Friday, January 28, 2011

What's Going On In Egypt?

That's a question every one of us should be asking.

The riots in Egypt are threatening a government that has been pro-US for 30 years. While not exactly a democracy, Mubarak's government has been a stabilizing force in the Middle East. It is one of the primary reasons for continued peace between Isreal and its neighbors. The riots are supposedly driven by the heavy handed nature of the government, and rapidly rising food and fuel prices. That's just the kindling. The spark is coming from radical Islamists, based in Syria and Iran. Toppling the Egyptian government and replacing it with something more in line with their wishes would be a great victory for radical Islam - a defeat for the US and its policies, coupled with a natural, strong enemy againgst peace with Isreal.

The US has provided Egypt with a modern military. It is perhaps third in the region to Isreal, and Saudi Arabia. Allowing this firepower to end up in the hands of a radical Islamist state is unthinkable.

This effort, led by Iran, is spreading all over the place. The pro-western government of Lebanon fell months ago to Hezbollah ... a terrorist organization directed and funded by Syria and Iran. Protests are springing up in Jordan against the pro-western government there. Albania is seeing protests. Tunisia's pro-US government was toppled recenly, and replaced by one that is not pro-US. Iran's influence is even spreading to South America, with Hugo Chavez' assistance. Turkey, once one of our greatest allies, has backed away from us - that is another military we have armed with modern, lethal weapons systems.

This is some serious sh*t, folks. Some of our strongest supporters in the Middle East are under attack. If they fall, they will be replaced by puppets under the control of Iran. Isreal will be under a huge threat to its very existence - with the lunatic running Iran already having threatened to use nukes (which he says his country doesn't have) on Tel Aviv.

What is happening over there will have a direct impact upon us sooner or later. Stability in the region is a good thing. Radical Islam making further headway into taking over countries that have been out allies is definitely a very bad thing.

Update - The situation our government finds itself in in regards to what is happening in Egypt is a very difficult one. On one hand, we want the people of Egypt to have Democracy, and to be out from under the fist of what was essentially a dictator. On the other hand, the stability that dictator gave ot the region, and his pro-US stance over the past 3 decades have been immensely important to our security and interests.

Obama and his administration are walking a tightrope. Even though I don't care for him or his regime, I recognize the difficulty. However, they are making some very bad mistakes in their approach. His handpicked messenger to Mubarack has come out and publicly made statements contrary to Obama's public statements on what we wish to happen. HIllary has backtracked and restated her position several times. Diane Feinstein (D-CA), a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, has publicly come out and stated that we really don't know what is going on over there.

Obama has got to get control of his own people and keep a single, unified message coming out.

As far as the conflict itself, the longer it runs, the better the chance the government will wholly or in part be hijacked by the Muslim Brotherhood, a 'political' organization that has publicly aligned itself with Iran. The pro-Democracy movement is very likely to become the vehicle by which another radical Islamic state comes into being - just like Iran did when the Shah was ousted by students protesting for Democracy and giving the country to religious hardliners.

The United States, indeed the world, cannot afford to have Egypt turn into another Iran.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sarahcuda Agrees With Me!

You know, I'd like to claim that I came up with WTF, but no such luck. The earliest I remember hearing it was in Risky Business.

Leave it to the Sarahcuda to use my favorite phrase to shed light on Comrade Obama's State of the (Soviet) Union speech, and the incredible bullshit it contained.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Is Obama Turning Chinese?

During the few minutes I was able to stomach watching Obama's State of the Union speech, I noticed something. His skin was yellow. I turned from Fox, to CNN, to ABC, to CBS, to NBC. Every camera, every feed showed him with a decided yellow tinge to his skin color. By contrast, Biden and Boehner in the background looked normal, so it didn't appear to be a color problem with the cameras.

I don't mean this as a racist statement. It is merely an observation that our President looked a lot more Asian than black last night. On purpose?

