Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pelosi Delivers Porkulus

San Francisco ... home of fruits, nuts, flakes ... and Nancy Pelosi. How else can you explain stimulus money, distributed by the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), being channeled to these San Fran based entities:

Frameline - gay and lesbian film house, received $50,000 for general operating expenses. One of this house's recent offerings was "Thundercrack".

CounterPULSE - dance hall that puts on programs such as "Perverts Put Out".

The Symmetry Project - $25,000 to produce stuff like this:

The NEA has a huge list of grants it has distributed as part of the National Recovery and Reinvestment Act (Obama's porkulus bill). Here, on their own website, is the list of projects funded through this act alone:

I'm sorry, but what is $50,000 for the Alabama Folklife Association going to do for our economic recovery? $50,000 for Alonzo King's Lines Ballet? $50,000 for Architecture for Humanity? Flint MI Institute of the Arts? foolsFury Theater Company of San Francisco? $50,000 for the Irving S. Gilmore International Keyboard Festival? $25,000 for Milkweed Editions? $50,000 for the Museum of Glass? There are hundreds of these entries, and all the money came out of the porkulus bill. It is amazing to see how many recipients were in San Francisco - Pelosi's constituents must be very happy with her. $80,000,000 in total out of the porkulus bill wasted on crap like this.

The NEA shells out a tremendous amount of our tax dollars each and every year to support many different types of art programs. How much? Take a look at this list, provided by the NEA itself, of grants JUST for dance companies made in the first part of 2009:

In this time of economic meltdown, where all Americans are being urged by Obama to sacrifice for the common good, why are we shelling out this huge pile of money, instead of using it where it would actually do some economic good?

Now, don't get me wrong ... I am not advocating censorship, and I am not saying that people who express themselves in an artistic manner don't have a right to do so (whether or not I see any 'art' in their expression). However, they do not have a right to do it with my tax dollars. Let the people who appreciate such artistic expressions support it themselves.....

Monday, July 27, 2009

Auto Repair Overcharge Scam - Don't Fall For It

You folks ought to know this, but in case you don't ...

If you have your automobile repaired in a shop, you will most likely find an unexplained charge added to the bill. It may be termed "Shop Fee", "Disposal Fee", or plain old "Misc. Charge".

This fee, whatever it is called, is nothing but an additional charge to pad the shop's profit margin.

Shops started adding these fees to their bills a decade or so ago. It started as a couple of bucks, then rose to 3, then 5, then 10, and now more. Shops are raising the amount because they have learned that 95% of their customers never bother looking at the bill, never ask about the bill, and/or never question the charges on the bill. In other words, if 95 out of 100 people pay it without asking questions, why not add it?

Branded dealerships have the highest fees. Chain stores are a little lower. Local shops are the lowest.

If you see something like this on your bill, question it. Demand to know exactly what it is for. If they say 'shop supplies', ask for an accounting of the supplies used on your specific repair job. If they say 'environmental fees', ask specifically what the fee is for. If they say 'miscellaneous charges', demand a line item list of those charges. If you hear 'those are just standard charges', ask to speak with the manager, and pin him down until you get an explanation. If you don't get a satisfactory answer (and you won't), refuse to pay it.

I know what these charges are - I have been told by friends and folks I know at dealerships that they are nothing but pure profit - added on to what you are already paying them for the parts and labor.

I have questioned these charges every time I have encountered them, and I have yet to pay them. The shop will take them off your bill if they are confronted - especially if you are in an area in front of other customers.

What triggered this? I had a car repaired at a local Toyota dealer today, and the 'Misc. Charges' line on the bill came to $52.00. The Service Advisor gave me all of the above explanations, and then admitted he didn't know what it was for. The Service Manager gave me the same line of BS, then gave up, said 'you caught us', and pulled the charge off the bill.

I don't mind paying a fair price for parts and labor, but this is just plain theft. Stand up for yourself, they are trying to take your money away from you!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Generic VISA Gift/Debit/Rebate Cards - A Ripoff

Generic VISA gift/debit cards are a convenient way to give a quick gift to someone, without having to shop for them. In theory, it's a great idea - let the gift receiver choose where they wish to spend the money.

Generic VISA debit/rebate cards are a popular way for companies to send out rebates or refunds.

Be careful with these cards.

