Sunday, February 24, 2013

National Gun Registry - Pure Evil Liberalism

Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) has come out publicly and stated that Democrat demands for a National Gun Registry is an absolute non-starter for any deal on gun control legislation.

Sen. Coburn - you are a hero!

Democrats want a National Gun Registry.  They hide their enthusiasm for it, for they know that if the general public was made aware of the true reasons they want it, there would be a vicious backlash against them.

A National Gun Registry, according to Dem wishes, would list every legal gun owner in the United States, their personal information, and the type of weapons they own.  Anyone purchasing a gun would automatically be added to the registry. 

Why?  Think about it.  What possible use could a registry be to prevent mass shootings?  The answer is absolutely NONE. 

A National Gun Registry provides Democrats with a base of information to attack gun owners.  Think about it ... Say President Clinton in 2017 decides she wants more money for Obamacare.  What better way (in liberal minds) than to levy a huge tax on every assault weapon owner in the US?  Say she wants to pay for smart tablets and unlimited internet access for all the 'Free Shitters' who make up a big block of Democrat voters?  Well, in the name of the One, Obama, lets tax everyone who owns a pistol.  What's to stop them? 

Say a Democrat controlled Congress and a Democrat President pass legislation that confiscates all assault weapons owned in America?  A registry gives them the addresses of everyone to send their Brown Shirts to knock down doors.  What's to stop them?

If they have the information, they will misuse it.  There is NO valid reason for the government to have this information - it serves NO purpose other than to attack legal gun owners.

Assault weapons, background checks, magazine sizes, mental health - all of which and more are issues valid for discussion in the gun control debate.  A National Gun Registry is NOT valid for the discussion.  We should all recognize this for what it is, and fight it.

Thanks to Senator Coburn for calling this attack on our liberties for what it is.  More Republicans, and Democrats who defend the Second Amendment, ought to be out front and center of this debate pointing this out.  Democrat slimeballs are going to try to pass a registry through, buried deep in the legislation, without discussion - hoping like hell that no one notices.


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Third Time Around - Will It Work This Time?

Women's professional soccer is giving it a third try here in the US.  The newly formed National Women's Soccer League (NWSL) will consist of 8 teams;  Seattle Reign, Portland Thorns, Western New York Flash, Sky Blue FC, Washington Spirit, FC Kansas City, Boston Breakers, and the Chicago Red Stars.

There is reason for hope that this time it will work.  Where the two previous attempts depended upon the traditional sports team/league setup, this setup is very different.  The US Women's National Team is the dominant team in the world, and has been for quite some time.  The problem is that the women on that team have very little competition to keep them sharp between the big tournaments - the Olympics and the World Cup.  Without a pro league to keep them in practice (and employed), it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain the excellence.

Recognizing this, the folks running the National Team are heavily supporting the new league.  23 members of the US team have been allocated to the 8 teams, guaranteeing them a job playing the game while staying sharp for international competition.  The Canadian and Mexican National Teams have joined the effort, and each of them will have 16 of their players join the teams (two players from each of those countries will be allocated to each of the eight teams).  The three national teams will pay the salaries of the women they are supplying to the league, offloading that financial burden from the clubs and the league.  THAT is what may make it work this time.

The two previous efforts failed because the crowd sizes vs. costs simply wouldn't support the leagues.

The WUSA began in the heady aftermath of the 1999 Women's Cup, where 98,000 screaming fans saw the US beat China in a shootout in the Rose Bowl.  The WUSA was formed shortly afterwards with 8 teams, and huge expectations.  With the Cup win, and star power in the form of Mia Hamm, it seemed like a sure bet.  The league began play in April of 2001, and folded after 3 seasons.  The clubs ended up losing over $100 million collectively.  They found out that you simply couldn't fill pro football stadiums (and pay the bills) with soccer crowds. 

