Thursday, April 29, 2010

The UN is a Steaming Pile of Dog Excrement

The United Nations - home to tin pot dictators, crooked politicians, rapists and pedophiles, and one of the biggest wasters of US taxpayer money in the entire world. Nothing new there. But, as if we needed another reason to hate those worthless A*holes, they've given us one ...

The UN has elected IRAN to sit on its Commission on Women's Rights. For 4 years, the Islamic Republic of Iran, one of the world's worst violators of civil rights, in particular women's rights, will have a seat on the panel which investigates and writes resolutions concerning UN handling and interpretation of rights violators around the world.

What a travesty. The nation that believes it is fine to stone a woman to death for getting a tan is going to sit in judgement of other nations. It won't be any time at all before those A*holes start using their positon to attack Israel and the US for rights violations.

Just another reason to bomb the hell out of that bunch of terrorists. And another reason to quit the UN and boot the bastards out of NY.

Update - The 'election' of Iran to the seat on the commission was a procedural issue - no actual vote was taken. Iran was one of two nations who put their names forth to fill two empty seats - since their was no competition, Iran gained the seat without a vote.

The US UN delegation voiced no objection to the process, and has stayed quiet during the process.

Rep. Dana Rorabacher (R-CA) had a great comment concerning this: "It's part of the theory of hug-a-Nazi-make-a-liberal. If you treat gangsters in a pleasant way, and watch out for their sensitivity, they'll reform their ways."

Bingo - he nailed it - that is the Obama Administration's foreign policy summed up in two sentences. Problem is, these thugs, dictators, thieves, and terrorists aren't going to change their ways - they're laughing at Obama's inept attempt, while taking the opportunity to strengthen themselves.

Why Is Boxer Not Supporting Palin?

Sarah Palin's private email account was hacked into during the 2008 Presidential campaign. The individual, David Kernell, who was caught doing it is currently on trial in his home state of Tennessee. He faces four felony counts - identiy theft, wire fraud, computer fraud, and obstruction of justice. His defense attorney has portrayed him as a 'prankster' who hasn't broken any law.

I'm not going to comment on him or the trial - my feelings should be obvious to anyone who has read this blog. What I am outraged about is the behavior of Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) in this matter.

You remember the firestorm that was touched off when the 'climate-gate' emails were hacked into and released? Boxer (as I pointed out in my Nov. 16, 2009 posting) freaked out, using her committee to accuse the hackers of crimes. The actual content of the emails were irrelevant to her - it was the act of finding them that was illegal and outrageous, and deserving of prosecution.

Sen. Boxer, with all due respect (which is absolutely none), why are you not out in front using your bully pulpit to support Palin and attack the hacker? If hacking emails is so heinous that it demands your committee's attention, shouldn't you be doing it in a bi-partisan way? Why have we not heard from you on this? Why are you not demanding a Congressional investigation - after all, it was a FEMALE VP candidate who was violated ....

It's a rhetorical question, of course. We know that illegal activities done by liberals or in the name of liberal causes are heroic displays of patriotism for the far left. Those same activities done by someone who disagrees with causes promoted by the left are horrible, racist, nazi crimes against humanity.

Two faced bitch ...

Update - The jury found Kernell guilty of computer fraud and obstruction of justice, found him not guilty of wire fraud, and deadlcked on identity theft. He faces a maximum of 25 years in prison and a $500K fine, but the punishment will be decided by the jdge, and won't be nearly that harsh. The US attorney reserved the right to retry on the identity theft charge - they will probably wait to see what punishment is handed down before decidiing whether to pursue it or not.

Kernell, by the way, is the son of a Democrat state representative in Tennessee.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The USS Murtha ??????

Yes, Obama's Secretary of the Navy announced this past Friday that the Navy's newest amphibious support ship, LPD-26, will be named the USS John P. Murtha.

I want to throw up ....

John Murtha ... tax robber ... crooked ... dirty ... liar ... the man who called our Marines 'murderers', and then refused to apologize when it was PROVEN otherwise ... is having a Navy ship named after him. Indeed, in a class of ships where all previous ones have been named after US cities - not politicians.

The announcement was made by SECNAV Ray Mabus, surrounded by Murtha's kin and Nancy Pelosi, at the John Murtha airport in Johnstown, PA.

The fact that the ship will transport US Marines into combat is particularly ironic, given Murtha's hideous comments about Marines in Iraq. What Marine in their right mind would want to set foot on this floating insult?

Reaction to this by members of the US Armed Forces, particulalry Sailors and Marines, has been loud and angry. I invite you to see the Navy's own story on the announcement, and the comments entered by service members at

As one commentor asked "Was the USS Taliban taken?".

New York to Harvest Organs?

The people leading New York are certifiably insane. They have raised taxes so far that most of the people that actually pay taxes have moved out. They are sticking their noses into the lives of private citizens so far as to regulate what a restaurant can put in its food - down to the amount of salt.

Now, a NY State Assemblyman is proposing that the State harvest the organs of dead people without the deceased having signed a donor card.

Assemblyman Richard Brodsky has a daughter who received kidney donations at the age of 4, and then again at 10.

