Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wanna Smell Like Rotten Tuna?

If so, Glamour Queen Snooki has got what you need ...

How disgusting ...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New Democrat Tax Plan

We're seeing the major Republican candidates put forth their plans for reforming the tax code. Most of them involve cutting taxes in some form. Horribly upset at these proposed injustices, Democrat leadership is working on their own reform plan, which they will unveil later. It is a simple plan, probably the flattest tax plan that can be imagined:

Everyone in America pays 95% of their income to the Federal Government, who in turn will redistribute that money to those who they think deserve it.

There are a few exceptions - folks who fall into these categories will pay no income tax at all:

Anyone registered as a Democrat Voter, and can prove they voted for Obama

Anyone belonging to any racial minority

Anyone classified as an illegal immigrant

Anyone of the Jewish faith, unless they actually support Isreal

Anyone who received a liberal arts degree

Anyone who is a card carrying member of a national union

Any government employee who also belongs to a union

Any current or former member of ACORN

Anyone who believed Rev. Wright's sermons were loving gospel

Anyone who works for DailyKOS, Move On, MSNBC, CNN, Huffington, or the other perfectly balanced, logical, and completely fair quaility news outlets.

Any intern that did NOT complain about Bill Clinton's advances

Anyone who believes 9/11 was justified, or caused by US action

Anyone who believes that our efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan were simply attacks on peace loving peoples in order to steal their oil.

Anyone who makes under 100,000, and signs a pledge to support the Democrat Party for life

Anyone who makes over 100,000, and pledges to deliver one of these: A) yearly campaign donations of 5,000 or more, B) 25 or more manufactured votes per national election cycle, or C) perform on national TV, giving whatever false testimony the DNC provides to you as your own.

Anyone who will follow ACORN direction and actively participate in the Occupy Whatever movement for a minimum of 30 days.

Any person falling into these categories will receive monthly compensation checks from the government of such a size that they do not have to participate in any actual work. In addition, they will receive free healthcare, free tuition, free drugs, free abortions, free condoms, free needles, and free Obama campaign buttons.

Celebrate ... Gravy!!!!

Today is the inaugural Chicken Fried Steak Day here in the Republic of Texas, as declared by the Texas House Resolution 1419.

A well prepared Chicked Fried Steak is one of God's favored foods. Tenderized sirloin, double dip battered, fried, and slathered with cream gravy ... yumm. Side of french fries, or mashed potatoes and pintos, fresh made rolls, glass of brewed ice tea ---- it just don't get much better than that.

Celebrate! Go out and eat one for lunch, and strike a blow against the First Lady's food nazis!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Occupy "Generic" ... Pathetic

The occupy whatever movement is the most pathetic example of American left wing stupidity in action since the Vietnam War protests. Period. This is just a bunch of nutcases looking for something, anything, to protest and make themselves jackasses over. The whole point is to 'stick it to the man'. What they don't seem to realize is 'the man' is their guy!

A couple of examples, shamelessly stolen from threedonia ... (I'm not taking any credit, just passing them along)

The 'Kill Whitey' guy is a white guy, from the Occupy Albany, NY fruitloop gathering. Someone, please, give him his wish ...

Here's a good one ... Authentic Occupy Wall Street members, explaining to a person who grew up in the Soviet Union why Socialism is soooo much better than Capitalism. This will cause your head to explode. These are the people Obama claims to be standing shoulder to shoulder with (and that's one of the few things he's told us that is NOT a lie) ... Can we get these nice folks some tickets to the worker's paradise of North Korea so they will be happy?

Remember those TV public service spots with the frying egg? This, my friends, is your brain on liberalism!

Update - The country has had just about enough of these bums, kooks, and retards ...

Occupy Wall Street thrown out of their squatters camp because it had become a health hazard because of all the filth and trash. Refugees decide they are going to storm Wall Street itself, to shut down the Financial District. Fewer than 1000 of them show up, they shut down nothing. But, when the NYC Police try to remove them from the area they are trespassing in, they turn violent, and two Police are sent to the hospital with facial injuries.

A Washington DC Occupier has been arrested and charged with attempting to assassinate President Obama! The many is charged with shooting at the White HOUse with an AK-47, striking two windows. This has to be quite a shock to Mr. Obama - after all, he's claimed he's down with the Occupier's struggle,l he admires them, and he is with them.