The WPS began play in March of 2009,  again using an 8 team format.  After the first year, 2 teams dropped out, leaving 6.  The league lasted only 2 years before folding.  Internal power struggles in the league office, combined with poor financial performance by the clubs, legal troubles with one of its club owners, and unsustainable travel costs doomed the effort.  This is spite of having star power in the form of the two best players in the world, Abby Wambach and Brazil's Marta, and a lot of big time international players.

I hope the ladies make it this time.  It is important for the National Team to have this kind of support for their players, and it is entertaining for fans of women's soccer (vs. an endless series of international 'friendly' matches - almost none of which are covered on TV).  However, there are already issues cropping up, and the teams haven't even had a single practice - the way players were allocated to the 8 teams was very subjective (certainly not by random draw) and has left a few teams as powerhouses and a few who will be doormats. 

(Sorry for boring you with this, but I've been a fan of women's soccer ever since daughter unit played in her youth - and she played pretty well!)

Please ... Don't Confuse Her With Facts

Meet Rep. Corrine Brown (D-FL).  She was elected to the United States Congress to represent the people of Florida's 5th Congressional District.

Here is Ms. Brown at a recent town hall meeting, where she is questioned by a constituent about the Medicare cuts being used to fund Obamacare.  You may have to turn up the volume a bit - the hideous, fake caucasian-woman wig she has propped up on her head kind of deadens her response ...

Sorry, I was unable to get the embed feature to work on this one, it isn't on youtube.  If you want to see it (and you really should if you want a laugh), take this link over to and watch it there.

Yes, that's right.  She actually says 'Don't confuse me with facts."  At the end of this clip, she tells an outright lie - that no Medicare cuts were made to support Obamacare.  Well, Ms. Brown ... $716 Billion worth of cuts to Medicare, shifted into Obamacare, would beg to differ.

Question - What do you call a liberal Democrat who lies straight through her teeth directly to the people who elected her? 

Answer - A liberal Democrat ...

For those of you who might think that Rep. Brown was just confused, or was having a bad day ... go to youtube and search on her.  You will find that she's been a source of ludicrous statements and racial hatred for a long time!  Prepare to be entertained ...

By The Way ... here is Florida's Fifth District ... an obscene snake that stretches from Jacksonville in the north to Orlando in the south.  You might ask why such an odd shape - simple, the district was drawn to guarantee that a Democrat minority representative would get elected.

One last item, a respectfully submitted suggestion for Rep. Brown  - damn, lady, get a new wig!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

So This Is Why Obama Likes Golf So Much ...

Have you ever wondered why Obama spends so much time on the golf course?  114 rounds so far during his presidency.  That's a lot of PTO over 4 years, far more than any 99% gets, that's for sure.  All paid for by the taxpayer, of course.  That's a lot of time on the green for someone who professes to be the best streetballer in the world.

Well, maybe its not the love of the game, or the recognition of the long history of beating little white balls with sticks. 

Here is Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) offering his opinion on what golf is good for.  His reason pretty well falls into line with what Obama believes.  Golf exists to provide money to the Government.
Check the 1:40 mark of this exchange;

Of course, Ellison, Obama, and their far left buddies believe ALL money belongs to the Government, no matter who earns it or how - and Government is the only one qualified to distribute that money in a 'FAIR' way (Obama called it redistribution of wealth).

I can easily imagine Obama sitting in the Oval Office, feet propped up on the historic desk, watching the last round on Sunday afternoon, seeing who he's going to call the IRS on Monday about - to collect His share of the winner's purse.

Oh ... one last point.  Phil's treatment by the press and the PGA was blatantly racist.

Phil Mickelson was skewered not long ago when he made statements in the press concerning how much he was being taxed while living in California, and that he might move out of the state because of it.  He was immediately hammered in the press, and the PGA came down on him like a ton of bricks.  He was forced to retract the statement and apologize the next day, even though what he said was completely based in fact.

Here's the racist component.  Phil is white. 

