship to illegal immigrants who came here as children. This was a blatant attempt to buy off Hispanic voters in the upcoming mid-term election. He is in a dead heat with a Tea Party candidate for the Senate seat he currently infests. Hispanic turnout, particularly illegal, fraudulent voters, are a key to his hopes to survive the election.

Another amendment, one to repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell in the entire military was also added by Democrats. It was seen as the last chance to repeal the law during this Congress. Apparetnly the issue wasn't important enough to Obama and Congressional leadership to bring it up on its own for a vote, so they tried to sneak it in this way.

Another Democrat amendment to force overseas military installations to provide abortion on demand services was included as well.

Reid limited debate on the amendments, basically forbidding anyone from taking to the floor of the Senate to discuss them. He also blocked any Republican amendments to the bill, shutting them completely out of the process.

Several of the NO votes were cast because of the dirty tricks Reid had implemented to try and force the bill through.

Let's see ... Illegal immigration ... Gays in the military ... federally funded abortion ... Exactly the kind of stuff that should be in a defense spending bill, according to Democrats.

No matter what your beliefs are in those three issues, they all deserve legislation of their own, openly debated in Congress, out in the light for all to see, with open and direct votes on each. The attempt to try and slime these by while keeping them out of view is deplorable.

What Reid did is within the rules of the Senate. The ruling party pretty much can do whatever they want - that's the rule, and it has existed for a long, long time. However, I cannot honestly remember any such outrageous attempts during Republican control of the Senate.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Democrat FUBARs Of The Week

1) Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) overwhelmingly won the Democrat primary for the congressional seat he currently occupies, in spite of being up on multiple ethics and possible criminal charges. Once again, if you are an ethically challenged Democrat, you are a hero to the Democrat Party.

2) Rep. Eddie Johnson (D-TX) also won her primary easily, and is predicted to have an easy victory over her Republican challenger in November. This is spite of revelations she violated Congressional Black Caucus rules and awarded mulitiple scholarshiups to her relatives, even though they were not eligible.

3) Dallas DA Craig Watkins (D) went ballistic in front of the Dallas City Council this week during a meeting discussing large city budget shortfalls. He accused the Council of playing politics, wasting money (ok, what city council doesn't do those things? - ed). He screamed at them, threatened them, and generally made a complete jackass out of himself. He wisely stopped short of calling the Council racist (although you know he wanted to) - because Councilman John Wiley Price (hard core Democrat, African-American race baiter of epic proportions) told him the budget is what it is, and to shut up. All this because Watkins' department was to lose 3 (yes 3) positions that are considered to be redundant. At a time when entire city departments are being wiped out, he thinks he is above it all.

4) Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV), in a blatant attempt to buy HIspanic votes in time to help him avoid defeat this coming November, is trying to attach a 'path to citizenship' amendment (targeted for young illegal immigrants to have a path to citizenship) to a defense spending bill. By attaching it, if Republicans vote against the bill, he can try to claim that Republicans are trying to block funding for our troops. Completely irresponsible. No matter what you think of the validity of his amendment, it should stand on its own for debate and a vote, not hidden in some procedural bullshit hoping he can pull a fast one.

5) The entire Democrat/mainstream media contingent of talking heads have been all over their own networks (CNN, MSNBC, The View ...) voicing concern for the well being of the Republican Party given the strong influence the Tea Party is having on it. Anyone who falls for their schtick is just plain blind to what they are doing. Democrats/liberals don't give a rat's ass about the GOP's well being. They are scared to death of what the Tea Party represents, and the fact it has energized Republicans and conservatives around the country. They are doing everything they can to try and drive a wedge into the GOP, to try and stop the momentum it has built up in response to Obama's attack on our country. Ain't gonna work ...

6) Michelle Obama, who according to a new book about France's First Lady, believes that being First Lady of the United States is 'hell'. IF that is true, if she actually said that ... What hell are we putting poor Michelle through? Jetting around the world for multiple vacations with her buds with taxpayers picking up the tab. Huge budget party after party in the White House, spending hundreds of thousands of our dollars entertaining her friends and wannabes. A fascination with lobster and other expensive fare for everyday meals at the White House, including flying the private White House chef along on vacation - all at taxpayer expense. Living high off the taxpayer hog, Queen of the United States ... and that is hell? Michelle, if you hate the job so badly, PLEASE go back to Chicago and stop wasting our money.

7) Robert Gibbs, and the Obamanomics team have to be smoking crack these days. New figures out indicate the number of Americans living at the poverty level is the highest since the War on Poverty was declared by LBJ back in the '60s. 1 in 7 Americans live below the poverty level. Yet, according to Gibbs, Biden, and Obama, this is the summer of recovery, we are well on our way back, all we have to do is more Obamanomics and we'll speed the process up. Well,,, that is correct - speed up our path to complete bankruptcy and failure as a country!