A San Diego Occupier, using a bullhorn, yesterday called upon his gathering to offer a moment of silence to support their DC brother, who shot at the White HOuse, and then praised the man's actions.

Dallas Occupiers, thrown out of their location by a judge, got arrested on purpose. One of them told reporters they wanted to do it so they'd get on TV.

This 'Occupy' movement is nothing but a thinly disquised reason for all the anarchists, kooks, mentally unstable, drug users, perverts, thieves, and social misfits to camp out together and get on the news. There is no movement - because there is no real 'cause'. You ask 100 of these idiots why they are there, and you will get 99 different answers.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Obama Throws In The Towel

So, now our esteemed leader has decided to declare surrender and retreat from Iraq by year's end. He actually will claim this as a foreign policy victory, a fulfillment of a campaign promise. Why did he do this?

1) First and foremost, to shore up his far left voter base. In spite of being in office for 3 years, he hasn't actually surrendered anything - until now. He's tried, but failed - Iraq, Afghanistan, Gitmo, civilian trials, enhanced surveillance, etc. Got to give the kooks their 'America Last' moment to keep them happy in time for the election next year.

2) A legitimate reason. The Iraqi government's decision not to extend immunity for US troops beyond this year. This is a big deal. If immunity couldn't be guaranteed, any piss ant 'court' in Iraq could charge soldiers for crimes - real or imagined - and throw them in jail. With as much anti-US sentiment as there is in the country (spurred by the Iranians), this would have been a way to embroil US forces in controversy.

What effect will this have? A lot, and in many different ways.

1) Other than the US embassy and 1500-2000 contractors, US military presence in Iraq will be gone. No soldiers, no aviation. If the Iraqis get in trouble, either against insurgents or against Iran, they will be on their own. They are no where near capable of taking care of themselves. Expect Iran to ramp up its efforts to destabilize the government, and for attacks on the government to rise.

2) All the infrastructure the US built will go over to the Iraqis, with no compensation. All the billions of dollars worth of bases and equipment we've poured into the conflict will be given away. What happened to all that oil and oil money compensation we were supposed to get?

3) Plans are currently in the works to reequip the Iraqi armed forces with advanced weaponry, supposedly so they can take care of themselves. State of the art goodies like C-130J transports (equal to the most advanced ones in US service), and F-16 Block 50/52 fighters (superior to ones in US service) are currently on order. It will be interesting to see if these are delivered, and if so who pays for them - Iraq or the US taxpayer. If Iraq falls into a Iran-like theocracy, what happens to that equipment?

4) Huge stockpiles of arms and equipment in use by US forces in country will be left where it is, and default ownership will change to the Iraqis. It would be very interesting to see an inventory of what we end up abandoning there, but of course that won't be made public over fears of the political backlash.

5) Allies and semi-allies in the region, especially Afghanistan, will see this
'commitment' from the US, and realize that they can't count on the US in the long run.Enemies int he area will be emboldened, getting one more historic lesson that tells them all they have to do is wait, and they will win when we run away.

Once upon a time, folks bristled at Iraq being compared to Vietnam. Well, with this master stroke by Obama, the conflict in Iraq comes very close to being a duplicate of Vietnam. Will it fall the same way - a couple of years after the US pulls out, the government collapses and the enemy we spent years, billions of dollars, and thousands of lives trying to defeat ends up winning. The parallels are certainly there, and they extend to the home front. Leftists in the 60s and early 70s wanted more than anything for the US to have its nose bloodied, to be run out of Vietnam as losers. The left now wants the same thing, although its not politically acceptable to attack the troops themselves as it was in the hippie years. Now the plan is to praise the troops in public, while undercutting their efforts behind the scenes.

8 years, almost a trillion dollars, over 4400 lost lives and thousands of others injured or maimed. All of that sacrifice pretty much thrown away by the politically motivated actions of our Coward-in-Chief.

