Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Justice Kagan Believes Sexual Bias HELPED Her

Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, speaking before a gathering at the University of Tennessee Law School, admitted that she believes that her gender played a major factor in being chosen by Obama for the High Court. 

"To tell you the truth, there were also things that I got because I was a woman.  I mean, I'm not sure I'd be sitting here, I'm not sure I would have been President Obama's nominee if I weren't a woman and if he weren't as committed as he was to ensuring that there was diversity on the Supreme Court."  - Elena Kagan

Candid, and truthful, which is refreshing.  The fact she cannot be removed from her position on the Court no matter what she says probably enhanced her candidness.

While I agree with her assessment, as far as it goes, I would suggest to Justice Kagan that gender was one of four qualifications Obama looked at when choosing her;

1)  Gender (acknowledged).

2)  Sexual Orientation.

3)  The fact she was Obama's Solicitor General (chief lawyer) in the White House.

4)  She was a lapdog for Obama, and could be counted on to vote in his favor no matter what the issue was that came before the court.

For those on the left who scoff at Number 4, consider this - she should have recused herself from the Obamacare decision, since she was part of the White House during its construction and passage, and had publicly stated her strong support for it.  If she had done what she should have, we wouldn't have that huge albatross hanging around our necks right now.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Big Tex Toast

State Fair of Texas icon Big Tex went up in flames this morning.  The big fellow was celebrating his 60th anniversay at this year's fair.  Fair officials vowed to rebuild him in time for next year's affair.

Obama Administration officials immediately blamed the incident on a spontaneous protest response by UT fans to a video being played of last weekend's disaster at the hands of OU.

Photo credit - AP

Obama Says Unemployment Rate Is 7.8% - Bullshit!!!

Obama is a f***ing liar.  No big surprise there ...

So, unemployment has somehow magically gotten below that magic 8 percent, right before the election.  As I predicted (and to be honest a lot of others as well) early this year, the number came up as 7.8% for September.  Obama and his minions have been crowing about it ever since it came out, saying its proof that his policies are working.

Unless we have Obama colored blinders on, the steady, slow drop of the number over the past months has been an obvious result of doctoring the numbers.  How else can you explain why the unemployment rate goes down when 50 times more people file for NEW unemployment claims per month than report that they have found a job?  Obama's Department of Labor keeps changing the formula that counts the unemployed, dropping millions from the number of people who are figured into the denominator of the equation.  That much has been obvious.

Unfortunately for Obama and his campaign, their efforts to shrink that number to under the magic 8% number for September just weren't going to be enough.  They couldn't find anyone else to drop from the count.  Even though they pushed in tens of thousands of temporary holiday jobs as newly created permanent positions, the number still wasn't going to be below 8%.

So, they pull a fast one.

A very small, ignored footnote on the DoL's jobs report, the report that delivered the targeted 7.8% to Obama just in time for him to crow about it in the debates and elsewhere, was that one state's numbers hadn't been counted. The state, and the reason, weren't disclosed.  Mainstream media ignored this little fact.

Well, today, we find out more.  California, with one of the nation's highest unemployment rates, didn't report its numbers.  When you figure their numbers in, the actual national rate is still considerably above 8%.

The person in California responsible for filing the numbers is an Obama campaign contributor.

This is being completely ignored by the mainstream media, not surprisingly.  Hopefully, enough outlets interested in the truth will get this information out there so that this crime doesn't go unnoticed.

By the way ... if Obama's Department of Labor counted the unemployed using the same formula used when George Bush left office, the reported number would be right at 11.4% ...

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ms. 99%er, Fighting For The Middle Class

Is there any doubt that these people think they are royalty?  The hypocrisy of this woman standing up and saying she and her husband are fighting for the middle class is just overwhelming.

Note that the majority of trips detailed in this did not include her husband.  None of these trips served ANY official government purpose - the Obamas should have reimbursed the taxpayers for every penney they wasted.

How many people in the middle class get to take 15 all expense paid vacations in 3 years, to exotic spots all over the world, whenever they wish and with however many of their buddies they want?  (These trips in addition to the dozens of 'official' flings all over the world, and the hundred or so campaign appearances she's made this year for her husband - all at taxpayer expense.)

