Friday, March 6, 2009

A Local Example of the Global Warming/Eco Friendly/Green Scam

I frequently shop Half Price Books. A great place to get cheap reading material, and sometimes a real gem of a book.

Anyone who patronizes this company knows how 'Eco Friendly' the store protrays itself. Recyle, reuse, green this, green that ... they even sell green colored tote bags that have the tag line "it's good to b(eco)me carried away", with a web site "". The premise is for you to purchase these bags and use them instead of using plastic throw away bags (which they provide free of charge).

I was in one of their local stores yesterday, browsing the Sci-Fi section. I noticed one of the workers wheeling out a couple of large trash cans full of books from the buying area. He took them out of the store, wheeled them across the parking lot, and proceeded to throw the contents into a normal trash dumpster. Curious, I asked him what he was doing. His explanation was that books they can't sell they throw away. Don't you recycle them? No, there is no profit in going to the trouble of recycling, the dumpster is just easier.

Amazing ... an eco-friendly store, trying to make money off its customers on the premise of being eco-friendly, and they can't be troubled to recycle one of the easiest items there is to recycle? How many tons of paper do each of these stores deposit into landfills each year, instead of saving trees by recycling?

A great example of the green hoaxing of America and the rest of the world. Green is apparently great, but only if there is profit in it.

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