Most payment systems are not set up to handle generic gift/debit cards. If you use one of these cards for a purchase, and you do not use the entire amount of that card for the purchase, chances are you will not be able to use whatever funds are left over on the card after that initial payment. For instance, I used one of these cards recently at Target for a purchase. There was an unused amount on the card. I tried to use the same card at the same Target later on for a payment, the Target payment system would not accept the card. I checked online - the card showed an unused balance, but it can't be used. If you use a generic VISA debit card for a payment, make sure you use up the entire amount of that card for the payment.

In addition, when used almost all VISA debit cards trigger an account 'usage' or 'maintenance' fee - usually 2.50 per month, until the card is used up. If the card isn't used at all for a period of time (usually a year), the fees start automatically.

These 'quirks' are designed on purpose - the funds that are lost or confiscated go directly into the pocket of the company that issued the card. This is how they make their money - and they make a LOT of money.

To avoid this, if you are buying a card as a present for someone else - buy a gift card that is specific to a store or chain. For instance, if you buy a Target branded gift card, your recipient will not have a problem using the full amount of that card at Target stores, with no fees or problems with the payment system.

To avoid this, if you are the recipient of one of these cards as a present, refund, or rebate, use the card quickly, and make sure your purchase uses up the entire amount of the card.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Top 5 Chick Flicks of All Time

Well, that's enough of that ......

Rep. Michael Burgess, Republican Hero of the Day

Meet Dr. Michael Burgess (R-TX), a practicing medical doctor and Texas' Congressional Representative from the 26th District. Dr. Burgess is a conservative, and as a medical doctor, has a perspective unlike almost everyone else in Congress. He has, and continues, to experience our health care system firsthand, unlike idiots like Henry Waxman and Nancy Pelosi. Dr. Burgess is a Republican member of the House Energy and Commerce committee, run by Waxman. This committee reviewed the House health care reform bill (obviously, since Waxman was the primary author of the bill).

Dr. Burgess addressed the committee, challenging Waxman's lies. Suprisingly, he got it all out before Waxman cut him off.

Dr. Burgess has also lended his expertise on news interviews.

Dr. Burgess tried to introduce amendments to the health care bill that would address defensive medicine - the practice of practicing medicine to defend ones's self against litigation. Waxman shot down the amendment - personal injury attorneys are against any such tort reform, and they are very heavy Democrat contributors.

Outlaw13 On The Move

Our good friend Outlaw13 is still working his blog Guidons, Guidons, Guidons occasionally, but he's making most of his comments on another site, Look on the left drop down for "Outlaw13" if you are interested in checking out his posts over there. Not sure why he decided to do this - too much advertising on the site for my tastes.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Top 5 Sci-Fi Movies of All Time

OK, for no particular reason, I'm going to pay homage to my top 5 Sci-Fi movies of all time. In reverse order:

Honorable Mention: Star Trek II, The Wrath of Khan

This film was without a doubt the best of the Star Trek movies. After the disaster that was the first Star Trek movie, this film saved the Trek movie franchise. The only down side of the movie was Shatner's horrible rug.

#6: Blade Runner

So, the list is actually the top six - sue me ....

Sci-Fi was the background to an exercise in this thinking man's movie. Lots of action, an intriguing plot line, stunning cinematography and score. I saw different things in this movie each of the 4 or 5 first times I saw it. The only downside, for me, were the endless re-releases with slightly different edits.

#5: The Day The Earth Stood Still

Klaatu scared the piss out of America in a social statement of a movie. This was an artistic expression of the fear that gripped the nation during the expansion of the Cold War, with the spectre of nuclear war hanging over everyone's head. State of the art special effects (for 1951) - even if the saucer was made out of paper mache'. Long live Gort! The only drawback to this movie was the absolutely horrible Keanu Reeves remake.

#4: Alien

More of a outer space horror film than a true Sci-Fi exercise, this 1979 movie scared the crap out of viewers. I made the mistake of reading the book prior to seeing the movie, so my wife said she knew when something was going to happen because I tensed up. That was one scary-ass critter! Downside - the Aliens followup was good, but the final two in the series really went down hill.

#3: The War of the Worlds

The original 1953 release of this movie was an outstanding achievement in Sci-Fi, and special effects. I don't remember the first time I saw this, but I remember being terrified when the critter grabbed her shoulder. Besides, it has cool footage of the XB-49 Flying Wing. I still enjoy watching this movie. The Tom Cruise remake wasn't too bad, but just not the caliber of the original.

#2: Star Wars

This movie was a game changer in the movie industry. I remember the first time I saw it, just after it came out in 1977, at the Campus theater in Denton. My buddy and I went to see it on a Friday evening. The THX intro wow'd us - never heard anything like it before. When the first ship flew past over the planet curve, it was wow - this is great. When the Star Destroyer came over and filled the screen, it was 'holy sh*t'. It looks kind of corny now, but my goodness, when it came out ....