8) Democrat candidate for Tennessee Congressional District 6 Brett Carter, has asked Nancy Pelosi to step down as Speaker of the House, for the good of the Party. He said that if he is elected, he will not vote for Pelosi to retain her position. He may be doing this as an honest statement, or he may be doing it trying to win a tough congressional race in November. In either case, it's great news. However, Brett ... kick her out for the good of the country, not just your Party.

9) President Obama and his minions have decided to take the Bush tax cuts for those who make under $250K per year, and rebrand them as the "Obama tax cuts for the middle class'. So, tax cuts he and many Democrats for years said were responsible for the out of control deficit are now worthy of stealing and calling his own ... Why, you ask? Mid-term elections, and the fact that a whole lot of stupid people out there will fall for it.

10) White House Science Advisor John Holdren has asked the American People to stop using the term Global Warming. Instead, we are to refer to it as Global Climate Disruption. Apparently, Obama and his minions have figured out the public for the most part isn't falling for Global Warming crap. The 'non-specific' term disruption can cover anything and everything, and is seen as a way to keep raising it as an emergency issue without having to defend themselves against their own false claims.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Obamacare Explained In One Photo

I recently saw this photo of Obama signing his health care bill, and realized something. If a person was completely ignorant of what Obamacare is, and what it is going to do to our country - and that person knew who the people were in this photo - they would have all the information they would need to understand what Obamacare is going to do to our country, our way of life.

Look at this pack of idiots ... Obama, who is so smug at having pulled this one over on America. Biden, who looks like he just wants to get out of there for a beer. Pelosi, who is trying her best to push past Obama into the forefront of the photo. Reid, absolutely clueless, probably doesn't even know what is going on. Rangel - trying to figure out how he can make money off the deal. Waxman ... why the hell was he there, anyway - because he had been writing the damn thing for the past decade. All the back markers, who are standing on tip toes trying to make sure their faces show up in the photo.

All of them with big smiles, happy that they got away with the biggest theft of public funds in the history of the world.

Absolutely disgusting. Gives me the same feeling as when I see a picture of the shattered remains of the USS Arizona, burning in Pearl Harbor on Dec. 8, 1941 ....

A Piece of Advice For Bill Clinton

Yesterday, at a Democrat fundraiser in Minnesota, Bill Clinton said that the Republican Party has chosen ideology over evidence (whatever the hell that means - ed). He stated that the GOP had tacked hard right, so much so that it made President Bush look like a liberal.

"A lot of their candidates today, they make him look like a liberal" he stated.

"The Boston Tea Party was protesting abuse of power. This is now trading public power for the abuse of private power".

Now, that pile of unintelligible dribble indicates he thinks that the Tea Party movement constitutes an abuse of power by private citizens.

Mr. Clinton is correct to a point about Mr. Bush. W wasn't the most conservative fellow the GOP has had in the White House - that is for sure.

I do have a suggestion for Mr. Clinton, though ...

Look in the mirror.

Obama and the far left wing kooks that are running this country now make Clinton look like a Reagan Conservative.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Two Pictures Speak Volumes

Courtesy my email inbox ...

Two pictures of Presidents addressing grade school students. First, a man who has delusions of grandeur ...who has an inflated opinion of himself, one that is not grounded in any kind of reality ... who is so scripted he can't stand before a classroom full of grade school students without his podium, rug, teleprompter, and Secret Service Agent. Who is he trying to impress, besides himself? Is he so unsure of himself that he can't speak to a bunch of kids without a script?

Second, a man who considers himself an ordinary American ... who didn't have (and continues to not have) any problem with speaking from his heart ... who looked you in the eye when he spoke, rather than down his nose at you like you were some peasant ... who actually cared about the people he led, instead of considering them a hiderance on his road to history.

Which of them do you think is more Presidential?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Are You Attending APAWS 2010?

The APAWS convention for 2010 is just around the corner. If you haven't already made plans, October 15-17 in sunny San Diego is the place to be! APAWS members and non-members alike are welcome to register and attend this world acclaimed trade organization's annual meeting. The official convention hotel is the Sheraton Four Points in San Diego.

OK ...
APAWS is the Association of Professional Animal Waste Specialists.

The Pooper Scoopers ....

And NO, I am not making this up ....

While there, remember to participate in the 7th Annual Scooper Bowl ....

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I Don't Think This Is Even Possible, Forwarded

(Shamelessly) Borrowed (Stolen) from Outlaw13 ...

I have to agree with Outlaw ... the premise of this commercial, though cute, simply is not possible. There is no way to be too proud of the Republic of Texas. Can't stand that beer, anyway ...

Monday, September 6, 2010

Horny Toads Pound The Beavers

TCU's Horned Frogs (ranked No. 6) beat Oregon State's Beavers (ranked No. 24) this past Saturday night in the opening game for both schools, held at Jerry's World in Arlington. The final score was 30 to 24.

