Wednesday, June 30, 2010

American Chopper - Back????

I really thought this was dead and buried, but apparently the Teutuls are back.

"American Chopper: Senior Vs. Junior" premiers August 12th. There has not been a reconciliation between the two Pauls - according to what I've heard, the two are not seen together at all, there were two different film crews, and no communication between the crews or the principals. They are really two different shows - somehow TLC is going to put them together somehow into a single episode format. I've heard no mention of Mikey at all.

Oh boy, more of the same - Paul Jr. designing outdoor grills, and Paul Sr. just being his normal a*hole self. Sorry guys, the magic is long gone. I figure TLC threw a bunch of money at both of them, and it was too good to turn down.

Pains me to say it, but this has the makings of some really boring TV.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy Upcoming Fourth of July

If you have any inclination of doing something stupid like this with fireworks for the upcoming Fourth of July holiday, please don't (unless you are an Obama fan ... then do it and post the video!).

Warning - if brief boy butt nudity offends you, don't view this. Also, if you are at work, try not to laugh too hard.

Dallas' Pro Sports - An Update

Well, we're in summer, and the Texas Rangers are doing very well and in first place in their division. I guess that means their inevitable annual implosiion after the All Star break will just have that much further to fall. It's nice to see them win. It sucks to know it won't last.

A judge has once again halted the sale of the Rangers. MLB, Bud Selig, Tom Hicks, and Nolan Ryan's ownership group are livid. Some of the creditors Hicks owes are doing anything they can to block the sale, to try to get he bidding reopened so that they can get more of what they are owed back. These A*holes have absolutely no interest in the team, Baseball, or its fans - it's just the all mighty dollar causing them to SUCK. There is some talk going around that Selig may fold the franchise, just to end this mess.

STARS! Say it ain't so, Mo! Mike Modano has told the press that he's 75/25 for coming back next season. The problem is, the Stars' management may not want him. Their youth movement may not have a slot open for an aging, though talented, forward. Mike has stated to some reporters that if he does decide to play this coming year, it will probably have to be with another team.


Mike Modano in another team's uniform is sacriledge - almost as bad as, well, Emmitt Smith going to the Cardinals for his last season. What a pile of dog puke that was ...

Stars management - don't you dare let this happen. If you can't put him on the ice, then give him a front office contract. Keep him a Star for life. If you don't, you SUCK.

Mike, don't sign with another team. Even if you can't play for the Stars, don't go elsewhere. You'll hate it, it will anger the hockey Gods, and you'll lose a lot of your incredible fan base here in DFW and in Minnesota. Don't do it ... PLEASE!!!!!

Dirk Nowitzki has chosen to buyout the last year of his contract and go into free agency this week. He is giving up a guaranteed 21.5 million this coming season to test the free agency market. Local concensus is he's trying to get Mark Cuban to give him a long term contract - if Cuban doesn't give him what he wants, there will be a lot of teams out there who will. Seeing Dirk in another team's uniform would be as bad as Modano.

Come on, guys! Pull your collective heads out of your butts.

Update - Well, the Stars stepped in it today (6/29). GM Joe Nieuwendyk (once a teammate of Modano's and a good friend to Mike - at least he was yesterday) announced publicly that the Stars will not offer Modano a contract for the upcoming season. So, If Mike wishes to play, he has to look for a new team. Joe did say that if Mike wanted, the Stars would find a place to fit Modano into the organization in a non-playing role. What a backhanded bullshit offer that is. If Joe was serious, he would have offered Mike a specific position prior to the announcement, to save Mike the embarrassment of having his team turn its back on him.

Mike is reportedly really pissed off about this - I don't blame him. I wouldn't be surprised if he tries to sign up with a direct competitor with the Stars, just to try and get back at them - much like Emmitt did with the Cardinals. I really hope he doesn't - he needs to be a Star for life.

ATTENTION STARS MANAGEMENT - I will continue to be a fan of the team's but do not count on me showing up and spending any of my money to support you this upcoming season. You just do not do this to the most important player the franchise has ever had. Very poor decision, and very poorly handled.

Focus On The Supreme Court

Two things happend today that should draw our focus to the Supreme Court.

First, the Court ruled that the Second Amendment does indeed give Americans the right to keep and bear arms, stating that state or local attempts to limit such rights are un-Constitutional. The case before it was a Chicago suburb's restrictive handgun restrictions.

"It is clear that the Framers ... counted the right to keep and bear arms among those fundamental rights necessary to our system of ordered liberty."
- Justice Samuel Alito Jr., writing for the majority opinion.

No matter what your personal opinion is of guns and gun ownership, the right to keep and bear arms is a fundamental right granted to all American citizens by the Constitution. This ruling affirms that government actions, be they federal, state, or local, cannot deprive you of your Consitutional Rights.

This is a huge victory for those who believe in the Constitution and the rule of law in this country.

What should scare us to our core is that the ruling was 5-4, straight down conservative/liberal lines. One Court seat shift to the left, and this ruling would have been completely opposite. Imagine our country if the Supreme Court gives a green light to anyone in a position of authority being able to curtail your Constitutional Rights - at their discretion.

Second, the confirmation hearings of Elena Kagan began. Kagan is in line to replace John Paul Stevens when he retires from the court. Kagan is an Obama clone - inexperienced, far left liberal, activist - a clean sheet he can form and manipulate at will. She's never sat behind the bench, and her experience before any court is minimal. Her claim to fame is in academia - one of the elite Ivy League eggheads everyone makes so much fun of.