"We have 10,000 New Yorkers on the list today waiting on organs. We import half the organs we transplant. It is an unacceptably failed system" - Richard Brodsky

Brodsky has introduced a bill that would sign up all residents of New York State as organ donors, and require anyone who doesn't want to do it to specifically opt out. There is nowhere in the United States that this is current policy - organ donation is made through specific steps as designated by the donor.

Organ donation is an honorable thing to do. Those who sign up to be an organ donor deserve admiration for doing so.

For the State to step in and declare itself the owner of one's mortal remains, to do with as it pleases, unless the 'owner' specifically states it cannot, is heinous. It is unbelievable. This is one step, and not a large step, short of the State just doing whatever it pleases with your body when your soul departs, no matter what your wishes are.

Assemblyman Brodsky would better serve the cause of organ donation if he would publicize the need and the good that can come from donation. He knows firsthand ... Instead, he has chosen the Socialist way - government owns everything, and can decide everything for us.

Disgusting ....

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Greatest Dallas Cowboy Of All Time?

Perhaps ... in terms of a cult fan following and undrafted rookie jersey sales ....

The Dallas Cowboys signed an undrafted free agent tight end today. The player, who attended New Hampshire, had initially decided to go back to college to finish his degree and become a history teacher after he failed to get picked during the NFL draft. Cowboy officials stayed after him over the past couple of days, and finally convinced him to sign as one of 18 undrafted free agents the team will bring to camp.

The tight end had 22 touchdown catches during his collegiate career, and is 6'4", 250 pounds.

Now, even though he faces incredibly long odds against making the team, his ever lasting fame as a Cowboy is assured. Wearing an 80 series numbered jersey will be Scott Sicko.

Yes, there will be a Dallas Cowboys jersey with SICKO emblazoned across the back. How cool is that?

And to those who thinks he has no chance ... Drew Pearson and Tony Romo, both Dallas greats, were undrafted free agents .....
Update - Sicko impressed the coaches in his firts rookie mini-camp, showing natural ability and speed at the inside line backer position. The coaches are also toying with the idea of using him at fullback, which has pretty much been an empty hole since Darryl Johnston retired. He Sicko also showed good ability on long snap duties in the kicking game - so, his chances of making the team actually don't look too bad.

Arizona and Immigration Reform

The subject of Immigration Reform is being brought to a head by the State of Arizona, which has enacted its own SB1070, which passed a statewide vote with over 70% approval from the voting public. It is a tough set of laws, the most controversial of which directs law enforcement personnel to check for proof of legal residency if they feel they have an illegal alien involved. Now, all this proof has to be is a driver's license.

Those on the left are screaming bloody murder. A horrible injustice, racist, discriminitory, violation of civil rights ... etc. What the left is really afraid of is this - the loss of the illegal voting block. They count illegal aliens as one of their biggest sources of block votes. Yes, I know - illegals aren't supposed to be able to vote - but that hasn't stopped the Democrat Vote Manufacturing Machine from using them.

The only immigration reform acceptable to Democrats is to legalize anyone who wants to be in the country, automatically. That is pure insanity.

Ronald Reagan extended amnesty to millions of illegals during his administration. The intended goal was to legalize everyone already here, then enact reform to toughen the borders and control who comes and goes, and how. The amnesty happened, but no reform followed. Our gutless Congress, with the aid of Presidents who didn't want to touch the issue, allowed the situation to build back up to where tens of millions are in this country illegally, and they are screaming for amnesty (again). This has been a bi-partisan failure. Bush 41, Clinton, Bush 43, and Obama have all let this situation erode to where it is today. Obama will be the one who finally acts, but will try to push through a far left idea of what reform should be. If he is successful, the borders will be open, millions of currently illegals will instantly become legal, registered Democrat voters, and millions of more will come streaming across the border.

The situation in Arizona, and here in Texas is becoming unsustainable. Drug and gun smuggling, violence on both sides of the border, the almost complete inability of Mexican officials to do anything to stop the drug wars, attacks on US citizens by smugglers and illegals, and the incredible drain on public resources by illegals has become an emergency. That is why Arizona acted - the Federal Government has thrown half-assed spit balls at the problem, and hoped for it to go away. Well, it ain't going away, and it's gonna get much worse if we don't do something about it now.

Leo Banks, an Arizona resident, has an excellent piece on The American Thinker concerning what is going on in Arizona. It is well worth the read for those who aren't up to speed on how desperate the situation is there. I suggest you take a read to understand what is at stake....

I have nothing but admiration for those to immigrate to this country and do what is necessary to become legal citizens. It is not an easy task - most people who become naturalized citizens know more about US history and government than the average high school graduate. To see the swearing in ceremony is an awesome thing to behold. However, for those who won't make the effort, then they deserve to be thrown out if they are caught, and the government should be actively trying to find them.

The United States has the most lax immigration laws and enforcement in the world. For goodness sakes, Mexico has much, much tougher laws concerning illegals in their country. It baffles me why those on the left want to weaken our laws even further.

Reid's Prayer

"Oh Great Lord Obama ...

I am in so much trouble ...

The public hates me ...

The voters in Nevada hate me ...

I can't get anything done because of evil, racist, homophobe, elitist, capitalist Republicans ...

The only chance I have of getting re-elected in November is for you, oh Great Lord, to STAY AWAY ...

