Saturday, September 29, 2012

Obama Admin Blackmailing Defense Contractors

If the automatic budget cuts defined under sequestration happen on Jan. 1, the half a trillion dollar cut in the Pentagon's budget will have immediate and dire consequences for all defense contrators.  Military procurement will dry up to next to nothing for years, as what is left of the defense budget is used for operational concerns.  Defense contractors are already preparing for massive layoffs - not in the far distant future, but very early next year.

Obama Administration officials in the Labor Department 'advised' defense contrators in July that it would be 'inappropriate' for those contractors to issue layoff warnings to their employees because of the impending cuts.  The ONLY reason such a directive would be issued is to prevent hundreds of thousands of defense employees from learning they are about to lose their jobs - finding out just before the election.

However, many contractors, including Lockheed-Martin, stated that they may issue the notices anyway, to give their employees decent notice that they are about to be unemployed, and to comply with existing Federal regulations concerning issuance of layoff warnings.

The WARN Act (Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification) requires employers with more than 100 employees to give 60 days written notice to its employees if there is a resonable chance of layoffs occurring. 

Given that the contractors wouldn't commit to playing nice until after the election, Obama's Office of Management and Budget, yesterday, reissued the directive, and added the following carrot - if contractors agreed to wait until after the election to post such warnings to their employees, the Federal Government would cover all the contractor's expenses in relation to the layoffs - expenses which will run into millions upon millions of dollars.

In other words, Obama is buying them off - keep your mouths shut until after I am re-elected, and the taxpayers will foot the bill in January for you.

Obama doesn't want hundreds of thousands of people finding out they're losing their jobs due to failings of his administration until after the election - its that simple.  To do it, he's trying to bribe companies with millions of taxpayer dollars and a way to duck current Federal law in regards to required layoff notices.

In addition to employees of defense contractors, thousands of civilian employees of the Defense Department will also lose their jobs - something that isn't getting any attention at all.

This is critical for Obama - thousands of the people who will lose their jobs in January are in the battleground states of Virginia, Florida, and Pennsylvania.  How many Obama supporters in those states would switch their votes if they realize His Highness is going to fire them in January? 

Update - Republicans in the Senate and House are sounding the alarm about this, trying to get the media to recognize that the Department of Labor is offering taxpayer bribes to defense contractors in order to get them to violate Federal law - all for political gain.

I mentioned that there was only ONE reason for Obama to do this - his re-election.  That is incorrect.  There is a second reason, and although it is secondary in importance to the first one, it should be recognized nonetheless.  Democrats on the far left, led by Obama, dearly want sequestration budget cuts to take place.  They want to see the Pentagon eviscerated because they hate the military!

Update II - Lockheed-Martin swallowed the carrot today, and announced it would not send out the required layoff notices to all of its 132,000 employees, backtracking on earlier statements the company made indicating it would issue the notices. 

Lockheed-Martin has one of the biggest potential victims of the impending budget cuts - the F-35 JSF.  If the sequestration cuts do happen on Jan.2, that program is almost certain to get axed.  By playing ball with Obama, they are hoping to get in his good graces (in case he wins) so the program will survive.  Lockeed-Martin ... DREAM ON.  If the cuts happen, you guys are toast.  It flat doesn't matter how many asses you kiss right now.

Friday, September 28, 2012

You know, sometimes ....

... you might almost think you have justification for using the N word ....

Update - I just saw figures that show that Obama's Administration has given away 16,500,000 free phones to folks like the lady in this video.  Mister and Missus taxpayer - did you know this?  Did you know that you have been fleeced for that many phones, given away in a vote buying scheme? 

Let's do a little figuring - 16.5 million, times $100 (say for argument purposes that is the cost of each phone and its service - which is probably a low estimate).  That is a billion, 650 million dollars.  Presume there are approximately 104 million people who pay some form of income tax in the country (a rough estimate I've seen in a couple of places, figuring our population times working age times those who actually pay taxes).  That means that each and every person who pays income tax in our country was fleeced for over 16 dollars last year to pay for this bullshit.

