Sunday, July 29, 2012

Obama's 1984 - Well Underway

The left's vision of a society where a small group of government ideologs control everything in our lives, because they know better than we do, is continuing to advance whether we want it to or not.

The latest is more insanity from the mind of Michael Bloomberg, Lunatic-In-Chief of New York City.

Bloomberg has decided he and his close advisors are going to save New Yorkers from themselves.  Bans on trans fats in restaurants, bans on smoking, bans on drinks containing sugar, bans on salt, rules concerning how big a bag of popcorn can be sold, etc.  While some of what he proposes and puts into place in a dictatorial fashion might be good for a person to decide for themselves, it is not government's right or responsibility to micromanage every detail of our lives.  Period.

Those ont he left are anxiously observing his efforts.  Make no mistake - they would love to institute control over us like this all across our nation.

Bloomberg's latest adventure in government overreach?  Forcing new mothers to breast feed.  Seriously ...

The Latch on NY program will restrict access to formula in New York hospitals.  The purpose is to force moms who have delivered in those facilites to breast feed their kids, rather than feed them formula.  Formula will no longer be given in new mom kits.  Formula will be held behind locked cabinets, and controlled with the same zeal as prescription drugs.  Formula will be provided to moms only upon request, one can at a time, if the mom's doctor will provide a medical reason for formula rather than breast milk, and will be delivered only after a hospital administrator has given a speech to the mom on how bad she is for giving formula to their child.  Every can or bottle of formula delivered will be documented in patient records, just like prescription drugs.

A spokesperson for Staten Island University Hospital (which is embracing the new edict), Lisa Paladino stated that "The key to getting more moms to breastfeed is making the formula less accessible.  This way, the RN has to sign out the formula like any other medication.  The nurse's aid can't just go get another bottle."

So, you stupid moms - you aren't capable of making the right decision.  Your government has decided that you must breastfeed your child, no matter what you think, wish, or believe.  How do you like that?  If they can force you to breastfeed, one of the most intimate aspects of your personal life, what else can they force you to do?

This isn't some wild proposal that has no chance of being put into action.  This is a new rule in the city of New York, and it will be put into place on September 3.  I wonder how many New Yorkers actually know this is being done.

Update - Where the hell is the National Organization for Women on this?  The NAGs are militantly opposed to any restrictions at all on a woman's choice whether or not to abort a child.  Shouldn't they be rioting in NY's streets over this restriction on a woman's choice of how to feed their child?  (Of course they won't - NAGs are just a bunch of haard left liberals who are using woman's rights to hide their efforts.)

Where is the ACLU on this, and Bloomberg's other edicts restricting personal freedom?  Aren't they against all government oversight and control?  (Of course not - they just want to forward a liberal agenda, and are using civil rights and other causes to hide behind.)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

And The World Goes ... WTF Was That?

According to the announcers, over a billion people around the world watched the Olympic opening ceremonies last night.  I would imagine that 999,999,997 of them were looking at their screens and going 'What the F**k?'

Every Olympic games opening ceremony has to outdo the previous one.  The host country's ego, coupled with the host country's organizers' egos, won't let them do something that is straight forward, simple, powerful, and elegant.  No, some doofus artistic bigwig has to brain dump and come up with something that no one except themselves can understand.

I guarantee that the vast, vast majority of folks watching on TV didn't have any idea what all that crap about the history of England was.  A blatant, long advertisement for Britain's disaster of a socialist medical system was completely out of place.  Kid's dream sequences?  A huge segment devoted to idolizing cell phones?  Bond parachuting into the stadium with the Queen was cute, if you know and like James Bond.  It really looked like the Queen was either really pissed, or thoroughly bored when they cut cameras to her during the hours long ego fest.

China set the bar during the 2008 games.  The opening ceremony was stunning, and even if you didn't understand anything being portrayed, it was enjoyable simply because of visual and audibal impact.

London - phooey.  I hope that the organizers of future games take note of this mess, and decide to do something we'll enjoy seeing, something that will be enjoyable to folks other than the few who put it on.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Someone In The White House Is Guilty Of Treason

I am astounded at how little coverage the intelligence leaks from Obama's White House is getting in the mainstream media.  Normally, it wouldn't be such a surprise - the media is doing everything it can to shield Obama from any negativity.  However, with uber-left wing Senator Dianne Feinstein coming out a few days ago and stating, publicly, that it was obvious that some of the leaks had come from the White House, you would think that would at least get the media interested.  Apparently not.