I've noticed in most of the still photos posted on-line that the skin tones are more 'realistic'. Photoshopped - maybe? However, go look at some of the raw video feeds at the news sites, or youtube, and see what you think.

An Example of Why Our Jobs Go Overseas

A real world example of why so many of the jobs in this country have gone overseas - seen by me personally yesterday.

Two licensed electricians take 4 hours to run a 3 foot piece of conduit. Not the wiring, just the piece of pipe which will hold the wiring. The majority of their time was spent joking, talking about their golf game, answering text messages and calls. A good piece of time was spent figuring out how they can milk the job for a couple of more days and some overtime.

They left the job at 4:00pm, talking about how it was going to take at least another half a day to run that piece of conduit.

I am sure that these two fellows would be among the first to complain about jobs going to Mexico, or China, or India ...

Friday, January 21, 2011

MTV - Where Did It Go Wrong?

I actually am old enough to remember when MTV signed on. I remember watching it on that frirst day of programming, and for years afterwards. You had rock music videos, introduced by VeeJays, 24 hours a day.

Then MTV started branching out, and the music started dying off. Offshoot channels appeared, and they sucked just as much.

Now, we have MTV showing disgusting shock programs, designed to influence our kids. The new 'Skins' should be banned from television. Programs that glorify teen pregnancy, single parenting, sexual misconduct, promiscuity, drug and alchohol use, and rage against parents and persons in authority are all you ever see on that channel. If you haven't looked at it lately, go there - see what is being fed to our kids. See what is influencing them. You go to its offshoots, and all you see there are rappers and hoes hollering about their bling, their guns, their money, their cars, their bitches, etc.

In this age where liberals in and out of our government are screaming at the FCC to censor conservative media, this crap is touted as perfectly acceptable freedom of speech.

It is no wonder so many of our kids are so incredibly f**ked up.

What can't we go back to the days when MTV actually had music on it, and a few quality educational programs, such as this:

Update - I tried to watch an episode of 'Skins' on MTV, just to see what the outrage was about. Boy, do I understand now. From the few minutes I was able to stand it, here is what I saw. Child actors, representing younger high school students. They look like 14-15 year olds. Two kids emply a liter vodka bottle while riding a merry go round on the playground. One kid in the cafeteria so out of it on hard drugs (as defined by the kids around him) that he can't even hit his own mouth with a candy bar. One of the main girls, a self professed 'dyke', shouting out in school that "I screw girls ... so what?". Said dyke takes another underage girl home to sleep with her, in her family's house, and introduces her to her father on their way out. Said dyke experiments with a 'cool guy' in casual, unprotected sex. Most of the conversation between characters is about getting stoned, drunk, or laid. And these are supposed to be 14 and 15 year olds!

This program is disgusting. It is targeted at young teens, and is nothing but shock. The underlying messages are that it is not only acceptable to be drunk, stoned, gay, and/or promiscuous, it is very cool to do so.

It appears that this program is going to die a quick death. Advertisers are running away from it. If you are interested, watch an episode before it goes away. See what MTV feels is perfectly acceptable to force feed to our kids.

You Know He Wanted To Do It

Leave it to Jimmy Kimmel Live to read John Boenher's mind!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Jerry's Super Scam

Jerry Jones's infatuation with hosting the Super game in a couple of weeks is getting ridiculous. Those of you not in the DFW area may not have heard this.

Jones is bound and determined to have this Super game set records for attendance, and anything else he can get hold of. He wants it to be the biggest, to help justify Jerry World. Now, I understand that, but it is reaching a really stupid level now.

Tickets are going to be sold for $200 each. These tickets will allow you to stand in the parking lot outside of the stadium during the game. You won't get in. You won't get a seat. You won't even get a program.

Jerry's folks and the NFL are going to count these tickets as part of the official game attendance.

What a scam! Talk about a record that needs an asterick beside of it!