#1: Forbidden Planet

And the winner is ... This 1956 classic still stuns me when I see it on a large screen. Big name stars doing Sci-Fi was unheard of. The heroine's wardrobe pushed the boundaries. The special effects were mind-boggling. The plot was a thrill to experience. I remember seeing this on a b&w TV set with my mom in the mid-60s, and when the Id came through the force field, it was very scary. I had nightmares for quite a while. I am glad they have not redone this movie - there is no way it can be improved on.

Well, sorry if I wasted too many electrons on this, but I do think these are cool movies.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Obama's Racism Rears its Ugly Head

Obama the Immaculate showed his thoughts about racism in plain view Wednesday evening, at the end of his healthcare newsconference. He was responding to a question about the arrest of Henry Louis Gates Jr., a noted black scholar, at his home by Cambridge MA police. The police were responding to a call about a possible burglary at the home.

"I think it's fair to say, number one, any of us would be pretty angry. Number two, that the Cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof that they were in their own home. And number three -- what I think we know separate and apart from this incident -- is that there is a long history in this country of African-Americans and Latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately, and that's just a fact."
- Obama, newsconference 7/22

Courtesy of Fox News, here is a link to Gates' arrest report:

Looking at the report, there should be serious questions as to what happened in the incident. It is certainly not clear that the officers involved acted in a racist or stupid manner. The report clearly shows that Gates was the offender in the incident, and showed a tremendous amount of stupidity. At the very least, this should be investigated to see what exactly happened.

In any case, it is completely inappropriate for the President of the United States to interject himself into this, with such a stinging attack aimed at the police, even though he apparently hadn't read the police report, or didn't care what was in it. Obama, in doing this, is just as bad a racist as he is accusing the police of being.

I do know this - If I refused to produce my identification and screamed insults at an officer, I am going to end up in jail. And that is not because of racism, it would be because of my stupidity.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mr. Boehner Strikes Again!

John Boehner (R-OH), Minority Leader in the House, took to the House floor to deliver a verbal bitch slap aimed at Rahm Emanuel's stupid assertion that Obama's henchmen had saved the economy.

I'm really starting to like this guy ....

Someone Blew Smoke Up Our Asses Before Obama!

Someone sent this little tidbit to my wife through email. Thought I'd share it with the vast viewing audience ...

This is a device used to administer a Tobacco Smoke Enema. Yes, this is where the term 'blow smoke up someone's ass' came from. This thing was supposed to cure a whole range of maladies, up to and including resuscitating drowing victims.

Amazing ... Makes you wonder what doctors and others two hundred years in our future will think of the medicine we currently consider 'state of the art'.

I thought at first this was an internet joke, but I googled it ... and sure enough it is real.

(Oh, and if anyone out there wants to weigh in with comments comparing this device with Obama's Health Care Reform, please be my guest ... the floor is yours!)

Vultures After Sarah Again

An Alaska investigator, working for the state ethics board, has determined that there is evidence that Sarah Palin violated ethics laws by authorizing the formation of a fund that private citizens can dontate to, to help her pay off her legal bills. She has approximately $500,000 in legal fees built up from defending herself against trumped up ethics violation charges.

The Alaska Trust Fund, the fund set up to accept donations, has a limit of $150 per donor, and a stated goal of $500,000. It is unknown how much of that had been donated at this point.

"In contrast, Governor Palin is able to generate donations because of the fact that she is a public official and a public figure. Were it not for the fact that she is governor and a national political figure, it is unlikely that many citizens would donate money to her legal defense fund."
- Attorney Thomas Daniel, the investigator

Bill Clinton racked up millions of dollars in legal fees defending himself against all of his sexual offenses while in office. He and the First Bitch received millions of dollars in donations for their legal defense fund, at the end of their term and afterwards. The Clintons didn't pay a dime of all those legal fees - corporations, foreign governments, and some individuals did it for them.

So what's the difference? It seems almost too simple, but the only thing I see is that Palin is a Republican, and the Clintons are Democrats.

Update - Now we know what the deal is ... Thomas Daniel, the investigator, is a big Democrat doner, having given over $3500 over the past few years to Democrat candidates. In addition, he is a partner in a law firm that represented Obama's Presidential Campaign. So, the Dems are using him to fire more unfounded attacks at her .... Disgusting.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Outlaw13 Meets the Gov

Texas Governor Rick Perry has been in Iraq for a few days, visiting Texas National Guard troops, and troops from other units based in Texas. Some would call it political grandstanding, but I think it's a pretty decent thing to do.