I'm not going to go into detail about what the leak scandal is about - it is well documented, though you would have to dig to find the information.  What is not well documented is how damaging these leaks have been.  Our allies are in complete dismay that secrets involving them are being spit out by the New York Times, for the express purpose of making Obama look good.  Classified operations, names of intelligence sources, secret programs, details about how things work ... have all been given to reporters so that they will write stories that make Obama look good.

The nature of the information and very restricted access to it has narrowed the list of possible leakers down to a very few people in Obama's Administration.  Indeed, many news sources have identified the most likely candidate as Obama's National Security Advisor, Tom Donilon. This man is supposedly the only one who had access to all of the information at all of the locations involved.

Tom Donilon is a long time Democrat political hack.  He has absolutely no experience in Intelligence or Defense, yet he was awarded a top level, incredibly powerful, position by Obama for his long time contributions to Democrat political aspirations.  Donilon leads the President's Daily Brief, where Obama is apprised of all the threats to the United States from around the world - so he has access to damn near everything.  Many Washington insiders refer to him, privately, as the Leaker-In-Chief.

Obama has stonewalled any investigation, instead arranging for a couple of Holder's DoJ stooges to run an 'investigation' into the leaks.  That is outrageous - they are supposedly running an impartial investigation of the man they work for?  The stonewall is transparent - its only purpose is to delay any real investigation into this until after the election, when even if the guilty parties are found, so what?  Obama still has his four more years.

When Sen. Feinstein came out and made her comments, from her position on the Senate Intelligence Committee, it turned heads, and should have started the red lights and sirens in the media.  Here is one of His Highness' loyal minions crying out in frustration over the incredible treason taking place in the White House.  In the days since, Obama's thugs have gotten to her, and forced her to backtrack the statement.  However, it's now out there, and can't be erased.

White House spokesman Jay Carney has modified his answers over the past couple of weeks to questions regarding the leaks.  He is being very careful about how he phrases things - threee weeks ago there were flay denials any leaks came from the White House.  Now, Obama has no direct knowledge of any leaks from the White House.  The story changes, to help cover Obama's ass when this eventually blows up in their faces.

Watergate ... anyone remember that, or even the name?  It was an incident that resulted in the only resignation of a sitting President in our history.  The name Richard Nixon is now equated with humiliation and being a 'crook'.  Remember the glee that Democrats rolled in for years afterwards, having forced a sitting President out because they didn't like him?  Remember what Watergate was about?  Some political dirty tricks.  That was it.  No state secrets, no classified information, no leaking of operatives that endangered lives, no release of information that helped our enemies and hurt our allies.

Scotter Libby went to jail for two years because he got his timeline screwed up during Congressional testimony.  No secrets divulged, no national security issues.  Democrats in Congress didn't rest until he was convicted of something, anything, that would embarass President Bush.

Roger Clemons was put on trial for lying to Congress about steroid use.  He was found not guilty.  Five years of investigation, led by Democrats, about something that should have never been an issue before Congress in the first place.  Again, no impact on the government, no state secrets, no national security issues.

Obama, or one of his VERY close advisors, has committed treason agains the United States by repeatedly leaking classified information to the press, thereby endangering our National Security and that of our allies. 

This should be a huge campaign issue.  There should be independent investigations of this.  The American public should be demanding it.  People, at least one, should be going to jail for a very long time because of this.  President Obama should be made to answer for what his senior staff is doing in his name.  Watergate was NOTHING compared to this scandal. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

WTF Fashion Srikes Again

During a visit to the local Post Office today, I observed a couple of attractive, young Hispanic ladies exiting the facility.  Late teens, probably.  Dressed identically in skin tight tshirts, skinny jeans, and ... rubber galoshes.

Now, I have seen a few pre-teens in malls wearing pink Hello Kitty rubber boots, and that looked stupid enough.  But this?  A little internet research shows that this is indeed some kind of twisted fashion statement by teenage girls.

Besides the plain stupidity of how this looks, I have a question:

How bad are these girl's feet gonna smell when they take those boots off after a day of walking around in 102 degree heat, in unventilated, knee high, oversized, rubber work galoshes?  Talk about knocking a buzzard off a gut wagon ...

America's Real Dream Team Starts With A Win

The US National Women's Soccer Team started out defense of its Olympic Gold Medal today with a 4-2 win over France.  Their next game is Saturday morning (US time).

How many United States citizens even knew the team was playing today, even though it was covered on live TV (NBCSP)?  How many people in the US even know the team exists?