Update - Much more information on this ripoff program is coming to light after this video went viral:

Many individuals have been issued multiple free phones.

Many of the phones issued have been 'smart' phones, with the associated internet service.

Normal phone users subsidize this program.  If you see something called a Universal Service Fee on your phone bill, that is money you are sending into this program.

Miami based TracFone is one of, if not the, largest individual company providing these services under contract with the government.  As of the end of 2011, 3.8 million of these free phones were provided and serviced by Tracfone, which in turn received subsidies from the government for each and every phone.  TracFone's President and CEO is Frederick Pollack.  Mr. Pollack has contributed $156,000 to Democrat candidates in this election cycle, including at least $50,000 to the Obama campaign.  Abigail Pollack, his wife, serves as a bundler for the Obama campaign, having raised $632,000 for the Obama campaign in this election, and a total of $1,500,000 to Democrats since 2007.  She has personally donated over $200,000 to Democrat candidates since 2007.  Nothing crooked about that deal, nothing at all ...

Thursday, September 27, 2012

American Women ... WAKE UP

American Women, it is time for you to wake up. 

You are being taken for granted by Barack Obama and the Democrat Party.  They feed you lie after lie, expecting you to fall for all of it.  They consider the majority of you to be half brained nit-wits.  They count on you accepting whatever you are told at face value.  They presume you are so devoted to them that you will not question anything they say.  Whatever The One says is gospel.  They think you are Stepford Wives.

Those of you who want to vote for Obama - I am not asking you to vote for Romney, but I want you to consider these points.  Consider each of them with your own brain, don't rely upon what the Obama spin machine is telling you.  Use your own judgement to decide what to believe and what to discard as bullshit.

1)  Republicans want to deny you birth control - Is that true?  This one is such a bold faced lie that it is laughable.  Condoms are cheap, and they can be gotten by anyone just about anywhere.  Rubbers are hanging on the shelf at every convenience store, grocery store, drug store, even the bathrooms in the mall.  They are cheap, and there is no age restriction on their sale.  It was this way under Reagan, Bush 41, Clinton, Bush 43, and now Obama.  Did anyone see ANY attempt by Republicans during that period to pull them off the shelves?  Have you heard any statement FROM Romney or any other Republican currently in or wanting to be in government that indicates they want them removed? 

2)  Republicans want you barefoot and pregnant, in the kitchen, serving your overbearing husband - You are not to have a career.  Women were supposed to be the big winners under Obama (his pun WAS intended).  Equality, or superiority, were supposedly guaranteed by his election.

FACT - unemployment among women is currently reported at 8%.  5,785,000 women above the age of 16 are unemployed.  The figures are substantially higher for women of minotiry races.  The figures do not include the million or so women who have been dropped from the equation, because they have given up searching for a job.  When President Bush left office, these numbers were 7% and 5,005,000.  The economic policies of Barack Obama have directly caused many, many women to lose their jobs.

Who is waging a war against women?  It isn't the Republicans, it is The One and his minions - those who take your worship for granted.  Wake up!  If you support Barack Obama, ask yourself why.  Be truthful to yourself - no one else will know!

So Long, Sarcastiball ...

So, the NFL caves in to the regular refs and they come to an agreement that will put the regulars on the field for tonight's Thursday Night Football game.  It took the hilarious mess from Monday night to push them to the realization that something had to be done.

I don't like Green Bay.  I don't like Seattle, since they beat the beloved Cowboys a couple of games ago.  So, I was an impartial observer to Monday Night's drama.  I must say, it was very entertaining, unless you are a Green Bay fan, or a bookie that lost his shorts on the bad call.

The whole replacement ref story was in fact entertaining - like watching a train wreck or an auto accident in progress, you just couldn't look away.  As long as the bad calls, or lack of calls didn't hurt 'your team', it was pretty funny to watch.  Coaches turning red, players looking stunned, other players getting their clocks cleaned on illegal hits that drew no penalties ... a far cry from the 'Sarcastiball' that the NFL was pushing on us.