Kagan is being put forth as an independely minded moderate - someone who will judge strictly by the rule of law. Bullshit. She worked for Thurgood Marshall, the biggest activist judge the Supreme Court has ever known. She idolized him and his views, and his belief that his judging was based upon what he felt and wanted first, the law and the Constitution second. That's not me saying that - it's his own words. If it is possible, she may be even farther to the left than Sotomayor or Ginsburg. She's also young, so her liberal vote will be on the court for decades to come.

Democrats will praise her. Republicans will throw some tough questions at her. In the end, she will be confirmed - the only way Republicans could stop it would be to filibuster, and they don't have the stomach for it.

One of the incredibly important reasons Obama and the Democrats must be taken out of power is the next Supreme Court nominee. So far, Obama's sent two persons to the court - two liberals to replace two liberals. The next justice to retire may very well be a conservative - and there's not a chance in hell that Obama will nominate a conservative to replace him. If Obama gets to make that pick, he will influence the Supreme Court and its rulings for years after he's an afterthought.

By strict definition, there can't be liberals or conservatives on the Supreme Court. Democrat or Republican should be irrelevant. The Supreme Court's charter states that it is to enforce the law of the land and the Consitution of the United States. There is no grey area in that. There is no room for activism. No room for empathy, no room for personal feelings. This is critical, and the Framers knew it. An attitude that someone thinks is proper and must enforced, another person might believe is wrong and must be blocked. Who's to say which is correct? Judges acting on empathy, or social conscience may believe they are doing what must be done by interpreting or massaging the Consitution to meet their personal beliefs. But they have no right to do that. They are expressly forbidden from doing that. The Framers knew there must be an impartial 'judge' as an equal arm of the government, to make sure that Congress and the President are not allowed to circumvent the Constitution.

No matter if they are on the right or left, Supreme Court justices are not allowed to let their personal feelings affect or become part of their rulings. If they do, they corrupt part of the fabric of our country. Unfortunately, it seems that they all do - some more than others.

Another Shining Example Of Obama's Use Of Our Tax Dollars

A Federal Highway Administration report released back on June 16 announced that the Obama administration had more than doubled the amount of tax dollars spent last year on walking and biking. $1.2 Billion dollars were spent in 2009 promoting the use of bikes and your feet as means of transportation.

$400 million of that came from funds appropriated from the economic stimulus bill.

You know, I am so happy to see my Federal Government make such wise use of my tax dollars in these days of dire deficits and economic strife ....

F***ing Idiots ....

Bryant Gumbel Is A Racist?

I've never watched Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel. However, last night I channel surfed across it, and saw he was doing a story on racism in football (that's soccer to us here in the US). A serious subject, and if you're not familiar with it, google it. You'd be surprised at how badly some players, particularly black ones, are treated in Europe. It's disgusting.

Mr. Gumbel ended his broadcast with a diatribe on how much he admired the World Cup - the game, its purity, it's lack of commercialism (really? What's all tha advertising all over their jerseys?), its humanity (yes, stupid refs blow calls and wrongly influencing games repeatedly at the highest level - what's wrong with that?). He even said he preferred the damn vuvuezela horns to noise we hear at sporting events here in the US, like that heard at the weekly, and I quote, "Bubba 500".

Mr. Bryant, you are allowed to say all kind of stupid things, but that comment is blatantly racist. OK folks, laugh if you want ... but that is a vicious slam against white Southerners. I don't care if he didn't mean it that way - many folks have been crucified because something they said was interpreted in a fashion it wasn't meant.

Mr. Gumbel should be made to apologize to all fans of NASCAR publicly, by his employers at HBO. Fat chance of that happening. Because he is black, and he was insulting whites, he gets a pass. Racism is not a one sided street - it goes both ways.
If anyone wants to check this out for themselves, his whole diatribe is posted over at the HBO Real Sports web page.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Eagles 2010 Review

My wife and I had the pleasure of seeing the Eagles at AAC in Dallas last night. The group played for 3 1/2 hours, showing an incredible amount of energy for a bunch of guys who aren't far from a retirement home.

Glen Frey actually introduced their effort as the "2010 Assisted Living Tour". Not far from the truth!

Individually, all four showed signs of their ages. Joe Walsh did not look good at all. Timothy Schmidt looked like a walking skeleton. Their vocals, understandably, were not what they used to be. In harmony, however, wow - they were great. And, even with the length of the performance, there was just as much energy in the last encore as there was in the opening number.

Now, naturally for me, there were some detractions from the performance;

The rendition of "Dirty Laundry". The song was great, and presented well. The video backdrop was full of images of media figures. Fox News personalities started the video montage, and were prominent throughout. Everyone who appears on Fox News was splashed on screen as Henley's lyrics slammed the media. There were a couple of generic CNN screen caps in there, a lot of Jerry Springer and National Enquirer. California musicians - there should be no surprise what their politics are, but I found this offensive.

The proliferation of cell phones. The arena could have turned off all of the lights, and there would have been more than sufficient illumination provided by the hundreds of phone screens. I don't understand it - here you are at the Eagles, and you are spending time texting, or calling someone on the phone? WTF is up with that?