Outlaw13, a good friend who is currently on his third deployment to the enchanted metropolis of Baghdad, met and conversed with Mr. Perry for a few minutes near one of his unit's Apaches. I'm pretty certain that the meeting meant more to Outlaw than if he had been selected to swoon on command for our Commander in Chief's recent trip over.

How About a Little Airport Etiquette, Please ...

On the road on business today. Had a wonderful pre-dawn experience at my home airport.

To Mr. Three Piece Suit Businessman, who stood in line just in front of me waiting on the ticket counter for 20 minutes ... Dude ... what the hell did you eat last night? Every 30-45 seconds delivered another eye watering SBD attack.

To Grunge Boy, in the security line directly in front of me. First off, grunge died in the '90s - didn't you get the message? Second, you know you have to take off your shoes through security. Why don't you bother to wash your feet, or put on clean socks? The stench when he took off his shoes made me gag.

Do people try to be as disgusting as they can when they know they're going to be in close quarters with their fellow human beings, or are they just stupid?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Patriotic ... Well, Maybe Not ...

During a recent Classic-rock-athon over the 4th of July, I heard several bouts of 'patriotic' music. The key pieces of all of them were 'Born in the USA' and 'American Woman'.

Born in the USA, by Bruce Springsteen, was an arena rock classic, something to sing along to even if you didn't know what the lyrics were. President Reagan even used it as his campaign theme song, and praised it's patriotic message. Reagan's advisors clearly hooked onto the catchy chorus, without paying attention to the rest of it. The song is a dark commentary on the plight of Veterans coming back from theVietnam War. It was not exactly a resounding endorsement of the American Experience.

American Woman, by Canada's Guess Who, is a slap in the face of America, as seen by folks who aren't exactly fans of our country. It's catchy, fun to sing along with ... but the lyrics are a condemnation of America's perceived 'arrogance'. Here's Lenny's cover of the song, done for Austin Powers ...

In spite of this, I do like the songs, and the artists. They are fun to listen to!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Long Legged Mac Daddy

This is too funny ...

Meet the Honorable Dr. James David Manning. Here is a black fellow who has had enough of the 'long legged Mac Daddy' in the White House.

While it is funny, he is dead serious - this is not a comedy routine!

Kind of long, but well worth it in entertainment value ...

Watch Your Credit Card Bills!

Folks, you ought to be doing this already, but if you don't, start reviewing all of your credit card statements carefully before you pay them. Recent changes in credit limitation laws have spurred the credit card companies to up fees and rates to make up for their lost revenue. Here are three tricks they're pushing right now ...

1) Rates. Most major cards are now using a fixed rate plus prime formula to come up with the APR you are being charged. My Target Visa card has jumped from 13.99% to 19.99% in a month's time. I called and asked why. I was told my credit and payment history was excellent, my new low rate was based upon 13.00% plus 6.99% prime. Thank you for your business, and please don't forget to use your Target Visa wherever you need a Visa Card. And don't forget the cash advances, now at a low rate of 25.99%.

2) Late payments. For those of you who pay via mail, watch for late payment postings. I am convinced that Visa in particular is sitting on payments received in the mail before posting them, for the express purpose of making the payments late. This happened to me four times last year. I had mailed each of the payments at least 10 days before the due date. I'm sorry, it doesn't take the post office more than 10 days to deliver an envelope from Dallas to Las Vegas (payment center). If you are tagged with a late payment, you will be hit with a fee added to your account (typically $39.00), plus a hike in your interest rate.

3) Cards are going to start charging interest from the moment you purchase something, not at the end of the billing cycle. So, even if you pay off your bill in total each month, you are still paying interest charges.

Now, if you get mad about this, or you're victimized by these vultures, don't cancel your accounts in a fit of rage. I would suggest paying them off to a zero balance, and leaving the accounts open. Closing them will have a negative impact on your credit score.

Friday, July 17, 2009

This Guy is a Freaking Liar!

You don't need to hear it from Rush ... You don't need to hear it from Republicans in Congress... You sure don't need to hear it from me ....

All you have to do is listen to His own words ....

Obamacare - Just Makes You Want to Throw Up

The House version of the Obamacare bill is 1018 pages long. It is massive, and it has embedded in it endless little gems like these:

If you do not get your health insurance from your employer, you will be forced to use government supplied health insurance. It will be ILLEGAL for you to attempt to purchase your own private health insurance, and it will be illegal for companies to offer it.