Now ... I don't care about TCU, except for a mild interest for a local school. I have no interest in Oregon State. I don't have a lot of interest in college football, period. However, when I first saw this matchup, I knew I had to comment on it.

Horny Toads pound the Beavers ... write your own joke!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Liberty Central - Worth A Look

There is an on-line newsletter/organization called Liberty Central. This place has a wealth of good information. It was founded by Virginia Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. There is some interesting stuff over there.

Congressional Prosecution

Roger Clemens has been indicted for lying to Congress about his alleged steroid use. Note that I said alleged - after all, you are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty in this country, right?

Note also that the indictment is only for the allegation that he lied to Congress. It has nothing at all to do with steroid use - use of which may be against baseball's rules, but which is not illegal.

I saw an op-ed piece in the local paper today, from a national columnist. His main thrust was why should Clemens be indicted? Why is this a matter for Congress at all? What business did Congress have putting Clemens in a position where he coiuld be indicited for something which had nothing to do with why he was called to testify? His conclusion was that the public humiliation that Clemens has suffered due to the allegations should be punishment enough - even if he is guilty of lying - which, by the way, has not been proven. What public good can come from dragging Clemens through the mud of a trial?

Now, I agreed with everything this guy wrote, but kept waiting for the obvious (to me) analogy. The analogy never came. The same thing happened to Scooter Libby, who was tried and convicted of lying to Congress about a matter, that even if he had done it, wasn't illegal. Libby spent two years in jail for exactly the same thing Clemens is being jacked up about.

This is what happens when you get mean, vindictive little trolls like Henry Waxman in a position of power. This jerk has used his position as chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee to drag people of all walks of life and business types to Washington to testify about crap that has nothing to do with the scope of his committee. Waxman is the Democrat Party's witch hunter. He is the tool with which they attack their political enemies. He is the instrument to force anyone who does not toe the Democrat/liberal line to be called on the carpet and punished. The method is simple - try and trap someone into making a statement that can be twisted into whatever shape he wants. Then, pressure the person into turning info on more targets, or try to bring them up on legal charges to punish them.

There was a period in US history when this practice was rampant in Congress ... a period which is looked back upon as evil, and never to be repeated. It was called McCarthyism ....

Obama's BP Windfall

I will preface this post by saying that I am not a fan of BP. What has happened in the Gulf is a tragedy, and the company should be held accountable. So far, I have seen nothing that would indicate that they are trying to duck the consequences of the disaster.

However ...

Obama is trying to capitalize on this in many ways. Much has been said elsewhere about this, so I won't repeat it all. But, one thing I heard today makes me curious.

Remember that Obama demanded that BP pony up $20,000,000,000 for a trust that would pay out claims by folks who have been hurt by the oil spill. This cash is being controlled and dispensed by an Obama appointee, Kenneth Feinberg. Feinberg was Obama's pay czar - the guy who was responsible for determining what pay bank and Wall St. executives should get. (By all accounts of Feinberg's performance so far, I don't have a problem with him directly - I do have a problem with the process). Feinberg will and has written the rules for eligibility for compensation from the huge BP fund.

Many Republicans have called this pile of money a 'slush fund' - basically a windfall that Obama can give out as he sees fit. BP has no control over the money - they had to turn it over due to pressure from Obama and the public.

To be fair, BP handed out about $375,000,000 in claims before Feinberg took over. This was not money that was part of the $20 billion.

The news today reported that to date, claims totaling $399,000,000 had been filed and paid from the fund. This is less than 2 percent of the fund that has been distributed. There will certainly be more claims filed by folks who have been impacted - I have no doubt of that. But, the relatively small payout that has happened so far has me wondering what will happen to the money that isn't handed out?

For the sake of argument, let's say that the claims filed will use up $5,000,000,000 of the fund - 25%. What about the other 75%? Do you think Obama will give it back to BP? Not a snowball's chance in hell! Will the money be given to the affected states to help them recover? Nope ... How about to the general fund to help cut the incredible deficit Obama has created? Absolutely not ...

Obama will use the money left over to fund more of his 'green' inititave. Throwing away money on 'green' technologies that don't work, but are heavily invested in by George Soros, Algore, et al. The money will be thrown at stupid pet projects of the eco-Nazis, to keep them happy.

In short, the money becomes Obama's 'slush fund' - a pile to buy whatever political favors he can.

BP will not object, at least not publicly. The threat of Obama's retribution if they 'go off the reservation' will be enough to keep them quiet.

Richard Nixon was villified and forced to resign in part because of small political slush funds. Obama's slush funds are larger than the entire US budget was during the NIxon years. Why aren't the Democrats in Congress who pledged to 'drain the swamp' demanding investigations into this? (Rhetorical quesiton, I know ...)

You know ... the man is the biggest thief this country, perhaps the world, has ever known - in addition to being the person who's done the most to the damage to this country since it was founded. Who is going to hold him acocuntable, and when?