Thursday, June 25, 2009

Do You Want Obama's Healthcare?

Do you want Obama's healthcare plan? It's a serious question. The kneejerk reaction from most people I know would be no way in hell. But that may be an opinion based upon opinion of Obama himself, not the facts of the plan itself. Be fair to yourself and decide on the merits, not just your opinion of Obama.

Obama and his cronies are flooding the media with the 'healthcare emergency', and all kinds of fact and fiction about what their plan will and will not do. It's all meant to confuse, to hide, to create an emergency that does not exist so they can force through their plan.

After some thought for a couple of days, and a 'teaching moment' this morning during Rush's broadcast, I think I can ask you three questions. Answer them honestly, and then decide if you want Obama's plan or not:

Question 1: Do you want your health care decisions made by you and your doctor? Or, do you want you healthcare defined by Obama, Congress, and a bunch of bureaucrats who will be writing the regulations?

Question 2: Do you trust the Federal Government to run healthcare, given their track record of success running social entitlement programs (such as Medicade, Social Security, and Medicare)?

Question 3: Would you take a healthcare plan that the government will not accept for itself? (Specific language has been put in the bill by Sen. Ted Kennedy that will exempt members of Congress and the Administration from provisions of the bill. These members of the Federal Government will retain their current healthcare options (which are the most generous of any in the US, and paid for completely by taxpayers), rather than be forced to use the government supplied plan.)

Provide your own answers to those three questions. No matter all the crap floating around about Obama's plan, those three answers are all you need to know to make a judgement.

Once again, Obama is going to try and ram this through Congress in a hurry, to take care of 'the emergency'. He doesn't want it seen, doesn't want it studied, doesn't want it known by the Public or members of Congress before the vote. If it is fully understood before the vote, it will not pass. If it passes and becomes law, it will be damn near impossible to get rid of it later on, no matter who is in charge.

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