Monday, October 17, 2011

'Stolen Valor' Heading to the Supreme Court

The Stolen Valor Act was passed overwhelmingly by Congress in 2006, in response to an upward spiral in the number of cases where liars misrepresented military service - either service itself, or awards received during service. The practice of falsely hyping ones' war record has been around since the beginning of organized conflict. However, in recent times, high profile cases where people are trying to scam money or favor by claiming they are something they are not spurred action by Congress.

The Ninth US Circuit Court (the most liberal court in the land, located in San Francisco, of course) ruled that the law was unConstitutional. Somehow, in their twisted left wing sense they determined that lying was a form of free speech protected by the First Amendment. (Their decision, by the way, was 2-1, unusual because dissenting opinions rarely are produced by this radical activist bench). The Ninth then went on to block further judicial review by a broader group of judges. A survey of appelate judges that might have been asked to participate in that review showed that the vast majority of them would have sided with the law being Constitutional.

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear the case. That group almost always picks up cases that involve Constitutional isses regarding legistlation. Previous Supreme Court rulings indicate that it should side with the law being Constitutional. Watch for a 5-4 vote, right down liberal/conservative lines.

Obama's DoJ finds itself in the uncomfortable position of having to defend the law before the Court. For His flunkies to have to fight against the Ninth, bastion of liberal activism, must grate against their very core. One hopes they don't tank the case on purpose in order to support the Ninth.

I hope that the Supreme Court does rule in favor of the law. Scumbags who try to profit in any way, shape, or form by lying about military service and/or decorations deserve a special place in Hell.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

How Ridiculous Is This?

The mascot for my daughter's university is called the Masked Rider. This character is adorned in black mask, hat, cape, and rides a black horse. It is most visible during football games, where it gallops out on the field, one hand in the air mimicking a revolver, firing up the students and players with the cry of 'Guns Up'.

This is so wrong on so many levels. It is offensive, and it needs to be recognized as the horrible insult it is. (Bear with me, and read this post all the way through before you pass judgement.)

The rider is caucasian, either male or female. This is an insult to African-Americans, Hispanics, Asians, Eskimos, Native Americans, Southwest Asians, Indians, Samoans, etc ...

The horse is always black. This is discrimination against horses of other colors and their owners.

The horse is run at a gallop across the artificial turf at the stadium. Causing it to run on anything other than natural grass is abuse of the animal, according to PETA.

The cowboy figure, making gun like signs with one hand, is offensive to Native Americans.

The use of a large animal (horse) is discriminatory against schools that have smaller animals as mascots, like A&M's collie.

The use of a fast animal is discriminatory against schools that have slower animals as mascots (Bevo, anyone?).

The Masked Rider is an obvious rip off of Zorro. Therefore, it is an insult to Mexicans who hold the esteemed Hollywood Hero as a symbol of their heritage.

The use of a college student as the rider violates professional cowboy union membership rules.

The horse's inevitable dumps on the artificial turf in the stadium are a direct insult to the manufacturers of the turf.

The use of a mascot in general promotes pride in school, both from students and alumni. Pride in a school is wrong. All schools should be equal, all educations should be the same. Everyone should feel exactly the same about their educational choices. No one has any right or reason to feel any pride in their school - to do so hurts the feelings of those who don't go to that school.

Is this ridiculous? Of course it is, and it is stated with a huge dose of sarcasm. However, there's nothing in here that is any more ridiculous than the incredible amount of manufactured outrage that we hear everyday from some group that feels it needs to be heard about some perceived injustice/discrimination/insult. What a bunch of babies we've become.

What Is Being Sold Here?

Have you seen the TV commercials for the Fiat 500? If not, you're one of the few. Fiat has been force feeding us two spots featuring Jennifer Lopez for a little over a month now. Notice I said featuring JLo - very much on purpose. The commercials have very little to do with the car itself. You are supposed to focus on her and her songs playing in the background, and her 'life story' narration. The car is like a prop in a music video. There is absolutely nothing said about it.

Well, I've now seen one of these tiny roller skates in person, and I can confirm - it is every bit as ugly in person as it is on the screen. I guess its supposed to be a competitor for the Mini, but it isn't. There's no cute factor, it's just plain ugly.