Our Women's National Team is the most dominant national team in the world, and has been for years.  It is front page news in the sporing world when they don't win a game.  They are certainly favorites to win Gold again.  Since soccer was added as an Olympic sport, our women have won 3 of the 4 Gold medals awarded.

The Women's team has the most dynamic, powerful, and feared pair of forwards in the game - Abby Wambach and Alex Morgan.  They have arguably the best goalie in the world, Hope Solo.  When they play their game, no one in the world can beat them.

They are truly America's Team.  These women don't do it for the money, which for the most part is very little.  They do it for their country and their teammates.  We, as a nation, should be proud of them and be supportive of them.

However, other sports garner more attention.  Most of the coverage is given to that 'other' Dream Team - the pack of NBA superstars who come together for a week or so, and try to astound TV audiences by putting on a dunking exhibition.  When the Olympics are over, they will all go back to their multi-million dollar contracts, their sneaker deals, and their entourages of clingers.

The women?  Well, most of them will go back to practicing and participating in the occasional national team game.  Since the women's pro soccer league in the US failed this past season (for the second time), very few otf them will have a chance to play for pay - and those few will be in overseas leagues.  Only a handful have endorsement deals that will provide them a living.  They'll be forgotten, for the most part, until the next Olympic games come around.  Or for the diehard soccer fan in the US, the next women's World Cup (2 years).  Most of them will continue with their 'normal' lives until the next time they are called on to respresent their country.

C'mon folks.  Watch their games, and support them, even if it is in front of your TV.  These girls deserve our support, for they are representing us.

Photo Credit AP
Update - Game 2, the US girls defeated Columbia 3-0.  The game was fairly competitive in the first half, but the US got pissed when a Columbian player through a blind side roundhouse right and connected with Abby Wambach's face.  In spite of Abby's eye swelling closed, the ref and her assistants decided not to do anything about it - I hope because they didn't see it, but since it was in the middle of the field, I don't see how.  FIFA has the right to view the tape after the game and punish the violator by banning her from the next game, if they choose to do so.  If they do, OK.  If they don't, then take it that FIFA and the Olympics have it in for our girls. 

Update - FIFA hit the Columbian player who slugged Abby with a two match suspension, effectively kicking her out of the Olympics.  Good for them.  She got off lightly, too bad Abby can't meet up with her in a local bar!  A mad Abby Wambach is not something you would want to run up against!  Here's a pic Abby tweeted of her black eye.

Update - Game 3 saw the US defeat North Korea 1-0.  It was played in the rain at Old Trafford, home of the famed Manchester United (this was the first women's international game ever played at the famed old venue).  The girls missed several good chances in the first half, then settled back into a defensive game, fighting the rain as well as the opponents.  Our girls advance to the quarterfinals, and will play this Friday at 9:30am EDT.

Update - Game 4, quarterfinals.  Our girls beat New Zealand 2-0, though it was closer than the score indicates.  It was competitve until the last few minutes.  The poor New Zealand goal tender was heroic while getting pummeled.  In the first half, while making a sliding save, Abby tried to jump over her and didn't quite make it, dragging her back cleats across the poor girl's face.  Completely accidental.  In the second half, the goalie and Alex Morgan came at each other at full speed trying to beat each other to the ball.  Alex went high, the other girl low.  Alex's knee caught the girl flush in the face at full speed.  I've never seen someone's head snap back so quickly.  Both of them went down.  Medics were moving onto the field even before the ref blew the whistle.  The goalie was knocked out, and completely motionless.  After a few minutes, they got her awake, she shook it off, and completeld the game. 

The girls will face Canada on Monday in the next round.

Update - USA 4, Canada 3, in one of the most exciting soccer matches I've seen.  Our girls dominated the entire game, but gave up 3 goals to Canada's leading lady, Christine Sinclair.  Tied after full time, tied after the first overtime, and tied until 30 seconds to go in the second overtime, when a beautiful Alex Morgan header found its way over the Canadian goalie.  Canadians will be complaining about a controversial ref decision that led to the third US goal - US fans will think it was correct, Canadians will think they were screwed. 

Japan is next, for the Gold, on Thursday.