I am anxiously awaiting the response from all the sports talking head experts to the first blown call by the regular refs ...

For those of you who long for the lost days of fun and chaos that we've experienced in the first 3 weeks of the season, follow NE quarterback Tom Brady's example - just down a quart of Butter's Creamy Sports Drink, and all will be well.

For those of you who don't follow Southpark, the above references won't mean a damn thing.  Last night's season premier on Comedy Central was so timely, hilarious, and outrageous that I nearly busted a gut laughing ... 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hey Sheriff Joe - Where's The Money?

Hey there, Sheriff Joe, where is all of our money?

Remember when His Highness, in front of a joint session of Congress on National Primetime TV, told us that Joe Biden was the new sheriff in town.  Joe was going to watch over the hundreds of billions of stimulus dollars like a hawk.  He was going to prevent waste, make sure that every dollar went to producing jobs and turning the economy around, nothing was going to get past him.  Remember Joe, sitting behind Obama as he spoke, smiling and nodding his head in agreement?

Well, we're three years down the road.  Where's your report to the American taxpayers, Joe?  Where's the detailed record of where every dollar was spent?  Where's proof that you did your job as the New Sheriff in Town?  Where is what your boss promised you would provide to us?

C'mon Joe - surely you did an outstanding job.  Surely you have that record, and can tell us where our money went?  Surely we will see what a strict financial genius you are.  Surely you have more to offer the United States of America as Vice President than being the main source of material for the Obama Administration blooper reel?

Joe Biden is on the ticket with Barack Obama.  He is running for reelection as well as His Highness.  Where are the attacks on him from the right?  Where are the ads pointing out that our Veep is just a cartoon character?  Why don't I hear anything from Romney or Ryan about this inept buffoon that is a heartbeat away from the Presidency?

Monday, September 24, 2012

Obama's Priorities On Display, Again

President Obama is headed to NY.  One would think he'd be going to the UN General Assembly.  You would think he'd be going there to tell the world that the US is not happy with the anti-American fervor being whipped up against us int he Middle East by Isdlamic extremists.  One would think he'd have a series of meetings set up with diplomats from the countries in the region, expressing our outrage at the murder of our Libyan Ambassodor and three others.  You'd think he'd be meeting with our Allies to build their support for our fight against these terrorists and the states that support them.  One would think that ...

But no.  President Obama is going to NY to tape another visit with Whoopi and the liberal cackle-fest that is The View.  How many times has he sat down with these idiots?  Are they maybe ganging up on him in the green room?

I'd like to think that this was an isolated incident, but its not.  While our embassies were burning, while our Ambassador was being murdered and in the aftermath, Obama was on the campaign trail, stumping and raising money.  Disgusting.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sheriff Joe Delivers His Wisdom Again

Sheriff Joe Biden, the world's greatest gaffe machine, has delivered again.

At a high school rally (really, since when can candidates use an official high school gathering to deliver a campaign speech?) at the Newport, NH High School, Biden was surrounded by about 100 high school athletes in their uniforms.  As he cradled a football under his arm (isn't that a slam against women, since they don't generally play high school football?), he delivered this gut buster:

"Guess what, the cheerleaders in college are the best athletes in college.  You think, I’m joking, they’re almost all gymnasts, the stuff they do on hard wood, it blows my mind."


It's a shame that SNL writers and the clowns that write for the late night comedians can't come up with lines this good.

Then, to follow up, the Missus Sheriff Joe chimed in with her own sexually oriented joke-a-thon, delivering a series of one liners concerning Joe's schlong, to a uproar of laughter.  Here's a link to her video:

In spite of the mainstream media's coverage of this as a couple of hilarious moments, Joe just being Joe, I have to wonder ... what would NBC, MSNBC, CNN, and all the others be saying if Paul Ryan and his wife had made these exact same comments, in exactly the same settings and context?