Notice I said Super game. The actual words S.B. are copyrighted by the NFL. If you don't pay to be the official something of the S.B., you risk prosecution for infringement if you use the words.

Update - A prayer, if I may ...

Oh Lord, please let Green Bay beat Chicago this weekend.

It's not that I care for the Packers.

I just don't want Obama to come here with the Bears.

Hey Japan ... STOP IT!

Have you bought a can of tuna lately? How pissed off were you at half of the can's contents being water filler? How good did you feel watching half of the can disappear down the drain when you let the water drain off? I remember days, not so long ago, when you opened an 8 ounce can of tuna and got 7.5 ounces of tuna out of it.

What happened? Well, several reasons, but first and foremost, I blame the Japanese.

I am in no way an expert on all things Japanese. Recognizing that, I will admit that these thoughts are based upon what I have seen on TV and internet news and programming specials I've seen over the past couple of decades.

The Japanese are causing overfishing of the world's oceans, to the point of threatening the existence of multiple species. They are not doing this because their people are starving and need the food source. More than enough seafood can be obtained from our oceans to feed their population without killing off whole species.

They are doing this because of cultural appetite. There are several types of seafood that are considered delicacies. Whale meat. Shark fin soup. Bluefin tuna. Herring roe. And others.

Whaling is governed by international treaties. Japan routinely flaunts the agreements, and captures/slaughters far more whales each year than they are 'legally' allowed. Why? Not because it is needed as a food source, it is because it is a delicacy, and brings in huge profits for those who supply it.

Shark fin soup. OK, I'm no fan of sharks. But to see one captured, have its fins cut off, and then the live shark is thrown back into the sea to drown is horrible. There is no nutritional need for this. It is driven solely by the demand for this delicacy, which is supposed to give Japanese men boners.

Bluefin tuna is prized as the top type of tuna for eating raw and in sushi - in Japan. I saw one large example of the fish go for over $150,000 - FOR ONE FISH! It is no more nutritious than any other speciies of tuna. The demand is simply because it is considered a delicacy in Japan, and brings very big monty to everyone in the supply chain. Fleets hunting bluefin are all over the world, and there is a very real danger of the type being hunted into extinction very soon.

Herring roe. Fish eggs. A particular type of egg, sought after for sushi and other purposes. Millions of fish being caught and cut open for their eggs. The vast majority of the rest of the fish is wasted. Fortunately, this type of 'crop' is closely monitored, and a set amount of catch is allowed - in American coastal waters.

None of these species should be endangered. There are (or at least were) plenty of them to support the nutritional needs of Japan and every other country on earth. The overfishing is strictly to satisfy the Japanese need to gain face by consuming something special. It's not the taste that is the issue for the vast majority of these people - it is the status you receive by overpaying for something seen as the best - to show you are better than your peers.

Now, what does that have to do with my can ot tuna? Well, if the canners can make more money selling fish to Japan, and can get away with stuffing our cans full of water instead of fish, why wouldn't they?

Handicap WTF?

A recent visit to the local Wally World produced 3 handicap WTFs in the space of just a few minutes ...

A lady, at least 400 pounds worth, draped over a mobility scooter. You can barely see that there is a scooter underneath. The back tires are flat from all the weight. She looks like she is in her pajamas/home tent. My problem is not her weight, or the offensive clothing ... it is the overpowering stench that keeps everyone at least 20 feet away from her. Really disgusting.

A handicapped young man, also in a mobility chair. A high performance mobility chair. This person has obvious mental issues as well as physical. There is a hand written sign hanging off the back of the seat reading 'I'm not speeding, I'm qualifying'. He is flying through the aisles, and clips my leg as he motors past me. I watch him, he's just speeding up and down the aisles, running people and shopping carts off into the proverbial ditch. He has a Wally World employee badge. While I applaud Wally World for employing the handicapped, this man is a menace, and is going to get them sued.