The age of the crowd - male pattern baldness, silver hair, grandma and grandpa acting like kids. People using walkers and motorized scooters to get to their seats?

There aren't many 50+ year old women who can wear a mini-skirt and pull it off well - and none of them were in attendance last night. Likewise, if a woman's boobs hit her bellybutton upon bra removal, her shirt really shouldn't be cut so low that you can actually see said belly button.

Drunken people who insist of standing up in the front row for most of the concert, jumping up and down, yelling, and generally making asses of themselves should be tossed over the railing. The bunch who obstructed our view for a good part of the show were so drunk they coulnd't hear everyone shouting for them to sit down. They were so plastered they probably don't even know where they were last night.

For the rythmically challenged, please understand you should not loudly clap your hands in time to the music if you can't keep time with the music. How annoying!

All in all, an enjoyable evening. Plus, I can now say I've seen the Eagles in concert.

Friday, June 25, 2010

An Open Letter To John Boehner

Not that he will ever read it, but here is an open letter to Rep. John Boehner (R-OH), minority leader of the US House of Representatives.

Dear Rep. Boehner;

I am writing to you as an everday US citizen. I am a Republican, and a Conservative.

The upcoming 2010 mid-term elections are the best chance our country has to stop the attack being waged on our country by Obama and the far left. The table has been set for a fundamental change in Congress, a change that could rival the Republican landslide of 1994. The majority of folks in this country have realized what Obama and his minions are doing, and want to stop it. They are rightfully concerned about the future of our country.

However, I see Republican leadership, both in Congress and across the Nation, pretty much sitting on the sidelines as we approach this critical election. With all that Obama is doing, I expect to see Republican leadership out there publicly and loudly expressing outrage. While Republicans in Congress act correctly in blocking Obama at every opportunity, it seems that for the majority of Senators and Representatives the Rules of Engagement say to lay low. This is absolutely the wrong approach to take. No one is going to win more votes by sitting in the background avoiding conflict.

Look at who is presumed to be the heads of the Republican Party - Rush LImbaugh and Sarah Palin. Most Americans know them, but could not tell you who the Republican leadership in Congress is. Other folks know who Bobby Jindal, Chris Christie, and Jan Brewer are - not because they don't make waves, but because they are out taking on Obama, his policies, and trying to defend their states against Democrat lunacy. They are doing so strongly and publicly, and they are very popular because of it.

Mr. Boehner, please take note of this. Republicans in Congress are in danger of reading the polls, listening to the pundits, sitting on their hands, and losing their opportunity in November. There is a very real possibility that complacency will prevent Republicans from taking control of Congress.

The best thing Republican leadership can do is to loudly, publicly tell the American people what Obama is pulling over on us. Just a few people actually realize what is going on. The majority of folks have no idea what legislation is being passed, what it contains, and how it is going to affect them. Your Democrat counterpart, Nancy Pelosi, has publicy stated that if the public wants to know what is in the legistaltion being voted on, just wait until it passes and we would be told. This is being done on purpose.

The majority of impact Obama's efforts will have on the average American will not start hitting until January 1, 2011 - long after the mid-term elections are over. That is not an accident. If everyone knew what was coming, the Democrats would all be tossed out of Washington in November. Secrecy is their ally.

I suggest to you, I implore you ...

Yourself and the Republican leadership must tell the American public what is coming. Tell everyone what outrageous attacks on our personal liberty will begin in 2011. Tell us how much our taxes are actually going to go up. Tell us precisely what is going to happen to our healthcare. Do it loudly, do it publicly. You should be the leader in this effort, not a wallpaper standing behind Rush and Sarah. You should be as well known as Pelosi - but for good reasons.

Do this, and the Republican and Conservative bases will be energized. Moderates who are disgusted with Obama are looking for a rallying point. Give it to them. Many Democrats who are unhappy with the modern Democrat Party are looking for a reason to throw them out and return it to the Democrat Party of John Kennedy.

Please Mr. Boehner - do not allow the Republicans to waste this critical opportunity. If we do not gain control of Congress in November, there will be no hope of stopping Obama';s assault, and no hope of rolling back what he has already done. There is too much at stake for our leadership to sit on the sidelines.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Obama Dep of Labor Helping Illegals

This makes my blood boil ....

The Obama Department of Labor is spending our tax dollars running an ad campaign that encourages illegal aliens to come to the DoL to gain assistance. Specifically, Obama's Secretary of Labor HIlda Solis begs illegals who think they are not being treated or paid fairly for their work should come to the DoL for assistance. The whole ad is about and targeted to illegal aliens.

Secretary Solis pitches her schtick in front of backdrop of images of presumably illegals at work. In the background plays a catchy little jingle:

"We can help. We'll get you what you are due ..."

Solis insists that the help is free and confidential.

I want to throw up.

A division of the US Government is openly, publicly soliciting illegal aliens in order to assist them in continuing to break our laws.

That division is openly stating it will not assist the other divisions that are tasked with apprehending and deporting these same illegal aliens. In fact, the DoL is conspiring to keep information out of the hands of law enforcement - obstruction of justice, which is a felony.

Our tax dollars are being spent on this ad campaing, and more importantly, being spent by the millions to help illegal aliens stay in this country and continue to break our laws.

When is this liberal, far left kook madness going to stop?

The first of these videos is what I believe to be the original ad. The second is a doctored version that is floating around Youtube ... cute, but don't believe that this is the real one ....