Update - at a fundraiser today (Oct. 17, the day after the third debate), Ms. Obama told her audience that 'We're gonna party hard on Nov. 7'.  Nov. 7 is the day after the election.  I just bet she would throw a hell of a party - 4 more years of fleecing the taxpayers for free vacations, and 4 more years of destroying our country.  That's exactly what I'd expect from them - champagne and caviar for them and their buds, not getting to work and solving our country's problems.  Their time in the White House is just a great big f***ing party for these clowns.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Will Libya Be Obama's Saviour?

The current scandal involving the Obama Administration and the murder of our Ambassador and three others in Libya seems to be a very big albatross hanging around His Highness' neck.  It may turn out to be something very different ...

Multiple sources are reporting that military assets, including special forces and UAS (drones) are positioned and on alert within range of Libya and the rest of Africa.  Those sources report that they are positioned to strike as soon as the animals that assaulted our people are identified and located.

On the surface, I am glad this is happening.  I want those bastards erased from this Earth.  I am convinced that Obama and his staff truly do want to find and kill the people who did this - as the vast majority of Americans do.  I certainly don't fault them for that.

What I do worry about is whether Obama and his handlers will play political games with this retribution's timing (if it happens) and aftermath.  Will His Highness wait until just the right political moment to pull the trigger?  Will his people know without a doubt they are targeting the right people, or will they shoot whomever happens to be in their sights at the appointed time?  If they do kill someone, will they spike the ball publicly, like He did with bin Laden?

I wouldn't put it past this administration to pull a Clinton and lob some cruise missiles or a few pieces of weaponry dropped from a drone at some 'target' at the optimum political time, whether the target is valid or not.  (Remember Clinton 'wagging the dog' by blowing up the milk plant in Sudan to take the camera lenses away from his problems with Monica?)

We're 3 weeks away from the election.  Look for something to happen about one week before the first Tuesday of November.  Look for it to happen on Monday or Tuesday of prior week, to maximize media exposure for his victory dance.

I hope they get those a*holes.  But, I hope it doesn't get Obama elected to another 4 years.  Wouldn't that be a shit sandwich for America ... a huge scandal for Obama and an example of how poor his foreign policies are could very well keep him in office.

The Post Office Is Its Own Worst Enemy

I am a big supporter of the United States Postal Service.  However, today I realized that it has no hope of surviving unless it pulls its collective head out of its ass (and gets a lot of help from Republicans).

42 minutes spent in front of a window clerk trying to mail 4 small packets overseas.  That's not time in line (there was no one else there when I arrived), that is actual time the clerk spent processing my mail.  The reason?  A new regulation regarding the customs forms you must attach to each and every one of these items.  The forms themselves did not change.  What did change is a new requirement from the US Customs department that each and every character of information I enter onto that customs form has to be typed in by hand by the clerk into another computer program, in addition to navigating through a seemingly endless maze of menus and selections on their screen. 

This is done so that US Customs gets all the information automatically, so that they don't have to lift a finger to do their portion of the job of getting my mail to its overseas destination.

Two weeks ago, mailing these four packets, with the exact same customs forms on them, would have taken less than two minutes.

Halfway through this process, a line of other customers had built up (the clerk was the only one on duty when I went in).  Another clerk appeared, and things started moving a bit better - please note that this additional clerk had appeared at her normal time, not in response to the growing line of customers.

I feel sorry for the people stuck behind me, but there's nothing I can do - my clerk is typing crap in as fast as his computer will allow.

Finally finished with me, my clerk gives me the receipt, puts up a 'closed' sign at his station, and explains to the line (which is now out of the door), that union rules require that he takes a break, and he's 5 minutes late for that break, which may result in disciplinary action from the station manager.  At this point, he disappears from view quickly, before the angry people in line realize what's happening.  The other clerk is stuck trying to explain a long customs form to an elderly woman who can't speak English.  About 15 people who took time out of their day to conduct business at the Post Office are crapped on by Union rules.

The Post Office is going to barely make black ink this month, due solely to the large amount of political junk mail being sent out by the candidates and their surrogates.  Next month, its back to red ink.  At the current rate, the Post Office will lose about $18 billion this year.