In the parking lot, a newer model Cadillac is sitting in a handicap spot. It has a temporary handicap tag hanging from the mirror. The person getting into it is tall, black, wearing a long blonde caucasian wig, skin tight jeans, heels that are at least 5 inches tall, and has a fully stuffed (with something) bra. The person is obviously male (or at least was) as indicated by the huge Adams apple protruding from the throat. My issue is not with the obvious, but with the handicap tag - if this person has a handicap, it is one of a mental nature. Walking on those heels with no problem tells me that there isn't a physical issue. I wonder if a police officer would have dared write this person a ticket for misuse of a handicap tag ...

There is just so much cheap entertainment you can get from walking into one of those stores!

Thanks a Lot, Nevada

I really want to thank the voters of Nevada for giving us another dose of Harry Reid. To all of you union thugs, illegal immigrants, and campaign operators who secured his victory, thanks a lot. To the Republicans, who chose one of the weakest candidates they could find to oppose him in what should have been a slam dunk defeat for Reid, thanks a lot.

Now, the Democrat leader of the Senate has called the Chinese Premier a 'dictator' in public, while the Chinese leader is in this country being hosted by Reid's boss - Obama. Now, even if he is a dictator, how stupid can you be? To insult this man, arguably the leader of the most powerful country on earth, while your buddy is schmoozing him is just catastrophic lunacy.

China holds our mortage. If they call it due, it may end this country - or at least drop it to second world status. We have become so dependent upon China that we cannot move away from them (by their design). China can run our country, if they wish to.

This might even top his 'This War is Lost' on the stupidest things said by a politician in the past decade list.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Welcome Back, Mr. Bond

It appears that reports of 007's demise on the big screen were premature. The 23rd Bond film is back on track, scheduled for release in the fall of 2012. Daniel Craig will be back as Bond, and the film will take up where Quantum of Solace ended.

Friday, January 14, 2011

An Open Letter to Michelle Obama

Dear Ms. Obama;

You have positioned yourself as a champion of children's causes, which is a noble position for this nation's First Lady. Your efforts, particularly in the area of nutrition, have made it clear that you believe you know what is best for our children - much more so than we, their parents.

In this capacity as Parent-in-Chief, I ask for your guidance in how to deal with the following situation:

The unbridled hatred that the left in this country views Conservatives with, in particular members of the so-called Tea Party, has led to your husband (and the top Democrat leaders in both houses of Congress, the head of the Democrat National Committee, numerous other Democrat elected officials, and too many left wing political pundits and 'news' people ot mention) to refer to these people as 'Tea Baggers".

Tea Bagger is a horrendlously offensive term. To refer to someone as a Tea Bagger is to hurl one of the most vulgar, vile insults at them. It is hate speech. Yet your husband, the President of the United States, has used this term in a televised interview and in discussions with Democrat lawmakers and members of his own staff. The term is thrown about on news programs and in print so often that is has become commonplace. People who have no idea what it means are picking it up and using it to describe members of the Tea Party - without knowing the awful, disgusting insult of which they are actually speaking.

My question to you is this ... when our children come to us, their generic parental units (since the Federal Government has officially determined that mother and father are no longer acceptable terms) and ask us what 'Tea Bagger' means, what do we tell them?

What is the official left wing controlled Federal Government definition of 'Tea Bagger'? What do we tell our children when they ask what your husband is talking about?


A card carrying member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Couple of Missteps for the New Republican House

While I am absolutely thrilled that John Boenher is now the Speaker of the House, taking power away from the Wicked Witch of San Francisco, the incoming Republican majority has made what I think are a couple of mistakes just as it gets started.

First - on the first day of the 112th Congress, changes to the House operating rules were introduced. Every change of majority control introduces rules changes - that is not new. However, something caught my eye.

House members from Guam, DC, Northern Marianas, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, and American Samoa have been allowed to cast symbolic votes on the floor - as long as their votes didn't decide an issue, their votes would be counted. They were given this priviledge in 1992, I believe, under a House Rules change imposed by the Democrat majority.