Only you, Great Lord Obama, can help me get re-elected by not helping me ....

Please hear my prayer ...."

Obama's Army

Obama's remake of our military is just as deep and thorough as his attack on our way of life. The far left kook fringe, which he leads, hates the military. They want to make it weak and irrelevant. They want to change it into a passive force that is incapable of threatening anyone. By doing this, they think the world will fall in love with them. Peaceniks ... hippies ... flower power ... they want to recreate the late '60s, when our military was looked down on by so many, and mistreated by so many.

No one in our Armed Forces should believe this man or his admininstration appreciates them. His words are hollow, full of hidden contempt for our warriors. It's like having a reincarnation of Jane Fonda running the White House.

Obama's proposed replacement for the Congressional Medal of Honor ...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

GM Repays Government Bailout ... But ....

Today, General Motors paid the government back the last $5.8 billion of the total of $8.1 billion is received in federal government bailout loans. The loan payback came five years ahead of schedule.

Does this mean that Obama and his union thug backers don't own GM anymore? Not by a long shot.

Obama owns 61% of GM, equity from $45.3 billion it received in government grants (as opposed to loans) during the bailout. Canada owns another 12%, from $9.5 billion it loaned/granted to GM as part of the bailout package. GM plans on paying back both governments late this year with proceeds from a stock offering.

Now, theoretically, that will end Obama's government ownership/direction/participation in GM, and return it to its staus as a publicly owned company. I sincerely doubt it. Obama was very carfule in how he orchestrated the bailout of GM. He made sure his people and union people would be running the company. I am pretty certain that he has buried provisions in the bailout agreement that will allow the continued government direction of the company. He is too smart to let it just go back - too big a prize to let go of.

I might end up being wrong on this, but I really don't think so.

Update - Well, hold on a minute ... Sen. Charles Grassley (R-IA) has accused Obama of misleading taxpayers about GM's loan repayment. Sen. Grassley charges that the loan repayment was actually made with other bailout funds - a charge substantiated by the Inspector General for the TARP fund (where the bailout money came from). The repayment was not made in any part from profits GM made by selling cars.

Why would Obama do this? He and Biden have been out crowing to the media how the loan repayment was strong proof that Obama's bailouts are producing spectacular results. Spectacular shell game, more like it.

I don't know if there were any laws broken doing this, but it was immoral, misleading, and stinks ...

Update II - With GM's new boss on TV commercials touting how they paid back their loan 'in full, five years early', the FTC and SEC are getting interested in this. Such a blatant misrepresentation could easily be interpreted as misleading stock holders, investors, potential investors, and GM customers. Making false statements about the financial condition of a public company is a crime ...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More Obama Hypocrisy

Obama's DoJ just within the past few days dropped a strong effort it had undertaken to get internet service providers, such as Yahoo, to allow the DoJ to access private email accounts for surveillance purposes, without having to obtain a court order/warrant. The DoJ had been trying to strongarm Yahoo over this, and didn't drop its pursuit until other internet providers joined Yahoo in fighting it, and the fight became public knowledge. The negative press stopped their effort - not anything to do with the law or the Constitution.

The DoJ has quietly continued the Bush Administration's efforts to monitor phone conversations originating overseas for terrorist intelligence purposes - without court orders. This effort has continued despite Obama's public attacks on Bush for doing the same thing.

The hypocrisy of Obama and his minions is staggering. In public, they attack and threaten to prosecute people in the previous administration for doing the same thing that they are quietly doing out of the public eye. On top of that, they go even further and try to steal access to private email accounts of American citizens without any oversight.

Where is the outrage from the far left over this? Why aren't we hearing liberals hollering for the prosecution of Eric Holder, or for Rahm Emanuel to be frog-marched out of the White House in hand cuffs? Why is it OK for Democrats to do exactly the same thing as Republicans, with the Dems receiving praise and the Republicans being threatened with prosecution?

President Bush forbad any prosecution of Clinton associates after Bush came into the White House in 2001. No matter the crimes that Clintonites had done, they walked away with no punishment due to a President wanting to turn a new page in bi-partisan cooperation. Remember that? Well, I hope the next Republican President, upon taking office in 2013, doesn't make the same mistake. I see several prisons filling up with Obama's minions, just based upon what we know now. The country will truly be surprised to see the depth of corruption that is flowing through the Obama administration, if it is ever investigated.

Trouble in Hendrick Paradise?

Rick Hendrick's 4 NASCAR teams are nothing short of a dynasty. Fielding cars for #24 Jeff Gordon, #48 Jimmy Johnson, #88 Dale Jr., and #5 Mark Martin has been, and would seem to be a perfect situation for Hendrick. They are the most powerful, most successful team of cars, perhaps, in NASCAR history.

Gordon has 4 Cup championships. Johnson has 4 Cup championships, in a row. Dale Jr. is, and has been, the most popular driver in NASCAR. Martin is probably the most respected veteran in the garage, and has proven he is still a threat to win a championship.

So, what's the deal?

