Friday, June 5, 2009

This Guy is a Freaking Liar!

Obama the Immaculate has often recounted how his great uncle was one of the first soliders to arrive when the Buchewald concentration camp was liberated at the end of WWII. He's gone into detail about how his great uncle acted after his return home, and the detailed accounts he gave to Obama and the family of what he saw. During his current visit to Germany, he has repeated this story.

Unfortunately, it is a lie ...

The great uncle was indeed one of the first into Buchenwald. However, he has stated in an interview with German magazine Der Spiegel that he had never spoken with Obama about his experiences during the war, or the encounter with Buchenwald.

This is just as bad as Hillary Clinton's lie about being under sniper fire in Bosnia. It's a lie intended to gain him more support from a target audience. Will he be called on it by the mainstream media? Very doubtful ....

1 comment:

Kath said...

As a political ploy dragging out various semi-distant relatives to connect with your "target audience", I understand.

Doesn't mean I like it, or believe it or -- especially in this case -- find it the least bit respectable.

If you'll lie about hearing first-hand details of a concentration camp, I guess you'll pretty much lie about anything.