Five of these six members are Democrat. The remaining one is an independent who blocks with Democrats.

The end result of this is that vote totals on bills will not reflect an inflated number of Democrat votes - on votes that wouldn't be decided on those six votes.

While I understand the purity of this, and the political gain, it doesn't make sense to me to do this. These six votes won't hurt Republican efforts inthe House, so why give Democrats (and the people in these terriroties) a reason to berate Republicans for 'disenfranchising' them? I don't understand what this will accomplish, other than pissing people off.

Second - we're hearing right and left about Republican efforts to cut the budget, trim the deficit, and cut the national debt. Rep. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) proposed legislation that would restrict the use of funds saved from budget cuts for use only to reduce the deficit. This would ensure that budget cuts would remain exactly that - cuts - and not just shifted to being spent elsewhere. His proposal was shot down by Democrats and Republicans. The reason is simple - politicians of both parties want to keep spending, and want to be able to claim making cuts when all they are doing is playing a shell game with our money. This problem isn't limited to one party - it is inherent in the established Washington political machine.

I hope these two goofs are just that - initial goofs - and not an indication of 'meet the new boss, same as the old boss'.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Obama Paying Google To Pull One Over On Us

It has come to light that Obama is paying Google to place his 'official' Obamacare promo website at the top of the list on Google searches that contain the word 'Obamacare'. See for yourself ... go to Google, and search on Obamacare. See the ad appear at the top of the listings.

This is illegal. The government can't use taxpayer's money for political advertising. Obama is breaking the law, and he doesn't care one bit. After all, he'a s Democrat, and anything they do is OK as long as it is 'for the cause'.

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) has publicly stated that the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform (which he now chairs) will investigate this illegal misuse of taxpayer funds, along with many other outrages the Obama Administration has dumped on us.

(NOTE - Google has done nothing illegal on this. They sell top billing status for internet searches to other companies and entities. Whether they showed good moral judgement taking such a political ad when they knew the ad placer was violating the law ... well I am sure they don't care about that, since they are a huge Obama fans themselves.)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Cowgirls' Season Is Over

You know, it says a lot about the Dallas Cowboy's season that they beat their hated rivals, the Iggles, 14-13 in the season ending game, in Philly, and hardly anyone really cares.

This season was supposed to be Jerry Jones ascension to royalty. The 50th Anniversary season of the franchise. The second season in Jerry World. The first Super Bowl held in Dallas. Everything was set, and promoted as, the first time in NFL history that a team would be hosting a Super Bowl in its own stadium.

Oops ...

Not that anyone in the Cowboy's organization will ever seek me out for advice, but here are some tips for Jerry ... things he must address in the off season.

1) Head coach. Should be Jason Garrett, if all reports are correct. News organizations have been trying to pin him down on this decision since the day Wade Phillips was fired. Problem is, Jerry can't announce that decision, due to NFL rules. He MUST interview at least one qualified minority candidate for the head coaching position. If he comes out and announces Garrett has the job before said interview takes place, he'd be in for the biggest fine ever levied by the NFL.

Garrett is certainly the natural choice. He is touted as an offensive genius, very smart man. Well, he was a genius for the first couple of years he spent as an offensive coordinator. His last 21/2 years in that position have been, well, offensive. The offense has sucked for a couple of years. It is probably the most predictable one in the NFL. I could predict 75% of the plays being called before they ran - and if I can do that through a TV screen, imagine what the opposition could do in person. I don't think Garrett is God's gift to Cowboys fans in the coaching position - but I don't know of anyone else I'd prefer. Bill Couwer maybe ... but he's pretty much washed up.

2) Please forbid anone in the offensive team/coaching staff from calling 3rd down plays that do not get enough yardage for a first down even if the play works. I can't tell you how many times I saw a 2 yard 3rd down pass executed perfectly - except it was 3rd down and 5 to go. Absolutely stupid ...

