Monday, March 25, 2013

WTF Is Going On With Gas Prices?

Gas goes up, gas goes down (albeit a lot more slowly).  Lately there have been wild variations, due to nothing in the world market, no environmental issues, no shortages, no wars, no refineries closed ... nothing to account for the rapid increase in prices. 

To date, I have attributed rapid spikes like this to speculators - evil a*holes who manipulate the price of oil so they can make a buck - usually without ever actually owning anything to do with oil production.

I saw something over the weekend that gives me pause on that, at least as far as it being the single biggest reason.

In the DFW area, average prices are about 3.68 or 3.69 a gallon.  You will find stations here and there that are about 10 cents a gallon cheaper - saw an example this morning where two stations a block away from each other were 11 cents different in price (comparable brands).

However, over the weekend, I saw something that put that to shame.  Traveling east of here on a major highway, I saw these averages remain steady for about 50 miles.  Then, in the space of a 20 mile stretch between two moderately sized towns, the price dropped 32 cents a gallon.

Same brand of gas.  Same location (next to the highway).  One station had 3.69.  Next station, 20 miles away, 3.37.

This was not a fluke, for all the stations I then passed heading east were in the 3.37 to 3.39 range. 

What the F***?

I'm sorry, but this looks like plain and simple profiteering.  I apparently crossed some kind of distribution boundary - the guys who have the big city racket figure they can milk a whole lot more out of their captive customer base, I guess.

Is There Anything Obama Says That Isn't A Lie?

No, I really don't think so.  If he stood up there and said the sun will rise tomorrow, I'm going to go out and party like its the end of the world tonight!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Our Suspicions Have Been Confirmed ...

Obama Using Selective Pain To Train The Masses

Obama and his minions have become masters at the use of selective pain to shape the behaviour and opinions of those stupid enough to fall for it.  How successful has it been?  Very ...

Obama's Administration has gone out of its way (and continues to) to make the sequester budget cuts as painful to Americans as possible.  There are many, many areas where that small amount of money could have been cut from the yearly increase in spending our government takes (there was no cut in spending, merely a cut in the rate of growth!).  Many of those areas would have had little or no effect at all on our citizens.  Instead, they've gone out of their way to make the cuts hurt, and make them very visible.

The slashing of our military.  Ships tied up at the docks, idled.  Navy Air Wings mothballed, possibly never to fly again.  Aircraft carriers stuck in port, with some possibly slated to go to mothballs.  Air Force squadrons cut.  Aircraft by the hundreds retired prematurely.  Thousands of civilian DoD employees fired, or have their pay cut.  Thousands of soldiers/sailors/airmen told they're no longer needed.  AIRSHOWS CANCELLED!!!!!

The latest silliness ... the US Department of Agriculture will furlough a significant number of meat inspectors, because it can't afford to pay them.  The same US Department of Agriculture will continue spending millions of dollars on a program to promote the use of Food Stamps to illegal immigrants in Mexico.  What sane person would make that kind of priority decision?  The answer is no one - there is no sanity in this purpose, merely the infliction of pain.  Cutting meat inspectors BAD - cutting a stupid program to tell foreigners how to steal Food Stamps, well that would actually be GOOD, so we can't have that, can we?  The pain tells us budget cuts are bad, and to be avoided no matter what the cost.  So, whenever Republicans call for more cuts, public opinion is NO!  They hurt too much.

(By the way - Senate Republicans tried to shut down the Mexico Food Stamp ripoff - and were thwarted by Democrats, who blocked their attempt.  Apparently, DoA officials who regularly travel to Mexico to 'meet with officials' on the program enjoy their 'south of the border' vacation romps too much!)

Do you think this is preposterous, and you aren't dumb enough to fall for it?  Consider this - how joyful were you when gas prices dropped to the 3.50 a gallon range not too long ago?  You would be jumping up and down and praising His Highness is prices dropped down to 2 bucks a gallon - at least most people would.  Given the glut of supply and shortening of demand over the years, gasoline ought to be in the 1.75 a gallon range - and it should stay there for a LONG time.  There is no gas shortage.  Why are we so compliant about the outrageous prices?  Because they were forced on us, and we got used to them.  Just as Obama and his Energy Secretary and EPA have publicly stated they wanted.  We're paying twice as much as we should be, and we're happy to do so - because we've been trained by the pain.

Update - Another example brought up by Rep. Ted Poe (R-TX) ... Obama is still planning on giving Pakistan millions of dollars in aid for education, while curtailing the Armed Forces tuition assistance program.  So, our tax dollars will line the pockets of corrupt Pakistanis instead of assisting out military men and women gain their education.  That is totally F**ked Up!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hate To Say I Told You So ...

Back on Jan. 28, I told you in a post here that Obama's EPA was going to try to get into the picture on gun control, by ruling that lead based ammunition was a pollutant, and therefore subject to EPA regulations.

The first step in that process has been made.