If you lose or leave your job, you will not have the current option of continuing your health insurance (currently called COBRA). Unless your previous employer continues to pay for yor coverage, you will be forced to go into the government insurance plan.

Payments made to health care providers under Medicare will be sharply reduced. This will force many providers who currently accept Medicare patients to start refusing to do so. So, Americans currently relying upon Medicare will see their health care choices sharply curtailed.

By year four of Obamacare, the CBO (non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, run by people appointed by Dems in Congress) estimates that the cost of the plan will add $200,000,000,000 to the federal deficit each and every year.
God help us ....

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Another Green Scam

You've all seen Oreo Cakesters at the grocery, right? These are soft, cake like Oreos that will make your butt expand at the speed of light. They come in four flavors.

In yesterday's grocery run, I picked up a couple of boxes. I noticed they were different in size. Then I noticed green areas printed on the smaller box. "New eco-improved box" it claims. The green areas on the box are strategically placed so that you cannot look at the box at any angle without seeing green.

The box is eco-friendly because it is slightly smaller. OK, a little less cardboard, a little less raw material used, a little less trash to be discarded. I'll agree with that.

If Nabisco's concern was to reduce trash, then that is enough of a goal and reward to justify the change.

If Nabisco's concern was lowering their costs, mission accomplished.

Either of those reasons by themselves should be enough of a reason for the company to have done this, and provided adequate ROI. But no ... they have to trumpet their achievement in bright green on the box, catching the consumer's eye, saying "buy me, I'm green!".

I'm sorry, but in MY OPINION, Nabisco was far more concerned with trying to generate a competitive advantage in sales vs. saving the planet. Now, in a capitalist society, there is nothing at all wrong with that. But, in Obama's USSA, someone at Nabisco should be going to jail over this.

Obama's Stimulus - What a Crock

Local news here has pointed out a prime example of Obama's stimulus package's results. The story was portrayed as a success story. I think otherwise ....

The Federal Government is sending millions of dollars to states for energy upgrades for lower income people. The stated goal is to save these folks money by making their homes more energy efficient. Texas has received $327,000,000 for this purpose - normal levels are about 13 million per year.

The news story showed a low income older black woman. A crew was working on her home, changing out all of the windows, caulking, adding insulation, installing window a/c units, etc. The story says that the bill is over $10,000, all of it covered by the government (our tax dollars!).

Her electric bill has run about $1000 per year. The modifications to her home are estimated to give her savings of about $200 per year. Let's check that ROI - 200 per year savings, 10000 cost - the work will pay for itself in 50 years .... In her interview, she said she hoped she would save enough money to buy a new pair of shoes.

What a crock of sh*t.

What a waste of taxpayer money.

Why didn't the government just write her a $300 check every year for the rest of her life - would have been a lot cheaper, and benefited her more.

Marty B TV - Enjoy!

I don't know how much air time this has gotten outside of the DFW area, but for those of you who aren't 'in the know' ....

Martellus Bennett is a backup tightend for the Dallas Cowboys. A Native Texan (gotta like him just because of that!), and Aggie, this young fellow (22) is a closet comedian. He has started his own YouTube Channel, Marty B TV. If you like the Cowboys, or hate them for that matter, or just like to see some fun stuff, subscribe to his channel and enjoy.

Martellus' latest video effort is called 'Black Olympics', where he and his older brother engage in eating contests in his kitchen - watermelon, chicken, Koolaid, etc. It's all in fun, poking fun at black stereotypes, and not taking anything seriously. (BTW - there's not a white person anywhere in it)

This video has created a firestorm of controversy, primarily from outraged black folks who see this as an insult. Let's see - this is a black guy making fun of black stereotypes - where is the insult? Anyway, all these 'pundits' are coming out of the woodwork, giving grandiose statements about how he is 'dissin' MLK and Rosa Parks , et al. Latest is a popular black sports columnist for the Dallas Morning News, Jean Jacques-Taylor, who blasted Martellus in a column this morning entitled "Stereotype-laden video disrespects the work of civil rights heroes". Jean, I know it is the Cowboy's off season, and you are hurting for something to write about, but come on ....

Marty B is just having some fun. He's black, so what is the problem? If Tony Romo did a video on this subject, then there might be an issue ....

Good grief ... Don't know who it was that said 'if we can't laugh at ourselves, then we're no fun at all', but it was a wise statement. I don't hear these 'pundits' complaining about Katt Williams, or Dave Chappelle ....

