Friday, July 19, 2013

Michael Moore's Divorce Exposes His Hypocrisy

Michael Moore's and his wife are getting a divorce.  Good for her, shows some indication of intelligence to get as far away from this lunatic as possible.  (Doesn't say very much about her that she married him in the first place however.)

I personally don't care, but found a bit of amusing information in the announcement.

Michael Moore, scruffy, grungy, dirty, moronic looking idiot has carefully crafted his image, both physical and behaviorally, to put forth his mantra of being 'down with the struggle'.  He's the epitome of the blue collar working stiff, the poor every day schmuck that The Man (as represented by the Republican Party) takes advantage of.  It's part of his schtick, part of what sells his brand and makes him a living.

Michael Moore's divorce papers indicate that he's worth over $50 million dollars.

Does that sound like a 99%er?  Does that sound like a hero of the working man?  Does that sound like an un-apologetic fan of Socialism?

I'd sure like to know how much money they have given to charity per year, and how much they overpay in taxes every year, just to help his big government buddies out. 

C'mon, Michael.  Clue us in.  Tell us exactly how you've been walking the talk over these years.

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