Soccer Craziness

The US National Soccer team played Algeria today in their third game of group play at the World Cup. The team tied in its first two games, giving them a total of 2 points in league play. This tied them with England for second place in the group. The top two teams of each group move on to the 'playoffs' after the third game.

The scenario was this - if the US squad won, they moved on instead of England, no matter what England did in their last game against Slovenia (who were sitting in first place in the group). If the US tied and England tied, the US moved on. If the US tied or lost, and England won, the US ended up in third place, and their World Cup would be over.

The two games started at the same time - the England game was actually runniong about 2 minutes ahead of the US game. England scored a goal early against Slovenia, putting them int he driver's seat. The US apparently scored a goal near half time, but it was disallowed on a horrible call by a linesman.

The second half saw the US pepper the Algerian goaltender (who had a wonderful game) with shots and misses almost constantly. As time ran out, it appeared the game would be a tie, sending the US packing back across the Atlantic.

In injury stoppage time, in the 91st minute of action, a fast break down the right side, a centering pass, a deflection off the goaltender, and a followup by Landon Donovan that found the net gave the US a 1-0 win. Coupled with England's 1-0 win over Slovenia, that gave the US top spot in the group, with England coming in second. Slovenia, leaders of the group at the beginning of the day, finished 3rd and are out of the competition.

That sums up the craziness of the World Cup. It is either incredibly dramatic, breathtaking, and a spectacle, or it is madness - depends upon how you want to look at it. One goal, scored after official time had expired, meant the difference between winning the group and moving on, or packing up and coming home.

One thing has certainly been obvious in this World Cup - the quality of the officiating has been horrendous, certainly not worthy of the most important soccer tournament in the world. It is a shame when bad calls, disallowed goals, and phantom fouls dominate the headlines, instead of the play of the teams.

Update - The craziness just keeps coming. Defending World Cup Champ Italy was ousted today, with a 3-2 defeat at the hands of Slovakia. Now, the two teams that fought in the World Cup final in 2006, a classic final that came down to Penatly Kicks, have both been sent home without making it out of the group stage. France came in last in their group, failing to score a point. Italy came in last in their group, scoring a measley 2 points.

France is in mourning. It is a national disaster, and the President of the country is promising investigations to find out what happened. After its arrival back in France, the team was taken to an undisclosed location under police escort.

Italy will be the same when their team arrive back home tomorrow.

These two nose-in-the-air countries have just had their noses bloodied, their teams humiliated, and their national pride devestated. The only thing that kept England from being in the same position is a single goal they scored in their final group game yesterday.

Bill Clinton Cruising the World Cup

Bill Clinton was in the crowd at today's World Cup match between the US and Algeria. News reports stated he was there to cheer on the US team, and to give presence as the honorary chairman of the US bid to host the World Cup in a few years.

Clinton's actual purpose became evident in some overheard whispers between him and local bigwigs:

"You know I was the first Black President of the United States, right?"

"Are there any cute interns around here?"

Check the time stamp on this posting - notice I did not steal these lines from any of the late night shows, where these obvious jokes will certainly be repeated tonight!

Obama's IRS Giving Tax Breaks to Prison Inmates

1300 prison inmates, including 241 that are serving life sentences, received Obama's home buyer tax credit this past year. They are part of over 14,000 individuals who fraudulently filed for and received the tax credit from Obama's IRS.

J. Russell George, the Treasury Department's Inspector General for Tax Administration, authored the report, which stated that over $26 million in tax revenue was lost from the incorrect approval of the tax credits.

To be fair, the IRS says it blocked 100,000 false claims for the tax credit, and has opened 150 criminal complaints as a result.

The report also stated that at least 87 IRS employees falsely claimed the tax credit.

Come on Obama, clean up your waste and our debt won't be nearly as bad....

P.S. - I fully expect Mr. George to be summoned to the White House and fired for authoring a report critical of the regime ....

Update - Another Obama/IRS gem has come to light ... The payments BP is giving out to persons affected by the oil spill are goping to be taxed by the IRS as normal income. So, Obama is going to get his cut of every dollar BP doles out to help the people whose livelyhoods have been hit. This will be the same for payments made out of the $20 Billion slush fund Obama extorted from BP - Obama's hand picked man will decide who gets paid out of that fund, how much, and when. And, the IRS will be there to take Obama's share. Does anyone out there seriously doubt that the slush fund will be very easy to use to reward Obama and Democrat supporters - yeah, right - you laugh at that. But there is one man, directed by Obama, who controls that money, and there is no requirement for any accounting of where it goes to.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

July 2 - The World Will Be Right On That Day

July 2, 2010. Make a note on your calendar. That is the date that all things in the world will be corrected. The natural order will be restored. Peace will break out all over. Global Warming will be solved. Well, may be not that ....

July 2nd's NASCAR Nationwide race in Daytona will see the return of 'real' stock cars to the track. Mustangs and Challengers will be flying around the high Daytona turns. Cars that actually have a resemblence to real production cars will be out there - and COOL cars at that.

The Mustang and Challenger cars will be limited to the Nationwide Series for now. There are no plans to take them to Cup level.

GM was the party pooper. Rather than roll out the 2010 Camaro to do battle, they stuck with the tired old ugly 4 door Impala platform. Obama Motors strikes again. I imagine that a lot of teams running the Mustangs and Challengers will pick up new fans. just because they are recognizable performance cars.