The primary reason for their economic failure is a law, passed in 2006 by a completely Democrat controlled Congress, that mandates the Post Office contribute $5.5 billion dollars per year, for 10 years, to postal union member retiree health benefits.  This so that Union members can have their retirement healthcare paid for entirely by the taxpayers.  The Post Office cannot choose to not make the payments - they are law.  Indeed, the Post Office has already missed one of these payments, and had to go to Congress for permission to miss it.  It will more than likely miss the next payment as well. 

The only hope the Post Office has for long term survival is for Republican control of both houses of Congress and the White House, and repeal of that ridiculous law.

Something that would help them in the meantime is to stop doing crap that pisses their customers off.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Wouldn't Have Wanted To Be This Judge ...

I'm not sure how much national press this got, but here in the DFW area it's been a hot news topic for the past week or so.

23 year old Elizabeth Escalona has been on trial.  She is a single mother of five (yes, five ... at age 23 from two different men, neither of whom she was married to). 

Ms. Escalona was on trial for beating her two year old daughter almost to death last year.  The girl was beaten, whipped, and kicked until she was unconscious.  Ms. Escalona then super glued the child's hands to the wall (above a level where the girl could stand, so she was just dangling) and beat her some more.  The skin on the girl's hands finally tore away, and the girl fell to the floor.  When admitted to a hospital, the girl was in a coma.  Fortunately, the child survived, and is apparently doing as well as could be expected.

The child's offense for causing all of this?  She had trouble with potty training.

Ms. Escalona was offered a plea deal for 45 years in prison, but she refused.  She did plead guilty to the charge, so the trial was really about punishment.  She and her lawyer chose to have the judge decide the matter, rather than before a jury.  The prosecutor was asking for life in prison - the defense was asking for probation.

Ms. Escalona has been in trouble all of her life.  Gang membership, drugs, assault (including an attack on her mother), not to mention five pregnancies before she was 21 years old.

Her defense was that she was unprepared for motherhood (and had 5 kids???), had been sexually and physically abused as a child, had been pyhsically abused by the two men who fathered her children, and the pressure of trying to bring up five kids made her snap.  Ms. Escalona's mother (who is raising the five kids now) took the stand, and begged for mercy for her child, saying she needed help, not prison.  Ms. Escalona testified in her own defense, and pretty much agreed with the prosecutor that what she did was monsterous.  There were a lot of tears shed on the stand, but the only ones who know if they were real are Ms. Escalona, and God.

The judge returned a punishment of 99 years in prison, with a minimum of 30 before the possibility of parole.  The defense stated they would appeal.  The judge in the case, District Judge Larry Mitchell, has been on the bench for 40 years, and is highly thought of.

I am conflicted on this.  My gut response is good ... she got what she deserved for the heinous crime she committed.  Then, you think of the worse crimes committed all the time that get much lesser sentences.  People commit murder and get much lighter sentences.  The local woman who cut off her infant's arms a few years ago spent two years in mental treatment and was released to walk free for the rest of her life.  She had just 'snapped'. 

I also have a problem with the prosecutor.  During Ms. Escalona's testimony, the prosecutor displayed a handwritten slide on the wall behind the defendant, alternating between 'Monster' and 'LIAR' in very large print for all in the courtroom (except the defendant) to see.  I would think that would violate the defendant's right to a fair and impartial trial.  If this had been a jury trial, I would expect the defense to appeal on that basis.  Since it was just the judge, I'm not sure it will be an issue.  I'm still troubled by it.

A very troubling case.  I do think the kids will be better off not having this woman in their lives, although having grandma bring them all up will be a burden for all involved.  I think there is a very good chance that this will result in five more very troubled kids on the street, who likely will end up in trouble with the law (if not worse).   I am certainly glad I was not in Judge Mitchell's position.

You know what else troubles me about this?  She got all that prison time for beating her 2 year old child.  If she had killed the child at any point prior to it being born, she wouldn't have been charged with anything.  Doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me ...