Photo credit AP

Friday, September 21, 2012

'Tis The Season ... Really?

Today, Friday, September 21, is the last day of summer.  The predicted high for this part of the country is 96 degrees, with bright sunshine.

According to Walmart, it is Christmas time ...

The Wally Worlds in this area started putting out Christmas merchandise this past week.  Pallets of fake trees and ornaments are appearing in your Walmart garden centers. 

Really?  That's just wrong ...

Monday, September 17, 2012

Race Is The Only Thing Keeping Obama In The White House

As we near election day, now less than 50 days away, one undisputable fact is clear. 

In spite of all his rhetoric about wanting equality for the races, Obama is counting on racism to keep him in office.  Indeed, if Obama wasn't half black, he would never have been elected in the first place.

Everything else being equal, if Obama was white, then all of his pretty speeches in 2007-2008 wouldn't have been enough to overcome his total lack of experience and laundry list of skeletons in his closet.  He would never have made it past the primary, where Hillary would have trounced him.  It's not racist of me to say that, its a simple fact.  If Obama was all white instead of half white, Hillary would be President right now.

Obama is counting on racism to keep him office.  Everything the Republicans say is racist, according to his campaign and supporters.  Cries of racism and his being half black are the only things that will help him win.  If he was white and had this pathetic record as an incumbent President, he'd be behind by 20 points right now.

Remember, it is just as racist to vote for someone because of the color of his skin as it is to vote against him for that color!  Far more people are going to commit racism by voting for him for that reason than will commit it by voting against him for that reason.  Sad, but very true.

If our election was colorblind, as it should be, Obama would lose in a landslide.  As it is, minority voting blocks in a few key states are going to vote for him because he is a minority - not because of his record or his policies.  We are very likely to suffer through another 4 years of chaos and destruction of our country due to racism - but not the racism the mainstream media will tell you about!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

I Used To Like This Guy's Commercials ...

The most interesting man in the world has transformed into just another useless liberal.  I really did like his commercials (though the beer tastes like carbonated piss).

Jonathan Goldsmith, the actor, is hosting a fundraiser for His Highness next Tuesday.  I would make an educated guess from that fact that Mr. Goldsmith is definitely not a Reagan Conservative.

(Goldsmith ... and here I thought he was supposed to be some kind of Spanish superstud ...)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Have You Forgotten?

Tomorrow marks the 11th anniversary of the day that changed our nation, and indeed the world, forever.

Have you forgotten?

I haven't.

It seems that many Americans have.  Or, they just pretend it didn't happen.  Or they were too young to fully comprehend what happened.  Or, they were one of the few idiots that blamed the United States.

It is incumbent on everyone who lived through those dark days to remember, and to pass on what happened.  We simply can't allow complacency and the short memory of America to make it go away.

(If you think it will never be forgotten, ask yourself what our young people know about World War One.  Most would have no idea what it was, or when it happened.  World War Two, might get a page in a current high school history book.  Korea, what's that?  Cold War?  Never heard of it ... )

Update - as if forgetting wasn't bad enough ... NBC was the only major network NOT to show the moment of silence yesterday in tribute to the victims of the attack - a moment that even their Lord Obama observed.  What would cause NBC to do this?  Were they covering some breaking news story. some emergency?  Not exactly ... they were showing an interview with a Kardashian gloating over her latest boob job.  Does NBC really hate America that much?

Army Conquers The Big Go, Again

Tony Schumacher drove his 'The Sarge' Top Fuel dragster to victory in the NHRA's US Nationals yesterday.  The event, held in Indianapolis, is drag racing's equivalent to the Indy 500, or the Daytona 500.

Schumacher's victory is the ninth time he has won this event, a record.  Previously, he was tied with Big Daddy Don Garlits with 8 wins at Indy.

The win propels Tony into the NHRA's countdown, a series of races to end the season which will determine the Top Fuel champion for 2012. 

