Sunday, September 22, 2013

NCAA Football - These Games Shouldn't Count

This past weekend saw 4 of the NCAA Top 25 rated teams run up over 70 points in their games.  This was a record.  Every one of these games was a sham.  Ohio State (ranked 4) beat Florida A&M 76-0.  No. 7 Louisville edged Florida International 72-0.  No. 16 Miami had a hard time getting past Savannah State 77-7.  Baylor, No.20, handled U La-Monroe 70-7.  All of the winning teams were at home.

It is a time honored tradition that powerhouse college teams play a few 'scrub' games early in the season, non-conference games against second or third tier teams that have a very small chance of even scoring, much less being competitive.  These games serve two purposes for the BIG team - first, since the NCAA does not have any pre-season games, these games serve as the pre-season tuneups before the teams start playing their regular foes.  Second, it allow the BIGs to run up horrendous scores against hapless defenses, to help drive up their rankings and gain national attention.

For the SMALL teams, there is but one benefit - money.  The BIG teams pay the SMALL teams to be cannon fodder.  The SMALL college's AD and Administration love to get their hands on the cash.  The players who are thrown out on the field, embarrassed, and sometimes injured are of no consideration.

This crap has been going on for as long as I have watched college football.  Teams I like and dislike both take advantage of the situation.  It sucks.  It is intentional manipulation of the standings, almost cheating I think. 

I propose that any game like this should not count in the standings.  Either give the BIGs a couple of 'pre-season' non-conference games for a tuneup, or make sure that any sham game is of no consideration.  Let's see then how many lamb colleges continue being sent to the slaughterhouse.

A blatant example of this is happening this year.  Baylor is ranked in the Top 20.  In their first three games, they have scored 69 or more points in each, including a school record 70 twice.
In this 3 game stretch, they have barely beaten the mighty Wofford Terriers, 69-3; the invincible U of Louisiana-Monroe 70-7; and the powerhouse Buffalo Bulls 70-13.  I'm sorry - Baylor has a good team, but this Top-20 ranking is based on crap, and the university should be ashamed for paying three small colleges to come to Waco to get slaughtered. 

Update - while I can't exactly claim that ESPN stole my thoughts on this, I did hear an extended discussion of this on their Mike and Mike Radio Show the following day. 

Blatant Racism ... Isn't It?

A web based dating service that is dedicated to getting black singles together.  I see them advertised on TV quite often, particularly during football related broadcasts.

(Curious that the owners didn't chose ''.)

I have absolutely nothing against this business or its message.  I have no reason to believe that there is anything racist about it or what it is doing, and have no reason to believe that the owners or users are racists.  I did notice it is PC, catering to hetero and homo sexual men and women.

What I do wonder, however, is how big an outcry of 'RACISM' we would hear if a web service called '' sprang up, with exactly the same business model and message, except geared for Anglo-Americans.  It wouldn't take 5 minutes for Sharpton, Jackson, et al, to get on their favorite TV channels, expressing made up outrage and demanding a boycott or ransom ...

C'mon ... you know I'm right.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

God Bless Senator Elbert Guillroy

God Bless this man.  Here's hoping that at least some black Americans listen to his message and wake up to what the Democrat Party is doing to them. (And yes, the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King was a REPUBLICAN!)

Honoring The Ft. Hood Heroes Act - How Will Obama React To This?

In the wake of that rat bastard Hasan being sentenced to 15 years behind bars, all bills paid for by us, the taxpayer, before (maybe) facing the needle, a very necessary step is being taken.

The Obama Administration has, since day 1, labeled Hasan's attack as workplace violence.  This was for two reasons.  First, so Obama wouldn't have to recognize that his triumph over terrorism had failed in a big way on US soil.  Second, and I never understood the logic of this (even twisted liberal logic) to deny benefits to the victims and their families that would have been afforded to them if this had been correctly labeled as a terrorist act.

Texas Senator John Cornyn, along with Texas House Representatives John Carter and Roger Williams are introducing the 'Honoring the Ft. Hood Heroes Act' in both houses of Congress when the body returns from vacation.  The Act, in a nutshell, labels Hasan's cowardly attack as terrorism, giving the victims the government assistance they deserve (and desperately need), awards the Purple Heart to the military members who were killed or wounded, and the equivalent DoD award for the civilians involved.  The Act tries, well after the fact, to heal the wounds that Obama has kept open for 4 years.

Previous efforts to enact this type of legislation have gone nowhere, blocked by Harry Reid in the Senate every time it comes up.  He hasn't even allowed the matter to come up for discussion.  Cowardly piece of whale shit, that man ...

It will be interesting to see how Obama's minions react to this.  Will they continue to block it in the Senate?  Will Dems in the House refuse to vote for it?  Will Obama threaten to veto it?  Will Holder threaten to sue because it violates someone's imagined civil rights?

If Dems fight this, this should be a HUGE campaign issue for 2014.  The GOP should keep this front and center in the minds of voters, to keep hammering these cowards with their insult to our military.  If Dems relent and let this go through, the GOP should be asking, very loudly, WHY SO LONG?