Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This Man Hates Our Military, Part Deaux

Obama's consideration of pulling VA health benefits from wounded/injured service personnel has created such an uproar across the country that the White House has announced it will no longer be under consideration.

It's good that it is off the table.

It's bad that it was ever on the table.

It is beyond belief that this man and his council of egghead advisors ever considered such a vile insult to people who have served in the uniforms of this country. America, remember this. Remember that this is who this man and his supporters are - it is a perfect example of what they believe in, and the contempt they have for the United States military.

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Kath said...

And that's my argument -- WHY was it ever even considered?

I think some of the problem, too, is his "people" are, as a group, new to all of this and kinda think that everything out of their mouths is a great and wonderful idea. They haven't learned at all to hush up and discuss some things quietly.

If they needed to cut some benefits or revamp in a more cost-effective way, that, of course, could happen. But that's not how it came across.