The only thing that will sell this car is their association with JLo. Very smart on their part. It's a shame the intelligence behind the commercials wasn't involved when this piece of crap was designed.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Pair of Tragedies

I was celebrating my Second Amendment Right to shoot up a bunch of paper targets with my assault rifle style bang stick this morning (way cool, and very therapeutic, I must say) at the local shoot 'em up range. The place is run by three Vietnam vets (2 Army, one Navy, all non-coms). As I was setting up my stuff, I noticed one of the fellows, Mike, run out the front of the building, jump in his truck, and speed away. Didn't make an impression, figured he left his coffe pot turned on at home or something.

About 20 minutes later, one of his buds came out and announced on the PA system that Mike's wife had called, and that their son, a 20 year old Specialist in the Army stationed in German, had swallowed a bottle of pills. He didn't elaborate on what the result was, but from the look on his face, it wasn't good.

Suicides in the ranks always increase during time of actual conflict. I've seen a lot of coverage of suicide rates, especially in the Army during OEF and OIF. Lots of hand wringing and elaboration by talking heads about the cause(s) - but regardless, it is repititon of a pattern that has been repeated in all modern conflicts. If did not know this man, barely know of his father, so I have no idea what demons he was running from. He succeeded - he got away from them, and now his family will have to suffer the consequences for the rest of their lives.

Later in the day, I visited the lady who cuts my hair for a much needed whacking. She is big into horses and riding. Instead of the normal small talk about NASCAR and such, she told me of a young lady she had known through her horse back riding. 19 years old, beauty queen, champion rider, homecoming queen - beautiful All American girl. The only blemish was an 11 month old son out of wedlock.

A week ago, this experienced rider got on a new horse. Something spooked it, and it took off. She fell, her foot caught in a stirrup. A half mile later when they finally got the horse stopped, the girl's head was caved in like a burst melon. The worst part was her body was still alive - the parents had to make the gut wrenching decision to pull the plug later that day at the hospital.

I don't have anything profound to say. I was just struck by the opposites of their deaths. One threw his life away on purpose. The other had it jerked from her in a moment of tragic accident. The results are the same - two grieving families.

Be thankful for your days on this Earth, folks. You never know when it will end.

Monday, October 10, 2011

UT Boss Reacts to Aggie's Move to SEC

Just released video, catching the head man at Texas University reacting to the news that the Aggies are departing to the SEC.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Paying for Rubbers

There are all kinds of bullshit hidden in Obamacare. To paraphrase Nancy Pelosi's words, now that it's been passed, we're finding out what is in it - slowly, ever so slowly details are leaking out.

Obama's pet Department of Health and Human Services has decided to write regulations giving any FDA approved method of birth control to anyone who wants it, at no charge. Insurance companies have to cover it 100% with no co-pay. If someone falls under Obamacare, the government will spend our tax dollars to provide condoms and pills to anyone who wants them, whether they can afford to pay for them or not.

Add this to Obama's desire for all abortions to be provided to anyone who wants them free of charge, with no restriction at all, and it is pretty apparent that the Far Left believes they are the only ones who are qualified to run our sexual and reproductive lives.

My tax dollars are going to pay for someone's condoms? What bullshit!

Republican Field Narrows

OK, so Chris Christie and Sarah Palin have now both announced that they will not seek the Republican nomination for President. That pretty much tells us that the currently announced field is what we have to choose from.

That field has two serious entrants in it, Romney and Perry. Cain remains a popular oddity, and Bachman has fallen off a cliff. The rest of them don't have a prayer, for whatever reason.

Perry has fallen on some hard times, with poor debate performances, and some generated racial bullshit. The man has some baggage that has to be dealt with, and it can be - if his fellow Republicans don't spend their efforts trying to cut him down.

Romney is at his most popular right now, which isn't all that high. He seems to the the candidate that may be left if all the rest self-destruct.

No matter which one pulls this out, there are a couple of things that Republicans MUST abide by. First, lay out your positions and let the voters choose. Stop the hack jobs and dirty attacks against other Republicans. All that does is diminish them, and hurt the GOP's chances in 2012. Second, no matter who wins the nomination, the entire party must rally behind and fully support the nominee. There has to be excitement, there has to be a concentrated effort to send Obama to the unemployment line next year. Obama is set up for a defeat of historic proportions, but in-fighting and complacency will keep our country under his boot for another four years.