Anyway, enjoy Black Olympics ....

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Obama Care is Right Around the Corner

Obama the Immaculate and his pet monkeys in the Senate and House are going to ram through their healthcare reform in August. This legislation, the most fundamental change in American Society since slavery was abolished, will be forced through unseen, not understood, ill defined, and under-funded. This is being done on purpose.

This is the track record of this administration - force through very important legislation at the speed of light, before anyone knows what has happaned. Why - because they know that none of the crap they are doing will stand up to scrutiny. The American People will not stand for what he is doing, if they are given the chance to understand what it is. The Congress knows this, and most of them will not support the legislation, if they are given the chance to understand what they are voting for. He cannot afford to allow his agenda to be seen in the light of day ...

Socialized medicine, paid for by the 'rich', is just around the corner. It will be law before you even know it.

Here is a chart, released by House Republicans, defining as a flowchart how Obamacare will work. Instead of you giving a call to your family doctor for an appointment, this is what will happen. Notice the distance on this chart between the healthcare providers and the consumer. Granted, this was produced by Republicans, but from careful study of the Democrat proposals and existing government agencies - it isn't made up. Take a look at this, and see how well you think it will work for you and your family...

This Woman is a Freaking Liar!

Sonia Sotomayor, Obama's pick for the Supreme Court, has unleashed a torrent of lies during her confirmation hearings.

"That was misunderstood" ... "That was taken out of context" ... "I only wanted to inspire them" ...

She and her Democrat handlers have crafted her responses to deflect criticism for her blatantly racist, sexist, and activist statements from her past. When asked difficult questions, she has either out and out lied to Congress, or she has babbled incoherently for a few minutes, not really saying anything, and then moving on. Questions from Democrat Senators on the panel are written as softballs, to lead her into one of her pre-written speeches. Republicans who are asking hard questions of her are being labeled as racist or sexist.

She will be confirmed and will sit on the Supreme Court. She will be there for decades. The ONLY good thing about this is that she is replacing a liberal, so she will not change the balance of power.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Obama Kills Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Announces New Chairman of the Joint Chiefs

Obama's Defense spending bill, currently working its way through Congress, contains an amendment that suspends 'don't ask, don't tell' for a period of 18 months, allowing gays to openly serve in the military while Obama's pet monkey Gates kills the policy off officially.

According to unnamed sources in the Pentagon, Obama will also announce the selection of a new Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, one he has personally selected to implement his policies ...

Another amendment to the bill will rename the Pentagon to the "Harvey Milk Memorial Gayagon" ...

No Tony, No

Say it ain't so ...

Tony Romo has apparently dumped Jessica Simpson, the day before her birthday. Their two year relationship apprarently hit the rocks when Tony found out she was planning on having a Ken and Barbie themed birthday party.

I think it probably has more to do with her greatly expanding backfield - if you saw the pics of their photo op with Tiger Woods, you know what I mean.

Hopefully, this will allow Tony to pull his head out of his a** and earn his multi-million dollar contract.

Summer Arrives in Texas

We here in North Texas are blessed with a winter that runs about two weeks in length. This is the time of year, however, when we pay for it.

106 today at my house, not a breath of breeze, and not a cloud in the sky. Yeehah .....

So when all of you Yankees consider moving down here for the weather, don't forget to add today into the equation!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Just WTF Are You Thinking?

This entry is directed towards the driver of a Chrysler mini-van I encountered on LBJ freeway this morning, not that he will ever read it. A mini-van that:

Was so dirty you could barely see into or out of the windows.

Belched so much blue smoke that it looked like a mosquito fogger.

Had a temporary dealer tag on it.

Had not one but TWO space saver spares mounted, on both rear wheels.

Was doing 70-75mph in a 60 zone.

Had so many hispanic folks in it you could not make out individuals (10, 11, maybe 12?)

WTF are you thinking? Do you have a death wish for you and your riders?

I fully expect to see an article in tomorrow's paper about the tragic deaths of a bunch of illegal immigrants in a rollover accident.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Pervert In Chief

Obama the Immaculate caught on camera scoping out a 16 year old junior delegate's butt at the G8 meeting in Italy.

Mainstream new media outlets are already trying to cover it up, saying how he was actually looking at the steps. Right .....

Shades of Obama's bow to the Saudi King .....
Update - You know, this will probably enhance his standing in the international community. I'm serious ... really .... I can't tell you how many foreign friends and acquaintances who told me their opinion of Bill Clinton went way up in the wake of all of his female scandals. A real leader ... A real man's man ... But at least Clinton's targets were all of age ....

