Pictures I Think Are Funny (Warning - PG-13!)

For absolutely no specific reason, here are some pictures that I think are pretty funny ...




It may not be funny, but sure looks like it'd be a blast to pilot!

Kwanza celebrants in Chicago ...

Think I'm just a little pussy, huh?

Decorum demanded that I blur the graphic naughty bits.  Incredible what they will let walk the street, legally, in SFO.  Damn, that used to be a beautiful city ... now its just a dump for perverts and drug heads.

The Un-Hungry Games Winner!

Is it racist for Kenyans to say this?

Playing footsie, Part I

Playing Footsie, Part II

Nice set of legs on this bride!

Notice the gay pride flag ...

Please, please do it ...

Obama's Socialist Utopia defined ...

Jihadists idea of a playground ... seriously!

An Obamacare Plastic Surgery success story

Obamacare's state of the art in Dentistry

TSA Supervisor?

Latest pre-school curriculum being forced on our kids by Missus O ...

I really miss MXC ... Indeed ...

She said big balls ... teehee ...

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A Taliban commander making off with the laest addition to his harem

What Occupy sitin is she absent from?

Zombie Apocalypse Urban Assault Vehicle

Occupy San Francisco's Leader