Now, these aren't 'real' production Mustangs and Challengers - far from it. There is absolutely nothing on the cars that can be gotten on a production version of those cars. BUT WHO CARES? They look cool. They look like race cars.

I can't wait.

P.S. - looking at this photo, you would think that the Mustang has a decided aero advantage ...

Beware Cheap, Minimum Driver's Insurance

There is a whole industry out there geared towards selling cheap, minimum coverage insurance to drivers. Many states require drivers to carry insurance. Some smart people have figured out there is big money in providing the absolute minimum amount of coverage required by law, for what seems to be a cheap price, to people who for some reason can't qualify or can't afford 'regular' insurance.

This posting is not meant for those who might consider purchasing such coverage. This posting is a warning for all the other folks driving out there, who might end up having to deal with these companies because of an accident.

I have some direct knowledge of this subject, but hesitated posting anything just because of my personal feelings. Yeah ... I know ... that usually doesn't stop me.

A recent article in the Dallas Morning News provided the catalyst for this post. It lays out, in black and white figures, exactly what these companies are doing, and how well they are performing. The Texas Department of Insurance has been investigating two companies, Fred Loya Insurance and Old American County Mutual, whose whole business is these cheap policies, for violations of state regulations. Both companies have complaint indexes FAR in excess of any other insurer in Texas. The companies have a business relationship, so it is almost the same company.

The target customer base for these companies is people from south of our border, whether they are here legally or illegally. Their advertising in areas heavily populated by NCSA people is in Spanish. They are not, and do not pretend, to be competitors for companies such as Allstate. The point is to sell these folks a policy that makes them legal to drive (even if they aren't in the country legally) - a policy that covers the absolute minimum.

Your problems will begin as soon as you are involved in an accident with one of their customers. They will duck your calls, delay answering, deny claims, send out fractional payment checks hoping you will settle for that, tell you you have to use substandard shops and/or used parts to repair your vehicle - and if your claim involved anything medical, watch out! These people are masters at finding ways not to pay claims.

I have personal knowledge of this. My daughter was hit by a kid whose parents carried a Fred Loya policy. No injuries, thank goodness, but significant damage. It took me months to get the issue settled in a satisfactory manner, and it was only after I involved my insurance company and threatened legal action. Their representatives were rude, evasive, or unavailable every time I called. They will try to intimidate you, to quote non-existant regulations that make you have to settle for a fraction of the damages, to refuse to pay for damages, to refuse to talk to you or your insurance company, to drag things out so long that they hope you will give up. In short, they will expend all the energy they have in order to minimize the amount of money they pay out.

You can't threaten them with reporting them to the State Insurance Board - the board is a toothless government entity that just generates reports. Also, Loya is the worst of the worst - that is a known, published fact, and they (and their customers) don't care.

My advice - if you are involved in an accident with a Loya client:

1) Make sure you get a police report detailing the accident. Do not just exchange insurance info - call the police and get the written report. In a lot of cases you will find that the contact information their client gives is bogus, and you'll never be able to find them. Without the report, Loya may try to disavow everything.

2) You might want to involve your insurance company at the start, even if the accident is not your fault. This way you are covered in case Loya will not pay, and your insurance company has a lot more clout in dealing with Loya than you do.

3) If there is an injury involved on your side, lawyer up IMMEDIATELY.

My best advice - pray that you never get hit by a Fred Loya insured driver.

Obama Bypassing Congress on Amnesty?

Reports are flying around today that Obama and his minions are in the midst of preparing a Presidential Executive Order that will grant amnesty to every illegal alien currently in the US. The number of affected people range from 10-22 million, depending upon whose estimate you want to believe.

8 United States Senators have sent a letter to the White House, asking for confirmation of whether this is true or not. So far, no statement has been made by Obama's mouthpiece.

If this is true, it is one more HUGE example of how Obama feels about the rule of law and our Constitution. He wants all those illegals to show up on the voter roles as Democrats, especially just before the November elections. Imagine the impact of 10-15 million new voters, voters who would be absolutely in love with Obama for giving them instant legal status in this country, along with all that provides. That would be a game changer, and give the Dems what they need to stay in power in both sides of Congress.

Would Obama have the gall to do this? Absolutely. Look at what he's done so far to this country and tell me he'd have any hesitation whatsoever to issuing such an order.

Update - This apparently is very real. The 8 Republican Senators who sent the letter to the White House are not backing off their assertions. They have not received any comment form the White House. If this was a rumor, or something made up by the 'Vast Right Wing Conspiracy", Obama's minions would be all over the news denying it and denouncing the Senators. Instead, silence.

McChrystal Should Be Fired

General Stanley McChrystal should be fired.

But, not for the reason that is all over the headlines.

General McChrystal and his staff made comments reported in a Rolling Stone interview. Some of the comments are not exactly complimentary to Obama and his henchmen. Now, that's a no-no - no matter what their personal feelings, military members are not supposed to air any complaints against their superiors, be they military or civilian. Obama would be well within his rights as Commander-in-Chief to force him to 'retire'.

However, I have another reason he should be fired. In the Rolling Stone piece, McChrystal reveals he voted for Obama in 2008. That shows a severe lack of judgement. No matter how well he is doing running the war in Afghanistan, the fact he was stupid enough to fall for Obama's schtick shows a definite lack of logical reasoning.

