Sunday, June 7, 2009

This Guy is a Freaking Liar!

This is just sickening ....

The French government is awarding the Legion of Merit to Howard Manoian, a vet who parachuted with the 82nd airborne into Normandy on D-Day.

Problem is, it didn't happen...

Manoian has been telling his story to vet groups, news organizations, and anyone who would listen about his exploits on D-Day, beginning with his jump and culminating in his wounding in both legs by shrapnel. In recent years, members of vet groups have been questioning his account's variety - one vet rememered that he told three different stories about where he landed during one single vet's group meeting.

Manoian actually was a member of the 33rd Chemical Decontamination unit, came ashore on Utah beach late on D-Day, and spent the next few weeks working in a supply dump near the beach. His 'wounds' were actually a fractured finger. His assignment has been confirmed through payroll records and unit rosters.

Manoian stands by his story(stories) to this day. He lives in Saint Mere-Eglise in France, site of heroic actions by paratroopers during D-Day. His awarding of the Legion was to take place in the Airborne Museum located here.

The French government is aware of the issue, and has stated that even though there is uncertainty, they were still going to go ahead with the award, since Manoian is confirmed to have participated in D-Day is some way. I guess they just didn't want the embarrassment of pulling back the award after issuing the invitations.

This has been a big problem for years - phony war heros who lie about what they did in order to profit - whether for money, or the adulation of the public it doesn't matter. It is still lying about one of the most sacred honors there is - recognition for service and heroism in battle. There have been accounts published about some WWII vets, and a lot of Vietnam vets who have been caught misrepresenting themselves over the years. I don't want to politicize this, but Sen. John Kerry's lying about his service and the affect it had on his presidential campaign are a very public example.

These guys are actually breaking the law by doing this, but there isn't a lot of effort to bring them to justice.

Shame on these people for disrespecting the memory of those who actually were heroes ....

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