Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pelosi Panders to Illegals

In a recent address to a group of mostly Hispanic legal and illegal immigrant workers in a San Francisco church, Nancy Pelosi told them that enforcement of US immigration laws was un-American.

"Who in this country would not want to change a policy of kicking in doors in the middle of the night and sending a parent away from their families?"

"It must be stopped....What value system is that? I think it's un-American. I think it's un-American."

"We have to have a change in policy and practice and again ... I can't say enough, the raids must end. The raids must end.

"You are special people. You're here on a Saturday night to take responsibility for our country's future. That makes you very, very patriotic."

So, according to the 3rd person in line of succession to the office of President it is un_American to enforce our laws. The ICE raids, to which she is referring, which round up illegal workers at businesses and deport them, must be stopped. The midnight raids on homes to round up parents and haul them off to jail (which does not happen, by the way) are terrible and must be stopped.

She believes that illegal immigrants are patriotic, and the future of our country. This is certainly the Democrat outlook on immigration. They believe that the 12-15 million illegals in this country are all Democrats, and guaranteed to vote a straight party ticket, if the Dems can just keep voter fraud legislation from happening. Dems want more illegals from south of our border - the more the better - more guaranteed votes to keep them in power.

The Speaker of the House is openly calling for our immigration laws to be broken. This woman is an embarrassment to our country, and she needs to be kicked out of office as soon as possible.

And oh, by the way ... Does anyone else notice how Democrats love to use churches, particularly minority churches, to deliver their messages? As soon as a Republican does it, however, they start screaming about the violation of separation of church and state .....


Kath said...

Dear God in Heaven, I cannot stand this woman. Her smarmy, patronizing, "I am ever so much better than you -- and smarter, too" attitude makes my skin crawl.

I do not know of one redeeming good thing she has ever done in her political "career".

And of course the only reason she has anything to say about illlegal immigrants is to make sure they vote Democrat -- whatever it takes to make that happen.

67Cougar said...

The most outrageous think I find about this evil woman is the fact that her constituents (San Francisco) aparenlty lover her. Her line of liberal crap is exactly what they want to hear.

Such a beautiful city, I used to love visiting on business. Now, you take your own life into your hands when you walk down the street, even in daylight. The liberal policies of everyone at all levels of government there have turned it into a hell hole - and they like it that way.

The only way to get her voted out of office, I'm sorry to say, would be to hang a 'Republican' sign around her neck.

Our only hope is to take back the House in 2010, and send this witch back to the basement cubbyhole office she deserves.