Friday, October 12, 2012

Sheriff Joe's New Nickname

After last night's debate performance, Sheriff Joe has earned a new nickname:

Arrogant, Rude, Condescending, Angry White Liberal Joe

The only people who liked his performance last night were the talking idiots at MSNBC, the left wing douche that served as 'moderator', and the far left koolaid drinkers who are thrilled that someone is actually acting like they do.

For the Vice President of the United States to behave in such an out of control way has got me scratching my head and asking, what do foreign dignitaries think when he pulls this shit on them?  Our enemies are laughing their asses off, and praying that Joe and his boss get re-elected.

I heard that Joe referred to his statements as 'fact' over 30 times last night.  I saw the fact checkers skewer that today, proving almost everything he represented as a fact to be either untrue, or an outright lie.  I saw where he interrupted Congressman Ryan (his good friend, according to Joe) 82 times.  Jay Carney, Obama's mouthpiece, spent almost all day retracting and 'clarifying' Joe's debate f***ups.

Ovenight polls reflect that a majority of Americans think that Ryan won the debate, though the numbers were closer than when Romney kicked the crap out of Obama.  A VAST majority of women and young people polled said they were appalled and put off by the Veeps behavior.

What we saw last night was the real Joe Biden.  This bullshit of the last years that has been spread around about him being 'Good 'Ole Joe' is a complete fabrication.  Joe Biden is one of the most partisan, vicious, vindictive old school power politicians in Washington. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Mother's Anguish and Anger

This will make you cry. It should make you angry.


How in the world Obama can show his cowardly face in public, how can he and his minions lie directly to America (repeatedly) ... well, he's a liberal.  Anything is justified (to them) if it is for 'the cause'.

What else would you expect from a man who sends form letters signed by a machine to the familes of fallen soldiers, while hand writing a letter of condolence to the family of a rap star?

What I find really curious about this is that it was on CNN - yes the 'in the tank for Obama' CNN.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

There are Two Paths ...

A wonderful video from the Madison Action Front, addressing the late Andrew Brietbart's assertion that this election is about choosing one of two paths for America ...

Sunday, October 7, 2012

SNL Tells A Funny Truth

Saturday Night Live has been lame and uninteresting for many years now.  However, once in a great while, they do something that is funny, in spite of themselves.  Their parody of MSNBC pundits responding to Obama getting his ass handed to him by Mitt Romney was priceless.

SNL, has been a bastion of left wing support for Obama, unabashed cheerleaders for the man.  To have them do something that reflects badly on His Highness was very cool.  To have them do something that exposes the unabashed Obama love shown by MSNBC and its talking heads was incredible.  I mean, they work for the same company, and they have pretty much the same agenda - 4 more years of The One.

If you didn't see it last night, enjoy!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Rev. E W Jackson - Worth A Listen

I encourage you to take a listen to this gentleman, and his message for Black Christians in America.  What he says represents what a majority of Americans believe, whether they are white, black, purple, or green. He is not advocating hatred towards anyone, but he stands up for his right (and our right) to believe in what we believe in, not what some morally corrupt minority in government commands us to believe. It is a shame that most blacks in this country dismiss him because he is conservative, and label him as 'Uncle Tom'. 

Obamacare Summed Up In About A MInute

This is priceless.

Meet Dr. Barbara Bellar.  She is a Doctor.  She is running for State Senate in Illinios, 18th District (which includes the den of dirty power politics, Chicago).  Here she is warming up the crowd for a recent campaign event for her party's Presidential candidate.

She's a woman.  She's from Illinios.  That instantly makes her an Obama-ite, right?

No.  Barbara is a Republican.  She has served as a nun ... holds the rank of Major in the US Army  Reserves ... is a college Professor ... holds a law degree ... and is a physician.  Not exactly the brain dead Stepford Wife that those on the left would have you believe all Republican women are.

This is well worth a listen ...

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sheriff Joe Speaks The Truth!

Sheriff Joe, caught on the campaign trail, speaking a truth ...

Obama operatives quickly came out, blabbering explanations and excuses for this gaffe, saying in essence that the Sheriff was referring to the fact that its all Bush's fault.  Republican operatives, handed a huge gift, are thanking Joe for letting the truth slip out.

You can't tell me that Obama's campaign minions aren't cursing themselves for letting The Sheriff out in public ...