Gordon, along with the rest of NASCAR, is sick and tired of Johnson winning. Even though Gordon owns half of Johnson's team, it puts him in the difficult position of being both team owner and direct competitor. It's worked until now, but the frustration at Johnson's dominance is showing through. It came to a head at Texas this past Monday during the race, when the two bumped fenders repeatedly, cussed at each other over the radio, and expressed 'disappointment' at each other in post race interviews. Trouble is brewing between those two, and how it plays out will be interesting - will Jeff the driver try to fire Johnson, only to find Jeff the owner standing in the way?

Gordon wants a fifth championship. Johnson wants his fifth straight. I see a lot more clashes developing between these two on track, and interesting team meetings on Monday mornings.

Dale Jr. seems to be happy for the first time since he signed with Hendrick. He supposedly has the same quality equipment as the 24 and 48 teams, but it has not resulted in wins. He has been frustrated, but the team's better performance so far this year has him smiling in public, at least a little bit.

Martin was elated at siging with Hendrick and the #5 team. His race wins last year, along with serious contention for the championship, put a spring in his step we hadn't seen in years. However ... last week Hendrick announced the signing of Kasey Kahne to drive the #5 in 2012. It is a bizarre situation. Martin has a contract to drive the 5 in 2011, and no contract for 2012. Kahne now has no ride for 2011, but will drive the 5 in 2012. Martin has announced he will not stop driving after 2011. Everyone is smiling on the outside, but you have to wonder about the undercurrents - the very real possibility of hard feelings. I hope not - Mark is one of my favorite drivers, even though he does drive a Chevy now.

All the other teams in NASCAR are hoping, silently, that trouble does hit the Hendrick organization, and hit it hard. That would seem to be the only way that the other teams will break the Hendrick dynasty.
Update - In today's NASCAR race at Talladega, nearing the end of the race, Johnson blocked Gordon, forcing him down into the out of bounds area, breaking Gordon's momentum, and leading to a wreck that severely damaged Gordon and two other cars. Gordon's crew managed to repair the car enough for him to get back out and salvage a finish in the mid-20s, but he went from a car contending for the win to a wreck, due to ahis teammate's deliberate action. In post race interviews, Gordon did not mince words about his frustration with Johnson, and flat out stated something has to happen.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Democrat FUBARs Of The Week

His Royal Highness Obama decided not to go to the funeral of the Polish President, due to the Iceland volcano ash's disruption of the airspace. OK, no problem with that - we don't need Air Force One going down or being disabled overseas. However ... Obama's choice to go out and play golf on the day of the funeral was a major league insult to the Polish. Polish newspapers slammed him for going out to play rather than mourn with their entire nation for their beloved President. Couldn't he have waited a day to go out and do his Tiger impression? This guy's lack of knowledge for political protocol is a huge embarrassment to this country.

Bill Clinton once again graced us with his uncanny ability to say absolutely stupid things. He came out last week and warned the American people that they better stop the Tea Party non-sense, shut up, and stop criticizing the Obama Administration. His reason - that such hate speech inflames militias, tea baggers, and other right wing lunatics and could trigger another OK City bombing.

Mr. Clinton ... where were these statements from you during the middle of the last decade, when left wing idiots were calling George Bush stupid, yelling at the top of their lungs that he lied to us, comparing him to a Nazi, calling his VP a reincarnation of Hitler, demanding that his advisors be 'frog-marched' out of the White House in handcuffs, etc. I guess you subscribe to the old left wing playbook - if Democrats protest, it is Patriotic. If Conservatives protest, it is treason, terrorism, racism, elitism,. and must be quashed.

Obama's SEC filed criminal charges against Goldman-Sachs in relation to the mortgage meltdown. The timing was specific - a full court press is on, trumpeting the indictments as proof that Obama/Geithner's overhaul of financial reform MUST be passed NOW, or the country will implode. Once again, they manufacture a crisis in hopes of ramming their agend through before anyone knows what is happening.

So far, no one from Obama's camp has said anything about returning the million dollars Goldman-Sachs contributed to the Obama election campaign.

Responding to criticism from Obama's own fan club, the White House Press Pool, self proclaimed best White House Press Secretary EVER Robert Gibbs had the unmitigated gall to declare to the press corps "This is the most transparent administration in the history of this country". No word on what type of illegal drugs he had taken prior to entering the room. You know, this guy is so stupid that he probably actually believes that.

In another bold lie, Gibbs asserted today that, in relation to the discussion about the VAT, "The President has not proposed this idea, nor is it under consideration". Mark this day. When Obama and the Democrat leadership conjure up another crisis later this year and push VAT as the only way we can keep from going bankrupt, remember today.

Obama is rushing out to California to save Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA). Facing her toughest re-election bid, she is polling only two points ahead of ANY Republican opponent. This is good news for Republicans - so far, Obama's support has been the kiss of death for Democrat candidates. In other good news, Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV), the esteemed Majority Leader of the Senate, is so far behind his Republican challengers Obama isn't even going to bother trying to help.

In a bizarre move, the Obama Administration is trying to win support from the Tea Partiers. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner stated that Obama has done more to curtail spending than the Bush Administration ever did, and blamed the massive growing deficits on Bush spending. Obama hijmself said at a DNC fundraiser that Tea Partiers should be thanking him for all the tax cuts he has enacted. ????? That statement is so bizarre, it defies comment .....

