Friday, March 13, 2009

Way to go Rick!

Texas Governor Rick Perry (R) has turned down the Obama regime's offer of $555,000,000 dollars to extend welfare benefits. Thank you Rick!

On the outside, turning down this money in this economy sounds stupid. But, like everything from the government, it comes with big strings attached. By accepting the money, Texas would permanently have to expand welfare coverage to many more unemployed and poor people. The money requires changes to state law to ensure that more people become dependent upon welfare. In addition, Texas would be responsible for funding that expanded coverage beginning in three years, when the federal money runs out. At that point, unemployment taxes on Texas based business woud have to be increased dramatically to cover the increased expenditures.

Not surprisingly, Democrats in the Texas Legislature are plotting to find a way to overturn Gov. Perry's decision. Expanding welfare roles and making more people dependent upon government are sure fire ways to increase their vote totals. Give people free money, and they tend to want to vote for you - tried and true Democrat politics.

Several Southern Republican Governors are contemplating refusal of the money - they see through the facade into the real reason it is being offered by the Obama administration.

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