Update - The Canadians have melted down in the press in the aftermath of the game, accusing the ref of throwing the game for the US.  More info has come to pass on the controversy, which indicates the Canadian goalie was warned not once, but twice for time wasting prior to being called for it.  (The rule is that a goalie has to get rid of the ball within six seconds of taking possession of it - to cut down on time wasting by the team in the lead.  The Canadian was clocked on several occasions during the game taking over 15 seconds to do so.)  The Canadian goalie was whistled for blatantly violating an existing rule, multiple times.  Apparently, in Canada's eyes enforcing the rules is seen as favortism for the other team.

Also coming to light was the despicable behaviour of one of Canada's stars - Melissa Tancredi.  This very good player is about as dirty as they come.  she was whistled for almost 10 fouls during the game, somehow avoiding any car penalties.  Replays have shown that she purposely stomped on US player Carli Lloyd's head while Carli was on the ground.  These girls are wearing metal cleats - this cowardly attack could have permanently scarred Lloyd, or even taken an eye out.  If the ref had seen this happen, it would have been a straight red card (expulsion from the match). 

I used to have a lot of respect for the Canadaian women's soccer team.  No more.  Their coach, their goalie, and one of their stars are just plain douche bags.

Final Update - Well, by now you know our girls beat Japan 2-1 for the Gold.  Japan outplayed them for most of the game, and was victimized by two non-calls from the ref that could have changed the outcome of the game.  I applaud Japan's women for how they played, and how they comported themselves afterward and in the medal ceremony. 

Our team returns to the US with an uncertain future.  The next major meet is the World Cup, 3 years away.  The WPS folded, leaving most of them without a paying place to play soccer here in the US.  There is talk of another try at a pro league, but after two failures it is hard to see how it would succeed.  Some of the more talented members might go overseas to play, but the majority will not have that chance.  The US Soccer Federation has floated plans on keeping the national team together as a unit, giving them 25-30 matches a year.  That would be great, if funding can be found.  If a solution is not found, the ongoing excellence of this team is in danger.

Way to go,girls - thank you for representing us so well.

BTW - the US Women's Water Polo team captured its first Gold medal ever, playing at the same time as the soccer final.  Congratulations to them as well.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Gun Rights Vs. Crazies

I am a Conservative Republican.  I believe in our Constitution, including our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.  Given those things, you might find a few of my following statements curious ...

The Aurora theater shootings is the latest in a long line of mass homicides perpetrated by looney-toon idiots.  Trying to pin down a specific reason for their insane acts is impossible - how do you find reason in minds who are incapable of reason?  What we can do is look for things that enable their delusions.  Unfortunately, most of those things are embedded in our changing society - daily exposure to glorified violence in movies, TV shows, 'music' videos, video games, and even the evening news.  OUr kids are growing up in a world where they can easily blur the distinction between reality and fantasy.  For deranged minds, there are multiple paths for them to grab onto violence and embrace it.

Insanity like this has been around for as long as the human being has.  What has changed recently is the encouragement to act out violence (through the media as stated above), and the access to weapons to carry out such violence on a horrendous scale.

Left wingers all ove rthe country have jumped all over this as another method of forwarding a gun control agenda.  The bodies in Aurora weren't even cold yet when the first members of the mainstream media, not to mention the left wing kook bloggers, were clamoring for gun control.

The problem isn't a lack of gun control.  The types of weapons that the US citizen is allowed to own are clearly spelled out under Federal Law.  This includes the infamous 'assault weapon' class of rifle, the one that is the center of most of the hub-bub. 

Assault weapon is a general class of military style rifle, semi-automatic, with ammunition fed from a magazine.  The most common examples are the AR-15 and AK-47 families.  These rifles can be purchased from a Federally licensed dealer, who must fill out some paperwork and do a phone background check with the FBI to make sure you aren't wanted for anything.  This process is very quick.  Indeed, if the FBI doesn't have a grudge against you, you can walk into a dealer, and 30 minutes later walk out with your new gun.

I own an AR-15 class of weapon.  I was frankly shocked at how easy and quick it was to purchase it, from a Federally licensed dealer.  There was no waiting period.  I passed the 3-4 minute phone check, and out I went ready to burn through some ammo. 

If you listen to Sen. Feinstein in this clip, assault weapons have no purpose other than to kill people.  That is a blatantly false statement.  People buy these weapons (for the most part) for these reasons, in order of popularity:  sport shooting - hunting - self defense - defense against the zombie apocalypse.  My weapon is used for target shooting.  I don't kill anything with it, I have no interest in hunting.  I have other means of more effective self defense.  And, unlike a few gullible fools, I really don't think we're going to be overrun by zombies anytime soon. 

