Tuesday, March 17, 2009

An Explanation is in Order

OK, since there might be two people in the world who might read this now and then, a couple of explanations, hopefully to convince you I am not an egotistical nut.

67Cougar refers to my very first car, a maroon 1967 Mercury Cougar. I hot rodded the car through high school, sold it halfway through college. I found it about a dozen years ago, bought it back, and it's been in the garage undergoing a very slow restoration ever since. Environmental nut jobs would love it - 351 cubic inches of Ford muscle, putting out about 425hp, and gets a wonderful 4 miles per gallon (premium, thank you very much). Take that, Algore ....

Voodoo Warrior - isn't a rip of the almost not known at all musical group. It isn't a reference to some mystical Caribbean power. It is a tribute to my father. He flew the F-101 Voodoo in USAF service during the height of the Cold War. Loaded down with a nuclear weapon, his mission was to fly across Europe at 50 feet, going 600mph, to deliver his weapon on a still classified target behind the Iron Curtain. I am astounded to this day that he survived 3 years of doing that, and he will forever be my hero.

By the way, that's his aircraft (56-0006) in the title photo, seen in 1961.


Scott said...

I recently found your blog by way of Outlaw13 and enjoy it very much. Please keep up the good work!

Kath said...

Oh, I could have sworn it was bec. you were 67 years old!! Isn't what what he said?

Kath said...

Well, crap -- isn't THAT what he said?

Takes me a while, you know?