Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Franken Steals Senate Seat

A ruling by the heavily Democrat Minnesota Supreme Court gave 'funnyman' Al Franken a victory in the race for US Senate yesterday. Republican Norm Coleman conceded graciously, knowing there is no way now to overturn this stolen election.

You have to hand it to the Democrat vote machine - they figure out how many votes they need to manufacture, and they go out and do it. Illegal voters, non-registered voters, non-existant voters, ballots appearing out of car trunks, votes for Republicans ruled inadmissable - all the Dem tools were on display. What do you expect from a Democrat controlled state?

There is something poetic, almost karma-like about this mentally unhinged psychopath being given the seat that gives Democrats in Washington a 60 vote fillibuster proof margin. He ought to be elected as the Senate Majority leader, replacing Reid - because this lunatic realistically represents the mindset of the Democrat party these days .....

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Margot said...

Horrible isn't it - I hope there are some democratic senators with some sense or we are doomed. My 18-year-old son and I are going to a 4th of July Tea Party. He doesn't watch the news much but he doesn't like the proposed tax on "his" radio station - sad thing is that after watching the news today, I think Capitalism is outnumbered. Are we fighting a losing battle?