Rep. Anthony Rendon (D-Lakewood) has introduced a bill into the California legislature that would outlaw the use of lead ammunition anywhere in California.  It is being done under the guise of lead being a pollutant.

Look for the EPA to get involved.  Their foot in the door is that lead ammo endangers endangered species. 

Supporters of the bill plainly state that their plan is to pass it in California, where Dems have solid majorities in the Socialist commune of Sacramento, to set the stage for a National effort. 

If the EPA gets involved with this, as Obama has directed them to do, then they will certainly try to impose their will on the entire nation. 

This isn't about pollution.  It is about a bunch of immoral liberals trying to impose their will upon the rest of us, by any means necessary.

Monday, March 4, 2013

MRAPs for DHS - Why?

Our illustrious Department of Homeland Security, spurred on by its incredibly effective leader Janet Napalitano, has purchased 2717 MRAP vehicles.

MRAP is a Mine Resistant assault vehicle, developed for use by the US Army in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Quite a few were delivered to the Marines as well.  Thousands were hurriedly built and delivered to those wars, when it became evident that the HUMVEEs the Army was using for troop transportation were deathtraps when targeted by IEDs.  The design of the vehicle is specifically to protect the occupants in the event of an IED or mine explosion underneath or nearby.  I have not seen any statistics, but what I've heard here and there says that the vehicle does this function well.

For some unknown reason, DHS has procured 2717 of these vehicles for use within our borders.  The report I saw indicated that these were Army vehicles, made surplus by the drawdown in the wars.  Each vehicle was refurbished and reequipped for domestic use - at an unreported cost per vehicle (probably in the 6 figure range per vehicle). 

(It is possible that these were new build units, purchased from the manufacturer, but the reports I've seen hint that they are ex-Army refurbs.  The reports don't come out and state this as fact, however.)

Why does civilian law enforcement INSIDE the United States need 2717 of these vehicles?  Why did we need to blow millions (maybe billions?) of our tax dollars on 'refurbing' these?  Why are we going to spend millions more operating and maintaining them? 

What are they going to be used for?

There are a few light armored vehicles assigned to large law enforcement agencies around the country currently.  In a few occasions, they are used in violent situations to protect or rescue officers or civilians.  For the most part, however, they collect dust, cost a bunch of money, and are used for props to show how badass the local Sheriff is. 

These MRAP vehicles will never be used outside of our borders against our enemies.  They will never be used to defend our borders - no one is shooting anti-tank rockets across the border at our agents, and no one (yet) is planting mines on our side of the border trying to blow up agents. 

So, who is the enemy these will be used against?  What threat is DHS addressing by spending our money on these?

Maybe the same enemy DHS is addressing by stocking up on over 1.5 billion pistol rounds?  The same enemy DHS is confronting by attempting to buy up every assault rifle that is being produced and will be produced for years?  The same enemy DHS is cowering by buying hundreds of millions of rounds of .223 rifle ammunition?  Could they be preparing for the civil unrest that IS going to result eventually if Obama's rape of our country doesn't stop?

Great ... Obama's DHS is using our money to arm itself against US!

Oh ... and for the eco-kooks out there - this vehicle gets an awesome 7mpg.  It's empty weight is 19 tons.  How's that for Obama's commitment to green?

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Chuck Hagel - Secretary of Disaster

I just watched a portion of Chuck Hagel's Initial Greeting address, given to an auditorium full of Pentagon workers on Feb. 27th.  What a joke this man is.  A rambling, disconnected mess that appeared to be putting the audience to sleep.

It is obvious this man is not up to the job.  He has no knowledge of Defense.  His foreign policy experience is pathetic.  His public statements over the years have made it clear he's in the Obama mold - pro-Islamic terrorist, anti-Israel. 

He spent most of his time harping upon his past accomplishments, about how he works across the aisle, how is a Vietnam Vet, how he will not stand for any discrimination, how everyone in the military deserves equal benefits - which is all fine, except that the underlying message is straight from the White House's desk - the Gay agenda will be fully supported in Hagel's Pentagon.

Chuck Hagel was a disaster in his confirmation hearings.  I saw pundits all over the place observe that he was unprepared, couldn't answer basic questions, and was the most unsuitable candidate for a cabinet position that anyone could remember. 

Hagel is in the Pantagon for one reason, and one reason only - he's a lap dog, and will do whatever Obama tells him.  He believes in a weak military, so is the perfect person to help Obama dismantle as much of the defense department as possible.  Make no mistake - one of Obama's goals for the rest of his term is to undercut and marginalize our military.  Remember - to liberals, the military is evil ... unnecessary ... a drain of resources that could be used for social programs ... and a symbol of America's bully status in the world.

Sequestration is not the first shot.  Defense was already in the midst of serious budget cuts - enduring the first year of a 10 year program that was to cut $475 billion.  Now, sequestration has doubled that amount.  Cut the money, put an anti-defense lacky in charge - hello Democrat win column.