Tuesday, March 24, 2009

These Men Want to Own America

Secretary of the treasury Timothy Geithner will appear before Congress today along with Fed Chief Ben Bernanke about their newest efforts to fix the current economic mess. OK ...

Part of what Geithner will ask Congress for is uprecedented power to sieze insurance companies, investment brokers, or hedge funds that are failing. The government already has the power to sieze failing banks. So, if Obama the Immaculate or this looney tune Geithner decide that they want to grab one or more of these companies, they want Congress to give them the legal right to do so. So, the Federal government, which has done such a splendid job of steering us into this mess, wants to confiscate private companies in order to expand their power over the US economy.

Think about it - you want to give Geithner, Obama, Frank, Dodd, Pelosi, and Reid the power to sieze and control whatever Wall St. assets they feel like grabbing? This is one more huge step towards the socialization of our economy, which is exactly what most of the Democrat Party desperately wants. They want their government to control investment, to control Wall St., to control how much money you make, to control your standard of living, to take as much of your freeedom to choose away from you - because they 'know better'.

Hugo Chavez, that idiot in Venezuela, has just siezed all ports and airports, placing them under his government's control - in order to solidify his grip on absolute power in his country. What this Democrat administration is doing falls right in line with what Chavez is doing.

Folks, Obama and his cronies are forming the USSA - United Socialist States of America - and there doesn't appear to be any way to stop them.

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Kath said...

And these people that are "in charge" and who are going to fix/manage/handle/trample over all of this are the ones who don't pay their taxes, lie about the time of day bec. how dare you ask them anything, and are the most condescending, arrogant bunch of buttheads ever.

Yes, I'm sure everything will be sooooo much better under our annointed Leader.