3) Please teach your players that the other team are not their buddies. Tashard Choice's stupid example of asking for Mike Vick's autograph after a loss to the hated Iggles (on the field, on live national TV) was a gut wrenching slap in the face of anyone who has been a Cowboy fan for more than 2 years. I am sick and tired of seeing our players making buddy buddy with people they are supposed to be knocking on their asses. Saw it again in yesterday's Iggles game - members of the defensive secondary shaking hands and yacking with Iggles receivers during an Iggles drive that would decide the game. Disgusting. Offensive.

4) Fire the entire starting defensive secondary, except for Terrance Newman - and demote him to second string, where he would be a capable backup. The rest of them are completely useless.

5) Fire the entire offensive line, except for the center. They couldn't block a tackling dummy. Horrible performance all year.

6) Fire Marion Barber. Hurts to say that, I like the guy. But, he's injury prone, and has been an easy to bring down underachiever ever since he got his big contract. You've got 3 running backs - that don't work, get rid of the #24 baggage.

7) Fire Roy Williams. Very nice guy, and a consumate professional in public. But, a horrible underperformer, who constantly drops balls and just flat fails to make the big play. Way too big a contract for such small results.

8) Do something to make Tony Romo take his job seriously. Maybe he does inside, but watching him grin while losing is just irritating. Maybe settling down with a wife will get him in line. Like most everyone else given a fat contract, he pretty much sucked after getting it.

9) Fire Jerry Jones. Jerry, you are a great owner, and a poor GM. Hire a good football person to manage the team, please.

10) Find an accurate kicker. Your current one can boom the ball, and he's one of the best tacklers on the coverage team, but his accuracy is really not very good. It was a good idea using him to kick field goals and saving the roster spot, but it didn't turn out very well.

11) Don't volunteer to host anymore Super Bowls at Jerry World.

12) Miles Austin ... breakout year last year, sets all kinds of records, gets the huge contract, ends up porking a Kardashian ... and has a bad year. Must have set a record for dropped balls by a Cowboy receiver. Got his big contract, and started cruisin' ... Slap this man about the head and shoulders, and knock him out of his money induced funk!

13) You've got the 9th choice int he draft this year, courtesy of that wonderful record. Don't blow it. The Cowboys have a history of throwing away first round draft choices on long shots that end up rcut or riding the bench. You need a blue chip, can't miss defensive back or offensive lineman - go get him!

There's so much more, but I've used up my daily allotment of electrons.

Bowl Season Silliness

There are just too many college football bowl games. From a week before Christmas to a week and a half after New Years day, we are bombarded with meaningless bowl games with marginal football teams clogging up the TV channels.

It used to be so simple. Bowl games were on January 1. They started very early, with the Cotton Bowl, and they ended very late with the Rose Bowl. You had 8-10 teams playing, most of which would be nationally ranked in the top ten. The mythical National Champion would be crowned the next day in the polls, based upon the results of those bowls.

Now we've got the BCS, and it truly sucks. Now we've got corprate sponsorships run amok, sprouting all these no name bowls. The National Champion won't be crowned until the middle of January.

A prime example in my local area occurred on Jan. 1, and will conclude on Jan. 7.

The TicketCity Bowl took place on Jan. 1, in Dallas. Texas Tech played Northwestern in the Cotton Bowl. (Tech won, but that is besides the point of my argument.) The game was played on New Years Day, in the Cotton Bowl, but it wasn't the Cotton Bowl.

The Cotton Bowl will be held on Friday, Jan.7. LSU will play Texas A&M. The game will be played at Jerry World, in Arlington, TX.
Wait just a damn minute ... The Cotton Bowl isn't going to be played in the Cotton Bowl, and it isn't going to be played on New Years' Day?

But there was a Bowl game played in the Cotton Bowl on New Years' Day ... but it wasn't the Cotton Bowl?

How freaking stupid ...