Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kodak Drops Film Processing

As an avid aviation photographer, I have gone through thousands of rolls of Kodachrome slide film over the years. Kodak has always been known as one of the best photo/film processors in the world - a sign of quality.

It pains me to say that Kodak, as of this weekend, will stop all film processing, and end that part of its business. The company will concentrate its efforts on digital photography. It will still continue to manufacture film (for the time being), but you'll have to go somewhere else to get it processed.

No more will I be able to shoot a frame of Kodachrome and have it returned to me in Kodak mount, in a yellow Kodak box.

The end of an era, and I'm not happy about it.


Kath said...

Well, damn. I mean, I guess that makes sense, but -- well, damn.

Kath said...

And -- I meant to ask you, what will you do now? As in do those places like in Target, do they do slides or is that just basic photos?

Truly, you do sometimes want to have that picture in your hand, in the frame, in your wallet. But then they sell all those $200 home photo-printers, but I wonder quality on those, guess it depends on buying the right paper.

What I guess it all boils down to is you'll have to pay a fortune to have slides processed now.