Other parts of Sen. Fenstein's arguments hold more water, and you might be surprised that I agree with her on some of them.  These weapons are generally fed by 20 or 30 round magazines for sport shooting or self defense.  In most states, you must use a magazine that holds 5 or fewer rounds if you are using the gun to hunt - big time fines will result if you get caught by the game warden walking around stalking Bambi with a 30 round clip!

There are manufacturers out there that make magazines for these weapons that hold up to 100 rounds.  They are called drum magazines, are readily available, and can be had for less than $150.  I agree with Sen. Feinstein that there is no legitimate purpose for these magazines in the hands of the public.  They serve no purpose other than spitting out a huge number of bullets in a very short period of time.  If they are not banned altogethere, they should at least have a background check attached, and not be available via mail/internet.  These things are illegal for hunting.  They are useless for target shooting.  They are too heavy and cumbersome to use for self defense.

There are certain classes of weapons that the public is not currently allowed to own - they are reserved for military and/or poilice use.  This isn't seen as a violation of the Second Amendment by any sane person.  I honestly believe that using a more strict method of qualifying a person for the purchase of one of these weapons, coupled with a waiting period, and a ban on these huge magazines aren't unreasonable, and are not violations of the Second Amendment any more than the government prohibiting me from owning a Ma Duece.

Now, will those things stop the horrors of Aurora, or VT, or Columbine, or Norway?  They might help in a few instances, perhaps delay the perpetrators, but they won't prevent them.  There are simply too many ways for a person who is deranged, evil, committed to the violence, and willing to take the consequences of their actions to accomplish what they want - mayhem and fame.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Tax Returns? Really?

The hub-bub over the past few weeks about Mitt Romney's (so far) refusal to release his tax returns (except for 2010, and 2011, which he says will be released when finalised) is such bullshit.

I mean, really.  Here the left is clamoring for those returns to be made public, with all kind of wild and inappropriate speculation going on.  We've got news anchors and pundits in the main stream media suggesting there must be something illegal or immoral in them, or he wouldn't be hiding them.

On top of that, we've got the chairperson of the DNC publicly stating that she feels he may have committed a felony because of his signature on some documents - a calculated statement made on purpose, even though the premise has been proven false for months.

The hypocrisy is staggering.

How about focusing on this - your current President, His Lord Highness Obama, repeatedly broke the law by smoking pot and snorting cocaine too many times to count while in high school and college.  He was proud of that, and bragged about it in his own autobiographies.  His high school buds have come out and confirmed it, stating that Obama was some kind of pot smoking god.

 Not a single ounce of evidence that Mitt Romney has done anything immoral, much less illegal, and the narrative is focused on him, rather than an admitted criminal substance abuser?  How twisted is that?

(Anyone remember the Democrat uproar in the 2004 election over George W's one DWI while in college?  That was supposed to disqualify him from being President, wasn't it, according to them?  Where are those Holier than thou Dems now?)

Left Wing Tolerance?

How many times have those on the left berated the right for being 'intolerant'?  Indeed, isn't that one of the cornerposts for being a liberal - to be tolerant of others, their lifestyles, and their choices?  Well, perhaps in their minds it is, but in reality, its quite the opposite ...

Ellen Barkin is a B grade Hollywood actress left wing moonbat.  I saw this capture of one of her tweets last week.  Real classy example of the left's tolerance towards those who don't hold the same viewpoint as they do:

Yes, the left is very tolerant of others, as long as they agree with them.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Immigration Reform - The Solution

I have an idea that should solve the immigration debate.  A solution that should make everyone happy - Republicans and Democrats.  It is truly a bipartisan fix that will satisfy all interested parties.

Many illegals who come here across our Southern border looking for work send a good amount of their earnings back home to their families.  In the Southern states (actually, all over the US), there are untold thousands of convenience and check cashing stores that offer cheap money orders to Mexico. 

This does a couple of bad things.  First, it takes money out of our economy and sends it out of country.  Second, since a good amount of that money is paid to illegals 'under the table' and not subject to payroll taxes, the government loses out on all of the payroll tax revenue completely.  If the 'under the table' wages had stayed in country, at least some tax revenue would be collected as the money changed hands inside of our economy.

I propose this:

Impose a 50% Federal excise tax to be applied to all money sent out of the country via Money Order.  Allow all illegals in the country to apply for a temporary worker's permit, one that can be renewed periodically if the holder is not convicted of a crime.  (Voting rights will not be extended to non-citizens.)