Obama's EPA is running a contest for independent filmakers - the item to be contested? The best commercial that promotes the goodness of federal regulations. The regulations aren't limited to environmental - it is all federal regs. Why the EPA is running the contest is not clear.

The Hillary Clinton led State Department released a study declaring that "Global warming is unequivocal and primarly human induced". I was unaware that the State Department employed the finest environmental scientific minds, ones who without a doubt have proven this through science.

Just another week of the far left loonies running the asylum ....

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Welcome Home, Outlaw13

I had the honor of attending friend Outlaw13's return to US soil, after yet another year long vacation in the sand box of Iraq. The parent unit, First Cavalry Division, puts on a ceremony to honor those returning and give their loved ones a chance to cheer for them en masse' prior to individual reunions. This is the second such ceremony I've attended - the last one was in 40 degree weather, 25kt. winds, and very cold rain. Much more pleasant this time, though the sun was once again missing.

The arrival ceremony takes place on the parade ground in front of ICAV HQ. The families and friends gather on reviewing stands - it is a festive atmosphere, with a recorded music blaring out, USO handing out flags, snacks, and drinks, and the buildup is quite moving to see. The unit is so large that several such ceremonies take place before they are all home. This group's families included a lot of parents, and an incredible number of very young girls with very young babies, waiting for their husbands to return after a year's absence. The age of a lot of those babies means that their fathers were not present for their birth. It's interesting to see the micro-short skirts, very low cut tops, and high heels many of the women are wearing, I guess wanting to make their hubbies proud when he sees them (although, I must say that the majority of these women really don't have the figures to make these outfits all that attractive).
One of the most moving things I witnessed was a young girl in a wheelchair, who had come with her family to welcome home Daddy. She rolled that chair out onto the 1CAV insignia by herself, and danced away with the other kids out there. The smile she had on her face, and the happiness she showed while flying around in that chair was awesome.

Well, the soldiers arrive in front of the parade ground in 7 buses. They deplane, fill ranks, and then the buses depart. The ranks, led by the Colors carried by troopers dressed in period Cav uniforms, march across the ground to a point near the 1CAV insignia. Two mounted troopers, again in period uniforms, flank the ranks - a very nice touch.

The Boss Man General steps up to the mike, and tells the ranks to rest easy. He then does an incredibly smart thing - his welcoming remarks are two sentences long, culminated by "CHARGE!" - at which point soldiers and family members rush towards each other. Way cool, lots of tears.

A nice ceremony, lots of reunions, but the final act is a bit insulting ... each returning solider has to be their own bellman - and a lot of them have a lot of heavy stuff to carry.

Anyway, load up the bags, and a trip to the local steakhouse for some decent food after his travel adventures seemed to lighten the load. Welcome home!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Obama's New Combat Arms

I snuck a glimpse of two new, top secret weapons just being rolled out for our military under Obama's new policies. These were located at a top secret proving ground, where they will be shown to our enemies for their approval before being put into mass production.

First, the Obama FK-ME2008 Missile Defense Engagement Unit. This man-portable, state of the art technology based weapon will take the place of all current missile defense programs. It's main purpose is not to actually defend us against missile attack, but to convince Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea that we are far more concerned with not threatening them than we are our own safety. Once approved by Vlad Putin (Obama's good buddy), three of these will be built - one will be stationed in Poland, one will be placed in Turkey, and the third will be forced on Isreal. All other missile defense system components currently under development or already fielded will be given to Venezuela and Cuba for civilian purpose use by their peace loving peoples.

Let me point out two critical components of the FK-ME2008, as indicated by the high tech notations in the spy photo. Item A - state of the art workstation for the weapon's operator, contains all the latest gadgets used to operate drones. Item B - futuristic aiming device, which guarantees the weapon will be as accurate as the Commander in Chief desires. The weapon actually emits a low-wattage beam of pleasantly colored light (soft tones only), intended to put the adversary in a good mood.

Second, the Obama MF-UAV (Manned Force Urban Assault Vehicle). This massive vehicle, state of the art in Democrat Party design, is armed with a water cannon (low pressure, of course), air cushioned fender skirts (to avoid hurting anyone accidently bumped during operations), and high tech speaker systems which constantly feed John Tesh music to terrorists and pre-recorded messages from The One Himself ("Please, we just want to be friends", "Nuke us, we'll still love you", "Do you need any free taxpayer money?").

These weapons, and many more to come, are cornerstones of Obama's defense policy. No expense will be spared equipping our soldiers with the equipment they need to carry out His policies. The world will only know peace if we show our enemies that we are happy ... we are friendly ... we are unarmed ... we will not fight back if you hit us ... do anything you wish, we don't care ... we just want you to like us ...

Remember - these photos and this information is classified. If you are a male and leak it to any Fox News, Tea Party, or Republican operatives, you will be visited in the middle of the night by Barney Frank for interrogation. If you are female, you will be subjected to the same intense interrogation by Nancy Pelosi. You have been warned.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Oops ... He Did It Again

Once again, Obama bows to a foreign leader. This time at His Nuclear Summit in Washington. The object of his subjugation - China's President.

OK, once could have been ignorance of international politics. Twice could have been a mistake. Three times ... He's doing it on purpose. He's giving a strong message to all the international weasels he's trying to impress that He, and our country, do not consider ourselves worthy of the same stature that they enjoy.