Hey General ... how's that Hope and Change working out for you?

Update - well, it came to pass. McChrystal fell on his sword this afternoon. I am surprised Obama let him resign - I fully expected him to refuse the resignation and fire him, publicly humiliating the General. But, thankfully, Obama did not do that.

It wouldn't surprise me a bit to find out that Obama threatened the General's retirement if McChrystal comes out and publicly says anything. A shame, for here is what I would like to hear the General say:

"Yes, I and my aides broke the rules by discussing our distaste with the poor performance of the civilian authority. I take full responsiblity, and I have resigned my posting. However, let me be clear - the reasons for the disparaging remarks cited in the Rolling Stone article are very real. President Obama and his staff have no clue what they are doing in regards to the war in Afghanistan. Their actions and policies have directly led to the deaths of US and NATO personnel, and continue to contribute to a deteriorating situation. The American Public deserves to know how inept its Commander-in-Chief is."

I really don't expect him to say anything like that, but if he got popped for telling the truth, why not go all the way?

Now General Patraeus has been put into McChrystal's place. The same General who did so well in Iraq. The same General who was called a liar by Hillary Clinton during Senate hearings. Watch out General ... better sharpen your sword for when you are required to fall on it.

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Sarge Thunders On

Tony Schumacher, driving the US Army sponsored NHRA Top Fuel dragster, won the Thundervalley Nationals event yesterday at Bristol, TN. The win solidified his second place standing in the points battle, and clinched him a spot in NHRA's championship countdown.

The win was the 101st NHRA National event title for the US Army. It was the 100th event title for Don Schumacher Racing, Tony's father and race team owner.

John Force, the 62 year old crazy man and most dominate professional driver in NHRA history, won his 130th National Event at Bristol as well. No one will ever come close to that record! He regained first place in the Funny Car points chase from his son-in-law and teammate Robert Hight.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

You Try To Make Sense Of It, But ...

Last Friday night, a 39 year old mother of two went to a minor league baseball game with her husband in San Angelo, TX. Their Colts were playing the Amarillo Dillas. A fun time for a Friday evening ...

which turned horribly wrong. Wendy Whitehead was seated down the third base line. In the 8th inning, a line drive foul ball hit her directly in the head. Her husband, Bo, knew immediately it was a fatal blow, even though trainers and medics attempted to resuscitate her.

She was kept on life support until mid-day Saturday. She was a registered organ donor, so the family will take some comfort, someday, that parts of her will help others live on.

Wendy leaves behind a husband, two daughters, and a community asking ... why?

Those of you who believe might want to say a prayer for her family.

HIllary Clinton Is Running Obama's DoJ?

Hillary Clinton, in Ecuador, gave out the following information during an interview with a local journalist:

Now, there are several things wrong with this. First, there has been no announcement from the White House, Eric Holder, or the Department of Justice regarding the filing of any lawsuit against Arizona. The last official statement indicated from them was that Holder was looking at Arizona's law to determine if there was any merit in filing suit.

Second, why in the hell is this coming from Hillary Clinton, the Secretary of State?

Thirdly, why is the first notification from the Federal Government that there will be a lawsuit being made to a local news organization on another continent?

Just another example of how FUBAR this man and his regime truly are ....

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Glimpse Into Our Future Under Obamacare

Obama and his minions have long touted England's socialist health care system as their ideal model system. If they can make us into another England, then they will have their perfect healthcare system.

Well, here's a real example of how well such a system works:

An English woman named Lyndsey Scott (28) died five months after receiving a double lung transplant. The donor had been a smoker for 30 years. This fact had not been given to the recipient or her family prior to the procedure. She died of pneumonia, a direct result of the lung's condition. To be accurate, she suffered from cystic fiberosis which had led to her natural lungs failure.

What's scary is that this is considered normal practice. The director of national transplant services is on record as saying that there was nothing at all wrong with giving such diseased lungs to a transplant patient, without disclosing it and allowing the patient to make a choice. The hospital that carried out the transplant stated that it had followed published national healthcare guidelines to the letter.

Folks, if I needed a double lung transplant and was told the only donor was a 30 year smoker, I'd decline - to go through the hell of a transplant and its aftermath for a handful of months of agony - NO THANKS.

For those of you who think this is just an aberration, an English soldier named Matthew Millington (a Corporal in the Queen's Royal Lancers), veteran of the Iraq War, was given a lung transplant in 2007. The donor had smoked 30-50 hand rolled cigarettes a day. Again, the recipient and his family were not apprised of this until after the transplant had taken place. It wasn't found until shortly after the transplant that the lungs had a cancerous tumor inside. He died in less than a year. The hospital and other officials stated that there wasn't anything wrong with using smoker's lungs, that they had been rigorously screened, and they'd follow the same procedure again. The hospital declared his death to be from complications from transplant surgery, to thwart a lawsuit.

This is what happens when faceless bureaucrats take over healthcare. This is what happens when government officials run healthcare, and decide what care you will and will not qualify for. This is what happens when government agencies reduce our healthcare to a spreadsheet analysis.

Under current transplant guidelines in the US, I do not believe this could happen - for now. When the government is running everything, it not only can, but will happen here. Obamacare - law of the land. This is our future reality ...