Photo credit NHRA/AP.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Democrats Boo God

The firestorm of criticism Democrats received, even in the mainstream media, for removing the one reference to God and support for Jerusalem as the capital of Israel caused them to quickly backtrack and add those back into the party platform.  Democrat leaders and pundits have been trying, and failing, over the past day to try and sweep this under the rug as an unimportant little wording detail that is not worth anyone noticing.  Bullshit!  The whole country noticed!

Besides the incredible embarrassment of having to put the language (which had been deleted on purpose) back in, Democrats suffered a meltdown yesterday as the changes were brought to the floor of the convention for a mandatory vote.  What followed was a huge lesson in humility for Democrat leaders, a huge embarrassment for the Obama campaign, and some really good political theater.

The vote was done during the day, when the convention hall was the least crowded.  It was done on a voice vote.  The first time the speaker called for the vote, the No votes clearly outnumbered the Yes votes.  He recalled the vote, and this time it was about even.  He called for a third voice vote, and this time it also seemed about even.  He then gaveled the issue, declaring it to have passed with a two thirds voice majority.  (It clearly had not.)

At this point, the crowd erupted into loud, protracted booing at the decision.  It was clear to them that the Democrat Party had decided this one behind closed doors, that their actual votes didn't count for anything.  Wow, isn't that something - Democrats actually learned what those of us on the right have known about their party for decades!

As hilarious as this was to witness, it is instructive.  A majority of Democrat delegates to their convention voted AGAINST the word God apperaring ONCE in their party's platform, and voted AGAINST stating support for Jerusalem being the capital of Israel.  Makes it pretty clear that the majority of them are a pack of anti-Israel heathens - which is their right to believe, just don't expect us to pretend it to be otherwise. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Democrats Define Themselves In 17 Seconds

A seventeen second video produced and released by the DNC proudly states what Democrats believe - that an all-knowing, all-providing, all-controlling government is what they want and believe in. 

Incredible.  I predict we're going to see this a lot in upcoming Republican campaign ads!

Folks, I don't know about you, but I DON'T BELONG TO ANY GOVERNMENT.

MIssus O Gives Us A Moment Of Clarity

During her speech last night (which was a pretty darned good one, I admit), Michelle Obama uttered a line that was completely, unarguably true.  I am sure her speech writers intended it as a compliment to her husband, but instead it gives those on the right confirmation of what we've known all along:

"I have seen firsthand that being President does not change who you are. No, it reveals who you are."

Ain't that the truth?

(BTW - anyone else notice how incredibly long her arms are?)

Photo Credit AP

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dems Crap On Israel, Again

For the life of me, I cannot understand why any Jewish American would consider voting for Obama and his administration.

The DNC, at the direction of Obama's campaign staff, removed all references to Israel from the Democrat Party's Platform, to be spewed out during the convention.  All of the support given to the Jewish Nation in the last Democrat platform, including recognition of Jerusalem as the capital, was dropped.

This blatant slap in the face of one of our most important allies cannot be tolerated.  The anti-semitism displayed by Obama and his administration now surpasses even that of Jimmy Carter. 

DNC Chairthing Debbie Schultz stepped in it big time.  She claimed publicly that the Israeli ambassador to the US, Michael Oren, had stated that Republican policies were dangerous to Israel.  “We know, and I’ve heard no less than Ambassador Michael Oren say this, that what the Republicans are doing is dangerous for Israel,” she stated during a pre-convention training session with Jewish Democrats on Monday, as reported by the Washington Examiner.

Mr. Oren fired back in a written statement that "I categorically deny that I ever characterized Republican policies as harmful to Israel.” 

So, Ms. Schultz is a liar.  She lied to Jewish Democrats, soley for the purpose of making them angry at Republicans. 

Update - Ms. Schultz has been caught in another lie.  She has complained that the Washington Examiner's report is false, she didn't say that, and the conservative newpaper is lying about it.  Well, here she is, in her own words:

I guess that in a liberal point of view, the lies cancel each other out ????