Will someone in His protocol department PLEASE tell this dufus how idiotic He is making us appear? Good God, how embarrassing ....

Monday, April 12, 2010


This has been bugging me for a long time ...

The government regulates an incredible number of things in the automobile industry in the name of safety. Air bags, passenger airbags, side air bags, seatbelts, collision resistant bumpers, car seats, lights, mirrors, etc. Law enforcement then wields ticket swords over our heads if we don't follow their safety mandates - I risk a $200 fine if anyone in my car isn't wearing a seatbelt. Now, I don't necessarily have a problem with all of that, though some of the regs and enforcement seem to be a bit over the top.

Now, move to the motorcycle ...

As illustrated above, motorcycles are a minority of vehicles on our road. They are small, and hard to see. The afford no protection to the rider in the event of an accident. Some idiots, like said example above, completely disregard their own safety while riding these crotch rockets. Notice our genius rider is dressed in sneakers, shorts, and a T-Shirt - and that's it. For some reason, it seems that they feel the normal physical laws of motor vehicles don't apply to bikes and their riders.

Federal, state, and local laws concerning motorcycle safety are very weak, and in some places non-existant.

Some states have a law requiring the rider to at least wear a helmet. Most states have weakened laws that only require a passenger on a motorcycle to wear a helmet (such as here in Texas) - the rider doesn't have to wear such a safety device. Some states have no helmet law at all. Motorcycle rights actvists fight an ongoing battle for their 'freedom' to ride as they please ... to feel the wind in their hair, bugs in their teeth, roadrash and death as their choice.

The irony strikes me ... all those regulations and laws to protect me while I am driving a 4 wheeled 3500 pound automobile, surrounded by steel. But if I strap 2 wheels on and travel the same roads with the same traffic, I don't have to have any protection at all, even though the only thing around me is air (and a large number of those 3500 pound 4 wheeled vehicles).

I'm not necessarily for tighter safety on motorcycles, though anyone with an ounce of sanity who rides these things would choose to use as much protection as they could. I just find it puzzling why the government has to make our safety its business in regards to cars, but it is hands off for motorcycles.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

So, Who Gets The Ticket?

Ford is offering something it calls Active Park Assist on its Escape and other models. This optional feature uses a computer to search for and then park in a parking space. The computer controls the gas pedal and the steering - the driver is responsible for hitting the brakes.

If you see the TV commercial for this, it shows a dimwit watching in amazement as the steering wheel moves itself, and the vehicle magically parallel parks itself.

Other manufacturers offer the same type system. Other systems, such as collision avoidance, blind spot alerts, automatic braking are available on some top of the line models from manufacturers such as Mercedes.

I've got a question.

If the vehicle hits another vehicle during Auto Park, whose fault is it? Who gets the ticket? Whose insurance pays for it? The manufacturer?

If I, or someone close to me, has an accident in a car equipped with one of these systems, I'm blaming the car and sending the other driver to the manufacturer's insurance agent. If that doesn't work, I'm suing the manufacturer. If a car Auto Parks itself into another vehicle, I'm sure not going to pay for it.

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Hockey Gods Smiled

Last night, the Dallas Stars played the Anaheim Ducks at the American Airlines Center in Dallas. The 81st game of the season, between two teams not going to the playoffs. The last home game of the season for the Stars. A meaningless game ...

... that turned into the second most memorable game in Dallas Stars franchise history. The Hockey Gods surely were watching over Dallas last night.

Mike Modano, Marty Turco, and Jere Lehtinen, all long time Stars, all unrestricted free agents this summer, all critical parts of the Stars team, may very well have played their last home game in Dallas.

Modano has been the franchise's golden boy since he was drafted #1 by the then Minnesota North Stars back in 1988. Now 39, he has spent his entire carerr in a Stars' uniform. He is the leader in American born hockey players for goals, assists, points, and just about every offensive category the game keeps track of. He has not announced his plans, but every hint so far has him retiring rather than sign another contract with the team.

Turco has been the starting goaltender since the 2002/2003 season. A multi-time All Star, and NHL record holder, Marty has been a key part of both the team and the community. The last couple of years has seen his consistency fall a bit, to the point the Stars have signed a young goalie of the future. Chances are the team will not offer Marty the number of years or dollars he will feel he deserves, and those around the team have said its a foregone conclusion he will sign with another team. What a shame, this town loves Marty.

Lehtinen has been a quiet, reserved, extremely productive forward. He has spent his entire NHL career with the Stars. Jere has shown a lot of class and style, while playing a huge part of the team's offensive and defensive success over the years. He is likely to retire this summer and return to his native Finland.

The Hockey Gods must have written the game's script ...

Modano and Lehtinen teamed up to pass the puck to youngster Jamie Benn for Dallas' first goal, which tied the score 1-1.

With 5 minutes left in the game, a video tribute triggered a 3 minute standing ovation for Modano. Seen on camera on the bench, he was visibly hit, tears streaming down his face. The ovation would have lasted much longer, the linesman dropped the puck to get things going again. And then, the Ducks scored to go ahead 2-1.