Tiger Woods moved out of CA a couple of years ago, and he was quite open with the press about why - CA's high tax rates.  Wood's comments were treated as completely understandable by the media, and the PGA didn't stomp on him for an apology at all. 

Tiger is half black (which means he's in the same mold as His Highness, and therefore infallible).

ANYONE wanting to leave the Socialist Commune of California is completely in their right mind.  The state has turned into a looney bin, and is on its way to bankruptcy.  When you lose 63% of your income to Federal and state income taxes (not counting all the sales, usage, and other taxes that CA and local municipalities heap on), you'd be an idiot for not wanting to get out.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Obama Victimized By A Smackdown

I heard about this on the radio yesterday, but some of you may have missed it.  Obama attended the National Prayer Breakfast yesterday morning.  It may be the last time he does so.

This video documents the comments made by Dr. Benjamin Carson.  Dr. Carson is highly regarded in the field of medicine, a very respected man in his field.  He is also quite the scholar.  Dr. Carson lays out a very thoughtful, conservative vision of how to fix what is wrong with our country.  At the 20 minute mark, he will begin a short diatribe on healthcare - a subject he is vastly more competent to talk about than His Highness.  What follows is a wonderful smackdown of the Socialist-in-Chief, who is a captive sitting a few feet away.

Obama sleeps through most of this, wiping his eyes and nodding off a few times.  You will see him occasionally looking into his lap, I presume to check his Blackberry.  You will notice that when Dr. Carson begins talking about healthcare, Obama's eyes never leave his device - he has tuned the Doctor out, for he has no interest in hearing him.  You will notice that Obama never once gives any applause.

Oh, and by the way ... Dr. Carson is black.  Dr. Carson grew up in a poor part of Detroit, and pulled himself up to become a leader in his field through hard work and his God given talent - not government handouts.

You watch - today there will be liberal talking heads all over the news crying foul over Dr. Carson's rude, terrible treatment of His Highness.  They will also spit out there tired old excuse for any person of color who doesn't agree with their liberal agenda - he isn't authentically black.

There are snipets of this on Youtube that are only the healthcare portion.  I chose to link in to his entire presentation.  If you have the time to watch it all, I think you will be pleased.

Update - Dr. Carson is the Chief of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns-Hopkins University.  That means he is VERY MUCH MORE QUALIFIED for what he does than Obama is for what he does .

Update II - Yes, it happened.  On several of the talking head programs yesterday, Dr. Carson was subjected to all kinds of attacks from Obama's suck ups in the mainstream media.  Basically, it was 'how dare he', or 'he's not qualified to talk about that', or the completely predictable 'he shouldn't mention God' (even though it is a 'prayer breakfast'?).  CNN, MSNBC, NBC, etc ... they were all piling on.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I Didn't Buy Tuna Soup ... Dammit!

Those of you who have been with me for a while will recognize that I've ranted about this before.  However, in spite of my efforts, the tuna industry continues this crime against humanity ...

This is a can of tuna.  The brand name is Chicken of the Sea.  The Mermaid, along with Charlie the Tuna, are the two most recognizable national brands of the canned fish in the US.

This is a 12 ounce can I recently opened and then drained the water out of.  In my un-scientific appraisal, what you see indicates approximately 35% of the can's contents was water, and 65% was actual tuna.  To me, that does not constitute a can of tuna, it is tuna soup.

If you look at the contents of one of the popular 'chunky' soups on the market, 65/35 is about the ratio of solids to liquid in those products.  I understand the need to pack the fish with some water for production purposes, but 35%???  We're being robbed!

This is not just a tuna problem.  Substituting liquid for actual product is rampant in the canning industry.  Liquid is cheaper to produce than the actual product.  Here's a can of one of America's favorite staples for decades, Pork and Beans.  After draining the 'juice', about 60% of the can actually contains beans.  15 ounce can, that means I paid for 9 ounces of beans and 6 ounces of juice.  Seems to me that is not quite truth in labeling, is it?