Thursday, June 28, 2012

SCOTUS Screws Us

The Supreme Court's decision on Obamacare is flat insane.  The fact it came down to one person, the supposedly Conservative as a rock Chief Justice, pulling a Benedict Arnold and siding for the left wing kooks, is difficult to comprehend, and impossible to accept.  I would very, very much like to hear his reasoning for his decision.

As I was listening to the pundits this morning as the decision was made public, I was struck by the long term ramifications of this decision.  Yes, Obamacare is a longterm problem, but there is an even more evil, hideous demon lurking below the surface.

The Supreme Court has just told the Federal Government that it can force its citizens to buy whatever the Government says they must, or force its citizens to provide money for anything the federal Government wants.  It doesn't matter how trivial or important that expeiditure of money is, the Government can make each and every one of us provide it.  Whether it is Obamacare, or telling us we have to buy a carton of cigarettes and give them to a homeless person on the corner, it is perfectly fine for the Government to demand it, and our legal responsibility to provide it, and the Government's option to puniish us if we don't comply.

This has become a precedent established by the Supreme Court.  It will remain the cornerstone of Government power from here on in. 

The short term result of this may indeed be positive.  Mitt Romney has just been handed the keys to the White House.  All he has to do is grow a pair, stop being a pansy that is too afraid of offending any of those minority voters (who won't vote for him anyway), and ATTACK.  60-65% of Americans do not want Obamacare, and this decision will light a fire under them to make sure that they realize that the only remaining recourse is to kick the Dems out of Washington and repeal it immediately.  If Romney is lukewarm, or seen not to be a leader, he will have wasted a golden opportunity to drive a stake into the heart of Obama's Administration.

The longterm precedent is an absolute disaster for this country and the idea of personal liberty.

No matter what the short term political result of this is in November, this is a horrible, terribly dark day for the United States of America.

Monday, June 25, 2012

I Wonder How Much Of This Crap Is "Made In The USA"?

I am surprised, but not really, at what a pack of douchebags Obama and his minions are.  Take a look at all the shit he's got for sale in his official campaign on-line store. 

187 seperate items, ranging from the ever popular Trayvon Martin Hoodie (which, by the way is on clearance for 33% off!), to a completely unintelliglbe Biden can coozie.  In between, golfballs, grill spatulas, divot tools (just what every 99%er needs!), cat collars, dog leashes, stemware - a bewilldering flood of crap for you to spend a bunch of money on.

Go take a look.  See how desperate these idiots really are!

The line in the post title is legitimate - How much of this stuff was actually Made in the USA?  Hey Big Labor - shouldn't you be asking if Union labor was used on each and every one of these items?

How Low Can Obama's Kooks Go?

Well, we're finding out, and it will continue to get worse the closer we get to the election.

Faced with fund raising efforts that are coming up short, and the fact that candidate Obama is spending more campaign money than he is bringing in, his campaign staff has come up with a brilliant strategy - send them your presents!

I am not kidding.  This effort went up on the internet last Friday.

The 'Barack Obama Event Registry' is located on the official Obama/Biden campaign web site.

This is astounding.  They actually expect their koolaid drinkers to list Obama's campaign on their gift registeries?

You might want to go visit it. With all the ridicule it's gotten so far, I wouldn't be surprised if it is withdrawn quickly!.

I wonder is you can register your normal morning constitutional, and contribute the results to his campaign?

Friday, June 22, 2012

Liberal = Smartest, Coolest, Most Cultured, Most Tolerant ... Right?

Facebook posted photos of two liberals who attended the Gay Pride Month celebration at the White House.  These were guests invited by Obama.  See the revereance they have for the history of the facility, and the Presidents who have served this country?

Zoe Strauss (below) and Matty Hart (above) ... thank you for giving us all in instructive lesson in how well mannered liberals really are.

By the way, you two, the feeling is mutual ... both of you can go FOAD ...

(Where is our illustrious President?  Surely he will denounce the deplorable actions of these two and publicly distance himself from them?  No??  Really?)

Update - To be totally fair about this, I must report that a White House spokesman came out the day after this became public knowledge, and publicly stated that this behavoir was not appropriate for the setting.  Good for them ...

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Latest Obama Vote Buying Scheme - DREAM LIte

If you read the White House's line about Obama's decree implemeting a portion of the failed DREAM act last Friday, you would think it was a great thing, a wonderful humanitarian effort that no one could be against.  Well, just like the DREAM act itself, the devil is in the fine print - and Obama doesn't want you to see that.