With less than 2 minutes left, a shot from the point was deflected into the Duck's goal by Modano, tying the game. There was a question as to whether he high sticked the puck, which would have invalidated the goal, but it held up under review. The score held 2-2, went to overtime, and then to the shootout to decide the game.

Modano went second in the shootout order for the Stars, and scored. Lehtinen followed him and also scored. Turco held the Ducks scoreless in the shootout, for a Dallas win. Modano's goal was the game winner.

The three stars for the game were 3) Turco, 2) Lehtinen, and 1) Modano. The game couldn't have turned out better.

All kudos to the Ducks, who were patient with the tributes and classy with their respect. They knew what was going on, and were stand up guys for participating.

Even though I suspect that will be the last time I see those three on home ice for the Stars, I truly hope that isn't so. Modano still has what it takes to be a productive forward. However, there is no way that he, Marty, and Jere could top what happened last night with another year. What a wonderful way to close out their time with the team.

Modano has one more tribute hurdle to come. The Star's last game of the season is at Minnesota - the place where he was drafted and started his career. The hockey fans in Minnesota are still very fond of him. It will be another tear jerker, I am sure.

The only game in Stars history that tops this one, as far as I am concerned, was Game 6 of the 1999 Stanley Cup Finals, where Brett Hull scored THE GOAL to beat Buffalo (BUCK Fuffalo!) to win that season's championship.

Thank You Mike!
Thank You Marty!
Thank You Jere!

Obama's New Energy Nazis

The next Obama outrage on our horizon ... Cap and Trade.

I'm not going to try and dissect this direct attack on our country, based upon the lie of man-made global warming. The attack is simply so massive that I can't do it justice to try and summarize it. The Cap and Trade bill has already passed the House, and Obama is likely to try and ram it through the Senate before the November elections.

The American Thinker has a great article on this impending disaster. The average American has absolutely no idea what lurks inside this piece of legislation. Please read this, and understand that it only addresses a small part of Cap and Trade - the horrors go way beyond this small piece, as objectionable as it is.

Meet DOE Secretary Steven Chu. If Cap and Trade passes the Senate, he will become the second most powerful man in the United States, surpassed only by his master Obama. Chu, and his minions, will have the power to enter your home and force you to spend large amounts of money to meet their environmental regulations. They will be able to prevent you from selling your home. You will be forced to 'register' your home with the Federal government, in much the same way you are forced to have your car inspected every year. If your home doesn't measure up, you will have to pay to 'correct' it.

Good God, we've got to get these socialists out of office ...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

National Sales Tax - It's Almost Here

The Obama administration floated a trial balloon a couple of days ago, when a mid-level administration flunky openly discussed the possibility of the Federal government imposing a Value Added Tax (VAT) in order to raise more tax revenue. A VAT is essentially a Federal sales tax, added to everything that is sold in the nation. It is insidious ... a tax is added at each stage of a product's production, so that each product actually is charged multiple taxes by the time it reaches your hands. European nations widely use this to pay for their socialist programs. The VAT adds anywhere from 15 to 36% to the price of a product, by the time it reaches the consumer.

Imagine ... you purchase a car today for $40,000. Because VAT is tacked onto everything that goes into that car at miultiple stages, that car might end up costing you $55,000 if a VAT is instituted in this country.

The trial balloon is a time tested method of administrations testing the political waters ... a mid level official makes a public statement, then the White House sits back and gauges public reaction to determine if they should adopt the object of the statement as policy. The fact that Obama directed this balloon's release means that a VAT is already in the works.

More tax related news:

Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, yesterday in Dallas:

"The arithmetic is, unfortunately, quite clear. To avoid large and unsustainable budget deficits, the nation will ultimately have to choose amoung higher taxes, modifications to entitlements such as Social Security and Medicare, less spending on everything else from education to defense, or some combination of the above. Unless we as a nation demonstrate a strong commitment to fiscal responsibility, in the longer run we will have neither financial stability nor eco9nomic growth.

Douglas Elmendorf, Director of the Congressional Budget Office, on April 7:

"US fiscal policy is unsustainable, and unsustainable to the extent that is can't be solved through minor changes. Government would need to make changes in some set of large programs (Social Security, Medicare, etc.) and large parts of the tax code that we think of as the fundamental part of the budget."

The CBO estimates that Obama's policies, the ones that have already been enacted, will add a trillion dolalrs to the budget deficit each year. This does not take into consideration anything else he will force down our throats in the future.

To pay off the national debt at this point, before Obama's mandates kick in, it will take over $32,000 dollars per person (every man, woman, and child), both legal and illegal, in the United States. And that's just to pay off the debt ... it does nothing to keep everything running normally.

Anyone in their early early to mid-50s or younger, should plan on not having any Social Security or Medicare benefits to draw upon. Both of those programs will be well beyond broke before you get a chance to draw any benefits against the thousands of dollars you paid in taxes into those programs over the years.

Some tax facts:

According to the government's own numbers, 47% of Americans pay NO income tax at all. Most of those who don't actually qualify for income tax refunds! So, folks who don't pay anything actually get paid by the government. Obama's excuse for this has been that they pay other taxes. Hey STUPID ... this is income tax we're talking about. Why should someone who hasn't paid any be given a refund? Oh, BTW - if they haven't paid any, it's not a refund ... it's a handout. (a real world example I heard on the radio - a man in PA, made less than $30K last year, and had only $900 withheld from his pay for income taxes. He received a $2300 refund from the government)

According to those same government numbers, the top 10% of wage earners in the US account for 73% of all income taxes paid.

