Tuesday, March 24, 2009

This Man Lied to Congress, and Dems Don't Care

Timothy Geithner, in front of a Congressional Committe on March 11, under oath told them that he did not have any knowledge of the AIG bonus issue until it had surfaced in the news on March 10.

On March 3, before that same Congressional Committee, under oath, Geithner told the committee of the AIG bonuses, how much they were going to be, when they were to be paid, and that Congress itself had made the AIG bonuses exempt from Congressional oversight with language added to the bailout program by Christopher Dodd (D-CT) at the behest of the White House.

Now, isn't that perjury?

Scooter Libby went to jail for two years because a Democrat controlled Congressional Committee decided he had perjured himself in his statements to them about the firing of all those Federal prosecutors. Whether he did or not is subject to a serious debate.

There is no debate about Geithner's sworn testimony contradicting itself - in other words out and out lies.

Why is Geithner not being investigated and persecuted like Scooter Libby? Because Dems control the Congress, and will block any and all attempts to hold anyone in the Obama administration accountable for anything. If Geithner was a Republican and did this, Barney Frank would be screaming for his execution!

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67Cougar said...

In Geithner's testimony in front of Frank's committee today, he admitted he knew about the bonuses before AIG received a penny of bailout money.

Throw this liar in jail!