Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Obama - My God, where do I begin?

We're a little over two months into the reign of Obama The Immaculate. The changes being forced onto our country by Obama and his koolaid crowd are frightening. The fact that 51% of Americans like what he is doing is downright scary.

I've got a lot to say about Obama, Reid, Peolsi, et al ....

But for this post, I'll just say this. The political ignorance of the majority of our population is allowing these idiots to get away with murdering our country. People who do not follow politics, who don't have any education in the government of the United States except what is force fed them by liberal teachers, are taken advantage of by the Democrat party. Those people, who for the most part are minorities, the poor, illegal immigrants, and the far left kook fringe, take for gospel whatever the Democrats tell them. Lemmings ... Obama could tell them to walk into a volcano, and they'd do it.

How many of you have seen the Alec Baldwin TV commercial for hudu (or something like that)? How Freudian ... one of the country's most outspoken far left liberals hawking a media content company - but how many of you see how it perfectly fits the Democrat Party? "We're turning your brains into jelly ... Mmmm, jelly ...." ... I can't see anyone more perfect for delivering that line than maybe Howard Dean.

A pliable, politically ignorant population is a perfect platform for their plan to socialize this country. Historical precedent ... Germany in the early '30s, during Hitler's rise to power. A charismatic, well spoken leader whipping a pliable populace into a frenzy, allowing him to curtail freedoms, institute government control over more and more of everyday life, nationalizing business and commerce, and cowering those who oppose him. Hitler ... or Obama?

Americans need to wake up and see what is happening. Educate yourselves as to what is being force fed to you, and the historical precedents. If you still like it, then so be it - but PLEASE make informed decisions - not blind obedience.

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