Monday, March 30, 2009

Obama Fires GM CEO

Obama the Immaculate fired General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner over the weekend. It was actually termed a 'resignation', but Mr. Wagoner was forced out by direction of the White House.

Think of that - the President of the United States just fired the head of a private company.

Wagoner, who has been with GM since 2000, has fought a losing battle against rising labor costs, diminishing market share, and outrageous government interference while trying to keep the GM ship from sinking. Apparently he didn't come up with a restructuring plan that pleased His Highness, so he's gone. Whether he deserves to be sacked or not is completely irrelevant to my point.

Mr. Wagoner reports to a Board of Directors and the shareholders of GM. If he's doing a poor job, it is their responsibility to remove him. The government has no say, no function in that relationship.

One more big step towards socialism, and they aren't even trying to hide this one. Obama has now told private business that they are answerable to him, and that they all work for and at the pleasure of the government.

Scary .... very scary

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Kath said...

Sooooo -- who will be next on the hit list? Is this really how it's going to be from now on?