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dems - The Rich Will Pay For All Healthcare

The Democrat controlled House Ways and Means Committee, the primary faucet for federal tax law changes, is leaning heavily towards an income tax surcharge on 'the rich' to pay for the majority of Obama's Socialist Healthcare Reform.

Shelley Berker (D-NV), member of the committee, said the surcharge would be levied on those who earn over $200,000, or couples who earn more than $250,000. How much of a surcharge it would be was not disclosed. The surcharge emerged as a frontrunner, edging out a general increase in payroll taxes that would hit everyone.

What better way to buy votes from middle America than to give them healthcare paid for by the rich?

I am not in that 'rich' category, but this is just wrong.

Another problem is Obama's changing definition of 'rich'. By the time this could become law, the definition might be $100,000 ... or $75,000 ...

Update - Saw some numbers today indicating that with the Obamacare tax surcharge and everything else that is being heaped on them, 'rich' residents of New York City will be paying out at a 57% tax rate. Incredible - the government is going to take 57% of their income. I had seen numbers in the past, showing where less than 44,000 'rich' people were payiing 90% of NYC's tax income, and the number of people doing it were dropping at an unprecedented rate. NYC is wondering why the rich are leaving it - they are being taxed to death, you stupid idiots! Pretty soon, those 44,000 are going to be gone, and no one will be there to pick up the slack. NYC thinks it has a budget problem now, just wait ... they will be in worse shape than CA.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

McNamara - Good Ridance

I shouldn't speak ill of the dead, but I'm going to on this occasion.

Robert McNamara died this week at the age of 93. He is best known as the Secretary of Defense during the Vietnam War. He had no experience in Defense before nominated to the post by JFK in 1961, his background being an Ivy League education in economics. He ran the Pentagon and the widening war in Vietnam as an exercise in statistical analysis.

McNamara was primarily responsible for the horrendous way the war, especially the air war, was run. Countless lives were lost, and ultimately the war itself, due to the incompetency he showed. Vietnam could have and should have been won in 1966, when airpower had the North Vietnamese reeling. Instead, stupid ROE, stupid target lists, stupid procedures, bomb shortages, and other wounds inflicted by McNamara (not the enemy) doomed the effort. His efforts led directly to a large number of the names on that long black wall ....

Good ridance, you freaking oxygen thief ....

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Vultures Attack Palin

Can't the left and the mainstream press leave Sarah alone? She's resigned her position as Governor of Alaska, for reasons only those close to her know for certain. However, the press vultures are out in full force, trying to skin her alive.

I saw some of an interview she did with Andrea Mitchell of NBC this evening. It was on the shore, where Sarah and her family were running fish nets. OK, it was a staged opportunity. But you could hear the sarcasm, the venom dripping from Mitchell's voice as she fired stupid question after stupid question at Sarah. It was clear that Mitchell's intent was not an interview, but her own editorial delivered in front of Sarah inthe background.

There is a basic reason that the left has been in such a frenzy since she was anounced as VP candidate. They are scared to death of her! The mainstream media has attacked her at every opportunity, in fact making up opportunities. It's a pattern for these vultures - attack, ridicule, character assasination, personal attacks on relatives, false charges of made up scandals - all in an effort to defeat a strong opponent before the battle even commences.

They don't want to face Sarah in 2012. She's everything they fear - female, good looking, pro-life, energetic, and conservative. She's everywoman - down to earth, says it like it is, doesn't put up with political crap. It irks the elitist left to no end to see her on TV.
Paired with another strong conservative, she could very well defeat Obama the Immaculate, especially if he continues his path to destruction of the US as we know it.

Friday, July 3, 2009

What is the Third World?

Learned this the other day, thought it was worth sharing ....

Many of us use the term 'third world country' to describe poor, backwards nations. There is actually a definition of the term 'third world', and we've been misusing it all of these years.

First World refers to capitalist democracies.

Second World refers to the Soviet Union and countries that fell into their sphere of influence.

Third World refers to neutral or non-aligned nations, such as Switzerland and Sweden.

Fourth World refers to countries whose economy cannot survive without outside assistance.

By this definition, we should have been using the term 'Fourth World countries' all of this time.

These definitions date to the '50s, when the US vs. USSR was the driving force behind almost everything.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Congress Having a Party, On Us

Under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, members of Congress have increased their foreign travel expenses by over 50% since the Democrats took control of Congress in 2006. Democrats as well as Republicans are guilty of wasting our money on these junkets, but the higher profile, more expensive trips certainly seem to be taken by Dems.

