Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Way To Go Rick, Part Deaux

Texas Governor Rick Perry sent this OpEd out to major newspapers in Texas concerning his intention of refusing Obama's welfare bribe:

"During these tough economic times, Texas employers are working harder than ever to move products to market, make payroll and create jobs. The last thing they need right now is the burden of higher taxes and expanded obligations from the federal government that would limit their ability to weather these tough times and hinder job creation in our state.

That is the primary reason I chose to stand with Texas employers and reject the unemployment insurance portion of the federal stimulus package.

Our current unemployment system has been helping Texans who lost their jobs through no fault of their own as they look for full-time employment and will continue to do so. The scare tactics and misinformation that some critics have employed to confuse Texans about my decision are not only wrong-headed, but also harmful.

If anything, Texans should be offended at the federal government's coercive approach to micromanaging state business with no consideration of our future economic health. I cannot allow the strings attached to those federal dollars to strangle the folks who create Texas jobs: Texas employers."

Rick Perry, Governor of Texas, Austin

Stand tall, Mr. Perry. With Democrats and some Republicans in the state pushing you to go ahead and accept this welfare sham, please do not give in. If the Obama administration was serious about helping, there would be no strings attached to this money. But they aren't serious about enything except increasing their voter roles and solidifying their hold on power by hooking as many people as possible onto the welfare spigot.

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