Does she not know that everything she says is being recorded?  Or is she just that damned stupid?

Do Dems Really Want 4 More Years Of This Guy?

Even ths most ardent Obama supporter has to shudder at the thought of this idiot sharing the ticket again with His Highness.  How many left wingers were praying (those few that believe) for Hillary to be underneath Lord Obama (pun intended)?

Sheriff Joe Biden.  The man who was entrusted with enforcing strict control over the hundreds of billions of dollars Obama gave away to his buddies. 

Can anyone out there name one positive accomplishment this man has made during his 4 years as Veep?  His only claim to providing us anything is from all the gaffes he keeps making.  How in the world all the minorities who consider themselves liberals can stomach this man, I will never know.  How can they possibly forgive these racially insensitive gems from Sheriff Joe:

1)  "You cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent. I’m not joking."  - 2006

2)  “You don’t know my state. My state was a slave state … my state is the 8th largest black population in the country.”  - trying to explain that Delaware, his home state, had its history of slavery - when indeed Delaware was never a slave state.

3)   “first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.” - 2007, describing his future running mate, Barack Obama.

4)  “How many times you get the call, ‘I like to talk to you about your … credit card,” - in his best Abu Indian accent, during a 2012 campaign speech slamming Romney for outsourcing.

5)  "They're going to put y'all back in chains." - Biden, discussing Romney's intention of rolling back onerous regulations on financial institutions, made to a largely African-American crowd in southern Virginia at a campaign stop.

Biden is a walking, talking buffoon.  For Republicans, it is a good thing he is still on the ticket.  He is as much an embarrassment to Obama as Billy Carter was to Jimmy.  If Obama's minions can't keep him gagged in this last couple of months of the campaign, he's certain to make 2 or 3 more stupid statements.  I can't wait to see Paul Ryan embarrass the hell out of him during their debate.

The Madness Of The Lunatic Left

A startling example of the lunatic left's agenda popped up in a US District Court in Boston.  Judge Mark Wolf ruled in favor of a taxpayer funded sex change operation for a convicted murderer.

Robert Koselik was convicted of the 1990 murder of his wife, and is serving a life sentence in the Mass State Pen.  This creature started hormone treatments in prison (tax payer funded), and lives in an all male prison.  Special 'accomodations', all costing taxpayer money, have to be constantly in place to protect the now "Michelle' Koselik from its fellow prisoners.

Koselik first sued the Mass Dept of Corrections in 2000.  Judge Wolf ruled in favor of everything short of surgery to accomdate Koselik's desire to become 'female'.  Koselik again sued in 2005, and added electrolysis treatments to the medically 'mandatory' treatments he was seeking.

Judge Wolf, in a 126 page ruling, ordered prison officials to give Koselik what it wants, citing the creature's 'serious medical need'.  Judge Wolf declined to give any guidance to the officials on where 'it' would be housed after surgery, or how the procedures and following 'accomodations' were to be paid for.  In other words, Mass taxpayers will pay for every bit of it, and be on the hook for any future treatments and whatever special security and housing arrangements that have to be made in order to keep 'it' safe while it lives out its life behind bars.  (In essence, the prison will have to build a seperate 'prison within a prison' to keep it safe from the other prisoners.)

Judge Wolf was appointed to his position on the bench by Ronald Reagan in 1985.  One wonders what Reagan would think about that appointment if he had the chance to see this ruling.  One also wonders what the people of Mass think about their money being squandered on bullshit like this ...

Update - a day after Judge Wolf's decision, leaders of the LGBT movement came out and praised it for advancing the cause of rights for transgendered.  Wow - your movement is pretty pathetic if your poster child is a convicted murderer.  These people completely missed the point. 

The point of all the uproar over this is the fact that taxpayer money is being used to provide this ELECTIVE procedure and its lifelong results to a PRISONER who was convicted of murder.  If this creature was a private citizen, out and free, and paid for this with his own money/insurance, there's no problem at all.