DREAM was an effort by Democrats in Congress.  The headline was that it was going to provide a path to citizenship for the children of undocumented workers, a way for youngsters who had graduated from High School, were going to college, or had served in the military to become American citizens.  Sounds like a noble effort, right?  The problem was that underneath the headline were about a hundred other things, buried in the bill, that provided amnesty for multiple classes of illegals, funding for programs for illegals, new social program funding, and a whole host of other left wing bullshit legislation that couldn't stand on its own, and would never survive an up and down vote.  This was found out, and DREAM was defeated in the Senate (A Democrat controlled Senate, by the way ...).

Obama, in what even the most 'in the tank for Obama' pundits admit is a vote buying ploy, enacted by Presidential decree last Friday the headline part of DREAM.  Children of undocumenteds now have a path to citizenship.  Once again, there are a pile of fine print details they don't want seen in the light of day.

To qualify, an undocumented person must be a child of an undocumented person.  The undocumented person must be 30 years of age or younger.  The undocumented person must have been in this country illegally for a minimum of five years.  The undocumented person must have graduated High School, be attending college, or served in the military.

The key here is 'undocumented'.  How in the hell is the government supposed to document any of this (with the exceptions of college and military service) for someone who is undocumented?  A person can apply forthis, and there is no way for the government to not take them at their word.

This opens the flood gates for anyone who says they are under 31 (and that doesn't have to be verified) to claim that they belong in the program.

The government agency that would be responsible for doing the verification is not funded.  There is no money, no personnel, no method for any of the verification to happen.

Once accepted into the program, each person will receive a 2 year guest worker permit (a green card).  The green cards can be reissued by the government over and over, without the person holding it having to produce any documentation that they are going through the 'real' process to become a citizen. 

The provisions that are supposed to limit and control this program are completely unenforcable - and that is exactly what Obama wants.

In essence, Obama has just declared amnesty for every illegal alien in this country who even remotely looks like they could be 30 years old or younger.

Why did he do this?  For the votes of these persons (very conservatively estimated at more than 800,000), plus a majority of all Latinos in the country. 

In addition, there is absolutely no provision in his declaration that tightens border security at all.  So, we're going to have a huge influx of 20 and 30 something illegals flooding over our borders - Obama has put up the WELCOME sign for all of them, fully expecting each and every one of them to become a loyal Democrat voter.

The stated purpose of DREAM was noble.  The problem with the original legislation and Obama's twisted declaration was that stated purpose was a smoke screen for political shenanigans.  The Democrats are so proud of this they aren't even attempting to hide it.

By the way - the arguments I've heard in the past three days from Constitutional Scholars about Obama's decree have been almost unanimous is stating that Obama did not have the authority to do this.  His decree was an unConstitutional end run around Congress and the will of the majority of the American people.  Problem is, Obama doesn't care, and there is no one who can stop him.

Also, as a curious note - the head of the AFL/CIO has come out strongly in favor of Obama's decree, publicly stating his support.  That is very strange for someone who is supposed to be representing the American Worker.  Each and every person who is let into or allowed to stay in this country who should otherwise not be here is going to take a job away from an 'American Worker'.  You would think that Big Labor would fight any effort to give away hundreds of thousands of jobs, expecially in this economy.  Not so, Big Labor is in Obama's pockets, the actual well being of the worker ba damned.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

November 7, 2012 - What Are We Going To Wake Up To?

When we all wake up on the morning of November 7, what is our government going to look like?  Pundits from all over the place are offering their opinions, and some of them are changing those opinions almost daily.  With Obama and his administration hell bent on continuing to shoot themselves in the foot time after time, public sentiment is changing.  As more and more people come to the realization about what this man has done to our economy, our country, public sentiment is changing.

Remember that the majority of folks have already made up their minds.  The fight over the coming months is going to be about those 20% or so that are in the middle (unless something really catastrophic comes out about one of the candidates).

Based upon my admitedly limited expertise, and seeing what these pundits are spouting out (on both sides), here are the possibilities, listed in order of how likely I think they are to actually coming to fruition:

1)  Obama squeaks out a narrow victory, perhaps losing the popular vote along the way.  Republicans take control of the Senate by one seat, and retain a decent margin in the House.  This will result in 4 years of gridlock, as a Republican Congress is repeatedly vetoed in almost everything it tries to do by Obama.

2)  Romney wins by a considerable margin.  Riding his coattails, Republicans take control of the Senate by 2 votes, and hold onto the House.  This will result in four years of damage repair by Republicans, hindered by Democrats who continually use the 60 vote rule in the Senate to try to block any meaningful reform.