Under Obama's proposed tax guidelines, if you make $50,000 or less per year, you will not owe any income tax. If you make $60,000 or more, you will fall into the upper level tax bracket. So, a $10,000 gap is all that seperates the poor and the rich in Obama's world. What happened to that 'if you make under $250,000 per year, you won't see your taxes increase one dime' promise Obama made repeatedly during and after the campaign?
The base tax rate of the top 10% of wage earners (those who make over $336,000 per year) is already approaching 50%, and is likely to go way over 50% if Obama has his way. Imagine that ... over half of your paycheck being confiscated by the government. That isn't right, no matter how much money you make.

This lunacy is so plain to see that even Democrats in the Federal government acknowledge the deficit problem. The HUGE difference between them and the Republicans is this: Republicans want to cut the deficit by cutting spending. Democrats want to cut it by raising taxes on the 'rich' - which by their definition is damn near everyone.

Capitalism, Soviet Style

Who says the old Soviets don't know how to make a buck?

Now that Obama has effectively ended the US capability of putting a man in space, NASA will have to buy rides for its astronauts on Soviet spacetrucks. Currently, they charge the US 23.6 million per person to put them in orbit, for a ride to the International Space Station.

NASA just signed a contract for the carriage of 6 astronauts to the space station in 2013 and 2014. The price ... 55.8 million apiece.

Hell ... Obama is even giving bailouts to the Soviet Space Agency.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Best Legal System In The World, But ...

The United States legal system is touted as the best in the world. But times like these make you wonder just WTF is so wrong that could let this happen ...

This has been all over the news in the DFW area, I don't know if it has made it national yet.

A car crash on I-35 in Lewisville, TX at 2:00am this past Sunday morning tore a family apart. Candace Hull, mother, and driver of the family sedan, died on the road. Her 13 year old daughter died at the hospital a couple of hours later. Anthony Hull, her husband, and two children of 12 and 16 years remain in the hospital.

The driver of the other vehicle, Patrick Barton, and his passenger were not injured.

Barton has been arrested and spent time in jail three times since 1999 for DWI. The 29 year old man was out on parole from his last DWI at the time of the accident. He was drunk as a skunk again when he slammed into the Hull's vehicle from behind at a speed much higher than the speed limit. Hull's car, traveling at or near the posted speed limit of 65, was hit so hard that the trunk was forced up into the front seat area.

A family has been devestated because a habitual drunk driver was allowed to once again get behind the wheel. How many times is this terrible story going to be repeated before the nation pulls its head out of its ass and starts dropping the hammer on people who drive drunk?

Barton now faces two counts of murder. He lawyer will try to plead it down, an overworked DA's assistant will probably accept the plea to keep from going to court, and the judge, who just sees a crowded courtroom, will give him 3-4 years in jail - with time off, he'll be on parole in 2 years, free to go out and kill someone again.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Go, Spuds, Go!

For the benefit of my college age daughter who ,even though active in Greek life on campus, has never heard of the original party animal ...

Spuds MacKenzie!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

What Happened To All The Motorhead Shows?

American Chopper ... American Hot Rod ... Overhaulin' ... Rides ... Biker Buildoff ... all the iterations of Jesse James' shows ... and more ...

Where'd they go?

A few years ago, we were inundated with all kinds of gearhead shows on Discovery, History, and TLC. Now, they are all gone.

American Chopper died off because the family fell apart - but it was going to end soon anyway.

American Hot Rod's Boyd Coddington passed away - but the series had already ended by then.

All the other ones ???

I guess the public just got tired of them, ratings died, the 'stars' got tired of doing them, production costs went up ... probably a combination of all of those. Being a Hot Rodder at heart, I miss that kind of programming.

Democrat View of Reality

The National Republican Senatorial Committee has put forth details of how Obama and his minions see reality. Yeah, it seems off the wall ... but goodness, it certainly seems that the Democrat leadership in this country actually believes this stuff ....

This is a United States Congressman?

When I first heard about this today, I thought it must be an April Fool's joke. It's not ... very real, and unbelievable.

Meet US Rep. Hank Johnson, Democrat, of the 8th District in Georgia (eastern Atlanta area). On March 25, during hearings conducted by the House Armed Services Committee (which he is a member), he was questioning Admiral Robert Willard, commander of the US Pacific Fleet. The questining involved the stationing of an additional 8000 US Marines onto the island of Guam. Apparently Mr. Johnson has some concerns over what the additional military personnel will do to the island's well being ....

Mr. Johnson is a lawyer, had been in practice for 25years prior to running for Congress. He is suffering from Hepatitis C. His office, and others, have blamed his demeanor in this hearing on the drugs he is taking to control the disease. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt - he really does look and sound like he's high or drunk.

I truthfully hope that he is not stupid enough to believe an island can turn over and capsize.

If he is indeed incapacitated due to the drug treatment he is taking, he should not be serving in Congress. No vote he has made while on this treatment should be counted.

Kudos to Admiral Willard for not laughing his head off or saying something appropriate ...