Saturday, August 31, 2013

Obama's Keystone Strategy

After hearing about yet another delay by the Obama Administration on a decision concerning the Keystone pipeline, I came to the realization of what his strategy is.

Obama absolutely does NOT want to make any decision concerning Keystone before the 2014 mid-term elections.  He does not want to alienate the far left eco-kooks.  Likewise, he does not want to piss off people who want Keystone, for jobs and for energy independence.  He doesn't give a shit for himself, since he's not going to face re-election (will he?), but he really wants to keep the Senate in Dem hands, and would cream his jeans if he could get back the House.

Canada has publicly, many times, declared that a pipeline is going to be built.  It will either come down to Texas, or go to the Canadian West Coast to fill Chinese super tankers.  Canada is in the position that they will have to make a commitment pretty soon as to who is going to get all that oil - the US, or the ChiComms.

If Obama keeps delaying any decision, he is forcing the Canadians to make the decision for him.  When Canada throws up their hands and declares that China is going to get it because the US is dragging its heels, Obama wins all around.  He gets to claim to the eco-Nazis that he killed Keystone, while claiming to the sane people of the country that it wasn't him - those evil Canadians killed the project. 

Coward ...

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