Update - I heard this one in the news today. An English gentleman, a cancer patient, was referred to a government agency for approval for a certain treatment. He was denied, and sent back to the doctor. Why? Because government records indicated he was dead, and the agency had no mechanism to correct the mistake.

Monday, June 14, 2010

World Cup HIghlights

The self-professed largest sporting event in the world is going on right now in South Africa. The World Cup, which is so full of itself that it doesn't even identify what the sport is in its title, consists of 32 teams in tournament play, deciding which country's soccer team is the best.

Now this is not to be confused with what soccer team is the best. Confused? Many club soccer teams from professional leagues around the globe are better than any of the country fielded teams. It is not uncommon for top players who are on the same club team to face each other competitively in the World Cup, where they play for their countries.

In any case, the main claim to fame of this World Cup is that it gives South Africans the chance to ruin world wide telecasts by blowing on their damn plastic vuvuzela horns, which generate a blasting 127 decibels of noise inside the stadiums. Teams, players, officials, coaches have all complained that they can't hear themselves think, much less carry on a game. There was talk of banning the horns before the tournament began, but South African organizers objected, saying that if they were banned, South Africans would be disenfranchised from their own games.

In tribute to the horns, the Tony award class acting performances by some players, and the English, who are ready to hang their goaltender for making one mistake in the opening game against the US ... I present a collage of wonderful soccer images. These go to show the main goal (pardon the pun) of the game is to play with balls. (Not necessarily the big white one!)

Friday, June 11, 2010

SarahCuda's Boobs - A National Emergency

The left in this country is so scared of Sarah Palin, what she represents, and what she might do, that they savage her for anything and everything - made up or true, it doesn't matter.

The latest attack on her ... allegations on the internet that she's had a boob job.

Ok, I'm not going to go into detail on this, so much has been written elsewhere ... here's threedonia's take on it, along with comments - pretty funny.

The photo above is from some liberal blogger's website named wonkette, where the attack supposedly started. It's silly ... why would a liberal have a problem with Palin choosing augmentation? The left is all about women's rights to choose, aren't they?
I don't know if she's had 'a job' - and I don't care.

Good God ... if this is the best the left can do against her, then her future is bright indeed!

Federal Waste Of My Tax Dollars - In Person

As I was out and about this past week, I had occasion to visit a Wally World to pick up a few necessitites. As I am in the check out lane, I notice lady in front of me is having a hard time juggling all the crap she has in her hands as she tries to check out. Now, first off, she's in the '20 item or less' line, and has about 40 items. It is also evident that she either doesn't speak, or will not speak, English. Her rapid fire Spanish, combined with her skin complexion, leads me to respectfully believe she falls into the NCSA category.

This woman is trying to text on her very expensive looking smart phone. She looks to be in her early 30s. She is well groomed, expensive looking clothes, fake toenails and fingernails, enough makeup to plaster a wall with. 5 inch heels, and a shirt that really shouldn't be cut that low. Her car keys are on a Lexus key chain.

Her checkout items include normal hygeine items, a couple of Blue Rays, several bottles of wine, and what looks like it will be dinner.

Also included are about a dozen cans of baby formula and diapers.

She pays for everything except for the last two items with a crisp $100 bill. It looks like the bill had a lot of company in her pocketbook.

She then puts the baby items up on the counter, and pulls out a WIC vouture.

Now, for those of you 'not in the know', WIC is the "Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children" provided by the Federal Government. The program serves to safeguard the health of low-income women and children up to age 5 who are at risk by providing nutritious foods to supplement diet, information for healthy eating, and referrals to health care - according to it's web site.

This woman, who clearly has a decent amount of income, is receiving payments from the Federal Government to buy her baby food. What the hell?

WIC, in theory, is noble. In practice, it becomes what every other government entitlement program becomes - bloated, full of abuse, and horribly wasteful of our tax dollars. Remember - every penny given out in this program comes from one of our pockets.

If you want an education in bloated bureacracy, go to the WIC web site, below. It is incredible in its 'government-itis'. Pay particular attention to the requirements - it states that recipients have to be a resident of the state which they apply for benefits in, but it says nothing anywhere about the applicant being a citizen of the US, or providing proof of legal residency.

I especially like the mulitple references and detailed instructions provided on breastfeeding. Apparently the Federal Government has determined that women are incapable of understanding how to perform the third oldest task females have executed since the dawn of mankind. First, become pregnant. Second, give birth. Third, feed the child. I mean, really ... just put the child in proximity, and it will show exactly what is supposed to happen.

With waste like this, it is no wonder we are so far in debt......

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Racial Labels

As I was contemplating the contents of another posting, I realized I was concerned about how to refer to someone via their race, without being disrespectful or having everyone thinking I'm a redneck racist.

As a nation, we are hung up on political correctness and racial sensitivity, perhaps more so than at any point in our country's history. There is nothing wrong with referring to someone via their race - the government does it all the time. In fact, I break the law if I fail to give a racial label to myself and family for the Census. The problem comes is what words are chosen for such referrals, and whether someone takes offense to them. The current occupant of the White House has really brought the subject to the forefront - that may be the ONLY thing good that comes about from His Presidency, opening the subject of race up for wider discussions.

For instance, we've progressed from Negro to Black to African-American. I'm sure that some other term will become vogue in the future. It is generally meant to identify folks who have black (or near black) skin. I find African-American to be misleading - there are many, many folks who could be considered Black that aren't of African heritage. There are also many Africans whose skin is not black. Are those folks offended by the racial label? I also find that most folks I know who have this skin pigment generally refer to themselves as Black. Now, I do not mean to excuse in any way the N Word or other terms that are specifically meant to be derogatory.