Pelosi herself led a delegation of Dems to Afghanistan this past February. They spent less than a day on the ground in Kabul, before flying home. Prior to getting to Kabul, the group made an 8 day rest stop in Italy, where she and her bunch of thieves racked up almost $58,000 in hotel and meal bills - all paid for by the US taxpayers. This doesn't include the cost of the USAF planes and personnel that had to serve as taxis for the trip.

Sen. Daniel Inhouye (D-HI) took half a dozen Senators and their spouses on a junket to the Paris Air Show this year. They flew on a USAF 737 transport plane ($5700 an hour to operate). They stayed at a $460 per room per night hotel in Paris during the trip. They had a dinner party at the US embassy, and a cocktail party at the Eiffel Tower. All of it was paid for by the taxpayer. What exactly this trip was supposed to accomplish is not clear.

The cost of flying a small group of lawmakers overseas (on a G-20 class aircraft) is about $150,000. Larger groups use the USAF version of the 757, which costs $12,000 a hour to operate.

How dare these people tell us that we have to sacrifice to help the country out of the recession. How dare they raise our taxes, just to throw money away in activity like this. Democrat, Republican - I don't care - these thieves ought to be thrown in jail.

Thanks to the Wall Street Journal for shedding light on this.

Biden is Obama's Iraq Czar

The White House has announced that Joe Biden will be the US representative in discussions/negotiations between Iraq's rival factions. The announcement coincides with US troop withdrawl from Iraqi metropolitan areas, and with Biden's surprise visit to Iraq today.

You have got to be F***ing kidding me .....

The King of stupid off hand remarks, the world's greates political 'insert foot into mouth' moron is going to be heading up negotiations between Iraqi factions. If this isn't proof that Obama wants failure in Iraq, I don't know what is ....

The Arab and Persian worlds are laughing their asses off at us ....

Washington Post - Obama's Secretary

The Washington Post is a liberal rag newspaper. It has always been in the tank for Obama and other Dems, but this latest gem is truly outrageous ....

The Washington Post is selling tickets to meet with Obama staff members and it's own editorial.ownership staff. For $25,000 to $250,000, lobbyists can purchase the right to meet with selected Obama staff members in private, with no record of the meeting or exactly what is discussed. Access can also be purchased to the Post staff, presumably to influence stories and coverage to the benefit of the buyer.

This came to light only after a health care lobbyist turned over the solicitation letter he received from the Post to another newspaper.

Can You Believe the Line of Crap Obama is Force Feeding Us?

Yesterday's town hall meeting in Virginia, staged to let Obama the Immaculate have a free forum for his health care pitch, was just the latest in a series of planned, staged, setup events - events made to look spontaneous, but in reality are carefully planned and controlled.

The live audience of about 200 was selected by the White House and the college where the stage play was conducted. Obama answered 7 'questions'. Four of them were selected from internet video submissions by Obama's staff.

Obama called on three 'random' persons in the audience to pose questions. One person was closely tied to the Service Employees International Union. A second one was from a group called Health Care for America Now, a front for a Democrat PAC. The third was from Organizing for America, a subgroup of the DNC. The White House called the selections completely random.

Each question posed led Obama into a talking points speech. His remarks were so carefully choreographed that it was obvious the whole question and answer session had been scripted, just like a campaign speech.

It used to be that Presidents (particularaly Bush) were grilled by the mainstream press to no end if there was even the hint of a staged or preplanned question or event. Now, in the reign of Obama, the press swallows it whole, and assists him in sending His message to the people - unquestioned and unchallenged.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Franken Steals Senate Seat

A ruling by the heavily Democrat Minnesota Supreme Court gave 'funnyman' Al Franken a victory in the race for US Senate yesterday. Republican Norm Coleman conceded graciously, knowing there is no way now to overturn this stolen election.

You have to hand it to the Democrat vote machine - they figure out how many votes they need to manufacture, and they go out and do it. Illegal voters, non-registered voters, non-existant voters, ballots appearing out of car trunks, votes for Republicans ruled inadmissable - all the Dem tools were on display. What do you expect from a Democrat controlled state?

There is something poetic, almost karma-like about this mentally unhinged psychopath being given the seat that gives Democrats in Washington a 60 vote fillibuster proof margin. He ought to be elected as the Senate Majority leader, replacing Reid - because this lunatic realistically represents the mindset of the Democrat party these days .....