Monday, March 16, 2009

How Stupid Does Hollywood Think We Are?

Seeing all the DVDs constantly appearing on our store shelves, I am amazed at the number of movie titles appearing on the New Releases shelf, movies I've not heard of. Now, I don't spend a lot of time keeping up with Hollywood's products ... pretty much ignore any movie that doesn't grab my attention (and those are few and far between). However, seeing movies that never appeared in the theater, or had a run so short it was measured in hours rather than weeks on the shelf for 'sale' prices of $16.99 is really puzzling. If a movie isn't worth the time to see in the theater, why is it worth blowing almost 20 bucks on to watch on your TV at home? Why spend this money to 'own' the movie, when you can rent if for a buck or two.

We are inundated with special 'two disk collector editions', or 'unrated, not seen in the threater editions', at slightly higher prices, say $24.99. If it is good I should pay a premium price, why wasn't it shown in the theater?

This is Hollywood's cash cow now. Cheap to produce movies with cheap distribution going for big bucks, and the American public is falling for it. How do I know they're falling for it - if these DVDs weren't selling, they wouldn't be given the shelf space by retailers.

C'mon folks, smarten up. If you are curious about an obscure movie, or you want to view the latest release in the American Pie collection, rent it. You probaby will not want to see it more than once, why throw the money away and have it taking up shelf space in your living room?

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Outlaw 13 said...

Role Models is actually really funny. Not having seen the regualr edition I would assume that the "Unrated" version features more swear words and topless women than the PG-13 theater version. Just a guess.