What really set this subject of for me was how do we refer to folks whose appearance and skin color shows heritage of south of our current border? Most people use the label 'Hispanic' (including themselves), but as defined by the US Government, Hispanic is not a race. In addition, somehow the immigration debate has allowed us to interpret a person's country of origin as a racial slur - i.e. Mexican. Instead of refering to someone who originated in that country, its a racial insult that will get you clocked almost as fast as the N Word. OK, so what is an appropriate, acceptable term?

For that, we can pattern after the term Native American. Native American has superseded American Indian as the accepted term designating someone whose heritage links back to North America prior to the arrival of Europeans.

People whose heritage lies south of our border are also Native Americans, from that definition. Now, they are not the same Native Americans as Native Americans north of the border (see where this gets so confusing ????).

I'm sure someone has thought of this before, but I'll put it forth as an original thought from me (in that I didn't steal it from someone else). We should have the terms Native North American, and Native Central/South American. NNA and NCSA.

Once we are done accepting those terms, we can move on to addressing the inaccuracies of 'African-American'.

I'm going to start using those acronyms where appropriate. There is absolutely nothing racist, nothing insulting, nothing demeaning intended. It's just an attempt by an average white person to say something about race without pissing off someone, somewhere. Silly ... yeah, well maybe it is ... but so is being stuck in a society whose racial over-sensitivity has made us all scared to talk about it.

By the way ... shouldn't I take offense if someone refers to my race as 'white'? After all, it is Anglo-American, isn't it? (Sorry to disappoint - I do not find 'white' to be offensive. Cracker, or Whitey ... well those are another matter.)

Now, if this posting offends anyone, I apologize - it is not intended in any way to offend anyone. But, if it does, then I guess that glaringly illustrates my points.

Update - Heck, I haven't even posted this yet, and I have to update it ...

Hallmark Greeting Cards has a Space themed card in its 2010 college graduation lineup. It is being forced to pull this card off the shelf after the Los Angeles NAACP complained that it was racist.

The card is an audio one. Its message says "Hey World, we are officially putting you on notice. And you black holes, you are so ominous. Watch your back." It is meant to covey notice to the universe that this graduate is not afraid of anything. Kind of stupid, but most cards are.

Leon Jenkins, of the LA office of the NAACP released this statement: "That was very demeaning to African-American women when it made reference to African-American women as whores, and at the end it says 'watch your back'."

Leon, you're an A #1 IDIOT.

The recording says 'black hole' .... not 'black ho'.

It is evident you've been speaking ghetto so long that you can't understand English pronunciation.

If this was just about Leon's inability to understand what he is hearing, that'd be one thing. For the NAACP to press Hallmark, and for Hallmark to respond to this stupidity by pulling the cards off the shelf ... well, that's quite an example of our nation's absolute panic over the issue of race these days.

If Obama was champion of race relations, of making everyone equal, of breaking down the walls between the races, he should be out front and center on this, showing us and the NAACP in particular how out of control, out of touch, and out of brain power they are.

How are we supposed to get by race as an issue with stupidity like this being recognized and rewarded?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

We're About To Get Vamp'd Again

New Moon, the third in the ongoing Twilight saga of sappy, teenage romance vampire movies, is due out on June 30. I can't believe my wife and daughter aren't already in line.

I'm sorry, as I've stated before, I just don't get it. However, if it brings enjoyment to my loved ones, then so be it.

However, it sure would have been nice if this is how Part II had ended ...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Obama's War on Terror - A Puzzle?

I can't figure out exactly what His Highness is doing in the War on Terror - oh, I'm sorry, they've renamed it so many times I've lost track of it's latest catch phrase.

On one hand, he ties the hands of our military with funding cuts and attacks on its morale. On the other, he approves spending bills needed to keep them in the field. One hand - he comes out and calls the surge in Iraq a failure - even to this day - ignoring its obvious success. On the other, he initiates a surge in Afghanistan that he says (and correctly so) is necessary.

On one hand, he tells his lapdog Holder to make sure that every terror suspect is read their Miranda rights, so they don't have to talk to us. Then he keeps Gitmo open, even though he keeps telling the far left kook fringe that its days are numbered.

But the biggest quandry I have is understanding this ...

Obama insists to the whole world that the US will play by all international rules, will not torture, will not illegally apprehend, will give the full protection of the US legal system to anyone who makes war on us.

He then turns around and authorizes the US military and the CIA to assassinate Al Qaeda leadership and operatives in Pakistan and Afghanistan via drone attacks. The latest is said to have killed Al Qaeda's #3 man.

Pakistan is not an official war zone. These people are not in direct armed contact with US forces. They've not been Mirandized, not been debriefed, not been give the benefit of counsel. They've been hunted down through intelligence, and dispatched via a drone strike controlled from a trailer outside of Las Vegas.

Now, don't get me wrong. I think this is a very good thing. We ought to be doing more of it. I just can't understand why Obama would be so much in favor of this method of eliminating enemies when hs is so dead set against most of our other tools in the Global War on Terror. I also don't understand why those on the far left aren't attacking Obama for doing it - after all, he's applying the death penalty without going through due process ....