This helps the illegal immmigration issue in several ways:

1)  This is the general amnesty that those on the left want so badly.  Illegals who want to stay in this country for whatever reason can do so without fear of being deported (unless they commit a crime).

2)  This will raise a tremendous amount of tax revenue for the Federal treasury.  That money can be used to help border security, fund social programs, pay for services rendered to illegals, or pay down the debt.  Democrats should be salivating at this potential pile of cash for their spending addiction.

3)  People who are in the US illegally simply because they want to share in the American Dream are given access to that dream without fear of deportation, as long as they don't commit a crime, and without paying any kind of financial penalty.  What left winger wouldn't cheer for this?

4)  People who are in the US illegally to drain money out of our economy to send out of the country will pay a tax burden on that money.  They can still send money via Money Order to their families south of the border, but it will cost them.  They can stay in the US under worker's permits as long as they want, the only caveat is the tax on money sent out of country.

5)  People who don't want to pay that tax will leave the country and go back home.  If you make it painful enough for people to take money out of our economy, they will stop doing it, or leave.  This should dramatically decrease the number of illegals already here, and drastically cut the number of newbies breaking into our counrty.  This will make Republicans very happy.

There is no downside to this.  It solves just about everything about illegal immigration in a way that should make everyone happy, and its pretty darned simple.

So, given our government, it doesn't stand a chance in hell of being implemented!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hate To Say I Told You So, But ...

In this blog back on May 10, I wondered what would happen to the legal definiton of marriage, now that His Highness has come out in favor of same sex marriages.  Well, it didn't take long for the assault to begin ...

California's legislature (any surprise there?) is considering legislation that would redefine the family, allowing the legal definition to include more than two parents.  That's right.  A family unit could have 3 or more parents under the new proposed legal definition.

CA State Senator Mark Leno (D- San Francisco) came up with this.  His stated justification was to provide a stable parent lineage in case of divorce of a child's original parents, or in the very rare occurence where both parents cannot function as legal guardians.  That's a bullshit smokescreen.  These far left wing kooks are hell bent on abolishing the very definition of what a family is, what parents are.  As far as they are concerned, kids should grow up as wards of the State, in communes where they can be indoctrinated more easily.  Sounds a lot like the Soviet Unions, or North Korea, doesn't it?

You might think that this outrage against our society wouldn't see the light of day in California's State House.  WRONG!  It has already passed the CA Senate, and is under consideration in the Assembly.

If this passes, as it appears it will, this means that a child in California could not only have two mothers, or two fathers (both of which are terrible enough for the well being of the child), but could have two mothers and a father ... or four fathers ... or 50 various pot heads living in a commune.  The child doesn't get a choice.  The child can't choose whether they would like to be raised in a normal, legitimate, natural family.

I haven't seen anything on how parents will be defined, how they gain 'parent' status in the eyes of the State.  What kind of perverted bureaucratic mess will that be?  How long before the State steps in and decides that it can be a parent?

US Army Bails Out On NASCAR

Stewart-Haas Racing has announced that the US Army, a primary sponsor of the #39 car driven by Ryan Newman, will not renew its sponsorship after the 2012 season.  The reason the Army is citing is a reallocation of marketing dollars.


The exposure the Army gets from its NASCAR sponsorship is greater, per dollar, than any of its other marketing ventures.  The goodwill shown by NASCAR and its fans towards the Army, indeed all of the Armed Forces, is tremendous.  There is no other sport in the United States that holds our servicemen and women in such high esteem.

What this is is an appeasement of the Obama Administration and Democrats in general by bigwigs in the Pentagon.  Those on the left hate the NASCAR fan demographic.  They hate the motorsport fan demographic in general, because those fans are for the most part conservative.  Democrat led legislation currently being considered by Congress would prohibit any service from sponsoring any motorsport, period.  It wouldn't surprise me at all to see this money reallocated to inner city basketball leagues, or SEIU run LGBT softball organizations (there are such things!).

There has been no announcement yet as to how this might affect the Army's sponsorship of Tony Schumacher's Top Fuel dragster in NHRA, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if that is pulled as well.

Democrat douchebags ...

Update 7/15 - Although I have not seen an official announcement, several reports this past week indicate that the US Army will continue its sponsorship of Schumacher's NHRA dragster, although they are pulling out of NASCAR completely.  Reports also surfaced that the National Guard is in negotiations with Hendrick Motorsports to extend its sponsorship of Dale Jr. in NASCAR. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

This Could Go On For Hours

There is so much more that could be included in this little bit ... but this is a good start!