3)  Obama (again) by a narrow margin.  Democrats retain the Senate by one vote.  Republicans retain the House.  Same four year result as 1) above.

4)  Romney wins, Democrats keep the Senate, and Republicans keep the House.  Vindictive Democrats in the Senate will block every attempt by the House and Romney to roll back Obama's damage, implement reform, and cut spending.  The Democrat task will be the same one they had back in 2006 - to sabotage any effort to rescue the country in order to make Romney look bad, setting the stage for Hillary in 2016.

5)  Obama wins, Dems retain the Senate, and retake control of the House.  Very, very unlikely - but God help us if it does happen, for that truly will be the end of the United States as we know it.

Of course, this prediction is only good for about a week ...

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Eric Holder - MIA Again

Eric Holder ought to be on the ground in Wisconsin right now, with an army of DHS agents and investigators.  Not to investigate phantom voter fraud by evil Republicans.  Not to investigate campaign finance law violations.

To investigate death threats made by liberals against Governor Scott Walker.

Phone lines and twitter postings have been running rampant with angry libs begging for someone to kill Walker, or threatening to do it themselves.  Both are serious violations of Federal Law.  However, not a peep from Holder or Obama's DoJ.  Not a whisper from Democrat operatives across the nation denouncing this reprehensible reaction to a lawful election.

Mr. Holder - where the f**k are you?

I guarantee you that if the Democrat had won the election and some right wing idiots had made these threats, Holder and his brown shirts would be all over the news and Wisconsin.  Democrat pundits would be demanding that Mitt Romney denounce these threats, and hint that he was behind them.

Some Thoughts On Wisconsin

I was pleased, but not surprised at the results in the Wisconsin recall election yesterday.  Watching the election return pundits on TV was entertaining, from a political theater viewpoint.

Fox News was predictable.  Since I am a conservative, I agreed with almost everything that was said.  I think they may have overestimated what this state election will mean in November, but I thought (through conservative colored glasses) that most of their opinions were dead on.  No surprise there ...

CNN was a pool of undisguised disappointment.  When those folks realized the Democrats were going to lose, and had to call the election for Governor Walker, you could see them deflate.  Then, they started trying to explain it all away, make excuses, and make accusations.  I didn't hear any of them claim voter fraud, but a common theme was how the Democrats got outspent, and that cost them the election.

MSNBC was hilarious.  The Ed Show was on, and the host, a completely biased lib who is proud to tell you so, was almost crying.  He ran out of excuses and accusations quickly, and just started making up incoherrent crap.  All of his 'guests' were libs, and their comments and reactions were predictable.  When they were forced to cut to Walker's acceptance speech, these rude a*holes cut in audio of the 20 or so lib jerks in Ed's audience, who were booing.  If you were casually watching, it seemed that the booing was coming from the location of Walker's speech - a quick cut to the other channels proved that wasn't the case.  Jerks.

The Democrat talking points obviously had been distributed beforehand, because every one of them was singing the same story - big, evil, dirty, Republican money from outside the state caused the tragic and criminal defeat of worker's rights.  The only thing they couldn't agree on was how much evil outside SuperPAC money had been funnelled in.  Some folks said Republicans outspent Democrats 7 to 1.  Others said 10 to 1.  Some even put up pre-prepared pie charts showing the amounts of money spent and where it came from.  Curiously, none of them mentioned the tens of millions of dollars and thousands of union 'volunteers' shipped into the state by outside unions and the Democrat Party.

Democrat exit pollsters did their best to turn this shit sandwich into something nice.  Somehow, if we believe them, even though Walker won the election by about 9 points, support for Obama led Romney by 12 points.  Huh?  So, we are to believe that almost 20 percent of the folks who supported the Republican Walker in the recall would support Obama over Romney.  I call a huge BULLSHIT on that one.

Something that really grabbed my attention during the coverage was this fact - membership in Public Employee unions in Wisconsin has dropped by over 50% since Walker's reforms were enacted.  Walker's restrictions upon collective bargaining rights, sweetheart union deals, and golden retirement packages for government employees were the primary reason for the recall being done in the first place.  This means one of two things, or a combination - folks who really didn't want to be forking over their money to unions in the form of dues decided to stop doing so - folks who realized that being in the unions wasn't going to guarantee them a big salary, big benefits, and big retirements, decided that they'd rather do something else with their money than give it to the unions.  Unions all over America are quaking in their boots right now - especially the ones who represent government employees.

Update - On this, the day after Socialism was defeated in Wisconsin, the DOW Jones Industrial average closed up over 300 points.  Coincidence?  Not a chance in hell!